35 Sims 4 Challenges With a Cherry On The Top!

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Sims is the pinnacle of virtual entertainment that gives you complete freedom to create almost everything in its world. The Sims 4 pushed its limits with graphics, design, and gameplay closer to the real world.

Eventually, every player reaches the statuette of limitations in a game. Sims 4 is no stranger to that.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of 35 best sims 4 Challenges and other ways to keep you hooked!

35 Best Sims 4 Challenges

1. The Legacy Challenge

The Legacy Challenge

Legacy is an old classic Sims Challenge where you start with very little money and continue to play in the same family for ten generations. It rapidly gained prominence as the gameplay resonated with most fans.

The gameplay is simple but becomes intriguing as it progresses. Your Sim starts as a commoner who has to build everything from scratch. Next is building the house and gradually gaining wealth to pass it on to the next generation.

You have to stay in the same family for 10 ages. The Challenge gets more interesting with successive generations. As the children don’t inherit personalities from adults, you are in for a wild ride as it continues. Make sure to come up with a proper surname for your founder, as the future Sims will carry on that name.

2. 100 Baby Challenge

Next on the list is the 100 Baby Challenge. It is a straightforward Challenge, make 100 babies as quickly as possible. Although it sounds so simple, the various rules increase the difficulty of this Challenge. It is another classic game with players attempting to clear it every now then from the inception of the game.

Now, let us go through the gameplay and fundamental rules. You must create a female Sim to enter the Challenge, and you can have only 1 baby per partner.

It doesn’t seem that difficult, right? There is one more rule. If you don’t have any girls, you lose instantly. To make matters worse, you can’t use cheats!

The children are challenging to handle, and the problems increase exponentially as the number of kids grow in the game.

3. Homeless Challenge

The Homeless Challenge is one of the most difficult challenges in the game. In the Legacy Challenge, at least you had little money to begin. This one takes it up a notch by taking away that advantage. The goal is simple, to have a home or gain 5000 Simoleons.

In the gameplay, there are lots of rules that make the Challenge tricky. Your Sim doesn’t have any cash on him and can’t get a regular job. Next, you can’t ask other Sims to move in with you or have a boyfriend/girlfriend until you gain money or build a home.

The rules keep on getting more stringent as you start working towards your goal. If you want to experience the troubles of homeless people, then this is your best bet.

4. Asylum Challenge

Asylum Challenge is so bizarre but still ends up attracting a lot of players. In this Challenge, you must create an 8 Sim household with a mandatory insane trait for every Sim. The goal is to complete the Sims’ aspirations so that it leaves the asylum.

Every Sim ends up having random characteristics, and there are a couple of rules in the house. There are only 5 beds and skill-building objects, 6 seats, 1 PC/TV, ensuring that everything is divided unfairly among the Sims. Also, no self-assurance for Sims and their aspiration is randomized. Try out this Challenge if you want a lot of random factors to influence the Sim’s life in the game.

5. Decades Challenge 

Decades Challenge is almost similar to the Legacy Challenge with minute changes. In the Decades Challenge, every generation belongs to a different decade and must follow the rules accordingly.

Let us elaborate. If you start in 1900, there are no showers available, and only males are allowed to take up jobs! Feels sexist, right? Imagine what your ancestors must have gone through, as it was the norm in those days.

Anyways, back to the Challenge. If you start after the 1920s, women are allowed to work. If you have won the Legacy Challenge and are looking for a similar one, then go for this challenge instead.

6. Apocalypse Challenge

The name reminds you of the brilliant yet dark movie, Apocalypto, right? Don’t worry, the Apocalypse Challenge won’t go that far. In the Challenge, it’s a dystopian world caused by an atomic war. The goal is to survive with necessities and nothing more. You can’t leave your small shelter or buy exotic stuff.

Until 2020 happened, this was one of the best Challenges, but now it’s too familiar to everyone because of mandatory quarantines by countries.

7. Disney Princess Challenge

Disney is a name that always brings a smile across everyone’s face. Fortunately, for Disney fans, there is a dedicated Challenge. There are many Disney princesses to choose from. The gameplay is quite simple. Choose a princess, complete her missions, and move on to a different princess. Every princess has an unusual trait and a separate set of tasks to complete. With so many different choices, it is one of the most preferred Challenges for many!

8. Build-A-City Challenge

The Build-A-City Challenge is one of the most basic ones on the list. You get to build a city from scratch and grow a population based on the number of Sims in the game. Everything isn’t readily available to unlock new locations or services. You have to reach the set benchmark. For instance, you can unlock a new world only after placing 5 community lots!

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9. The Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge is inspired by its TV counterpart. It is one of the fan favorites in the game. Just like the TV show, you have to fall in love with one of the participants in the game show. Every 3 days, a contestant is eliminated from the competition. Ever wondered how it feels to live the life of the Bachelor/Bachelorette? This is your chance!

10. Black Widow Challenge

Marvel made Black Widow an assassin who learned various languages and was a mistress of stealth. This is a watered-down version of that and is inspired by the black widow spider. In this Challenge, you have a matriarch that marries and kills people to get their money.

There are lots of rules in the Challenge and different forms of killing. There are different levels of difficulties to choose from, and regulations get stricter. This is definitely a Challenge worth playing!

11. History Challenge

The History Challenge is the polar opposite of the Apocalypse Challenge. Here, you are taken back in time to the prehistoric world. Imagine wearing animal skin that covers just the essential parts, living in tents, and hunting for food. The Challenge isn’t wholly focused in the prehistoric era. You get to move onto the next one after you complete the tasks. The goal is to keep completing missions and reach the modern era.

12. Big Brother Challenge

The Big Brother Challenge is very similar to the TV show but with a little twist. Instead of playing as a contestant, you get to be the boss. The gameplay requires you to lock up 8 Sims in a house without TV, computers, radios, etc. Give them tasks and eliminate them at your will. The Challenge ends with the last one winning the game.

This Challenge is your best chance at playing God, where you decide everything from elimination till winning.

13. Masterchef Challenge

Masterchef, a cooking show that got everyone hooked, has made it to the virtual world as well! 8 Sims in the house, 3 judges, and the rest are participants. Organize various cooking competitions in the house and select the best chef based on their performance. You can also make them fall in love with others as they live in the same house.

14. Living Off the Grid Challenge

This Challenge owes its existence to the Island Living expansion pack. The founder Sim should be a nature enthusiast as he must live on the island. You get to pursue your gardening ambitions as you will nurture plants and sell the product to buy food. It is an exciting Challenge if you plan on living off the grid and work on your gardening skills.

15. Not So Berry Challenge

This Challenge has very little to do with the berries. Every generation in it has a distinct color of hair and each color signifies certain characteristics. For example, the 2nd generation is Rose and have traits such as hot-headed, snob, romantic, etc. They aspire to be a serial romantic and pursue a political career. You must master all of these traits and aspirations to finish this Challenge.

16. Rags to Riches Challenge

This Challenge is the epitome of rags to riches stories. The rules get more and more difficult as you progress, making the Challenge very exciting. The goal is to have a real home and a happy family.

17. One Room, One Week, One Theme Challenge

This is one of a kind Challenge in Sims 4. You have to create a room based on the theme, and it changes every week. The rules may become stricter or lenient, depending on the theme. If you hate doing the monotonous work to reach a newer level in that Challenge, then check out One Room, One Week, One Theme Challenge.

18. Living off the Land Challenge

This Challenge is very similar to the Living off the Grid Challenge. There is a slight difference, though. You don’t need to live on an island. This is an alternative to Off The Grid Challenge if you don’t have an Island Living expansion pack.

19. Bloodline Challenge

Arguably the best plot and setting among all Challenges, the goal is to have a single Sim rule kingdom for 10 generations. So, when you have kids, you get to play with them until they become adults. As the law forbids your successors or family to rule the kingdom, you have to get rid of your heirs sooner or later. It is a bad precedent to set yet it is still popular among players.

20. 10k Starter Home Challenge

This Challenge emulates real-life situations as you have to build a house from scratch with little money. As the name suggests, you need to construct a house within 10000 Simoleons. The house should also contain 1 bedroom and basic necessities such as chairs, shower, toilet, etc.

21. The Perfect Sim Challenge

Many believe that nothing is perfect, simmers beg to differ. The Perfect Sim requires you to become the ideal person that your parents desired. There are several stages to this Challenge ranging from painter to vampire to keep things exciting. The best part of this Challenge is that your Sim can be of any species.

22. The Alphabetacy Challenge

This Challenge is similar to the 100 Baby Challenge with a little twist. Instead of 100 babies, you get to have 26 babies and each one corresponding to a letter in the alphabet. You can only go to the next generation after your kids complete their aspirations.

23. House-building Challenges

The 10k Starter Challenge was just the tip of the iceberg. Tons of Challenges focus on house building. We have linked the 4 popular house building Challenges, check it out.

24. Ultimate Survival Challenge

This Challenge forbids you from having a job or a house. You don’t get access to electricity either. Your goal is to survive by fishing, gardening, or collecting an income.

25. Runaway Teen Challenge

The name is self-explanatory, you have to live the life of a runaway teen. You can’t have anyone take care of you or go to school. You have to find ways to earn money without getting a job. The goal is to survive and earn enough money to build a basic home.

26. Parentcy Challenge

Now, it’s the parent’s turn. Try out all your parenting styles on the kids and get points if they succeed in life.

27. Guardian Legacy Challenge

This Challenge requires you to become a guardian for society by helping people and achieving their goodwill. For example, if there is a food shortage, you help the society by becoming a gardener and provide fresh produce for people to survive.

28. Going Broke Challenge

Until now, every Challenge required you to earn money to clear the Challenge. But here, we go the other way. The goal of this Challenge is to lose every penny that you own before you reach 10 generations.

29. Bad Blood Challenge

The Challenge belongs to the dark genre. In Bad Blood, you create a Sim and do every possible thing to become their bestie. Just when you reach that phase, you have to turn them against you. To win the Challenge, you have to defeat your best friend in a fight!

30. Block Party Challenge

This Challenge isn’t even remotely related to partying. You enter one of the worlds like Willow Creek and obliterate every lot in the whole world. After that, you get to rebuild a new world according to certain requirements!

31. Astronaut Legend Challenge

The gameplay of the Challenge requires you to guide a young aspiring astronaut to achieve his goal. Your Sim is a genius but awkward, sort of like Sheldon Cooper without the annoying behavior! As they have spent all their money on the rocket ship, you have to work hard, gain skills, and make their dream come true.

32. Immigrant Challenge

You live the life of an immigrant in this Challenge. As you are a temporary citizen, you can’t sell anything legally unless it’s through a retail store. You can’t play this Challenge if you don’t have the Get to Work expansion pack, as it gives you the power to work in retail.

33. Wolf Pack Challenge

This Challenge is a fan favorite among animal lovers due to its brilliant gameplay and plot. Here, you have a Sim with 6 dogs and an evil raccoon. You send the dogs to hunt for goodies while you make a living by fishing, collecting, etc. The goal is to have a home that costs over 50000 Simoleons.

34. Clone Challenge

The Clone Challenge resonates with parallel universe concept lovers. In this Challenge, you get to live the life of the same Sim twice. In the first life, there are almost no rules but the next one requires you to do the opposite of everything you did before. Thus emulating the parallel universe concept.

35. Random Genetics Challenge

The last one on the list had to be the random one. In the Random Genetics Challenge, you start with 2 sims where every part of them is chosen at random and then have a kid. The goal of this Challenge is to make the kid look attractive as he grows up.

How to Make Playing the Sims 4 More Fun?

If these Challenges did not excite you or you have already played most of them, fret not, there are still a lot of options to make the game more fun!

Just like how we learned new skills in the quarantine period, your Sims can do it too. Check out the gameplay mods that give the advantage to complete Challenges easily.  You can also go on a custom content shopping spree!

Although we listed out the Sims 4 Challenges that were interesting, there are still many Challenges that didn’t make the cut. You can also create your own Challenge with better rules until the makers announce another expansion pack!