Smart Game Booster Pro Review: Does It Really Work?

Smart Game Booster Pro Review

The most common issue faced in PC gaming is the lack of consistent complete performance available at your fingertips. Most applications take a big chunk of your performance, mostly background apps eating up the RAM and the processor to a Windows OS that runs a milieu of drivers just to stay up.

While killing some applications can work wonders, shutting them often can be a horrendous task. Cleaning up your PC processes, memory cache, and unnecessary files from your storage every time before gaming can take the thrill out of it, and it does too.

Just where the Smart Game Booster 5.0 can give you some respite.

What Is Smart Game Booster?

Smart Game Booster is an all-in-one package purportedly capable of resolving hardware and software related issues. This is a free software app and as such, its reliability should always be doubted first. But this software also comes with a paid advance version that offers a lot of new features, which does dissuade some concern.

In one-word, a performance boost is available at just the click of a desktop icon.

But how is this software any different than quite a few other software claiming to boost your system performance for gaming?

Just so, here is a detailed Smart Game Booster Pro Review. 

Let us begin with the first and most obvious one.

How Does Smart Game Booster Work?

Smart Game Booster Pro - how it works

To understand how this application works, we need to download this software first, and it is a somewhat crucial part. There are numerous download sources from third-party software sellers to different forwarded links.

We strictly caution you against downloading the software available from such sources. It’s a no venture zone.

Make sure to download this software from the official website of – PC Game Boost.

As of now, we have the PC game booster version 5, which downloads as a 55.3 MB setup file and takes over 161 MB after installation.

Smart Game Booster Pro - shortcut

After you have successfully installed it, you will have the option to add on taskbar or desktop shortcuts. Always select the desktop shortcut option.

You will get the two icons, Smart Game Booster and Boost, into Gaming Mode.

The moment you click on the Boost into Gaming Mode, this software will optimize your settings and provide the largest chunk of performance without shutting down critical operations.

You will be shown complete statistics of different versions available after this boost, with details. This software reboots the necessary hardware to close non-essential functions and even offering features to check other stats.

Since we now understand how this software essentially works, let’s dive deeper into different aspects of using this software with this Smart Game Booster review.

Smart Game Booster: First-hand User Review

Smart Game Booster First-hand User Review

This review will cover the user interface, boosting capabilities, overclocking power offered, system management efficiency, and features made available with the pro version. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

User Interface

Just one click on the desktop icon opens this software with negligible load times. The software is exceptionally smooth when compared to similar UI builds such as anti-virus and VPN software.

You can find all the features on a single page. There is no need to navigate to different pages. It even offers transparency settings, which can enable you to make changes while playing.

You get 4 primary functions on this software – Boost, Performance, Can I Run it, and Guard.

I. Boost

Smart Game Booster - boost

It will increase the performance of your PC. However, the percentage boost will be on the lower side if you just started your PC.

But when you use boost mode while actively using multiple applications, the results will be noticeable. Clicking on either of the four tabs will provide you with detailed information of what applications and systems were closed.

II. Performance mode

Smart Game Booster - Performance

Here, you can check all the services and functions to optimize your PC’s performance. You are even offered one of four corners for placing a transparent HUD.

This HUD will consist of vital information such as Frames Per Second (Never expect your PC to churn out more FPS than the default refresh rate of your monitor/display!), CPU temperature, and GPU temperatures in Fahrenheit.

III. Can I Run it

Smart Game Booster - Can I Run it

Can I Run it – This tab will empower you to compare the most compatible games on your PC or laptop according to your system capabilities. You even receive a dedicated section for your specifications, showing Processor, Graphics Card, Memory, and Platform (Operating System).

  • What Games Can I Run

It shows you all the fun that your PC can run in 2 different tabs to establish the requirements your device meets, minimum, recommended, or both.

  • Rate my PC

This option will rate your PC for the top 1000 games that can operate on your device on recommended settings or configurations. Metrics are mentioned in %, which gives a fair impression of your system capability compared to other PCs.

IV. Guard

Smart Game Booster - Guard

The most unexpected and extraordinary feature of this software is the different Guard and diagnostics settings you get with this software. You get Security Guard mode, which offers inbuilt Anti-virus and Firewall protection.

Account Guard will scan your system for any spyware, and it takes quite some time to complete its scanning. This mode can even check the browser cookies.

Our system scan reported over 38 tracking cookies, Data miners, Red sheriff spyware, and many dangerous spying systems into our online activity.

Much to our dismay, these threats bypassed our premium anti-virus software. The free version will scan all threats but remove only 10% of the issues, which doesn’t offer any real protection. It will just make you aware of your online activity being tracked and spied.

Then there is Diagnosis mode, which scans your system for any PC related issues and provides a detailed report of your system settings, driver and cache, and memory available. However, this data is not user-friendly in any sort as it needs someone very qualified in computer systems to identify if something is wrong.

smart boost pro diagnosis



Overclocking is a complicated and intricate process not to be done without experience and the much necessary expertise to get it right.

Sadly, and this is one of the few drawbacks worth mentioning in this review – it offers no details regarding the boosted frequency.

Truth be told, this software does boost PC gaming performance noticeably. You will get better and more stable FPS other than lower loading times, even in-game. It is safe to assume that overclocking within safety limits.

You can even turn on the HUD settings from Performance mode to safely monitor the CPU and GPU temperatures.

Enable HUD on Smart Game Booster Pro

If something goes wrong, you will be able to instantaneously close the game and relax the strain on the hardware.

The best thing about its overclocking feature is that it also offers a restore button to return to previous performance levels. As compared to BIOS-based overclocking, this software offers simple and easy overclocking with the added feature of reverting to its original state.

Under the performance settings, you can even set the alarm temperatures in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. It will enable the software to play the set alarm tone if any device touches the established limit.

Make sure you’re always aware of the risks involved with overclocking!

FPS Boost

FPS Boost

Compared with the FPS without using this software to the FPS after using this software, there was a >5% difference.

Although the FPS boost was not significant, the performance was relatively smoother, and it was felt very quickly during the graphics-intensive moments. 

The FPS boost will be better noticed with a monitor of a higher refresh rate that can potentially render 120 frames per second. On lower refresh rate monitors, the changes will be hardly noticeable unless you’re an expert at it and even so you will enjoy a smoother overall gaming experience.

Game Recording

This Smart Game Booster 5 software also doubles up as an in-built game recording software with multiple hotkeys to control the recording while playing. You need to use shortcuts to start or stop the screen recording by pressing Ctrl + Alt + V for both starting and stopping.

This software even offers you 3 modes for screen recording, including a toggle scale with Low, Medium, and High marked on the plate. Under Advanced settings, you can make changes to the download folder of screenshots and videos.

System Management

Since the user interface is straightforward and intuitive as all the controls are available in a single tab, you can easily wade through any settings.

Everything is clearly and carefully laid out. Moreover, its additional features and intuitive scanning modes offer firm control over the system. Managing the entire system setting is also quite simple as it comes with adjustable shortcuts for processing different functions.

Price to Performance

The level of performance offered by the free version is just over our expectations. You get so many features with it that getting a paid version does not offer much at one glance. But the free version isn’t capable of removing security threats or overlocking the system to higher levels.

The paid version is marketed as the Game Booster Pro. You get the following advantages –

  • Higher overclocking
  • Removal of threats
  • Automatic system scanning
  • Automatic system optimization 
  • Saving multiple game profiles
  • Game defragmentation on Steam-powered and system-based gaming

The number of features and quality of customer support offered to users having the paid version is worth noting.

Boost PC gaming performance for less than $2 a month. At the price of $18 annually, this software is available at a huge discount and it is quite a cost-effective option.

Smart Game Booster Review: Is it safe for my PC?

The software does not strain your systems and can work with limited settings; there are neither any adware nor any constant reminders (read- Upsells) for purchasing a paid version.

You can take your time in deciding whether to buy the paid without having to uninstall the software, as happens with most free software.

Word of Caution: If your PC does not have advanced cooling systems, refrain from using super boost, it can surpass the system thresholds.

Smart Game Booster Review: Is it legit?

The software developers have a dedicated website and offer decent customer support, enough for credible legitimacy. The fact that this software features on Steam adds more legit evidence.

You can get Smart Game Booster on Steam from its store. Click here to visit the steam-powered website.


There are hundreds of game boosting software available on the internet, but the features and ad-free experience offered by Game Booster Pro are unmatched by any other software.

The only caution is for users using this as an overclocking software that does not require any monitoring. DO NOT fall prey to such imaginations as overclocking requires a decent knowledge about the system’s capabilities.

Other than that, this software offers game boost, fps boost, screenshots, screen recording, system scanning, system threshold alarm, system diagnostics, antivirus, checking games for your system specifications, enough!

This software is a complete package of all the features needed to enhance your online gaming experience. We completely recommend using Game Booster. Better still get the paid version for more actionable features!