What Mouse Does Ninja Use, And Why?

What Mouse Does Ninja Use

Are you curios to know what mouse does Ninja use? Let’s find out

Ninja is a Fortnite streamer with 14 million twitch followers and 2.3 million Mixer followers. Ninja gained popularity for its unbeatable gameplay for which he often gives credit to the hardware and accessories he uses.

And more than anything, fans always wanted to know what mouse does Ninja use to gain an edge in his performance.

There used to be a lot of speculations but after he told his secret, we did our research to finally uncover the reason behind his choice and decided to share with you all through this article.

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So What Mouse Does Ninja Use?

Finalmouse Air58 , that’s the mouse Ninja is using right now.

But why did he choose Finalmouse 58 over other mice that are available on the market? Let’s figure it out.

1. FinalMouse Air58

FinalMouse Air58

As soon as Ninja announced about it, all stocks were sold within a couple of days. The mouse is a rare piece of gem in the gaming world, and its not only due to its popularity but for its undeniable performance.

Here’s a tweet from final mouse which talks about that

The Finalmouse Air58 comes with an ultra-lightweight body with a combination of large and medium shaped buttons. The only problem with this mouse is its limited availability.

Why Ninja likes Finalmouse Air58?

1. Lightweight body with hexagonal cutouts for faster maneuver

Final mouse ninja

As you can see, the body of the mouse contains a large number of hexagonal holes on the top, sides, and base. More holes mean fewer materials, meaning less weight. The holes also help in providing a strong grip and act as a suction too. As a result, your palm stays put on the mouse, leading to more steadiness.

Despite its lightweight body, the mouse doesn’t lose its structural integrity. No matter how hard you grip the mouse, it won’t flex at all. Furthermore, the manufacturers use heavy-duty plastics on the buttons, making it last longer than other gaming mice.

2. Clickable scroll wheel with flexible braided wiring

Final mouse air58 wiring ninja

The Finalmouse Air58 Ninja only offers wired connectivity considering most professional gamers abstain using wireless connectivity as nobody wants to face connectivity issues during gameplay.

The seamlessly flexible and light braid cable combining the lightweight body indeed gives quite a full wireless vibe.

Equally important, the base of the mouse includes more holes and 4 slick feet. However, unlike most mice, the slick feet don’t hinder your gliding but offer a smooth execution.

Aesthetically, the mouse looks trendy and professional. Plus, the kanji inscriptions on the scroll wheel gives it a contemporary edge.

3. Minimalist button designs with ultra-responsive switches

The mouse comprises two primary clicks, two side buttons, a scroll in the middle with a click, and a DPI switcher below the scroll wheel. Both the primary and side buttons provide gentle tactility, responsiveness, and gripping. 

Thanks to its modern Omron switches, the mouse boasts to offer a consistent performance of up to 50 million clicks. Combining the superb responsiveness and comfort, the Air58 truly deserves the attention of a legend like Ninja.

Besides, the slightly bumpy and blocky side buttons make you easily identify them. They also offer similar responsiveness as primary clicks, making it easier for you to use them during rampant gameplay.

4. Makes you Switch to multiple DPI settings with one click

The mouse offers 4 DPI settings which you need to adjust by clicking on the dedicated button below the scroll wheel. To initial DPI is set at 400 and clicking the button once will increase the sensitivity to 800 DPI, followed by 1600 DPI and 3200 DPI.

Considering its advanced features, it surprises us that the mouse only offers a polling rate of 500 Hz. Although it may conflict some gamers looking for 100Hz, we actually couldn’t find any difference in response.  

The Finalmouse Air58 is integrated with Pixart PMW3360, which is known for its smooth precision and spin-free performance.

The sensor also helps with a very low lift-off distance enabling you to play relentlessly without losing your cursor movements.

As Finalmouse Air58 is a minimalist gaming mouse with a top-notch sensor coupled with a super light ergonomics, it’s in Ninja’s kitty.

Let’s now see his other favorite gaming mouse that he has in his arsenal.

2. G502 Proteus Spectrum

G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum mouse comes with a luxurious and edgy build offering unparalleled performances. The device features a powerful optical sensor exhibiting zero acceleration, tracking accuracy, and excellent responsiveness.

Plus, the device supports easy DPI shifting from low to high sensitivity. Overall, the mouse allows you to maneuver up to five DPI settings with a single click.

Besides, the mouse also includes a dual-mode hyper-fast scroll wheel, allowing you to use the mouse to scroll through long pages in blazing fast speed. You can also lock down the wheel for single screen scrolling.

Thanks to its powerful mechanical microswitches, the mouse offers significant longevity of 20 million clicks. Moreover, the magnetic weight cavity door, rubber grip, and custom RGB lighting take your gaming experience to a different dimension.

Why Ninja likes G502 Proteus Spectrum?

Anti-slip texture with special contoured support for thumb

The mouse comes with a smooth plastic body with 11 programmable buttons. The mouse has a slightly smaller appearance but it perfectly fits your palm, giving you a full grip.

Equally important, the manufacturer provides a gripping-like texture on the right side of the mouse, which keeps your mouse from slipping during rigorous usage.

Likewise, the contoured body of the mouse gives your thumb extra support.

In total, you will get a good grip on this mouse without exerting any additional force.

A define body with extra weight tuners

The G502 Proteus Spectrum is heavier with 122g of primary weight. If you like your mouse heavier at the center, then without a doubt, the mouse perfectly caters to your muscle memory.

Moreover, the mouse comes with an additional five 3.6gm magnetic weights. Simply place the weights on the magnetic cover located on the base of the mouse.

You can try as much combination of weights you can without seeing any difference in the performance.

Customize and sync RGB lighting with RGB keyboards

The mouse comes with dedicated software to modify the RGB lighting, and synchronize the mouse with the Logitech RGB gaming keyboard.

As a result, you will enjoy similar lighting effects on both of your devices.

Also, you can customize the RGB lighting as well as set up exciting gaming profiles and lighting effects.

However, the color of the DPI indicator remains unchanged.

Dedicated sniping button for FPS games

In total, the G502 includes 11 programmable buttons in its arsenal and the manufacture has done a great job by making them easily accessible.

The sniping button lies beneath your thumb, clicking which will set the SPI to its lowest.

The feature helps a lot while firing quick shots in fps 1. You can easily use the forward button while the backward button may require a little effort to reach.

Therefore, we assign the least used non-gaming function to the backward button.

Adjust DPI instantly with the Dual DPI adjusting button

The G502 will never disappoint you in terms of performance. The mouse is laden with high-end PMW3366 Optical Sensor that offers a wide range of sensitivity from 200 to 12000 dpi.

The mouse includes two sensitivity adjust buttons to increase and decrease the DPI.

Overall, the spectrum is quite comfortable to use and offers impeccable responsiveness for competitive gaming.

Above all, considering its reasonable pricing, it’s a steal deal for both newbie as well as esports participants.


The Finalmouse Air58 comes with a lightweight body, fantastic sensitivity, smoother scrolling including a myriad of performance-based features. Similarly, the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum also facilitates excellent sensitivity, backlighting, dedicated software, and 11 programmable buttons, etc.