What Monitor Does Ninja Use in 2021?

What Monitor Does Ninja Use

With so many gaming monitors rolling out in the market, it practically confusing for an inexperienced player to differentiate the best from the rest.

Therefore, most users often look up to professional gamers like Ninja as an inspiration. Ninja’s unbeatable success in fps games has set an unwavering example for many.

No doubt, skills, and experience matter a lot in gaming, but so does having the right gear and hardware. That’s why professional gamers like Ninja choose their accessories carefully.

In this post, we will see Ninja’s favourite monitor that he always prefers to play his games and will understand what factors make it highly sought-after by professionals like Ninja all around the globe.

What Monitor Does Ninja Use?

Ninja uses Dell Alienware 25. Dell Alienware monitor is in the market for a while now. It is faster, brighter, and quite responsive than the rest.

Let’s check out what more the monitor has to offer.

So What Made Ninja Pick Dell Alienware 25?

We are going to discuss in length and breadth why Ninja prefers Dell Alienware 25 over others. There must be something unique to its features in terms of high refresh rates, panel quality, hardware support, or flawless connectivity.

Let’s analyze it under the lens.

Dell Alienware 25

Achieve High Refresh Rate Without Overclocking

The first thing any professional gamer will look at in a monitor is its refresh rate. While the refresh rate of most standard monitors lies in between 50-75 HZ, Alienware 25 has the potential to generate up to 240 HZ.

However, a higher refresh rate is not enough to draw the attention of a professional gamer like Ninja. Actually, the monitor brings a lot on the table and the most important of them.

To get higher refresh rates more than 60 HZ, gamers often have to overclock their monitor by throwing caution to the wind.

However, Alienware 25 lets you achieve up to 240 HZ without overclocking your monitor.

Impressive FHD TN Panel 

While the world is going gaga over UHD monitors, ninja sticks with the 1080p TN display of Alienware 25.

Technically speaking, sitting close to the monitor and starting at the screen the whole time, hardly left any room for you to notice the visual difference between 4k and 1080p images.

Besides, the monitor exhibits excellent whites and deeper blacks. Thanks to its 1000:1 contrast ratio, the display does not disappoint you in terms of color generation.

Advanced G-sync and Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) support 

The monitor comes with NVidia G-sync technology that turns the ‘static refresh rate’ of the monitor into ‘variable’ so that it matches with your system’s GPU.

To elaborate, the refresh rate of a monitor alone can’t give you smoother gameplay, unless you have a high fps GPU.

Not only that, but the GPU also generates variable fps while the refresh rate in the monitor remains static.

As a result, despite a high refresh rate monitor, users fail to see the results.

What G-sync does is that it puts both monitor and GPU in tandem, ensuring you the best responsive gaming experience.

Bezel-less Screen With Anti-glare Technology

The Alienware 25 comes with a narrow 5mm bezel at top and 14mm at the bottom. The size is as close to frameless as you can get in the market.

On top of that, once you start the monitor, you will hardly notice the bezel at all- seriously, it’s really sleek.

Moreover, it comes with an anti-glare layer that delivers excellent light rejection and presents a crystal clear and grain-free picture.

A Solid And Long-Lasting Build

The monitor comes with a solid metal body with a slender and slop-less design.

When putting on a desk, the monitor holds a strong grip, which minimizes the chance of falling down you move the desk too much during rigorous gameplay.

Plus, maneuvering the monitor position seems easy. You can slides the panel up and down to a great range.

Likewise, the monitor offers a decent tilt up to 25 degrees on backward and 5% forward. Meanwhile, there is some restriction in swivel, i.e. up to 20 degrees on both sides.

Mesmerizing Lighting That Creates The Perfect Gaming Environment

Visual appearance remains a strong purchasing factor of a gaming monitor. The monitor comes with three light bars on the back with a flagship alien symbol in the upper right corner.

You also get more than 20 hues options for OSD.

Dell Alienware 25 Side

Integrated HDMI, USB 3.0 and audio output for seamless Connectivity

Dell Alienware 25 below

The monitor is integrated with the latest G-sync module offering seamless connectivity to the display port via HDMI input.

Apart from that, the monitor also includes one upstream and four downstream USB 3.0 ports.

Sadly, the manufacturer doesn’t include any built-in speakers in the monitor. However, you can use the audio output to connect your headphones or home theatre.


While most people go gaga over IPS panels, only professionals like Ninja know the true value of a TN panel. From stellar refresh rates to advance G-sync and ULMB support, the Alienware 25 Monitor is everything you require in a gaming monitor. Considering the reasonable price, we surely agree with Ninja’s decision.