5 Seamless Ways To See Your Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch Chat Logs

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In the world of streaming games, Twitch is King. With about 15 million daily users and over 2 million monthly broadcasts, you can imagine the number of activities there. Amongst many activities, one that often picks the interest of people, especially Twitch channel owners, are comments. 

Comments mean a lot to us; they often consist of memes, jokes, suggestions, advice, spam, and negativity. If you run a Twitch channel, especially one that draws in so many viewers, you might have a big clue of what I mean.

With so many comments, it is often difficult to keep track of what was said by a user. And Twitch doesn’t make it easy, too, with speed the chats pass. 

So if you accidentally saw a comment, you’ll love to checkout, or you want to review a complaint from one of your users who was banned by the moderator, the best way to go about this is by using your chat logs smartly.

Before we see ways to access our Twitch chats log, let’s see other reasons you might want to access your chat logs and the benefits of doing that. 

Reasons for Checking your Twitch chat logs

One thing that keeps so many brands afloat is the constant communication with their customers both directly and indirectly. A famous saying, “the customer is King,” can be applied here too. Like we noted above, comments could be good, bad, or ugly. 

You can learn how to improve your content and channels from comments, and also face serious trolls and bullies. Anyways, without much ado, here are the possible reasons you should continuously check your Twitch chat logs. 

 1. Opportunities

Yes, you can find opportunities hidden in your chat logs, it could be from a big channel to yours (they are fund of dropping these in the comments) or a kind of promotion a company needs. You never can tell which crazy deal is lurking in your chat logs, but you will never find out unless you search. 

 2. Review Disciplinary Actions

Most times, users are unfairly banned from your channel by Twitch or your moderators. If a user has appealed to you, it is not only right but beneficial to you to check for the comment that must have led to the ban. 

With this comment, you can appeal to Twitch if they carried out the ban or reach out to your moderators to be sure they vetted the necessary punishment. 

Most times, a brief time out other than a full fletched ban is enough. Here you can also check that your moderators aren’t executing personal vendettas. By doing this, you will build a rapport with your viewers and show that you do care. 

 3. Check for inapt comments

Big channels, mostly, dealing with so many comments. Because these comments are often from total strangers, there’s that tendency of finding trolls and cyberbullies. Although Twitch is doing its best to crack down on all these inappropriate comments, it still needs a hand from you. 

Suppose you keep ignoring trash comments on your channel. In that case, you won’t only be risking losing your viewers because your viewers will feel you agree with those comments since you ignore them but also losing your Twitch channel too because most comments outrightly breach Twitch’s Terms of Service (TOS). 

 4. Gather Feedbacks

They are also those who drop comments or two that will help boost your Twitch channels. When you go through your chat logs, you might find new tips to make your channel a bit-perfect. 

 5. Get Audience Data

This is somewhat similar to getting feedbacks, just that this is not often directed. From the comments you get, you may further understand how your audience reacts to what you put out. 

You’ll know what part of your stream was boring, which they enjoyed the most and their opinions. Generally, understanding how your audience responds to your content is among the top things every Twitch content creator should consider. 

6. Get familiar with slang and memes among your audience

When you’ve run your Twitch channel for a while, you’ll gradually build a following of loyal viewers. Without knowing, these people will create slang, jokes, and memes peculiar to your channel. When you familiarise yourself with this “language,” you’ll know when to throw it in, and this rapport will help bolster loyalty and engagement. 

 7. Crackdown on spammers with their username

When a user frequently breaks Twitch’s Terms of Service or break your channel rules, they often face ban or punishments of some sort. When they encounter this, some create new accounts and continue with the trolling or spamming. 

When you access your Twitch’s chat log, you can see when an account was created and the type of comments they drop. With these data, you can look out for writing similarities and styles to identify if a user uses a burner or spam account. 

There may be more reasons to check your Twitch chat logs, such as seeing active users for rewards and more. 

Different ways to see Twitch chat logs

Below are the different ways to access your Twitch chat logs. 

 1. By using the Search Command

twitch search command

I’ll place this as the best method when looking for a user you banned from your channel for flouting your rules who is now accessing it with a new account. All you have to do is type the following command /user, replace the “user” with the suspected user’s username. Twitch then displays the following. 

  • The date the account was created. 
  • The contents of the comments they’ve dropped so far. 
  • The messages the user has left on your channel
  • The number of times this user has been banned from your channel (if any) 
  • The number of times the user has timed out in a chat. (if any) 
  • Any comment your mod must have left on that specific user. 

The downside about this method is, it wouldn’t show any comment your mod has removed from this particular user. Don’t worry; there’s a way out. 

 2. By viewing your VOD

twitch chat log by viewing your VOD

At the moment, this is the only method to view comments or chats in their raw, unedited form (since users can edit their comments after sending them). With this method, you can also see the comments your mod must have deleted.

VOD is short for Video On Demand; when you activate the VOD chat recording tool, it will record everything, including comments dropped during a game stream. 

This feature was recently added to the Twitch app. With Twitch’s in-app VOD recording feature, you can easily find specific users and the chats they sent during past streams.

Be aware that Twitch’s VOD data isn’t available forever; affiliates can view the videos from the last two weeks of recording, while nonaffiliates can view VODs from a few days ago only. 

If you use other VOD tools, you might have to go through the whole video to get what you want. To tackle this, you can skip to the time you feel the comment was left if you can recall. 

 3. By using a third-party program

twitch chat log by using a third-party program

No doubt Twitch offers chat tracking tools, but these tools are not that robust and can’t give us everything we need. Due to this, most channel owners turn to third-party tools such as Chatty to help them track and monitor comments for a long time. 

Chatty is a java-based open source software that is quite popular among Twitch channel owners. It comes packed with many features to help you and your moderators stay on top of what is happening in your comment section.

Since classic IRC clients inspire its interface, it may take you quite some time to master it. 

Chatty stores your chat logs for a few weeks, after which they are discarded. It doesn’t keep them by default; you have to configure it too. When you finally master Chatty, you should know how to store your Twitch chat history locally and use them later. 

 4. By using a Chatbot

twitch chat log by using a Chatbot

The quickest, easiest, and seamless way to have extensive power over your Twitch chats is with a Chatbot. Nightbot is one famous name amongst others that you can count on to make your chat section conducive. Another famous chatbot that you can use is a chatbot from streamlabs.

These chatbots often act as moderators of some kind by giving you means to add special features to your chat and make your viewers have an incredible experience. 

Note, chatbots only store chats they were active on. That is, if you just installed a chatbot, comments from previous streams won’t be available. Please, be aware that you’ll be breaching Twitch’s data-sharing rules if you post your chat logs online.

So, when you store your Twitch chat log locally, you shouldn’t share them with random users, or you may get a letter from Twitch like OverRustle. 

 5. By switching to moderator view

twitch chat log by switching to moderator view

As a moderator on Twitch, you can check Twitch chat logs with ease. Simply switch to the Moderator’s view, then select any user’s name. To switch to the Mod View, click on the sword icon located at the bottom-right section of your screen. 

While in their chat history, you can see useful information like all their previous chats, the number (if any) of times they have been banned or timed out, you will also see if any mod has left a comment, banned, reported, or time-out the user with this feature. 

How do you delete Twitch chat logs? 

You can save yourself the stress of going through series of chats and simply delete everything. Most channel owners overlook this. Suppose you feel the comment section for a particular stream was filled with inappropriate comments. In that case, you can simply delete all of your Twitch chat logs. You need to enable the moderator option to go about this. 

How do you delete Twitch chat logs

 1. Click on the Settings menu at the bottom-left side of your Twitch chat box; a gear icon represents it. 

 2. Go to the Mod Tools section. 

 3. Toggle on the Mod Icons switch (or tick the box). Now, all mod icons will appear in the chatbox. 

 4. Next, type in this command in your chat field /clear

The above command will delete any comment that has been posted before. Note, you can’t make use of this command unless you activate the Mod Icons. 

How to download Twitch Chat Logs? 

It’s cool to have your Twitch chat history offline or available whenever you want, so this section will show you every possible way to download Twitch chat logs. 

1. Chatty (other chatbots) 


If you use Chatty, you can download your chat logs. Although this software allows you a limited line of how many comments you can scan at once, nevertheless, it still gives you room to record your chats to an external file. Chatty makes things seamless for you by displaying Twitch badges, emotes, and username colors to make your chat logs more readable. 

They are many other chatbots that have features to make this easy. Some record and keep a copy of the chats in your channel. Others allow you to store this information on their limited servers, which you can then download to your local storage. Again, you should carry out an extensive report before selecting a chatbox. 

2. Open source tools

They are two open-source tools I’ll say you should check out: RechatTool and Twitch Chat Downloader

Does Twitch keep chat logs? 

The straightforward answer is No. However, following any of the methods stipulated above, you can retrieve your chat history. The only thing that is somehow close to Twitch storing your chat log is using the VOD feature. Aside from this, Twitch doesn’t keep your chat log. 

How do I check my chat rules on Twitch?  

To see the chat rules you created on your Twitch channel, go to your Settings, then select the Channel & Videos options. From here, you can customize the rules you want your viewers to see, agree, and adhere to. Typically, Twitch displays these rules to first-time users on your channel, and unless they agree to them, they can’t leave comments on your channel. 


I started by giving you cool reasons you ought to check your Twitch chat logs occasionally. I then documented the five different ways to see your Twitch chat history then later discussed various ways to download Twitch chat logs. I also answered multiple questions, and I hope this article was able to help you.  Share in the comment section which method worked for you, thank you, and have a great day.