Twitch Bits Guide: How to Earn Free twitch bits?

Twitch Bits Guide

With over eight years in the world of live streaming, Twitch has gathered a massive following. Boasting many excellent stats attached to its name, Twitch has become a haven for bloggers, gamers, video producers, and even musicians.

Twitch is a community for both streamers and viewers; it has carved for itself so many unique features, including its unique currency called Twitch Bits

Twitch Bits didn’t start as a currency; it was just animated cheering emotes which could be used on Twitch chat. It was and remains one of the coolest ways to show appreciation to your favorite streamer. Over time it has grown to become Twitch’s in-stream currency and could be earned in different ways. 

How do I purchase Twitch Bits? 

twitch bits price

They are different ways to get it; if you want to earn Twitch Bits for free, you can skip this section; however, Twitch offers its users a means to purchase it without working for it. You can buy them by paying through Amazon Payments or PayPal. The prices and amount of Twitch Bits you’ll get are as follows; 

  • $1.4 for 100 Bits
  • $7 for 500 Bits
  • $10 for 1000 Bits
  • $19.95 for 1500 Bits
  • $64.4 for 5000 Bits
  • $126 for 10000 Bits
  • $308 for 25000 Bits

Steps to purchase Twitch Bits

Step1: Launch your computer and log in to your Twitch account in your browser. 

Step 2: Go to the channel you’ll be cheering; it must be live and broadcasting. 

Step 3: Once you click the channel, a stream chat window opens on the video’s right side. Click the diamond-shaped icon that is close to the emoji icon. 

Step 4: Twitch then shows you the number of Bits you have left. Locate and click the Get Bits or Buy Bits button. 

Step 5: Choose any Bits to pack there and pay with Amazon or PayPal. Then proceed to finish the overall purchase process. 

purchase twitch bits

You can also directly buy from here.

How to get free Twitch Bits 

Aside from buying Twitch bits, there are so many other ways to earn Twitch Bits. You can earn from watching ads on your desktop or mobile app or by completing surveys.

Let’s have a look at them in detail.

1. Earn Twitch Bits by watching ads on your desktop

Earn Twitch Bits by watching ads on your desktop

Follow the steps below to earn Twitch bits from watching ads on your desktop.

Step 1: Open a channel you are following and allow the stream to load completely. Locate and click on the cheering bit-icon; it is often at the bottom of the stream and represented by a diamond shape (two triangles). You can only find this icon on channels that enabled cheers. 

Step 2: When the window opens, click on the Get Bits button and then the Watch Ad button. You will get a certain amount of Bits from the ads. It is often between the ranges of 5, 10, 50 to 100. Twitch now tops up your Bits account. 

Step 3: Finish watching the ad. Each ad often takes up to 30 seconds. You might not earn if you leave without completely watching an ad. 

Step 4: When it’s complete, a Done window will pop up, giving you an option to Watch Another or Start Cheering

There’s somehow a limit to the number of ads you can watch; if you’ve exceeded this limit, the Watch Ad button will gray out and it will look like this

twitch bits ads greyed out
  • Don’t forget to turn off your adblocker; you can turn it off across all sites or just on Twitch.
  • Some ads promise to pay you more if you interact in some way. 

2. Earn Twitch Bits from watching ads on your mobile

You can also earn from Twitch by watching ads on your mobile device. The steps are somehow similar to watching ads on your desktop. 

  1. Open the Twitch mobile app and select any streamer you follow 
  2. Go to the chatbox and tap the Bit icon (diamond-shaped). 
  3. Locate and tap the Get Bits button, then Watch an ad. 
  4. When you are done watching, Twitch tops-up your balance with more Bits. 

You often will earn a lower amount of Bits when you watch ads with the mobile app. 

3. Earn Twitch Bits by doing surveys on Twitch RPG

Earn Twitch Bits by doing surveys on Twitch RPG

The success of so many businesses depends solely on the inputs of its users. Due to this, Twitch has a program called RPG, which is short for Research Power Group. In this hub, Twitch can survey its viewers and streamers then get feedback on ways to improve the Twitch community. 

This is one lucrative way to earn on Twitch; users who quickly participate in the survey could earn up to 500 bits on short surveys.

The opportunity to join the survey is often limited; you need to get there fast. If you need a cool way to get bits on Twitch, follow the steps below. 

  1. Using a working email, visit this link to sign up for the RPG program. (Use an email you often check since most surveys are time-sensitive) 
  2. Whenever Twitch sends you an email asking for feedback on any of their features, you click the link given. 
  3. Watch the 5 – 15 minutes video they give to you. 
  4. In the next window, answer the question Twitch asks you. The question ranges from details about a brand, ads, merchandise, and any other thing in the video. 

Aside from earning free Twitch Bits, you automatically enter sweepstakes to win a free Twitch gear or vote on new global Twitch emotes when you join RPG. 

Note, the surveys are often available to the first 100 users who respond, so time is of the essence. 

Your demography also has a play in receiving surveys too. Users in the USA and Canada who are 21 years and above often get the best surveys. 

Most users claim they get an average of one survey per month. Others get the most during the holidays, that is, between October to December. 

Tips and Things you should know with Twitch Ads

  • The location often has a role in watching ads. Most advertisers target their ads at specific demographics and locations. Suppose your location isn’t eligible for the ads available. In that case, the Watch ads button will gray out with a Try again later notification. 
  • One trick to try is to mute the ads and play on the second screen while you enjoy Twitch. 
  • You can also play the ads when you are doing other activities like getting a glass of water, bathroom breaks, or watching a movie. 
  • You can use multiple accounts to earn Twitch Bits, but be aware this is somehow against Twitch’s rules, and your account(s) could get suspended
  • The best time to watch ads is at midnight. Twitch refreshes at midnight PST, so at this time, the ads often generate a considerable amount of Bits. 

Twitch Calculator 

Twitch Bits Calculator

Since what we mostly do with Twitch Bits is to donate, you should determine the exact amount you donate. 1 Twitch Bit is equivalent to $.01; with this rate, it may sometimes be challenging to put a finger on the precise amount of Bit you are donating. To tackle this, Twitch has a Bit calculator you can access from this link

1. Twitch Bits vs. Donations

There’s this dilemma of which is the best way to show support to your favorite streamer. Many prefer by giving them Twitch Bits others will settle for Donations through PayPal. Well, this is what you should know about direct donations or Twitch Bits. 

When a person starts a Twitch channel, they often do this to get famous and gather active viewers’ fan base. Twitch has a rule. For a streamer to get donations via Twitch Bits, he has to have more than 50 followers and at least three concurrent viewers in a month while still being a dedicated streamer.

Most streamers get past this by lurking; yes, you may successfully activate the Twitch Bit donate option through lurking, but how do you earn from lurking? Lurkers seldom interact with your channel, not to say they donate.

Let’s say a streamer gets past this, and they can earn a few Twitch Bits from their viewers, then come another problem, the withdrawal. Like almost every system on the internet, Twitch has a payment threshold of $100, which is somewhere around 10,000 Bits. 

Now, when the streamer eventually gets to $100, they can withdraw it the next month; that’s so much time they’ll have to wait. Assuming you are dealing with a new streamer, they will wait for long before they get paid. 

On the other hand, with a donation, they get paid almost instantaneously. 

On the donator’s side, Twitch kinds of limits you to give a specific amount of donation. That is 100 Bits for $1.4, 500 Bits for $7, and much more. If you planned on giving them $5, you’d have to pay an extra $2 to Twitch; meanwhile, with a direct donation, you can give any amount of your choice. 
Donations are mostly deposited through PayPal. If your favorite streamer resides in a country that doesn’t use PayPal, then the Twitch Bit is the best option. It all falls to you at the end of the day. 


Below are some frequently asked questions and answers. 

2. What do streamers get from Bits?

Each Bit in real money is worth $.01 to a streamer, so yes, they earn from Bits. If the amount of Bits a streamer has in their account passes the threshold, they will be getting paid in dollars. Earning with Bits is one of many ways a streamer can make money on Twitch.

3. How much is 50k Bits on Twitch? 

Using the Twitch calculator in the section above, 50,000 Bits is equivalent to $500 but to purchase it; you’ll spend $700 with the $200 going to Twitch. 

4. How much do Bits cost in Twitch?

One Bit is $.01 that is 1 cent. Twitch sells 100 Bits at $1.4.

5. How do I cash out my Twitch Bits? 

As a streamer, you have to reach the $100 threshold before you get paid. After a month elapses with you reaching the threshold mentioned above, you will have to wait 15 days before it gets deposited. This system is called Net-15, and it succeeds the Net-45, which took 45 days before you were paid.
1. To cash out your Twitch Bits, you’ll first have to enter your tax information in the field provided. 
Next, you’ll agree to the Twitch affiliate agreement. 
2. Later on, Twitch will ask you to complete two tax interviews for royalty and service tax. You should fill in your accurate details. 
3. Finally, you’ll choose a way to receive your payment. You can get your payment via a direct deposit/ACH, Check, PayPal, or Wire Transfer.

You can decide to withhold withdrawal for a while by choosing the Hold Payout option. 

6. Can Twitch Bits be refunded?

No, you can’t. There are different ways to deal with this situation, especially when you accidentally purchased Bits. You can reach out to your credit card company or write to Twitch, but now, there is no official way to refund Twitch Bits. A resource I gathered from Twitch has this to say below. 

Bits and Rewards have no monetary value (i.e., are not a cash account or equivalent), and do not constitute currency or property of any type. Bits and Rewards cannot be sold or transferred to other Users, and cannot be exchanged for cash or for any other goods and services. Users have no property, proprietary, intellectual property, ownership, or monetary interest in promotional or purchased Bits, which remain Twitch digital content subject to the Twitch Terms of Service, or in Rewards. Bits are non-refundable. We do not recognize the transfer of Bits or Rewards (including for money or any other consideration or items of value whether inside or outside of the Twitch Service). Accordingly, you may not purchase, sell, barter, or trade any Bits or Rewards, or offer to purchase, sell, or trade any Bits or Rewards. Any such attempted transfer will be null and void. – More details here.


Twitch Bits are an integral part of Twitch; with this in-streaming currency, you can appreciate your favorite streamer as well as use fancy emotes. This article showed you how to get Bits on Twitch for free in three different methods. We also answered frequently asked questions in detail. Thank you for visiting us, have a great Twitch Bits haunting.