Zygor Guides Review: Your Personal Sensei for Leveling Up

Zygor Guides Review

There are different ways of leveling up in the fantasy RPG masterpiece World of Warcraft. So much so that new players find themselves grinding and spending numerous hours to figure out the most efficient way to get to level 70.

This kind of freedom and interaction-based gameplay makes it quite difficult to find the most optimal way to level up.

And if you’ve ever wanted a way to find the fastest way to fight to the top, all the while being as efficient as possible, Zygor Guides tells you that for $8 a month, they can get you there lightning quick.

In this Zygor Guides review, let’s take a look at what this guide really is, and dissect the various features and benefits it offers to figure if it is truly worth shelling out almost 100 dollars a year for a leveling guide.

Guides in WoW

World of Warcraft, the biggest and one of the longest-running MMORPG games of all time, was released in 2004.

Taking place in the fictional world of Azeroth, this online game has garnered a gargantuan fanbase that loyally lauds its atmosphere, design, gameplay, and the various expansions that are still being provided to the hungry masses, even after 16 years of release.

With complexity comes confusion. So there is always going to be a disparity between the developer and the end-user if they cannot explain the purpose of the various mechanics in a video game.

Happens to be so that WoW is one of the best games when it comes to player freedom.

There are a million different ways to level up to take on the endgame dungeons, and it can be maddening for the new player to even think about raiding one unless they are of a sufficient level.

And that’s where Zygor Guides come in.

Back in the day, we had to download entire PDFs containing information about maps, character callouts, dungeon and quest locations, quest data, statistics for the various races, weapons, armor, and abilities.

All of this was for us to sift through to get to the parts that were useful at certain points in the game.

And this would only lead to going through certain hordes endlessly for hours on end just to grind out to a certain level.

Now, Zygor has claimed to revolutionize all of this.

Zygor Guides

An initiative started by an ex-WoW professional player, Zygor claims to have been in the business of making serviceable guides for the Warcraft public for more than 11 years.

They also claim that they have multiple veterans writing their guide content, “with a passion for helping players accomplish more with their time in World of Warcraft.”

Well, sounds good so far, so what do they really offer?

First of all, taking the reading aspect out of the scene, the Zygor Guides UI is a window on the right side of your screen, which provides you with specific instructions on the fly as you play.

This is their Guide Viewer Add-On.

Zygor Guides UI

Secondly, a green arrow on top of your screen in-game is seen after you install the guide, showing you exactly where you need to go.

Since WoW does not intrinsically have a defined navigation system, this is a godsend, as it also displays in great detail the exact distance to reach a certain location, with instructions right under the arrow.

Additionally, Zygor also excels at providing you with generous tips and highlights for effective inventory management.

Once you get a certain amount of material that the guide seems is enough, you’re walked through the steps to discard the rest of it as easily as possible.

Zygor makes the grind part easier too (if there is a situation where the guide believes you should be a couple of levels higher), and help you grind out the mobs that you can easily dispatch with minimal fuss.

If you need it, Zygor’s add-on also displays the nearby hubs and hotspots in the game for you to explore including mailboxes and the like.

Here are some other innovative features that Zygor Guides possesses

zygor guide interface

Smart Injection System

This is for the newer players, who have absolutely no clue where to go, what to fight, and what to collect.

The Smart Injection System makes sure that your progress is consistent from top to bottom, and that you are aligned with the guides.

This helps you note exactly where you should go next, along with the exact activity you should take part in.

One caveat here is that if you are a bonafide fan of the lore in the huge game, you’re bound to miss some or most of it with this approach.

On the flip side, your leveling is going to be some of the smoothest you’ve ever seen. So, we suggest lore junkies find another route.

Talent Advisor

Zygor Talent Advisor

As the game has progressed, Blizzard has been constantly chopping, changing, and improving upon the talent system, and hence Zygor deems it necessary to provide you with a Talent Advisor that tracks your talents and suggests new ones for you to acquire, which are helpful across all of your quests and activities.

World Quest Planner

Along with helping immensely with leveling, Zygor also helps you map out exactly what route you are going to take towards the endgame content, with their World Quest Planner.

Taking the rewards and reputation that you have and will receive upon quest completion, this feature allows you to always keep the bigger reward in sight.

Travel System

Adding on to the navigation system, Zygor has designed a Travel System that helps you calculate the fastest route to wherever you want to go, and helping you get there with the least amount of fuss.

Notification Center

Along with an add-on that stays on your screen and displays everything from materials to quest markers, Zygor also has a Notification Center which sends you constant updates about your progress and exactly what you need to do next.

Ease of Use

Zygor Guides are extremely streamlined since they come from veterans of the trade who have already had years of experience playing this masterpiece under their belt. 

And when it comes to ease of use and accessibility, there is nothing better that we could find out there.

From the design to the function, everything about Zygor is simplistic, deterministic, and to the point. It does not waste your time, instead helps you save a ton of time.

Zygor Ease of Use

On top of that, Zygor has made a lot of changes for the convenience of the player base, including grouping guides for one zone to load up when you spawn into or travel to the specific zone, innovations such as the aforementioned fleshed out navigation system and multiple more guides such as ones to getting resources and an entire section dedicated to auctions and auctioning.

Zygor’s Pricing Model

In the beginning, if you don’t feel that leveling is going to be much difficult because of the time and effort you are ready to invest in the game, you might be tempted to opt for the free Zygor guides instead.

They will contain leveling information for levels 1-10 in the starting zones, and some info about the various creatures and mechanics, but not much else.

They are incredibly helpful, straightforward, and of course, free, but sitting down and sifting through all of that information could be a downright slog.

And that is only a sample of what the paid guide can do for you.

Zygor's Pricing Model

Provided that you do want the complete guide with all the perks and little convenience-related changes, you will have to go with the paid guide, what they call their Elite Plan.

The annual Elite Plan would cost you around $100, payable at $8.33 per month, while the monthly subscription is $9.99 per month.

For the Elite Plan, along with their brilliant customer service, you get leveling guides for levels 1-60, information and resources about dungeons, materials, professions, gear, pets, mounts, rotational activities such as dailies, events, and building your reputation.

Check Zygor Guides Plan and Pricing here

Zygor Guides Review: Conclusion

Zygor Guides show exactly how much value they have put inside their in-game in order to make them as quality as possible, without taking away from the enjoyment of playing the fantastic World of Warcraft.

Personally, I do not enjoy the concept nor get any sense of achievement from the hand-holding aspect of video games, but sometimes it becomes a waste of time and a chore to go through confusing loopholes in order to get to a certain point in the game.

Fortunately, for a little over $8 a month, you can be safe in your understanding that you currently possess the fastest and most efficient way to play through WoW, and that is the greatest guarantee that Zygor provides in terms of being unique and competitive. 


Q. Is Zygor Guides safe?

Yes, Zygor Guides, with all its downloadables and add-ons is completely risk-free and safe from malware, adware, spyware, and the like.

Q. Is Zygor Guides worth it in 2021?

Yes! With the newest expansion and Blizzard continuing to support and make changes to the long-running game, you can expect the player base to be significantly high, so if you want to enter the WoW universe with a complete guide, you can do so!

Q. Is Zygor free?

Yes, the initial sample guides for leveling are free, but if you want the fastest and easiest route to getting to 60, Zygor needs you to have the paid version of their guide. Trust me, you won’t be wasting a single penny.