Geometry Wars Galaxies Review: The Foundation of a Series

Geometry Wars Galaxies

Geometry Wars Galaxies is a game that was released on November 3, 2008.

It’s an arcade-style, space shooter video game with puzzle elements. The player controls a ship and must shoot enemies while avoiding enemy fire at the same time.

One of the most interesting aspects of this game is how it has evolved over time to keep up with current technology and gameplay trends.

This review will evaluate Geometry Wars Galaxies on its graphics, sound effects, level design, difficulty curve as well as overall enjoyment for players looking for good arcade games.


It has the same gameplay as Geometry Wars with some new features such as online leaderboards and the ability to play against other players in real-time.

However, the platforms on which you can play the game are now a bit more limited. You have Geometry Wars Galaxies Wii or Geometry Wars Galaxies DS.

Single-player and Multiplayer Modes

Geometry Wars Galaxies offers multiple multiplayer modes and a single-player mode called Galaxies.

In Galaxies, you get to fight across ten solar systems! Go across each galaxy to encounter new enemies and obstacles.

To unlock the magnificent galaxies and planets you need to have a good score, so defeat enemies as fast as you can without dying and collect Geoms to get a higher score.

If you are a decent player with a good high score you can choose to upload it to a global online leaderboard via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. 

It is the first game in the series to introduce the multiplayer play. The first mode in multiplayer is the cooperative mode.

Players can work together, and they share the same lives, scores, multiplier, and bombs. Simultaneous mode is where each player has separate lives, scores, multipliers, and bombs.

Here they work to get a better high score to win.

Geometry Wars Galaxies Single-player and Multiplayer Modes

Overall the level designs are balanced, and they do give us a run for our lives — the fights are more enjoyable.

The sound effects of the game are a masterpiece and nothing less, which have a great effect on the firefights. Imagine the feeling of sitting in a spaceship shooting at enemies for your and the whole galaxy’s sake!

Bonus Content For Geometry Wars Galaxies DS

Geometry Wars Galaxies DS has an additional mode called Versus mode. Versus mode is by far the most creative and fun addition to the series.

In versus mode, one player controls the ship, and the other spawns hordes of vicious enemies to destroy the first.

We had a good bit of fun while playing this mode.

Bonus Content For Geometry Wars Galaxies DS

New Drone in Geometry Wars

Another new addition to the game is our partner spaceship. No, we are not talking about the multiplayer partner but a smaller ship that will stay by your side bravely.

If you die, it automatically dies, and that’s how loyal it is to you. You can choose what this support drone’s objective is before the match starts.

There are a total of eight behaviors to this drone:

  1. Attack: Drone fires in the same direction you are.
  2. Defend: Drone fires in the opposite direction you are.
  3. Collect: Drone silently collects all the Geoms dropped.
  4. Bait: Drone lures the enemies away from your ship.
  5. Ram: If the drone recognizes an enemy, it will ram and destroy it.
  6. Snipe: Shoots a long ray at enemies at long intervals.
  7. Sweep: The drone will fly in a constant circle around the player and destroy enemies if they come in contact with it.
  8. Sentry: The drone places sentries after regular intervals, which will guard a small area.

However, they are not free and need to be bought using Geoms except Attack. Moreover, they can level up to become stronger.

The new addition is enjoyable and gives the player a feeling that they are not alone in the galaxies only filled with enemies. 

New Drone in Geometry Wars

Feels like a Downscale

The game feels a lot less smooth and downscaled as compared to the previous releases.

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved was a magnificent game with beautiful colors, but we don’t see that here.

The reason might be Nintendo’s limited graphic power, but whatever the case is, the game has lost its luster.


Geometry Wars Galaxies is a game that takes the classic Geometry Wars gameplay and makes it even better.

The levels are more diverse in design, there are some new weapons to play with, and the multiplayer mode is unimaginably fun. If you’re looking for an addicting shooter game, this is one of your best bets!

Overall Score: 79%

Publishers: Sierra Entertainment, Vivendi Games