What Is Discord Streamer Mode & How to Use It To Protect Information

Discord Streamer Mode

How can you keep your information private with Discord Streamer Mode?

If you are afraid of leaking your personal information on your stream, keep on reading and find out what is Streamer Mode on Discord. 

“What goes on the internet, stays on the internet.”

As fun as it may be to watch YouTube clips compilation videos of streamers leaking their personal information, keeping private information safe, is a serious concern for anyone who is either constantly or casually streaming.

Within the streaming community, we’ve all heard of people getting into some real trouble for accidentally streaming stuff they shouldn’t be.

When privacy is at stake, I’d rather err on the side of caution.

If you are interested in keeping your information safe on Discord, use the Streamer Mode. Here’s all about it!

What is Streamer Mode in Discord?

Streamer Mode in Discord

First, Streamer Mode does not stream to Twitch or any other platform. Simply put, it protects your private information when you flaunt your gaming skills while streaming or simply podcasting.

When you’re broadcasting content to the world, you are projecting on-screen content to your spectators.

Having no tool to regulate what appears on your viewers’ screens and monitors, you risk leaking sensitive data or images.

Keep in mind that, often, you’ll have a bunch of strangers consuming your content.

Streamer Mode is Discord’s integrated function that allows you to stream headache-free. It comes with Discord’s app and it’s free to use.

Discord Streamer Mode is auto-enabled when it detects you’re running OBS/XSplit, consequently hiding sensitive information on the user interface (UI).

What Does Discord Streamer Mode do?

Let’s take it step by step.

Here’s a list of what you can choose to hide with Discord Streamer Mode.

Note that however, it’s only Client-Side.

Everybody on the server with you can still see your ID and information.

  1. Hide Personal Information: This option may not sound specific enough, but this is what it prevents your viewers from seeing:
  • Email Addresses
  • Linked Accounts — Your linked accounts (Spotify, Steam, Facebook, etc.) 
  • Number Tags — Streamer Mode anonymizes your friends’ number tags.
  • Notes — Your stream won’t be showing the notes you left to your friends.
Hide Personal Information
  1. Hide Invite Links: Having unexpected users join your private server because your instant invite is disclosed on-screen doesn’t sound like a pleasant surprise.

Enabling this will hide invites on the ‘Invites’ tab.

If you suddenly get an invite code, the audience will just find ‘Streamer mode’, and not the code.

Hide Invite Links
  1. Disable Sounds: Whether you want to spare your viewers from listening to the alerts, or for your own privacy’s sake. If you check this box, your viewers won’t be able to listen to any sound coming from the Discord Client, including notifications, users entering your channel, etc.
Disable Sounds
  1. Disable Notifications: Given that you are seeking to keep your information private, you might as well want to suppress all notifications from the Discord Client. Doing this will block all Discord notifications from showing up to your audience.
Disable Notifications

How to Enable and Configure Streamer Mode in Discord 

Enable and Configure Streamer Mode in Discord

Now you are aware of the benefits and uses of Discord Streamer Mode, let’s see how to get it up and running for your next streaming session.

Before enabling the Streamer Mode, you must make sure that you have integrated Discord with the streaming platform of your preference.

This is how you do it in case you haven’t.

Integrating Discord with YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, etc. 

Step 1. Open Discord. 

Open Discord

2. Click on the ‘User Settings’ menu (gear icon on the left bottom side).

Discord User Settings menu

3. Go to the ‘Connections’ tab located in the list on the left.

Connections tab in Discord

4. Select the platform you are going to sync.

Select the platform

5. Make sure to give access to your web browser.

give access on web browser

Enabling OBS or XSplit 

By enabling Streamer Mode, your information remains hidden while using any streaming software.

However, when you are running either OBS or XSplit, which are the most popular, Discord automatically recognizes them.

In most cases, you just need to have both Discord and the streaming software installed.

However, some users report receiving a notification from OBS/XSplit requesting access to your Discord application.

Once approved, you’ll be able to customize what you want to display to your stream or recording.

Enabling OBS or XSplit

How to Enable Discord Streamer Mode

Having synchronized Discord to your preferred streaming platform, the only remaining step is to enable Streamer Mode on Discord’s application.

To do this, follow the next steps: 

  1. Open Discord
Open Discord
  1. Click on the ‘User Settings’ menu
Discord User Settings menu
  1. Hit the ‘Streamer Mode’ tab.
Discord Streamer Mode Tab
  1. Tick the ‘Enable Streamer Mode’ option
Enable Streamer Mode option

In case you want to make the process faster and easier, you can assign a key bind to toggle turning Streamer Mode Discord. You are all set.

Make sure to have the auto-enable mode on, which works wonderfully and has given me a grand total of 0 problems so far!

What does Discord Streamer Mode enabled look like?

Once you’ve enabled Discord Streamer Mode, all your information won’t be visible to you and your viewers as well.

Here’s how every tab that contains personal information looks like. 

Personal Information Tab in Discord

Streamer Mode does not hide names, it simply keeps contact information safe from prying eyes. Here’s an example of how it looks.

Streamer Mode Interface


That’s it, I hope the process was easy to follow. Now you are protected against an inconvenient leak of personal information thanks to Discord Streamer Mode. Be ready to stream without worrying about being part of a clips channel for all the wrong reasons.


Q. Where is streamer mode in discord?

You can find the Discord Streamer Mode option in the ‘User Settings’ menu (gear icon on the left bottom side). You won’t need any third-party app to use this.

Q. What is the point of streamer mode?

The point of Streamer Mode is to help you keep your information private while streaming or recording your screen. It helps you maintain your content privacy without requiring manual interventions.

Q. How do I enable discord streaming?

To enable Discord Streamer Mode –

– Open Discord
– Navigate to the User Settings menu
– Click the Streamer Mode tab
– Toggle the Enable Streamer Mode option

Q. Why is my streamer mode not working?

Discord Streamer Mode usually works just fine. However, if you are having problems, you might want to –

– Restart Discord completely. 
– Remove and reinstall Discord. 

Q. Does streamer mode hide your name?

Discord Streamer Mode does not hide your or your name. However, it does hide the number tag, so you and your friends are safe from being exposed to the public.