The 3 Best VR Headsets For Roblox In 2021

VR Headsets For Roblox
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It’s time to get your heads in the game, literally. Virtual Reality devices are the next big thing in gaming and the best VR headsets for Roblox offer a holistic virtual reality experience unlike anything yet.

VR was originally meant for training air force pilots. But in the past decade, they have been transformed for entertainment purposes, first, for audio-visual entertainment (read movies) and now for playing games. You can play games like Skyrim, Half-Life: Alyx, and No Man’s Sky with full VR support. The experience is out of the world and you have to do it to believe it.

There are two types of VRs in the market available today.

  • Headset type: These are accessorized VR headsets, which use your smartphone as a screen to provide you with virtual reality. e.g – Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR.
  • Standalone devices: These devices can provide a complete VR experience on their own. They have a gyroscope, display screen, and built-in audio system, e.g. – Oculus Rift.

The most amazing part of using VR headsets in gaming is the sheer degree of immersion they provide, incomparable to regular PC or mobile gaming. The ability to sense your movement and project them in the game within microseconds takes the whole gaming experience to the next level.

Standalone VR headsets that work with Roblox come with extra sensors to detect every single motion of your head to provide the best virtual reality experience possible.

Let’s check out the best VR headsets for Roblox you can buy today. We will be reviewing each of these devices for their features, controllers, ecosystem, setup, pros, cons, and user-friendliness.

What VR headsets Work With Roblox?

Following are the VR headsets that work with Roblox

Best VR Headsets for Roblox

3. Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 - VR Headsets For Roblox

Oculus Quest 2 is the latest version of the Oculus series of Virtual Reality headsets. Quest 2 comes compatible with PlayStation VR. So, you can enjoy your games without any other gaming console.

Oculus Quest 2 offers a lot of room and flexibility while playing and allows users to establish a virtual boundary. The new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processors powers Quest 2. The in-box controllers that come with Oculus Quest run on dedicated batteries, which can run for months. Apart from being a standalone device, it is also compatible with PC VR with the help of Oculus Link.

Quest 2 delivers expansive resolutions of 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye and comes with an in-built application for recording your gaming action via Game Capture. But it captures the footage from only one of the eyes, which makes the video grab narrower.

User comfort is also an important aspect to consider as these devices have an improper weight balance.

Quest 2 does feel a bit short on comfort, which is because of the heavier front of the device. You can get the Elite Strap for better support and comfort in using the Quest 2 from $49.

The controllers feature a circular design on top for motion and distance tracking. Another mind-blowing feature of Quest 2 is controller-less controls, compatible with select games and applications. It does perform well with hand-tracking, but you are better off using the controllers.

Setting up the Quest 2 is simple. All you need is the Oculus smartphone application and your Facebook login. It is currently available at $299 for 64 GB, while the 256 GB version is available for $399.

Either way, this is one of the best cheap VR headsets for Roblox offering variable usage freedom and fun.

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  • Manufacturer: Oculus (Brand of Facebook Technologies)
  • Release Date: 13th October 2020
  • Product Weight: 1.83 pounds

2. HTC VIVE Pro 


HTC Vive Pro was the highest resolution Virtual Reality consumer product back in 2018, debuting with 1440 x 1600 pixels resolution per eye. The device comes in an anti-static plastic coverage supported by a fiber package.

Being a high-end product requires a high amount of processing power. Vive Pro also allows you to capture gameplay videos.

Vive Pro comes with a built-in audio system and with additional padding all over the device to share the weight and set it in a balance.

Vive Pro comes with extra camera sensors at the front to better calibrate motions and gestures.

The higher resolution does make a difference, considering the screen is just 2 inches away from your eyeballs.

Gameplay and virtual interaction are immersive, and this device is still considered a gamechanger in VR headset tech. You will also enjoy extensive audio outputs.

The design is innovative although it does require a certain amount of DIY. You need to put the headset over your eyes, pull out the speakers, lower the entire headset to the back of your head, and tighten it from the back screw.

But note that the HTC Vive Pro only works via DisplayPort. Also, it is quite bulky considering that 

Vive Pro comes with a year-long free subscription to Vive port, which provides a bunch of free video games, similar to the Android Play Store.

It is priced upwards of $800 and this is one of the best VR headsets that work with Roblox.

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  • Manufacturer: HTC
  • Release Date: 23rd April 2018
  • Product Weight: 3.82 pounds

1. Samsung HMD Odyssey+

Samsung HMD Odyssey+

Samsung’s grand entry into the standalone segment HMD Odyssey+ is a masterpiece, even after 2 years of its release. The Odyssey+ features a 3K dual AMOLED display. It comes with an ultra-high resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels with a wide 110-degree field of view.

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ offers access to thousands of free games from the Windows MR store and stream libraries.

The device comes with concentrated precision-controlled LEDs with an auto adjustment feature.

The Odyssey+ requires only 2 cables for setup, one HDMI cable, and one USB cable. The controllers have several LEDs that allow the headset to track hand movements.

However, you will need ambient lighting to get the best out of the tracking tech.

Even with a higher resolution display and built-in audio, this device is extremely lightweight, weighing only 1.76 pounds.

You also get excellent audio outputs, arguably one of the best soundscapes on any VR headset in the market – AKG speakers offering a 360-degree spatial sound.

Installation is simple, takes less than two minutes, and works with just one plugin.

This is rated as the best Windows Mixed Reality headset. It is a cheap VR headset for Roblox as well, priced at upwards of $625.

You can consider this as your top choice for a complete VR experience on Roblox. 

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  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Release Date: 24th October 2018
  • Product Weight: 1.76 pounds


VR gaming is big and on Roblox, you will surely enjoy the extensive freedom of intuitive controls on the huge range of games available. Beyond just Roblox, you can also delve into several popular games and other applications now specifically supporting VR. Expect continuous upgrades to the software plus underlying tech over the next few years and even more games integrating with VR-compatible gameplay.