The 5 Genuine Ways To Get Free Xbox Live Codes In 2021

free xbox live codes

Gamers usually use 3 types of devices or base hardware to play games – PC, console, and even on smartphones. Playing games on mobile devices like smartphones has slowly transitioned into a popular gaming format and many bigwigs like PUBG are releasing their mobile counterparts to cash in although PC gaming is the second-largest sect.

The best way to have a true gaming experience is to play via consoles, they bring out the best gamer inside you. With over 65 million active users, Xbox is one of the most preferred consoles by gamers.

With digital emancipation, gaming on Xbox has transformed to Xbox Live, shifting to online gaming and opening up a whole new dimension with a plethora of games. Xbox Live codes will help you download games and extend gaming-related add-on subscriptions for the ultimate gaming experience.

Although Xbox live codes are available as paid add-ons, there are some ways to get them for free.

Let us guide you to the best ways of obtaining free Xbox Live codes.

How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes

We will first explain Xbox Live to people who are new to it. Xbox Live is an online service created by Microsoft. It is a virtual marketplace like Google Play Store, where users can buy/download various games and digital media.

Xbox Live exists in two forms, you can either opt for the subscription-based service Xbox Live Gold or use the free version.

The subscription-based services open the gate to download and play various games free of cost with added member benefits.

Codes can be subscribed from the official site as 1, 3, or 6-month subscription packages. You can also get Xbox Live codes from Amazon. Prices start from as low as $1 and can go up to $100.

5 Ways To Get Xbox Live Codes For Free In 2021

We have gone through various websites and found the 5 legitimate ways to get Xbox Live codes for free.

1. Trial Version

As followed by most subscription-based services, even Microsoft gives you a free trial of its gold service pack. This is a 1-month free trial but to activate it, you need to meet 2 requirements –

  • You should have an Xbox Live account
  • It should not have an existing gold subscription

If both requirements are met, all you have to do is go to the subscription page and select an Xbox Live Gold free sample. Enter the credit card details, submit and become a gold member.

Pro Tip: Remember to cancel the subscription before the end date to avoid charges on your card.

2. Microsoft Rewards And Complimentary Codes From Other Games

Microsoft rewards/points is a system that gives you rewards on completing certain tasks. You can use the system to garner points and redeem them to get a gold membership.

You can get points by completing surveys, searching results, completing contests, etc. on the website. Just log in to your browser using the same Microsoft account used for Xbox and search through Bing to earn points faster.

Some purchased games come with complimentary Xbox Live codes or gold subscription codes that can be used to buy games. However, it does not apply to every game.

Pro Tip: Microsoft points can also be redeemed to buy products at Amazon.

3. GPT Sites

GPT stands for Get Paid To, these are the websites that pay you for doing certain activities online. You might have seen ads saying that someone earned a lot of money just by completing surveys and that is an example of a GPT website.

GPT sites are affiliated with various companies that pay them to conduct surveys, get feedback on certain products, etc. That’s how those sites generate funds that are trickled down to you.

Note that usually there is a fixed benchmark amount and you can only withdraw or access it after reaching that benchmark by completing a sum amount of such tasks.

The tasks on these sites may ask you to fill up surveys, download software, complete a quiz on a website, etc.

We Recommend the following GPT Sites:

  1. Get Paid To
  2. SurveyJunkie

You can use funds generated from these sites to redeem them for Xbox Live live codes for free.

Pro Tip: Find websites that offer sign up bonuses, so you can easily cash out the amount.

4. Apps

There are some apps that help you to earn money and you can redeem them to get codes. You may have to complete surveys, download other games, reach a specified level on some game, complete contests, scan a barcode on commodities, etc. to get rewards.

The business model of these apps is very similar to GPT sites, hence you will get paid easily.

You can easily redeem your earnings to Xbox Live codes or gift cards that can be used to buy the gold membership.

5. Reddit

Reddit, not to be confused with Rediff, is a news aggregator and home to thousands of communities that engage in discussions on varied topics. Reddit is one of the most popular forums for gaming discussions as well.

Reddit is an Xbox Live code treasure trove. There are dedicated communities where users post codes frequently. It is a little different from social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In these social media networks, only admins can post media in a community whereas, in Reddit, any community member can post. Therefore, there is less content moderation and users can easily post content if it adheres to the community guidelines.

Pro Tip: Don’t just limit yourself by going through certain communities, go through posts by users, and check out the comments for referrals.

In Conclusion

There you have it, these are the 5 easiest and verified methods to get free Xbox live codes. A simple Google search will fetch you hundreds of results claiming to have free code generators for Xbox, don’t fall for them. There might be hidden adware, malware, or virus-infected websites. As Scott Goodson once said, if you are not paying for it, you become the product.

If you are using GPT sites, you should accept the fact that you might get promotional emails, spams from websites that you signed up as part of the contest/survey. Please be careful while using those sites and don’t give out any personal details that might be a problem for you. Either way, we always recommend using a good VPN service and antivirus!