How to Make a Map In Minecraft? A Step By Step Guide

How to Make a Map In Minecraft

Minecraft is a world of infinite possibilities in the gaming realm. Microsoft launched an alpha build of Minecraft back in 2009 and it was an instant success. The game now holds the record for the best-selling games of all time with over 200 million copies.

According to Microsoft, the game has more than 126 million active users as of today. The pandemic proved to be highly beneficial for Minecraft as it saw an upsurge of 25% players in April 2020. The map is a quintessential item in your inventory. Maps help in finding your location during survival mode and allows players to navigate easily in the multiplayer mode. 

We have created a guide to help you to create a map and understand it. To understand the process better, we have broken the article into 3 parts.

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Resources Required To Make a Map In Minecraft


Before going into the main section, we will go through the basic requirements for creating a map.

A Crafting Table and a Furnace

The crafting table is the primary tool to create a map and its components. At the same time, the furnace is used for making the compass for the map.

9 Sugar canes

Sugar canes help in making paper.

Lastly, you need four blocks of iron ore, Redstone, and Fuel.

How To Make a Map in Minecraft?

Part 1: Creation

Step 1: Adding iron-ore and fuel to the furnace

The furnace takes in the iron-ore and uses the fuel to convert it into iron bars. This process goes on until the fuel gets exhausted or by exiting the furnace. To finish the procedure, drag the iron bars to your inventory.

Step 2: Creating the Compass

Just add four iron bars and one pile of Redstone from your inventory to the crafting table. It produces a compass. Drag the compass to your inventory to complete the process.

Step 3: Creating Paper

Drag and drop three stacks of sugarcane into the crafting table to get paper sheets. Remember, each stack of sugarcane gives you 3 sheets of paper.

Step 4: Map

Now add the compass to the center square of the crafting table. The remaining eight blocks should contain paper sheets inside them. The table spits out a shiny new locator map.

If you don’t require a Locator map, just fill all the squares with paper sheets, and you get a normal/ non-locator map. These maps are useful for copying other maps.

Part 2: Usage


Step 1: Equip

Using the equip bar, select your newly created map. The map doesn’t contain anything but will populate as you start traveling worldwide by holding it.

Step 2: Opening up Map View

Open the map using relevant keys, buttons, or touch screen gestures. The map needs some time to fill when you use it for the first time. It starts filling up in the direction that you are facing. Remember that the north is always at the top of the map.

As you start walking, the edges of the map start to populate with data. It will only show the places taken up but not empty spaces.

Step 3: Indicator

You can easily check on your current location. It is conveniently denoted by a white oval, easily traceable on the map you are using. Note that you will not be able to find your location if you created the map without using the compass. Review the map building procedure again. 

Part 3: Expansion

Step 1: How it works?

Now that you know how to create a map in Minecraft, it is crucial to understand how the expansion works if you want to make the best out of it. When you create a map, it is rendered in a standard size. However, you can increase its size up to 4 times by doubling it each time. Therefore, by the map’s expansion, you get an extensive insight into the Minecraft world.

Know that you can’t access this feature if you are using a legacy version of Minecraft.

Step 2: Paper Requirements

You need pieces of paper for zooming in. Each zoom level requires you to have at least eight pieces of paper. So, in total, you would need 32 sheets of paper to zoom in to the world completely.

If you are not equipped with paper, you can always open the crafting table to churn out more paper.

Step 3: Moving the map into your inventory

Select your stack of paper and right-click the empty space around the map once. You get a yellow icon to the right of the crafting table. Just click that icon and then click your inventory.

If you manage to add two extra paper pieces to each crafting square, you can re-add them to create yet another Zoomed-out version of the map. If you repeat the process, you get access to the four-fold zoomed out map.

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How to Copy Your Minecraft Map?

It is a hassle to send out search parties in Minecraft with no way of pinpointing their exact location. This is where Locator maps come in handy.  You can create copies of the maps created and send it to all players so that they can return to the source location. So, how to create a map clone in Minecraft?

You need a cartography table and an empty map to perform this action.

Open the cartography table and add the empty map at the bottom and fully-fledged map in the top squares. You can rename the map but both maps get renamed by default. The cartography table automatically generates the map’s clone. Now drag these maps into the inventory to complete the process.

You can also use cartography tables to increase the map’s size and lockout any others.

Wrapping Up

In summary, you need to collect – 

  • 9 Sugarcanes
  • 1 Pile of Redstone
  • 4 Iron-ore
  • Fuel

to create a map in the Minecraft. Note that these are only the basic ingredients to crafting a map. Double back on this article and give it a real-time go!

Knowing how to make a map in Minecraft 1.14 or later versions is when you get to fully exploit the sheer number of possibilities this epic sandbox game offers. Crafting maps will allow you to systematically explore the Minecraft world and realize your in-game goals a lot faster than without.

Happy Crafting!!