Metroid Prime Review 2021: Still Good as it Was Before?

Metroid Prime Review

Metroid Prime has been remastered for the Nintendo Switch, so you can experience one of the best GameCube games ever made on it.

The game is an adventure platformer where players control Samus Aran, who must travel through different planets to stop Mother Brain’s plans for galactic conquest.

It’s great for players who are fans of the series or those looking to get into it but may not be as exciting for others in the genre because there isn’t any combat.

That said, the music is brilliant and has some neat sound effects, creating the ambiance of exploring alien worlds. 

If I had to choose between this one and some other GameCube game, I would probably go with this. After which you can advance to the Metroid Prime Trilogy!

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Metroid Prime Overview


The first in a new quadrilogy spanning four Metroid games with two franchises united into one epic saga, Metroid Prime was released in 2002 and it’s the first game in the series in 3D.

The story is set on a planet called Tallon IV, where Samus Aran has been sent by the Galactic Federation to investigate an explosion from a meteorite impact.

When she arrives, she finds that there are two factions of space pirates fighting over control of the world’s energy supply.

An exploration-driven mission structure reveals a bountiful of mysteries as Samus uncovers ancient secrets of the Chozo, Metroids, and Phazon during her raids on their mines, dwellings, and temples on Tallon IV.

As you progress through the game, you will enjoy the many upgrades and power-ups for your weapons and suits which will help you access new areas or defeat more powerful enemies.

Along with running and jumping, players will need to explore their surroundings carefully and collect items that help them advance in the game.

It’s not just about defeating enemies; there are many challenges along with puzzles that make Metroid Prime a truly immersive experience.


Any Metroid Prime review and you’ll surely be suggested to start off with this game first.

Metroid Prime is one of the most advanced and innovative adventure games on Nintendo’s GameCube platform.

Unique 3D technology allows you to explore a visually stunning world where bounty hunter Samus Aran confronts an insect-like race called Metroids, as well as other creatures from outer worlds.

This Nintendo GameCube exclusive is an action-adventure first-person shooter where Samus Aran tries to stop Mother Brain hellbent on destroying the galaxy by reawakening her ancient army of Metroids.

As this game is available on GameCube and Wii, many players think they are missing out on the fun. But you can still use an emulator to play Metroid Prime and other GameCube or Wii games on PC.

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Metroid Prime Gameplay

Metroid Prime Review: A Game By Gamers For Gamers

Metroid Prime has complex puzzles, sound design, graphics, and controls which are rarely seen in any other game, let alone this genre. The graphics may seem outdated by today’s standards, but they’re still beautiful.


  • Exploration
  • Lots of weapon upgrades
  • Old-school simple gameplay
  • Difficulty

There’s plenty to explore. You can use many different weapons like missiles or charge beams, get upgrades through drops from defeated enemies, and have hours upon hours of gameplay thanks to multiple difficulty levels, which makes this one great value for your money.


  • Graphics. This is a 2002 game.

Also, some might find the game’s backtracking and lock-on shooting unnecessarily hampering the organic gameplay mechanics.

Metroid Prime gameplay mechanics

Metroid Prime Review: Is it Worth it?

Playing Metroid Prime on PC is an experience not to miss for any gamer who enjoys gaming at its soul. With an outstanding storyline and progression, complex puzzles, and mysteries, Metroid Prime is a cult classic yet to get its due praise.

Overall Rating: 99.9%!

Game and Publisher: Metroid Prime (c) Nintendo