The 4 Best TV Tuner For Xbox One in 2021

TV Tuner For Xbox One

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Cable TV might be facing a dramatic decline in popularity at a 7.5% drop yearly until it is completely phased out; it is still a thing people love. Xbox One is popularly known as a home video game console.

However, this device also goes down as an all-in-one entertainment system with features that can keep you glued to your living room’s seat. 

Among its entertainment pack, Xbox One is an excellent streaming device giving its users the room to stream videos from Netflix while still providing its users the needed resources to work with a hard drive and enjoy their content. 

Another feature most people aren’t aware of is connecting a digital TV tuner to Xbox One and having premium TV content.

In this guide, we documented the best TV tuners for Xbox one but before that, let’s know a thing or two about TV tuners in relation to Xbox One.

What is a TV Tuner? 

What is a TV Tuner

Also known as a TV tuner card, a TV tuner is a device that makes it possible for its host device to receive TV signals.

It is pretty prevalent in computers, especially Windows PC than in Xbox One. In fact, very few are aware that you can make use of a TV Tuner in an Xbox One because Microsoft has stopped making their TV-tuners (don’t shriek, we have you covered).

There is both an external and internal TV tuner card; to reap the benefits of a TV tuner, you’ll need its accompanying software.

Some TV tuners have inputs that resemble coaxial cable ports, giving room to be connected to satellite dishes or external aerials.

Another type act as video capture cards; they have the resources to record TV broadcasts on hard drives, just like the renowned Digital Video Recorder (DVR). 

What is an Xbox One TV tuner? 

What is an Xbox One TV tuner

An Xbox One TV tuner is a device that allows the Xbox console receive TV signals. Xbox One has this feature called OneGuide, built right into your console and serves as a TV listing feature.

They included this in Xbox One to make the console a vital part of the living room. As of today, Microsoft has decided to take off this feature. If you still have OneGuide on your Xbox One, you can enjoy it the most alongside a TV tuner. 

4 Best TV Tuners for Xbox One

From this Xbox One support page, Microsoft claims just one TV tuner is compatible with Xbox One; well, we are about to give you four.

Without much ado, go below for our list of the most excellent Xbox One TV tuners. 

 1. Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner

Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner

Hauppauge’s great thing is that Microsoft approves it, making it the recommended USB TV tuner for Xbox One.

Like you can count on Microsoft for delivering quality to its Xbox One, so can you rely on a device they recommended themselves.

No doubt Hauppauge isn’t the only Xbox TV tuner; it is still the #1 go-to in this category. 

Everything about this device is quality. It allows Xbox One users to watch and pause over-the-air (OTA) live TV at will.

This service is free for US and Canada users, and it works with an antenna for reception. Coupled with OneGuide, you can integrate Hauppauge with your local TV listing and enjoy premium content. 

It doesn’t take long to set up this device; aside from its USB easy plug feature, Hauppauge comes with well-detailed instructions on setting it up.

It also features a 10-mile antenna while still giving its users the room to upgrade it. The renowned ATSC digital TV is one of the most excellent services you can enjoy with this TV tuner. 

All you have to do is connect your ATSC antenna to Hauppauge and get access to over 1500 free TV stations at your beck and call.

To enjoy this with your Xbox One, you need a good internet connection.

Price: $60

How to connect Hauppauge digital TV tuner to your Xbox One

Step 1: Your antenna should have an unobstructed view of your window to allow free signal flow. Try to position your antenna close to the window; do not hide it. 

You can tactically place it so that it won’t disorganize your room while still getting access to the window. 

Step 2: Connect the antenna to Hauppauge and plug it into your Xbox One. 

Step 3: Start enjoying. If you still have access to OneGuide, download, and access countless channels. There’s also ATSC, which is free and gives you access to over 1500 TV stations. 

 2. HDHomeRun 


Next on our list is SiliconDust renowned HDHomeRun. This TV tuner is a bit different from those you are used to. Here, you’ll connect it to both your WiFi network and your digital over-the-air antenna to reap its benefits. 

HDHomeRun is available for Windows PC too, and if you’ve used it there, you’ll notice very few slight differences.

Actually, the only noticeable difference is, on Windows, you control it with a mouse, while on Xbox One, it comes with a controller which acts like its remote. 

It doesn’t limit you to just your Xbox One but allows you to stream on multiple devices with ease making it a multi-room, multi-user network tuner.

It gives you detailed instructions on using it, pointing you to recordings and TV show descriptions. Just like Hauppauge, you can make use of both ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 on your Xbox One. This is a 4-tuner-in-one device. 

You get the ability to pause recordings on one device and in one room and resume it on a different device in a separate room with its DVR services.

What seems like a downside is, HDHomeRun isn’t compatible with OneGuide; it still comes packaged with a reasonable app as an option.

Nevertheless, since Microsoft would be disabling OneGuide soon, it doesn’t seem like you are missing out on much. 

You can enjoy 5.1 Dolby sound, can pause and rewind and properly scan for newer channels. 

Price: $100

How to connect HDHomeRun to Xbox One

HDHomeRun comes in different models; each has its setup guide packed in it. Nevertheless, the setup shouldn’t be far-fetched from what we have below.

This guide is for HDHomeRun Connect Duo. 

Step 1: First, you’ll connect HDHomeRun to your antenna and then connect it to your router with the Ethernet cable found in its box.

Step 2: Next, connect it to a power source and then visit the Xbox One app store and download the HDHomeRun app

Step 3: Next, visit the HDHomeRun setup site. The site automatically detects that an HDHomeRun device is connected to your network and then follows the onscreen instructions to set it up. 

Step 4: Launch HDHomeRun on your Xbox One and enjoy. There’s seldom any setup to carry out again because if both devices are on the same WiFi network, they automatically pair and start working. 

 3. Xbox One Digital TV Tuner (Pre-owned) 

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

Since Microsoft has disabled their TV tuner’s production, you may likely not find this from any official seller or site. However, there are still vendors that sell it online.

This TV tuner was unique in its way, offering its users the ability to Pause, fast forward, and snap live TV to the next show or game with ease. 

This TV tuner functioned the best with OneGuide allowing you access to top channels, alongside gaming and entertainment apps and movies.

With a coaxial to HDMI connection, you can enjoy seamless TV shows on both your Xbox One and your tablets and phone, which are nearby. 

It offers a multitasking feature, allowing you have quality TV time while waiting for your multiplayer match to start.

Every juicy feature-packed in OneGuide is available for you with this TV tuner; you can use the voice features, customize your favorite channels list, enjoy OneGuide on SmartGlass, and other features setup process is relatively easy and comes in its box or watch this video

Price: $10 – $18 (pre-owned) 

Get it here: EB Games or eBay

4. Tablo Dual LITE OTA DVR


Another TV tuner to look out for is the Tablo Dual LITE OTA DVR. It functions mainly as a DVR giving you room to record up to 8 TB worth of over-the-air content to an external hard drive

From Tablo, you can stream your content to multiple devices, including your Xbox One, just like the HDHomeRun TV tuner.

It offers a wireless connection alongside a channel guide which enables you to schedule and view your recordings. 

You can skip commercials, watch pause and also record not one but four OTA channels simultaneously.

You can jump, fast-forward and rewind your recordings with ease. Although it lacks an HDMI connection, you can still connect it to your router and stream on multiple devices at will. 

Its antenna is sold separately. It gives you the freedom to position it at will and get the best reception available if you get it.

The apps are free for Xbox One, and they have excellent technical support on stand-by. 

Price: $195

How do you connect a TV tuner to Xbox One? 

Most TV tuners set up may vary; these types often come with an instructions manual. However, this is the general way to connect a TV tuner to Xbox One. 

Step 1: Plug in your antenna or the signal booster you use to your Xbox One’s TV Tuner’s coaxial connector. 

Step 2: If you use a USB TV tuner, plug it into the USB port at the console’s back (varying tuners would have a setup for this.)

Step 3: Xbox notifies you when the TV tuner has been detected. At the same time, the notification is still on the screen; press and holds down the Xbox button on your controller to enter the Settings page. If you missed the notification window, navigate to Settings, followed by TV & OneGuide, then TV Tuner

Step 4: Allow the console to scan for TV channels. These channels aren’t often sorted out sequentially; give it a few minutes. You can navigate through your channels with your joystick. 

Step 5: To hide duplicate channels, go to Settings, select TV & OneGuide and finally, OneGuide, then click on the Hide SD duplicate channels. What happened here was, OneGuide showed the HD and SD versions of the channels. 

Step 6: Go back to OneGuide and enjoy your channels. 


Since Xbox One is packed as a one-stop-shop for almost all living room entertainment activities, it is obviously normal why TV tuners can work on it. Although Microsoft has stopped producing their TV tuners and has recommended Hauppauge as the official Xbox One TV tuner, we could still dig out the best four TV tuners for Xbox One. Thank you for stopping by, have a great day.