Killzone 2 Review: 2021 Update

Killzone 2 Review

Killzone 2 is a first-person shooter released in 2009 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. You play as Sergeant Tomas Sevchenko or Sev belonging from the northern city of Vekta. As second in command of the Alpha Team, you fight with Vektans against Helghast.

Both are human factions, but the eerie developments in arms and weapons of mass destruction have made the once habitable place a graveyard. You fight to eliminate all threats and to restore peace to your homelands.

Here’s our Killzone 2 review.

Killzone PS3 Review: Trailer to Launch

Before the launch, Killzone 2 trailer had everyone surprised and it was an instant hit too. The graphics and gameplay in the trailer were so ridiculously good, it sent massive shockwaves, so much so that it was speculated as a fake demo with effects and pre-rendered footage.

However, allegations were shot down after the game’s launch in 2009. Even after a decade, the game’s superb graphics hold up.

Killzone 2 Story

Killzone 2 continues the story from its predecessor Killzone Liberation. You can easily follow up in the 2nd iteration without playing Liberation. But those who’ve played the previous game can definitely connect better.

The overall story is good enough to keep allowing combat and action for which the game is praised. However, the mostly bad and forced voice acting leaves a lot of room for improvement.

The story does not feature moments where you could really bond with the protagonist or other characters, which would make them more memorable.

Oftentimes, people remember the game Killzone 2 as an FPS shooter with a lot of action and good graphics but do not remember its story.

Killzone 2 Graphics and Ambience

Graphics and Ambience

The first impressions of the game are incredible with the overall graphics, textures, models, lighting, environment, and character models. The only effect which seems not up to par with the game’s graphics is fires. Blasts, flamethrowers, and all fire-related effects are unimpressive, even for 2009 standards.

Other than that though, the environment is richly detailed, and you will feel very much in the middle of the actual war. All explosions, combat, screaming, and the dark setting add to the wretched war you are a part of.

Overall, you will be more than satisfied with the game once you’re through a couple of combat scenarios. The thrilling yet haunting music adds to the adrenaline rush, kind of like what we get in God of War 2.

Smart Co-op AIs

You play as a member of Alpha Team, constantly with squad support in combat scenarios. Playing with the AI is often difficult though.

The squad usually covers your back and is pretty intuitive for a pre-2010 game. However, they may block your path sometimes (and you have to melee through your squad to advance.)

Killzone 2 is single-player only, but the AI squad makes it feel like you are playing co-op.

Killzone 2  Alpha Team

Killzone 2 Level Difficulties

You get 4 difficulty levels – Recruit, Trooper, Veteran, Elite.

We started off on Recruit and it was just strange. Enemies miss point blank. So, we notched it up to Veteran, and well, it was worth this Killzone 2 review.

On lower difficulties, you would seldom see an enemy rushing or flanking you. Their aim is not that good either. If you complete the game on any difficulty once, then it will allow you to play on higher difficulties, like Elite.

Here, the enemy AI is a lot smarter and coordinated, unlike the previous random enemy AI. They can line up headshots and are mostly unforgiving. And they will constantly flank you. Constantly. And your squad’s nearly no good when that happens.

Thrilling Combat

The combat system in the game was way ahead of its time, with many thought-out additions. For example, nearby explosions do not only stun you or shake the screen but give you concussions and make your vision hazy, and your gun accuracy is considerably reduced.

Nearby items catching fire, the constant barrage of bullets, grenades, RPG shells, and so much more realism is scary and arduous with new additions as well.

But if you are a fan of playing games with large-scale war, a bit of realism is a must.

How Play Killzone 2

How Play Killzone 2

This is a PS3 exclusive. But you can play it on PS4 or PS5.

You can play Killzone 2 on a PC as well, with a PS3 to PC emulator of course.

Get Killzone 2 for PS3.

Killzone 2 Review: Verdict

Killzone 2 is an great at a few things but messes up in a few other. It’s worth playing simply based on the action and combat system, reason behind multiple awards like Best Shooter, Best Graphics, and Best Game of the Year. The only things undermining the success of the game are its story, poor voice acting, and a few graphics details. So, our Killzone 2 PS3 review is a mixed one of sorts.

Overall Score: 60%

Game and Publisher: Killzone 2 © Sony Entertainment


Q. How many levels are in Killzone 2?

There are a total of ten levels in Killzone 2, viz. –
– Corinth River
– Blood Meridian
– Visari Square
– Salamun District
– Salamun Bridge
– Suljeva Village
– Tharsis Refinery
– The Cruiser
– Maelstra Barrens
– Visari Palace

Q. How many hours is Killzone 2?

The average single player main story completion time is 7h 36m. If including extras, the completion time would increase to an average of 11h 06m.

Q. Can you play Killzone 2 on PS4?

You can play Killzone 2 on PS4, PS5 or on PC.