Warframe Promo Codes For 2021 (Feb) – Active Codes

Warframe Promo Codes

Warframe has become one of the most popular online multiplayer games today, rivaling the likes of PUBG, Fortnite, among others. Although it does not compete in sheer number of users, Warframe has a cult following with its high-octane gameplay and state-of-the-art combat.

If you are looking for Warframe promo codes, you can easily find clusters of free codes given away by multiple websites and other official channels. These codes can help you gain a substantial advantage in-game, provided you know how to use them!

Where To Get Warframe Promo Codes?

There are a number of places scattered over the web where you can get Warframe promo codes.

Check out this list to get a comprehensive idea.

  1. Promo codes are often disbursed for free during Devstreams.
  2. Make sure you follow the official Warframe Twitter handle @PlayWarframe. Codes are often given out for free on this handle during events.
  3. Check out different gaming or gaming accessories sites. They often share codes free of cost, only in return for signing up or creating a free account.
  4. Follow the Warframe forum thread to know all about active codes or even get some free codes to enjoy from other users. Check it out right here.

How To Redeem And Use Warframe Promo Codes?

You can easily redeem your promo codes by following these simple steps –

  1. Go to Warframe.
  2. Log in with your ID and pass.
  3. Navigate to the Store option.
  4. From the dropdown list, click Promo Codes.
  5. On the new page, you will find a bar to type your code.
  6. Click Submit Code.

Your promo code will be automatically added to your Warframe account.

To give you a heads up, you can even redeem the code in-game. If you want to use a code while playing Warframe, simply navigate to the Market while you are in your Orbiter.

Once in, simply select Redeem Code and you are sure to find a space to type the code in. After doing so, something hit Enter and the cold will be active.

Know that most promo codes are glyphs, but you are sure to come across codes that offer a lot more. For instance, FreeSword was one of the most popular promo codes given away by Warframe; the code offered a Heat Sword in game.

But, with the growing popularity of Warframe, codes are more difficult to come by today.

There are different types have Warframe promo codes as well. Some codes come with end-user restrictions, i.e. the code is restricted for use by the specific user it is offered to.

However, most of these codes are programmed to expire on a pre-determined time and date which are generally not mentioned.

So, the only way for you to find out if the code works is to try and redeem it. More often than not, free Warframe promo codes that you may find on multiple other sites are expired and will not work. Also, make sure to use a code instantly!

Know that if you are a console gamer, some codes may not work. Promo codes at first are disbursed or made available for PC gamers. They become live or active on consoles later as they are trickled down. So, if you find your promo code not working on your console, give it at least 48 hours to become active.

Active Warframe Promo Codes

Active codes come and go fast. Generally, these codes stay up for around 2 weeks although there have been codes which were kept active for more than a few months. But bookmark this page and drop by this section for updates!

Active Codes

Parvos – Golden Hand Decoration.

However, if you are a Twitch user, you can still get your hands on a few nice promo codes. In case you are not a Twitch user, here is how you can easily get started –

  1. Create a free Twitch account and link it with your Amazon Prime account. If you do not have an Amazon account, get one right here to enjoy the running Warframe promotional event.
  2. Link your accounts and upgrade to Twitch Prime automatically.
  3. Now, link you Warframe and Twitch Prime accounts.
  4. Refer to the Twitch Prime promo page and enjoy Warframe codes. Note that the codes will only work after you have linked Warframe with Twitch.

Active Twitch Prime Warframe Codes

  • Power Booster Pack – 7-Day Credit Booster + 7-Day Affinity Booster
  • Avia Prime Armor Set – Avia Prime Chest Plate + Avia Prime Shoulder Plates + Avia Prime Ankle Plates
  • Scavenge Booster Pack – 7-Day Resource Drop Chance Booster + 7-Day Resource Booster
  • Ember Bundle – Ember Warframe with Slot + Filigree Prime Decoration
  • Warframe Starter Pack – Karak Weapon Blueprint + Dual Skana Weapon Blueprint + 100,000 Credits + Energy Siphon Mod + Fury Mod + Lotus Noggle Glyph + Twitch Color Picker
  • Link Twitch and Warframe accounts – Broca Prominence Syandana

Perhaps one of the biggest secrets of these codes is that sometimes expired codes are made active again.

So, here is a proper listing of the – Best Warframe Codes Currently Taken down from the system

Best Warframe Promo Codes

  • Solarisunited
  • ThedeadhavedebtsEARSON

Randomly check these codes out. Or simply, refer to this section to know which expired codes have been activated again!

With over 50 million users, Warframe has become the sci-fi third-person shooter and combat game online. Redeem your available Warframe promo codes or drop by again soon to check for new ones!