The 10 Best GoXlr Alternative For Streamers in 2021

GoXlr Alternative

The world of streaming, especially in Twitch, has seen massive growth in recent days. To gather a fan base or even retain the one you have, you need to be high-grade. From your video quality to your video editing and audio quality, everything needs to be worth it. 

Many streamers turn to GoXLR as the best standard audio mixer for streaming to get the best audio quality.

Yes, GoXLR is fantastic; it is, however, too pricey for some streamers. Aside from its price, a good number of streamers may still source for an excellent GoXLR alternative to test new products. 

If you fall into any of the above groups and need a good GoXLR mixer alternative, this buying guide will put you through. 

Ten Best GoXLR alternatives for Streamers

After carrying out extensive research, we have a list of the best 10 GoXLR mixers available. Before purchasing, you should have a closer look to be sure it fits what you’ll want in a mixer. 

 1. 3 Channel Bluetooth Audio Mixer – Very Affordable

3 Channel Bluetooth Audio Mixer

I’ll start with this cheap GoXLR alternative. Dubbed as one of the best mixers for novice streamers, to begin with. Going for not up to $100, this three-channel mixer is equipped with a USB soundcard and audio interface that you can connect to your Mac or Windows PC. 

As its name says, this audio mixer features V3.0 Bluetooth, which is ideal for wireless streaming. You can use it for absolutely any device that allows a Bluetooth connection.

Its wireless range can cover up to 50 ft. With its three channels connectivity, you can have enough space for more devices. You can go for its 5 channel brother on the buyer’s page if you need more space. 

However, with its three-channel, one can connect an XLR microphone input, headphone Jack, RCA input, stereo output connectors. The makers of this beauty took things up by adding LED indicator lights and audio signal clips to boost the users’ comfort. 

Although it doesn’t give the best audio in the game, the reviews and comments attached to it aren’t the worst, which means this audio mixer is worth its amount. 


  • It is affordable 
  • It is easy to use
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity reaching up to 50ft
  • Led lights for the convenience 


  •  May does not give that incredible sound. 
  •  Can’t monitor your signal

 2. GoXLR Mini – Best Alternative

GoXLR Mini

It may come as a shock to you, as I included a mixer named GoXLR, when we are obviously in search of its alternatives. Well, this isn’t the GoXLR you are probably avoiding; this is, however, its mini version.

We can’t take away the fact that GoXLR is one of the best mixers out there; although this mixer may have “mini” attached to it, it will still deliver. 

The GoXLR Mini is a stripped-down version of the bigger GoXLR. With its “Go live” desktop rig, online broadcasters and streamers will enjoy instant control over their audio. Its flexible and intuitive USB-base mixing makes it easy-to-use and straightforward on all of your audios. 

It doesn’t look as big or bulky as its elder brother; however, you will be met with fantastic studio quality (EQ), good compression, and gating to make your sound top-notch.

We can’t ignore the GoXLR software it comes with, making the device more appealing to streamers who want the best of the best in sound without breaking their banks. 

Compared to its big brother, this is one cheaper GoXLR alternative you can go for. This is a breath of fresh air for those Twitch streamers who are just starting but need every ounce of professionalism they can lay their hands on.

One last thing, with the GoXLR software app, you can control and get back your favorite settings with ease. It would be best if you considered this too. 


  • Affordable when compared to the bigger GoXLR
  • Offers good sound quality 
  • Easy to use


  • It may seem pricey for most users
  • Might look big

 3. Yamaha MG10XU Stereo Mixer – Most Durable

Yamaha MG10XU Stereo Mixer

You can always count on Yamaha when it comes to delivery. With over 100 years in creating products, Yamaha gives us its MG10XU Stereo Mixer, one worthy GoXLR mixer alternative.

With so many positive reviews to its name, this is a ten-channel mixer that features USP and SPX digital effects. (Note, you could choose from its 10, 12, 16, or 20 input stereo mixer.)

This ten channel mixer comes equipped with a USB and SPX digital effect alongside a studio-grade discrete class-A D PRE amps. This feature collaborates with its inverted Darlington circuit to deliver a far, natural-sounding bass.

4 of its ten channel inputs are XLR designed. You can use a high-end condenser mic with these four-channel inputs since they provide 48V phantom power. 

Its countless keys shouldn’t discourage you as they are well labeled, so you’ll have no stress getting conversant with them.

MG10XU provides a high-quality audio output that you won’t have difficulty adjusting while you use it. One common feature you can find on this mixer is its one-knob compressor, which gives you total control of your mixer. 

Yamaha took time to build this mixer, equipping it with metal chassis, which is more than enough to be thrown into a bag and used on the road.

So, if you mistakenly shove it down while gaming, all you have to do is pick it up, dust it, and keep enjoying the quality sound.

The MG10XU is quite popular amongst YouTube and Twitch life streamers, so yes, it’s a worthy GoXLR alternative. 


  • It is sturdy
  • It gives quality sound. 
  • Its 48V phantom inputs are perfect for condenser mics. 
  •  Provides high-quality audio


  • It may seem pricey for most users. 

 4. Creative Sound Blaster K3+ – Perfect for new streamers

Creative Sound Blaster K3+

Our number 4 GoXLR mixer alternative is the Creative Sound Blaster K3+. The features this sound mixer offers, make it almost on par with the renowned GoXLR mixer.

When you also consider its price plus the results it gives, you’ll be impressed. K3+ offers you high power and quality; this translates to good sound over a long stream. 

You can power this mixer by using its battery pack, wall socket, laptop, and many other devices. You can connect it to your Windows PC or MacBook computer via its USB connection.

If you’ll make use of condenser microphones, this mixer offers XLR 48V Phantom power, which will make your mic studio-grade and clear. 

Another excellent feature this sound mixer offers is its nine different adjustable reverb effect; with these reverbs, you can make so many changes to your sound.

It comes equipped with six streamers presets, which will need little to no customization to start using it. With this unique feature, as a streamer who is beginning, you won’t start from scratch. 


  •  9 adjustable reverbs. 
  •  Six built-in preset settings. 
  •  Quick power up
  •  Quite affordable 


  •  Supports only two channels
  • Not ideal to use it with multiple devices 

 5. Pyle Professional Audio Mixer – Unique Noise Canceling

Pyle Professional Audio Mixer

If you need a mixer that gives out quality sound but wouldn’t require you to break the bank to purchase, you should go for the Pyle professional audio mixer.

This mixer is perfect for both game streamers and podcasters. You can connect an external USB device like a flash drive or PC to this mixer. It takes things higher by giving you a Bluetooth connectivity mode too. 

It also features an MP3 Player; you can use its built-in controls to skip, play, and pause tracks. You can also switch between modes and enjoy tunes from your iDevices and Android devices.

Pyle professional audio mixer supports XLR and unbalanced plug while giving a 48V Phantom button. 

This mixer has some other juicy features: an Ultra-musical 3-band EQ + its Ultra-low noise, high headroom mixer.

Its ability to connect just two mics may turn off professional streamers. However, most who are just starting may find this more than enough. 

We can’t also ignore its durable body; its rugged steel chassis is something every streamer will love, especially those whose gaming table might be congested.

Its sealed rotary controls will help resist dust while still providing dynamic control. It is not difficult to master, and it is ready to serve you day after day. 


  • It is rugged and built to last. 
  • It offers a 48V Phantom button
  • Its mic and stereo line inputs will help reduce noise to a fault. 


  • You can’t customize it perfectly. 
  • Offers just two mic input

 6. Behringer Xenyx x1204 – Perfect for average streamer

Behringer Xenyx x1204

Going for a few hundred bucks, the Behringer Xenyx is a mixer an average streamer will love as it comes with features that are much more than they will need.

It has a high headroom analog mixer and a premium ultra-low noise feature. It is equipped with four awesome Phantom Powered XEnyx Mic Preamps, which you can compare to stand-alone preamps. 

It is one GoXLR alternative that has four studio-grade compressors with easy one-knob functionality.

Its control LED is an excellent indicator for professional instruments and vocal sound. It also has Neo-classical “British” 3-band EQs, which helps deliver a warm and musical sound.


  • Its Preamps is unique
  • Its 3-band EQs is one of a kind
  • It features four studio-grade compressors


  • Might be too pricey for professional streamers since it lacks advanced features. 

 7. REMALL Bluetooth mixer – Most Portable 

REMALL Bluetooth mixer

The Remall mixer is relatively small, affordable, and also neat. It comes packed with a built-in noise reduction feature; therefore, you will stream seamlessly, giving your audience quality sound.

Its Reverb (ECHO) will make your vocal sound awesome. 

This mixer has 12 electro-effect options, 12 funny sound effects, seven different gameplay, six mode selections to choose from, and much more.

This sound mixer is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices and your MacBook and Windows PC; it also works with most gaming devices, generally devices with BlueTooth connections. 


  • Its offers many modes and effects. 
  • Its drastically reduces noise. 
  • Its REVERB feature is unique. 
  • Very affordable 


  •  Might not give quality like GoXLR

 8. Alto Professional – 5 Channel / 2 – Bus – Most Compact

Alto Professional - 5 Channel

The Alto professional mixer is a device that features six inputs alongside one Phantom Powered XLR input. It is a perfect device for a live streamer, musician, or anybody who needs a compact, capable mixing console. 

It gives a superior sound quality with excellent features to reduce noise to its barest minimum. With this mixer, using its vast collection of different knops, you can tweak your sound with its warm, natural two-band EQ on its mono channel, which will help you add professional studio-grade processing to your dynamic, ribbon, and condenser mics signals. 

It features 1/4″ Main, Tape, Headphones, and AUX outputs for flexible signal routing. Its microphone input channel comes with a gold plated XLR and balanced input alongside two stereo input channels. 

One other unique feature the Alto Professional offers is its LED indicators. With this, you won’t have a hard time identifying different mixer parts, especially when you switch off the lights.

With a glance, you will know the levels you are at while streaming. 


  • A versatile mixer. 
  • It features Phantom Powered XLR input. 
  • Its sound quality is superior


  • Doesn’t have a USB connectivity 

 9. Roland VT-4 Vocal Transformer – Best Voice Transformer

Roland VT-4 Vocal Transformer

This is an easy-to-use mixer that still offers an effective voice transformer. If you need an alternative GoXLR voice changer, then go for Roland VT-4. This voice transformer features an excellent effect processor for your voice.

With this, you can tailor your vocal sound with just a push, turn on or slide, all with ease. 

You know GoXLR is big on voice effect. The Roland VT-4 is a perfect alternative if you want to process your voice while streaming since it focuses on the voice FX aspect of mixers.

The four faders on the VT-4 mixer plays a similar role to the GoXLR dials; you can control your Reverb, Echo, Pitch, and much more. You can convert this to a mixer by just connecting it via an aux loop. 

This might not be what most people want. However, it is still ideal for so many streamers, especially those searching to add more voice effects (Vocoder, Harmony, Megaphone, and Creepy whisper).

You can also connect to your Windows PC or MacBook computer with its USB connectivity, allowing XLR mics. 


  • It is relatively easy to use
  • An excellent voice transformer
  • You can control both format and pitch while working 


  • Might seem basic to most users

10. Wireless DJ Audio Mixer – Best Mic-Talkover

Wireless DJ Audio Mixer

At first glance, you might not find this mixer ideal for a streamer, especially those who stream on Twitch, but when you go through its features, you’ll have a change of mind. 

This unique mixer allows you to control and mix audio from different signals and devices simultaneously; you can mix from your Mp3 and any other Bluetooth-enabled device. 

With its Aux input, you can switch between line level and phono input with ease. Its Bluetooth connectivity is compatible with the latest iDevices and Android devices, including your MacBook and PCs. 

Pyle Mixer is equipped with dual phono RCA audio line and a 2 1/4″ balanced TRS microphone. With its microphone 1 and 2 level gain and talk control, you can speak over audio karaoke-style and clear vocals. 


  • It is affordable. 
  • Mic-Talkover


  •   More suitable for DJs than Streamers, but it is a worthy GoXLR alternative. 


Although GoXLR is arguable the best mixer out there, they are still worthy options. In this guide, I have listed the best 10 GoXLS alternatives you should check out. A few mixers here might not give precisely what GoXLS can provide you, however more than half of the mixers listed here will do a great job. Thank you for stopping by; please have a great day.