Can You Play Roblox On PS4? Let’s Debunk Some Rumors & Speculations

Roblox on PS4

Can You Really Play Roblox On PS4? Let’s Find out.

With over 107 million sales worldwide, PS4 is the most purchased game console, beating its competitors Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. PS4 is meticulously crafted by Sony to overcome the failings of its predecessor.

It sports one of the best controllers by Sony till date and is developer-friendly as well. On the other hand, there is Roblox, a gaming platform that is immensely popular among gamers for its user-centric game creation system.

So, now we have 2 popular gaming platforms, but the question remains, is Roblox on PS4?

Let us debunk rumors and speculations surrounding it and answer all your queries regarding the availability of Roblox on PS4.

What Is Roblox?

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Roblox is an online gaming platform and game creation system. Its unique design gives users the liberty to program games or play games created by other users.

Roblox, released in 2006, became an instant hit among the players since creating games on this platform is very easy. It has a wide range of games over various genres such as racing, RPG, simulations, and much more.

Games on this platform are mostly free but may contain in-app purchases. It hosts all games on the cloud and because of that gamers love Roblox. Also worth noting fact is that Roblox has more than 100 million active monthly users.

Roblox hosts 40 million+ games and last year it surpassed Minecraft with 100 million active monthly players. 100 players to 100 million is not a small feat to achieve and Roblox did it effortlessly.

The USP of the platform lies in creating virtual items for your characters. You can also sell or buy various items to make your avatar intriguing. It has many exciting events such as Easter egg hunts. It even has events to promote movies and Bloxy awards which acts as a fundraiser.

Roblox holds a conference for its developers every year. This time it was held online due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. Roblox revealed that the accomplishments of developers exceeded their expectations and they were on the verge of earning over $250 million for this year.

The earnings have doubled in just one year, developers earned over $110 million last year. There were rumors of Roblox shutting down, but after looking at the earnings of developers doubling in one year, we can safely assume that those were just baseless rumors.

Can You Play Roblox On PS4?

Roblox is currently available on Windows, macOS, Android, IOS, and Xbox One. Unfortunately, you can’t access it on PS4.

Previously, there was a workaround to access Roblox on PS4. All you had to do was to head to the browser on your PS4 and visit the official website of Roblox. Sign-up/log-in to your account and select the Games menu and Voila, you have access to the goldmine of online games created by users.

If you want to develop games, you can just click on the Develop menu on the website and create games of your desire. For new gamers, unsure about the game that they want to play, head over to the Catalog menu.

As the name suggests it contains the catalog of games. Just select a category, sort by popularity, and start playing the game of your choice.

Unfortunately, since April 21, you cannot access Roblox via PS4 even through the browser. When you try to access it via the browser, you get an error message saying that your platform is not supported.

As of now, the Roblox website allows you to sign-up/log-in to the platform and join communities to discuss various game related theories, news, rumors, etc.

Don’t get disheartened, you can still access Roblox from your PC, Android, or IOS devices to play or create games.

Can We Expect Roblox on PS4 in 2020 or the Future?

There was an announcement 3 years back that Sony was working on it. Since Roblox uses a lot of external assets, it was difficult for developers of Sony to filter out the levels to reduce the usage of assets.

Adding to the fact that Sony is not inclined towards cross-play, it only lessens the chances of the PS4 getting Roblox.

As we said earlier PS4 is widely popular and has players all around the world. A simple Google search will fetch your hundreds of results showing how to play Roblox on PS4. Let us stop you right there, all of them are misinforming you.

We have gone through every one of those results and ended up getting clickbait or became a victim of cleverly edited YouTube videos.

There are many speculations and rumors over the release of Roblox on PS4, but we don’t think it is coming anytime soon.

There is no official announcements either from Sony or Roblox that can confirm that Roblox is coming on PS4. It has been 12 years since Roblox’s launch on Xbox one and it is yet to arrive on PS4. Since Sony has released Dreams, It is safe to assume that Roblox is far away from releasing on PS4.

There is another rumor mill going on that Roblox may release on PS5. We don’t have any official confirmation regarding the release date of PS5 as of now. So, let us cross that bridge when it comes.