Xbox Series X Black Friday Deals: What Does 2021 Black Friday Have In The Box?

Xbox Series X Black Friday Deals

It’s been over a year since the release of this highly popular console, and it’s still as hard to get as it was when it came out.

Sadly, that won’t be changing anytime soon because the 2021 Black Friday is just on the horizon.

Aside from re-stocks, buyers will be expecting price cuts on the console and its video games.

But we don’t feel the console will get any price cuts. It’s an in-demand console, and Xbox will definitely cash in with restocks at full price, if not higher.

However, just like last year, Xbox will try to make up for that by giving crazy discounts on exciting bundles of video games, controllers, and a range of accessories.

Microsoft has already set up a page for Xbox Series X Black Friday deals, so we are expecting a lot.

Where Will The Best Xbox Series Black Friday Deals Be?

Microsoft’s official website isn’t the only place for Xbox Series X Black Friday deals.

Although platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and BestBuy can’t match the console stock levels, they will be leading the Black Friday Xbox Series X deals on accessories and video games.

Here’s a list of what each major platform will be offering this Black Friday for the Xbox Series X lovers.

  • Microsoft: Best place to buy a brand new Xbox Series X console this Black Friday.
  • Amazon: Best deals on Xbox Series X headsets, decal skins, and other essentials.
  • BestBuy: Awesome discounts on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controllers. Some pre-Black Friday deals are up already.
  • Walmart: Best place to get discounts on Xbox Series X bundles.

Where Can I Get A Brand New Xbox Series X Right Now?

The Xbox Series X console was one of the top-selling items from last year’s Cyber Week. Since then, its stock has been down and out on every major online platform, even on Amazon.

Some sources claim that as of now, you can get a brand new Xbox Series X only on Walmart, but that’s not true. Newegg also got its fair share of new stock when Walmart did.

So, if you want an Xbox Series X console right now, it’ll cost you around $925 on Walmart and around $940 On Newegg.

However, we will suggest holding out till Black Friday. Even though chances of price cuts are low, you might get better deals as bundles.

Maybe an Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite bundle or even a complete set of the console, controllers, headset, and a couple of games.

Because one thing is for sure, the Xbox Series X will be back in stock by Black Friday.

The chances of saving on the console itself are slim, but you can save a lot on games, headsets, SSDs, and more by being a little patient.

How Much Will The Xbox Series X Cost On Black Friday?

Everyone wants to know the Xbox Series X Black Friday price, but there is no definitive answer to this question.

Right now, it is only available on Newegg and Walmart, both of which are selling it for over $900. But that’s mainly because of the bigger hardware specs.

Even though Microsoft isn’t selling it on their official website right now, they have the console listed as ‘starting from $499.’ As for the price expectations on Black Friday, we don’t expect any sort of discounts.

Microsoft reported almost 8 million units sold of the Xbox Series X console since its release last year. A huge number considering the shipment issues that were prevalent last year due to COVID 19.

Looking at the demand this year, the sales projections this year are upwards of 10 million units. So, why would Microsoft willingly lower the prices when it’s clear that people will buy it regardless of the price.

We don’t know whether the supply shortage was part of a plan, but it’s definitely helped Microsoft. Just like it helped Sony make insane amounts of profits on the PlayStation 5 sales.

All that considered, we would still urge you to hold out till November 26 and get the best possible deals on Xbox Series X. Maybe a bundle deal like this one on Amazon.

Xbox Series X Black Friday Deals – Video Games

Just to get you in the mood for this year’s Black Friday Xbox Series X deals, we bring you some exciting discounts on the best Xbox Series X video games.

exciting discounts on the best Xbox Series X video games

1. Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Time To Hold Your Own Olympics

– Play with your friends or take part in global competitions
– 18 sporting events
– Create your avatar with 50+ costumes
– Play as teams or single face-offs

$30 On Amazon | $40 On Walmart

2. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Moves Into The Vikings Era

– Enjoy the bigger and better in-game world
– Take care of character development and clan settlement
– Better fights with bigger weapons
– 4K UHD gameplay
– The best assassin game to-date

$30 On Amazon | $50 On BestBuy | $40 On Walmart

3. Metro Exodus

First-Person Shooter That Requires Strength, Survival, & Stealth

– The third edition of the Metro games
– Optimized for Xbox Series X/S
– Complete with all the DLC content
– Sam’s Story and Two Colonels’ Story
– A hostile,open-world game

$30 On Amazon | $30 On Walmart | $40 On BestBuy

4. Scarlet Nexus

Combo Of Classic Anime And Western Science Fiction

– Open world game with Kinetic/Psychic Combat
– A new take on zombies that increase the thrill of zombie killing
– Set in a futuristic Japan with stunning landscapes
– Complex characters and storylines for an immersive experience
– Compatible for VR gaming as well

$44 On Amazon | $44 On Walmart | $60 On BestBuy

5. NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 Pays Tribute To Mamba

Start off with:
– 100,000 virtual currency
– 10,000 MyTeams points
– & MyTeam Packs, already in the bag
– Get a standard NBA 2K21 copy
– Embark on a role-playing journey with MyCareer
– Enjoy a Cinematic-storyline titled The Long Shadow

$30 On Amazon | $30 On BestBuy | $20 On Walmart

6. Madden NFL 22

Latest NFL Game With Features Never Used Before

– New Staff Management feature
– New and improved Season Engine
– Develop Weekly Strategies
– Become the Face Of The Franchise
– All new Ultimate Team mode
– X-Factor adjustment at half-time

$55 On Amazon | $70 On Newegg | $70 On BestBuy

7. Outriders Day One Edition

The Biggest Online-Only Shooter Game Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger

– Hell’s Rangers Male & Female Gear Sets
– New & Bigger Arsenal with 11 unique guns
– New Hell’s Rangers Truck Mods and Decals
– 1-3 Co-Op gameplay
– Four unique classes
– Now with the ‘Create Your Own Avatar’ feature

$25 On Amazon | $25 On BestBuy | $25 On Walmart

8. Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

Complete Pack With Kombat Pack 1, 2 & Aftermath Expansion

– Play storylines of Mortal Kombat 11 and Mortal Kombat 11:Aftermath
– All of 37 previous characters plus THREE new characters
– Loaded with skins, gears, and weapons for character customization
– The comeback of guest fighters like Joker, Terminator, and RoboCop

$40 On Amazon | $30 On Newegg | $50 On BestBuy

Xbox Series X Black Friday Deals – Accessories

Slight discounts on various Xbox Series X accessories.

Slight discounts on various Xbox Series X accessories

1. G-STORY Portable Monitor For Xbox Series X

Take Your Xbox Series X On A Ride-Along And Enjoy 4K Gaming Anywhere

– Completely fits the Xbox Series X console
– UHD 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution
– AMD FreeSync, Game Mode, and HDR technology
– Two HDMI ports
– IPS panel with 99% sRGB

$260 On Amazon 

2. Elite Series 2 Controller

Save $30 On The Best Xbox Controller

– Built-in rechargeable battery
– Up to 40 hours of battery power with one charge
– Wired and Bluetooth connectivity support
– Supports Windows 10 PCs
– Save up to 4 profiles (3 custom and 1 default)
– Use Xbox accessories app for controls customization

$150 On Amazon | $158 On BestBuy

3. Xbox Wireless Controller

Quality Of Xbox Wireless Controller With A Lot More Style

– 40 hours battery usage with AA batteries
– Hybrid D-Pad, textured triggers
– Plug and Play with USB-C cable
– Xbox and Windows 10 PC support
– Share button
– Plug and Play with any 3.5mm headset

$60 On Amazon | $65 On BestBuy | $60 On Newegg


Every Xbox gamer is eagerly waiting for this year’s Black Friday Xbox Series X deals. And here we are hoping that Microsoft doesn’t spoil the party, the way only Microsoft can. But we are still quite optimistic.

One thing is for sure, people who already own an Xbox Series X will have a great shopping spree come Black Friday. Heavy discounts on video games and accessories are all but certain.

You saw a teaser of the potential deals above, and we will be hard at work to bring you more. So, stay tuned!