Razer Synapse Not Opening- 5 Best Ways to Fix It

Razer Synapse Not Opening

Razer’s gaming products are well coveted, and they have some serious representation and sales figures across a huge range of gaming products.

Well, as of late, there have been a lot of user complaints on the freezing issue of Synapse.

If you, too, are stuck with the issue of Razer Synapse, not opening, you are at the right place.

Drop that grim-looking face because these issues can be resolved from the software not opening to your synapse hardware not getting recognized by the software.

More importantly, all the fixes work instantly. The source or cause of these issues can range from drivers to cached files or access settings.

Before we begin with the fixes, let us understand the use and the technology behind Razer Synapse.

What is Razer Synapse?

What is Razer Synapse

Well, imagine software that controls every aspect of your gaming PC, from driver updates to a hardware interface and optimizing your RGB lighting.

On top of that, all these settings are stored in the cloud. It takes just one click to load a different profile.

That’s Razer Synapse for you and there are few other software out there like it.

Currently, Razer has launched its third version, the Razer Synapse 3.0. While this software comes pre-installed in flagship Razer laptops, you may have to download Synapse from their website if it’s not pre-installed.

You can save four of your configured profiles via onboard device storage or save them directly on the cloud.

Hence, you can access them with just your login credentials. It even allows you to save a secondary set of assignments using its Hypershift functionality.

The Synapse 3.0, being compatible with Razer Chroma, allows advanced lighting capabilities as well.

How do I get Razer Synapse to open on startup?

How do I get Razer Synapse to open on startu

Many people have been complaining about this software not opening on their gaming laptop or PC.

As this software works only with Razer hardware, it can really be a frustrating experience. If your Razer Synapse failed to start, the below-mentioned fixes could greatly help resolve your issues.

Since it is a hardware optimization cloud software, the problem can emanate from the driver or update-related issue.

1. Close Razer Synapse processes

Close Razer Synapse processes

Being a hardware configuration software, it tends to work round the clock in the background.

Honestly, the commonly used method to restart something is closing and starting the software again.

  • Press Alt + Ctrl + Delete, and select Taskbar from the drop-down menu
  • Close all the processes with the Razer icon on it
  • Run Razer Synapse software with administrator access

This fix should fix issues caused by 100% disk or memory usage, which can freeze the Razer Synapse software.

2. Reinstall the Razer device driver

Reinstall the Razer device driver

Reinstalling the Synapse device driver should fix any driver-related issues. This is how you should do it –

  • Open your device manager and locate all the Razer compatible devices, be it keyboard, mouse, or headphones. 
  • Right-click on all such devices and select the uninstall device option and select Uninstall to confirm
  • Unplug all the Razer peripherals and Restart your device
  • After the device boots up, plug in all your peripherals, Windows will start recognizing the device and install the relevant device drivers

If your Razer Synapse won’t open, download, and install the latest version from Razer Synapse.

3. Check for Windows updates

Check for Windows updates

The most common time for an error in programs and software is during an impending Windows update.

While being a hardware configuration software, Synapse can Windows update can force the software to stop working.

  • Click on Windows icon >> Press on Settings >> Update and Security >> Windows Update 
  • Schedule a time for Windows to update or click on restart now

This step should resolve all the issues connected with out-of-sync software and Windows update.

4. Install the latest Microsoft .NET framework

Install the latest Microsoft .NET framework

Microsoft .Net framework is intended to increase interoperability among different programming languages.

Updating this framework could be the key to solving issues concerning Razer Synapse not working. 

  • You can download the latest .Net framework from here
  • After downloading the framework, run the installer, agree to the license terms, and click on Install
  • Wait for the installation to complete and click on Finish

5. Perform a Clean Razer Synapse Installation

If your Razer Synapse won’t open after following up on the fixes mentioned above, you should try to perform a clean installation of this software.

You can easily uninstall Razer Synapse software by following the below-mentioned steps. We need to uninstall the software, remove residue files and reinstall Razer Synapse 3.

In case you wish to simplify the process, try using one of these complete software uninstallers.

i. Uninstall Razer Synapse

Uninstall Razer Synapse
  • Right-click on the start menu icon
  • Select the Apps the Features option
  • Locate Razer Synapse and click on uninstall. Re-click the uninstall icon to confirm
  • Razer Software windows will open up, select the software and other modules
  • Click on Uninstall option and select the Yes, Remove option

ii. Once it is uninstalled, clear the residue files

  • Open file explorer, click on C drive>> Program Files (x86) >> Razer, and delete all the folders present here
  • On the file explorer address bar, press C:\ProgramData\Razer and delete all the files

iii. Install the latest Razer Synapse software

Install the latest Razer Synapse software
  • Open your browser and enter https://www.razer.com/synapse-3 
  • Click on download now, and install the software along with the required modules
  • After the new version is installed, log in to your account and enjoy your settings

Final Words

While Razer Synapse is a neatly built software with some cool features, it is not immune to failure. These fixes can efficiently resolve the not-opening issue.

We love Razer Synapse, especially the latest version which is a lot more bug-free than previous iterations. These are the best “Razer Synapse not opening” fix procedures to follow up on. We are sure you have the software up and running by now!