How to Get an Invisible Discord Name & Picture in 3 Ways

Invisible Discord Name

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Discord has grown exponentially well alongside the gaming universe especially during the pandemic. This audio-centric social media platform has excellent features that have kept gamers using it as the #1 interaction platform with teams and other gamers.

One crazy feature most users have noticed is a blank Discord name and a Discord invisible profile picture.

While there’s no direct way to implement this, gamers have kept wondering how to get an invisible Discord name; if you are one of them, this article will help.

What is Discord Blank Name?

Discord Blank Name

An invisible Discord is when your username and profile picture are both invisible and transparent, respectively.

Users make their usernames hidden by using special characters that are concealed to other users but visible to Discord.

In this guide, you’ll see three ways to do this: first, let’s see if there are any advantages and risks for using a blank Discord name.

Advantages of Using a Discord Invisible Name

  • To protect your real identity.
  • It gives you a unique look and unique identity.
  • It makes you stand out from others, often bringing a kind of attention your way.
  • On the cool side, you may look like a hacker 🐱‍💻

Risks of Using Invisible Discord Name

There is no official Discord rule stopping you from using an invisible Discord username.

Nevertheless, specific server communities often frown on this by creating rules to stop it. They do this for accountability’s sake, so everyone could be held responsible for their actions and comments in the event of an issue.

Therefore, before going through with the change, you should read your server’s guidelines for users.

Also, it would be best if you considered reaching out to the community’s moderators to inform them of the change.

Doing this could reduce your chance of getting banned or kicked out of a Discord server.

How to get Invisible Discord Name

1. By Using This Invisible Text

As you know, signing up on Discord, just like almost every other platform, would demand you input a username. Doing this already trumps the idea of hiding your username.

The walk around here is; we’ll use an invisible text on Discord that only Discord can see, not us.

So, when signing up, you’ll copy and paste the text we’ll give you into the Username field.

Since you can log in to Discord with just your email or phone number, there’s no need to copy the invisible text for safekeeping so as to sign in with it in the future, though I’ll suggest you do.

You can edit your username to be invisible even if you already have a Discord account, as you’ll see here, so go below to see how to make your Discord name blank. 

Know that you can change your Discord username twice per hour. 

  • Open another tab and log in to your Discord account, then return to this tab.
  • Using your mouse cursor, double click to highlight the contents of the box below or drag across it. Use Ctrl + C (Windows) or Command + C (Mac) to copy it.
    • Box 1 ᲼᲼ or Box 2  ᲼᲼
  • Go back to the Discord tab, click the User Settings icon (represented with a ⚙️ gear) close to your username.
  • Under the My Account section, click on the Edit button next to your username.
edit button next to profile in discord
  • Paste the copied contents into the username text field after cleaning your former username. Do this with Ctrl + V (Windows), Command + V (Mac), or right-click and select the Paste option.
Paste the copied contents into the username text field
  • Click on Save and have fun. You might be prompted to enter your password, do this, and proceed.

Most modern browsers can read the contents of Box 1; if so, make use of Box 2. If both don’t work, which is unlikely, go to solution 2.

2. With a Username Generator

Lewla Username Generator

There are tons of invisible text generators out here. Look at this solution as an alternative to solution one. You’ll be working with this Tool 1.

Other tools to check out include –

The other three are random invisible text generators.

At the same time, Tool 1 was created with Discord in mind, so if there’s a new feature in Discord that may affect the invisible username feature, they should optimize their tool to bypass that.

The modus operandi for this solution is similar to the one above.

  • Open a new tab and log in to your Discord account.
  • Open any of the invisible text generators and hit the Copy button or highlight it with your cursor, then use Ctrl + C to copy.
  • Go back to the Discord tab, click on the User Settings icon, click Edit next to your username, clean the contents there and paste what you copied; Make use of Ctrl + V to paste.
  • Save your new username, input your password if prompted, and proceed.

3. By Changing Username Color (Server Admins only)

This is a walk-around that can be used in only servers you have admin privileges.

The aim is to create a custom role with customized color or the exact Discord background color.

  • Go to your Server Settings, then select the Roles option from the drop-down list.
Discord admin Settings
  • Click the Create a new custom role button. Give it any name you like.
create custom role in discord
  • Select the role to modify it, then click the Custom Color option (the Eyedropper icon).
Role Name Custom Color option
  • To make the name similar to the Discord background when in light mode, copy and paste this color code #ffffff or #2f3136 for Dark Mode.
  • When done, go back to your server, right-click on your username, it is usually at the right-hand side, then select your new role (the role you just created.)
select your new role

The downside of this method is –

  1. The invisible name is only possible on your server. On other servers, users would see your name.
  2. Also, the color code you used is either for Discord in Dark mode or Light mode, so if a user is using the opposite mode of your customized color, they’ll see your username.

The positive side is, unlike other methods which keep your username invisible across all servers, this method can make it invisible only on servers you manage.

How to Show my Username on Discord?

When the fun’s all done, you may need to revert your changes and make your username visible or to abide by certain rules in servers you are about to access.

Just carry out the steps you took but this time, clean the invisible text and type in your usual username.

For the last method, simply unselect the new role and delete it if you want.

How to get Discord Invisible Profile Picture?

1. With a Transparent Picture

Transparent Picture

You’ve seen how to have no name on Discord; now see how to get a Discord invisible profile picture.

The trick here is making a transparent image of your Discord avatar.

  • Launch your Discord, the app, or the web version, then sign in.
  • Click on User Setting at the lower-left side of your screen.
  • Under the My Account section, hover your cursor over your current avatar and click the change icon often at the top right of the avatar.
  • Navigate through your File Explorer and select the transparent image you downloaded in step 1.
  • Save changes and proceed.

2. Use this Invisible Image Generator

Lewla Username Generator

Like text generators to create an invisible Discord name, you can also use a transparent images generator like this.

The mode of operation here is similar to solution 1, after generating and downloading the image.

  • Open your Discord account, then go to User Settings.
  • Under the My Account section, hover your cursor over your current profile picture, then click the change picture button.
  • Navigate through your File Explorer and upload the picture you downloaded.
  • Save changes and proceed.

3. Create a Transparent Picture with a Third-Party Tool

Kapwing interface

Kapwing is an online video editor that gives you room to create invisible pictures. It is available on your web browser alongside your Android and iOS device.

  • When you launch the Kapwing program, click on Start Editing, then select Start with a Blank canvas.
  • Although the image is blank, Discord still has a specific output size. So click Custom under Output size and set the width and height pixels to be 128×128 pixels.
  • Next, make the background transparent by clicking the last circle with red diagonal lines.
  • Click the big, bold Export Image button at the top right. Then, if faced with a watermark, create a free Kapwing account.
  • Head to Discord, sign into your account then click the User Settings button.
  • Under My Account, hover over your current profile picture and click the Change Picture button.
  • Navigate through your Windows explorer to where you saved the file and upload it.
  • Save changes and proceed.


This article has shown you three ways to make an invisible Discord name. You can use any of our invisible text, or you work with a hidden text generator. Also, if you have admin privileges to a server, you can use the walk around there. We also showed you how to make Discord invisible profile pictures in three different ways. Thank you for stopping by; share with us what method you settled with.


Q. How do you get an invisible name in Discord 2021?

The trick behind getting an invisible name is by using an invisible text in the field typically meant for Discord username. Technically, there’s nothing like an invisible text; what we have are Unicode characters and other characters that can’t be shown on Discord. But there are invisible characters, just what you need for an invisible Discord name.

Q. How do you get no PFP on Discord?

The walk around here is uploading a transparent image. You can make use of the transparent image in this article or use the transparent image generator. Alternatively, you can create yours using a third-party tool.