How to Make a saddle in Minecraft?

How to Make a saddle in Minecraft

The unofficial king of the open-world sandbox needs no introduction. Minecraft surpassed all the other games and clocked 200 million copies on multiple platforms. The popularity of this game can be linked to the freedom it offers to its users. Minecraft is playable in both single-player and multiplayer.

The fact that this game has no specific goals to complete makes it more playable without having to worry about completing achievements. However, the latest update on Minecraft Java editions has added an achievement system called advancements.

You will have the option to choose between a first-person and a third-person perspective. It offers a virtually limitless movement on the horizontal plane up to 30 million blocks from the centre.

Why Do You Need a Saddle in Minecraft?

Why you need a saddle in Minecraft comes down to modern gameplay scenarios. Minecraft now provides you with 5 distinct modes for gaming.


In this mode, players gather resources trough mining and craft goods to survive in the open world, defending themselves from mobs.


This mode is only available on Java versions. It is basically a survival mode with the hardest setting. If a player dies in this world they cannot regenerate and will have to start afresh.


Players are given access to all the resources available in the inventory menu. This mode focuses only on building without having to worry about replenishing your character’s health.


This mode allows players to explore the user-made maps. The restrictions in this mode are by the free will of the map creator.


It allows players to view and explore maps by interacting directly with the objects. It is currently only available on Minecraft Java.

The idea of survival mode is to provide you with a few aspects of reality. It would need you to create a shelter to protect yourself from the mobs. These mobs will spawn a few blocks away from you depending upon your difficulty level.

There is a health bar which declines with mob attacks, injury, drowning, or getting in contact with flowing lava. You need to craft to survive in this game. Crafting can be armor, weapons, or tools. You also have the option to trade items with the Non-Player Characters in the game. 

While crafting houses, armour, weapons, and tools are necessary, once you have used up all the resources in your vicinity, you will have to travel to longer distances for crafting more items. While you can travel via mine tracks, it is a very time taking task to create these tracks.

Another option is to craft boats, for which you will need 5 planks. But using a boat is not a practical means of transportation as it works only in water. Riding a horse has become possible with the release of the nether update, currently available on multiple platforms. For that, you need a saddle and know how to make a saddle in Minecraft first!

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How to Craft/Make a Saddle In Minecraft?

How to Craft a Saddle?

You will find a tonne of YouTube videos and information on the Minecraft saddle recipe. But the truth is, there is no saddle crafting recipe in Minecraft. Instead, the best option you have is to use a horse saddle crafting mod. Alternatively, you can search for saddles in the loot chest.

Check out this saddle crafting mod.

These saddles can be used to ride mules, horses, and even pigs. There are a lot of locations where you can find a saddle. Follow these locations to find a saddle in survival mode with minimal resources. Finding a saddle will allow you to tame the horses and easily travel to any location on land.

But before you start your venture to find saddles, make sure that you have ample amounts of food with you. You never know how long it might take to find one.

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1. Nether Fortresses

Nether Fortresses

Perhaps the best place to find saddles is in a Nether fortress. But for venturing into a nether fortress you will have to make a Nether Portal. A Nether Portal can be created only by using obsidian. You will have to make lava come in contact with flowing water to create obsidian.

Use a bucket to place lava in a formation and drop water over the lava, it will quickly turn into obsidian. Repeat the process a few times to create the portal. Once your portal is ready. Nether Fortresses are most common in these two directions. Taking note of these directions can save a lot of time in your search for the fortress. Once inside the Nether, you can find and carry as many saddles as you can store in your saddles.

Once you find the fortress, explore it to find chests. There is a really good chance that you will find a saddle in one of these chests. Return to the surface and find a horse and ride!

Important fact: As you enter the nether portal, always note down the location of your portal. The world inside is quite similar, you might get lost!

2. Abandoned Mineshafts 

Abandoned Mineshafts

Abandoned Mine shafts have been in the game since the beta release. These Mine shafts are easy to spot by taking a look at the materials. They are made of oak, rails and have a random presence of cobwebs. There is no common method of searching an abandoned mine shaft. These spawn randomly in ocean intersections and under ravines.

Once inside a mine shaft search for a loot chest. You can find gold, diamond along with saddles. There will be plenty of loot carts in the vicinity, search them all. There is a good chance of finding saddles.

Important Fact: Beware and be extra vigilant as these mine shafts are also known for spawners.

3. Desert Temples

Desert Temples-2

There are many kinds of temples that can randomly generate in your world – jungle temples, ocean temples, desert temples, etc. A desert temple is great for early loot and a common source to acquire expensive items. But desert temples are also known for the traps.

But once you overcome these traps, you can easily get a huge amount of loot. Before you enter, you have to be cautious of the traps, it can trigger a TNT blast. Get to the central chamber and make sure to light torches for any spawners already inside.

The treasure chamber is buried underneath the geometric pattern in the central chamber. Don’t dig through the blue tile, there is a pressure plate below it.

There are ways to neutralize the TNT blast where you have to pour water under the pressure plate before the TNT blows up. It will result in small health damage, but it will not kill you.

Alternatively, you can dig any of the side tiles and dig down to reach the treasure chamber. Make sure to destroy the pressure plate as there are 9 TNT blocks underneath it.

Once the trap has been disposed of, loot all the treasure. There is a good chance of finding a saddle inside. But first, you have to find a desert temple in Minecraft!

4. Dungeons


Dungeons are generated randomly in the overworld. These structures have two treasure chests and a mob spawner. You should be very vigilant when walking inside a dungeon. They will always be connected to caverns or other structures.

The mob spawner in the middle of the room can generate either spiders, skeletons, or zombies. Out of these three, a skeleton mob will be most valuable for you as it will drop bone and bone meal. It can further be used for crafting other items. After killing the mob, loot the chests. According to experts, there is a 28% chance of finding a saddle inside these loot carts.

5. Find Saddle while Fishing

Find Saddle while Fishing

A very unconventional way of finding saddles is fishing. There is a 2% chance of finding a saddle while fishing.

Throw your fishing hook into the water. If you are lucky, you will notice bubbles coming out of the water. As soon as your fishing hook goes under the water, reel in. Though there is an acute chance you could find a saddle. Once it comes out of the water, it will automatically be added to your inventory.

Important Tip: It is not advised that you go fishing to find a saddle, try this step only when you are put on a boat for some reason. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of time in search of saddles.


You cannot craft a saddle in Minecraft, yet. There is no word on when players will be able to craft a saddle in later updates although they should. Use a mod if you still want to do it. But you can try out these conventional ways as well. It is best advised for amateurs to look for a saddle instead of modding their way to it. Explore Minecraft faster with a tamed horse and a saddle!