Is Instant Gaming Legit? Here’s Our Detailed Review

Is Instant Gaming Legit

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Instant gaming is a popular place for buying games at a cheaper rate online. Established by a group of gaming enthusiasts in 2010, Instant Gaming has already taken the top spot in the European markets for Xbox Live Card sales. It offers a quick and simple way of getting access to the latest game.

In this article, we will be dissecting Instant Gaming to find answers to some of the most common queries and most importantly whether Instant Gaming is legit or not. We will be focusing on the overall interface of this website, the process of buying a game and find the possible reasons behind its steep discounts.

Instant Gaming Review

To understand the deeper aspects of this website we must compare it with contrasting websites. Reviewing the important aspects will help resolve a lot of unanswered queries. Perhaps the best part about Instant Gaming’s website is zero advertisements. But it’s quite an overkill in terms of color vibrance and unspecified gaming sections.

User Interface

A vital reviewing pointer of any website or application apart from the services it offers is the user-interface. UI should be planned and designed to make it easier for new users to surf through the website. After comparing the user interface of Instant Gaming’s website with its competitor and alternatives we rank it 7 on a scale of 10.

The color vibrance is too striking, it diverts the user-attention from available games to the background images which are too bright. Same is the issue with the classification of all games under the platform section which is too vague. It will take a person with a keen eye to find the game of their choice.

Even though it claims to support multiple platforms when we visit the website it has an inadequate number of games for each platform. Quite a few games labelled as NA (Not Available) in place of price and discount.

Sorting Mechanism

Sorting Mechanism

The shortcomings of the user interface are balanced by the sorting mechanism and clarity of pricing. It offers multiple filters from ‘Platform’, ‘Genre’, ‘Price’, ‘Discount’, ‘Gamers rating’, and ‘other filters’ sections.

The other filter section will particularly be useful for gamers who are more inclined towards the games in other languages and those available only regionally. The sorting further has options to search for in stock, pre-order and longer-term releases.

Bestseller games are not arranged as per global sales. Instead, they are arranged as per the highest selling game on Instant Gaming. Such manipulation of information should be condemned as it can confuse the new gamers into their trick to buy a game of developers’ choice.

The weirdest part is the sorted list through the ‘lowest price’ option, the gamers under this mode will be priced at NA for a huge number of pages. Such information should have been easily fixed by changing a few codes that remove games with N.A tags from such lists.

How to Buy Games from Instant Gaming?

Buying a game from Instant Games is easy. Choose a gaming title of your choice and click buy. You will be taken to the payment where you will either have to register with Instant Games or not if you are already a member.

It is advised to use your Google Play credentials. Make the payment and you will be provided a CD key or a game key/pass. Go to the respective distributor (Steam, Uplay, Origin, etc.)

The price of each game varies as per the version or platform which can differ by huge margins. Instant Gaming accepts payment from VISA Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, Paysafecard and many other platforms.

The website offers IG credits which can be earned by following them on Facebook, Twitter, installing the extension on the browser or downloading the mobile version.

How to Buy Games from Instant Gaming?

All such transactions are Hipay SAS, 256-bit SSL secured assuring full security of your transaction details. After the successful completion of your transaction, the CD key is transferred to the My Account section. You can use the key to authenticate and enjoy your game.

Support Service

The support section is mostly remote operated. Here you will have the option to go through a series of FAQs to resolve your query.

The first option has 7 sub-sections, each focusing on a wide range of impending issues from payment methods, code related troubles to refunds. The factual questions in these sections address all possible outcomes and possibilities.

Instant Gaming also offers a decent avenue for gamers with ample subscribers on Youtube and Twitch to expand their revenues by partnering with the website. The idea of generating more money through affiliate marketing by partnering with community leaders is an opportunity for those sitting idle on huge subscribe bases.

You can also earn these credits from affiliate links created for each unique player. Invite others to buy games through your affiliate links and earn commission in terms of Instant gaming credits. You will earn 3% per sale and 1% through the sales of your affiliates.

Support Service

Apart from the intuitive customer support with FAQs it also provides a section for asking direct questions to the website developers. Each such message will be given a ticket number, time of flagging the question, progress on the question and last update status. This is truly a laudable feature when it comes to the status of your query.

Note –

The refunds are only issued if in case the Codes haven’t been redeemed or activated.

Why Is Instant Gaming So Cheap?

Instant Gaming claims to be a group of enthusiastic gamers who are collectively working to provide early access to the latest games. They store these games in digital formats allowing huge savings on storage and logistics expenses. These savings are given back to the buyers in terms of huge discounts.

As per privacy concerns, Instant Gaming has responded that it buys these games in bulk allowing them to get huge discounts. Once you have the game, all you need to do is purchase the game through their website. It will be downloaded via authentic websites such as Origin, Steam, Uplay, etc.

Once your download is completed you will receive the activation codes which can be validated instantly. This allows game lovers the freedom to play the latest games affordably and safely.

Is Instant Gaming Safe and Trustworthy?

The website is copyrighted for 2020 which gives a much-needed essence of security. Instant Gaming doesn’t allow anyone else to send keys on their website except them which keeps users safe from unauthenticated transactions that could potentially lead to a scam.

Trustpilot’s rating of 4.8 incites a sense of safety and stability. The fact that it is even listed on PlayStore speaks volumes about its safety and user agreement protocols. A shady application or one selling illegal copyrighted data is often banned by Google.

When it comes to user reviews and ratings, we did find claims. Most of the distressed users were aggravated by lack of instant resolution to their issues. However, the relevant replies of the concerned support team of Instant Gaming were a sigh of relief.

As such we consider Instant Gaming to be safe for users.

The certificate to this website is issued to by Cloudflare Inc EEC CA-3 which is valid from 18th August 2020 to 18th August 2021. This certification means the website is encrypted in Elliptic Curve Cryptography with an SSL. This certification ensures the security of user data and verifies the ownership of the website. These protocols play a pivotal role to prevent fraudsters from creating a fake version of the original website and steal login information or other data.

Are There Any Alternatives to Instant Gaming?

There are a ton of alternatives to Instant Gaming. Buying an authentic game at a cheaper price online is much in demand these days. Some of the alternatives may slip through our hands. But here are the most famous and renowned alternatives to buy cheap and authentic games online.

1. Steam


It is a digital distribution and management platform operated by Valve Corporation. Steam provides an authentic way of updating their proprietary and third-party games. It even provides scope for an Application programming interface called Steamworks allowing developers to integrate steam features into their products. You can easily buy the latest games for any platform on Steam.

2. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming was launched in 2009 Greenman gaming explored the key problem of delivering the latest authentic video games. It has a catalog supporting multiple gaming distributions and platforms with over 6600 games. As much as 95% of its revenues are generated through sales outside the United Kingdom. It has recently announced plans to float on the Alternative Investment Market, London stock, market to expand its global operations.

3. Origin


Electronic Art’s home-grown digital distribution platform Origin was launched in 2011 to serve as an e-commerce site for buying and selling authentic games. The games purchased from Origin’s website or application are instantly linked with the user’s profile. Users don’t require a CD key to start playing the game.

4. GOG


Established in 2008, it is perhaps one of the oldest game distribution websites. While primarily focuses only on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The user interface of this website is very intuitive, featuring highlights and top recommendations along with best sellers.

There are a few more alternatives such as Fanatical and Humble bundle. You can read our reviews about them.


When it comes down to choosing a website or service to buy game license keys at cheaper rates, it is better to check out available reviews on it, such as this Instant Gaming review, before making any transaction. Go through the website certificate, check for common content errors and always secure the transaction ID.

There will be many more websites in the coming years. But if you are still wondering is instant gaming legit, well, it does have all bases covered!