How to Add Games to Discord Library?

Add Games to Discord Library

What is Discord?

Discord is a free digital distribution platform designed for building personal chat rooms. It is mostly targeted at gaming audiences with its sleek user-interface and bevy of in-app features. Considering the base and advanced functionalities, Discord falls somewhere between Skype and Telegram, now valued above $3.5 billion with 250+ million user accounts.

Why Discord?

Discord has lots of themed servers for Gaming, Friends, Artists & Creators, and more.  It even provides the user with an option to create their personalized themes

Here, users get to invite other people to their server by sharing invite links. You also get the option of setting an expiry period and number of users. Within the server, admins can create text and voice channels, each of these channels can be further renamed for more specified usage.

Admins can chat privately with individuals they have added to their friend’s list as well.

The best part:

Discord even supports in-game overlays for several titles. You can communicate directly with your friends, teammates, and fellow players in real-time.

It provides you with a host of modes and bots to help with automatic moderations of the channel. You can set a welcome note for new members and enable even some extra Discord features of streamers.

Learn the step by step process of creating a Discord bot. And also read how to add bots to the discord server here.

How to Add Games to Discord Library?

Add Games to Discord Library

Discord is primarily used in the gaming community to display teammates and friends, the game they are playing, and interact in real-time. It provides a platform for coordinating between the team players through a dedicated channel without affecting the overall gameplay of the game (audio) itself.

All games linked with your device will be displayed in the Library section of Discord. Every time a new game is installed, it will automatically be displayed in the Library section.

But it’s not always that simple:

Technical glitches or unsupported content may cause Discord to skip displaying the game. However, you can easily add games to your Discord library if you know how.

Although you can access Discord from your browser and smartphone, you won’t find any game activity icon displayed on these platforms. This feature works only on desktop and laptops, where you have your games installed. The Discord application will automatically scan your system and display the installed games.

In case it fails to do so, you can add the games manually. It happens only in cases where your game was installed after opening the Discord application, or the game itself is quite old.

add games not visible on Discord

To add games not visible on Discord. 

  • Open the application and click on the user settings icon. It will redirect you to the settings page
  • Select the Game Activity option under App settings, here you will be able to view all the games
  • Click on ‘Not seeing your game? Add it!’ option below to Game Activity tab
  • Select the game from the drop-down menu

This feature is only available on the PC/desktop version. These options will not be visible on the web or mobile version of Discord. Additionally, you won’t get the option to add the game on your own. Instead, you will get an option to turn on-off your currently running game as a status message.

How to Link Applications with Discord

Link Applications with Discord

You can add a lot of applications with Discord from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify to gaming applications such as Steam, Xbox and PS4.

To add games to your Discord library, follow these simple steps –

  • Open Settings page
  • Select connections under the User Settings tab
  • Select the application you intend to connect with Discord from the list
  • Enter the log-in credentials of the application

After a successful login, the application will be added to your Discord account. Currently, there is no bar over the number of games you can add.

Heard of Discord Nitro yet?

Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro is an upgraded version of Discord that comes with a subscription charge of $9.99 a month and $99.99 per year. It offers premium services such as global access to custom avatars. It comes with a Discord number tag, animated server bots. Nitro will also enable you to use HD videos and upload bigger files for your community.

It also comes with a gifting feature, allowing you to give monthly and yearly subscriptions of Nitro & Nitro Classic to any other Discord user. These subscriptions can also be stored in the Gift Inventory for further use.

Have the little ones at home using Discord? Check this ultimate parent’s guide for Discord to keep a watchful eye. 


Discord offers some unique features, especially with its paid Nitro version. Being a platform that allows users to communicate, share, play, discuss, add game overlays, this application has a lot to offer.

Add games to your Discord library and enjoy!