How to Setup and Donate on Twitch?

Donate on Twitch

Most streamers on twitch need financial support of their viewers to keep creating content. If they do not get enough support, they might shut down, and will not be able to create new and fresh content.

The truth is that many streamers do not get sponsorship deals or make enough from affiliate links. So the best way to support them is through donation. So if you don’t want to see your favorite streamer shutting down his stream, then you should think about helping them via donations.

How Do You Donate to a Twitch Streamer?

There are various ways you can donate to your chosen twitch streamer. One of them is through Twitch bits.

How Do You Donate Through Twitch Bits?

Some people find it difficult donating to a streamer who hasn’t set up a donation tab. It is because they do not want to go through third-party sites which can be a little bit compromising. So to avoid going through those routes, a streamer can make use of Twitch bits to accept donations.

Twitch Bits is nothing but a currency fixed up by Twitch. You can purchase those Twitch Bits directly from the company and use them to donate to your preferred streamer whom you want to support. Each Twitch Bit makes around 1 US Penny.

Twitch Bits

Most people donate 100 bits at one time; this is seen as a tip most times, and it is meant to cheer up the streamer. People can rank on a particular channel based on the number of bits that they donate to the streamer. Sometimes one can use it for bragging rights.

Most interestingly, you can earn free Bits by watching ads on Twitch and also doing surveys.

Is There a Direct Way to Donate to a Streamer?

Donate to a Streamer

Well, you can donate straight to the streamer. What’s more, Twitch won’t take any bit from it. But this is only possible if the streamer has set up a donation on their profile.

Usually, they set up these tabs using third-party services like PayPal and others. You can merely go through this route to donate directly to your preferred streamer.

Over the years, many people have taken this route because they believe that the streamer gets all the money. Without Twitch cutting any out and this is why they go through the hassle of using these donation tabs or links.

Donating in the Form of Subscription

twitch subscription

A great way to support your preferred streamer is by subscribing to their channel on Twitch. About 50% of the subscription money goes to the streamer, and the monthly subscription ranges from $4.99 to $24.99.  A subscription gives you many perks.

Apart from the ability to support your preferred user, it also gives you access to subscription-only content. Moreover, you get to view your videos ad-free. Isn’t that amazing?

Donating Through Affiliate Links

A lot of people set up their Affiliate links even before they turn official ambassadors of brands. The affiliate links usually contain links to products like gaming equipment, sports gear, energy drinks, and gaming software or blog content.

Most times, when you buy from these links, you get a discount of up to 15%, and the streamer gets a little commission as well. Also, you can encourage them by buying their products if they have any. Some of them have branded shirts and mugs to sell.

These are some of the other ways you can help your chosen streamer make money and keep bringing in new content.

How to Help a Twitch Streamer Financially Without Using Real Money?

That seems promising! If you want to help your ideal streamer and you don’t have enough money to use to support them, you can still help them to earn and how do you do this:

1) Start a chat and welcome new members of the community. Add a positive vibe to the community! You can help members find their way around, be curious, and associate with both the streamer and other viewers.

2) You can post memes when appropriate and also invite your friends to join the channel and donate. At least if you can’t support them financially, your friends might be able to.

3) Contact the streamer and ask if they need you to do anything for them. If you are good with designs, you can help with that. Or in any other way. It will help them cut some costs.

4) You can work as a Moderator for the streamer for free. It is a tasking role, but if you can do this for the streamer, they will really appreciate it.

5) Promote their channels on your social media channel. Drive traffic to their channels and get them new leads.

These are some of the things you can do to help your beloved streamer make some extra bucks. And you should totally consider doing these if you don’t have money to support them yet.

You have seen some of the ways through which you can donate and help your chosen streamer on Twitch. They need this financial assistance because some of them spend as much as 8 hours per day creating the content they put out and if they do not get your support then it may be hard for them to keep doing it. They might just have to quit and get a regular job.


1) How Much Can You Donate on Twitch?

Most people donate between $10 to $100 at a time on Twitch. But does this mean that this is the highest amount that they can donate?

The answer is no. The truth is you can actually donate almost any amount on Twitch. You can donate even $10,000 to your favorite streamer if you have that much to give. However, the thing is that most times when such a large amount is deposited at once, it raises some red flags. And financial institutions have to check it out to make sure that the money is clean. And that no unlawful activities are taking place.

Apart from that, you can donate any amount you wish. It goes to your ideal streamer, and there have been some hefty donations in the past.

2) What’s the Largest Ever Donation Made on Twitch?

Over the years some shocking donations have been made on Twitch. Some of them made headlines. Some are worthy of mention. The first to look at is Space Lyon, who got a donation of $10,000 while playing Fortnite. It was one shocking donation to receive. But that is not the largest donation ever though.

Another worthy of mention is Exotic Chaotic who received a donation of a whopping $75,000 at once. He received this donation while playing Fortnite and even had to stop playing to confirm if the donation was real or a hoax. This donation held the spot for the largest donation ever until Dr. Lupo received a single donation of $1,000,000 from Twitch.

Dr. Lupo was conducting a stream campaign to raise money for cancer research. It was doing this campaign that the platform Twitch donated $1,000,000 to Dr. Lupo. It stands as the largest donation on Twitch to date. And no donation has ever come close to it.

3) How to Set Up Donations on Twitch Without Using PayPal?

Most people wonder if it is possible to set up donations on Twitch without using PayPal. Well, it is quite possible to do this. You can use third-party platforms like DonorBox if you don’t have PayPal to set up donations.

Using DonorBox, you can accept payments from various channels without any hassle. Here is how you can set up and activate a donate button by using DonorBox:

Step 1: First of all, you want an icon for the donation button. You can choose from the various templates on DonorBox.

Step 2: To link your DonorBox form to your Twitch. In the channel settings, you will find an option to enable ‘Edit Panels.’ Once you do this, you will see a ‘+’ sign on your screen.

Step 3: Click on the ‘+’ sign and then select ‘Add a Text or Image Panel’ and then you enter your preferred caption. You can use ‘Donate now’ or ‘Donate here.’ After this, select the button image that you chose in the first step.

Step 4: Then copy the donation page link from your DonorBox dashboard.

Step 5: Paste the link you copied above into a box that says ‘Image Links to.’ Then type a description that you want your viewers to see. It will tell them why they should donate. After this click ‘Submit.’ Also, turn off the ‘Edit Panels’ function, and you will be able to receive donations from your Twitch account.

As you can see, you don’t need PayPal for this setup, and it allows you to receive donations seamlessly.


Donations are actually the fuel that keeps Twitch going. If you don’t support your favorite streamer financially, they will soon have to close the channel. And that is not something you want to happen. Because if they close down, you won’t have access to their content anymore.

So to keep them cresting new content and streaming more games and stuff, you need to support them, and this post has shown you the various ways you can use to do that.