10 Best Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Gaming has developed into a competitive performance-based activity. Beyond the graphics cards, display resolutions, processing power there are other hardware requirements as well. If you want to enjoy a customized gaming experience, you need specific input devices for gaming.

Despite the popularity of gamepads and specific gaming controllers, keyboards and mice are still the most popular gaming input devices around, even used by professional gamers.

A gaming keyboard and mouse combo is perhaps the best step forward if you are looking to upgrade your gaming setup while sticking to a budget, even more so if you are making such a purchase for the first time.

So, find the most suitable keyboard and mouse combo from this top 10 list.

Top Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo List

1. Redragon S101

Redragon S101

The Redragon S101 gaming keyboard and mouse include 7 RGB lighting effects, 4 brightness levels with adjustable breathing light. The mouse is not just an addition but a completely customized device.

The ergonomic design of the keyboard is edgy and dynamic with a comfortable wrist rest. It has multimedia keys attached to it, F1 to F12 buttons. You can customize the main highlighted buttons such as WASD and arrow buttons according to your needs.

The anti-ghosting keyboard can detect 19 hits simultaneously. Plus, the keys are quiet and designed for durability with precise tactile feedback. The gold-plated anti-corrosive USB connector adds to the keyboard’s appearance.

As for the wired gaming mouse, the ergonomics are quite practical with an adjustable weight tuning set. It includes 6 buttons, including 5 programmable buttons.

The mouse size is perfect for any grip. Furthermore, the sensitivity is adjustable to 3200 DPI (dots per linear inch) and you get to experience extreme responsiveness, which gives you a greater edge for your gaming competition.

This is a fairly good combo deal with a Teflon feet pad that delivers smooth movements. You can buy this all-in-one PC gaming value kit at under $40 for an ultimate gaming performance.

Keyboard and Mouse Tech Specifications

Weight: 980 grams | Mouse DPI: 800 – 3200 | Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Mac OS | Color: RGB Blacklight, Black


  • Vibrant backlit keys
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good value for money


  • Stiff key inputs
  • Inconsistent mouse performance

2. Havit Mechanical

Havit Mechanical

The Havit mechanical keyboard and mouse is an all-round combo and an all-metal one as well. The floating key design is what makes the keyboard so attractive. The keys are sensitive and come with pre-set light effect modes. The keyboard has 21 light modes while the mouse has RGB light modes.

Professional blue switches are exceptionally good as they provide accurate tactile feedback and the responsive key commands are great for both gaming and typing. The keyboard is 100% anti-ghosting which is why the Havit mechanical gaming keyboard is the perfect choice for a gamer.

Moving onto the Havit mouse, it has 6 DPI levels from 800 to 4800, which provides a high-precision game for stable transmission and accurate positioning. The DPI matches instantly with the mouse speed and different DPIs have separate color effects so that you know which DPI you are using.

Overall, the ergonomics of the high-quality Havit combo offers great comfort and support, and it is a great buy for most gaming enthusiasts, priced at around $45.

Keyboard and Mouse Tech Specifications

Weight: 1.13 kg | Mouse DPI: 800 – 4800 | Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Chrome and MAC OS system | Color: RGB Backlit, Black


  • Highly responsive and reliable keyboard
  • Blue switches for clicky tactile feedback
  • Silent key presses


  • Slow responsive mouse
  • Sticky keys

3. Razer Turret

Razer Turret

The high-end Razer Turret gaming combo is wireless, super comfortable, and light-weight. The gaming keyboard is designed to perfectly sit on your lap along with a retractable mouse pad.

The keyboard does not come with the RHS number pad but it does offer sufficiently comfortable wrist support. The mechanical keycaps are durable and are built to withstand around 80 million keystrokes.

For easy navigation, the keyboard also features an Xbox key to pull up the Xbox One dashboard. This is a wireless keyboard and it runs on a rechargeable battery which can last up to 11 hours with lights fully enabled and up to 43 hours without. You can charge both the keyboard and mouse using USB Type C cable.

If you want the best gaming mouse, this Turret mouse is a great option. It has one of the highest DPI ranges of up to 16,000 and you can adjust it with just a press of a button.

The lighting effects are fully customizable and a fully charged battery lasts for 30 hours with enabled lightings, otherwise, it is likely to last for 50 hours.

The above-par performance of the Razer Turret combo is what makes this the best option for those who want to amplify their gaming controls.

Unfortunately, the price is quite exorbitant at $250, which is why this keyboard and mouse pack is more ideal for professional gamers. However, this is one of the best wireless gaming keyboard and mouse combo you can buy.

Keyboard and Mouse Tech Specifications

Weight: 1.96 kg | Mouse DPI: 800 – 16000 | Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility: Windows, Xbox | Color: RGB Backlit, Black


  • Retractable mouse pad
  • Wireless
  • Fast-charging dock
  • Comfortable to use


  • Very expensive
  • Solid wrist rest
  • Shallow keys



The CHONCHOW mechanical keyboard and mouse combo is an attractive option and one of the best selling mouse and keyboard combos around.

The unique design of the keyboard comes with a proper angle tilt and the durable ABS keycaps reduce hand fatigue. It has adjustable 4-level brightness and RGB light effects.

With the emitting letters, you can easily find the right keys even in a dark room and reduce the error rate effortlessly. The anti-ghosting technology allows you to operate 26 keys simultaneously without any conflict.

Mouse performance and the optical sensor is quite accurate, and the DPI can go up to 3200. The mouse too has RGB light effects like the keyboard but there are no additional buttons on it except the right and left clicks, the scroller, and the DPI adjustment button that allows you to adjust sensitivity on-the-fly.

In short, at $32, you get an anti-spill keyboard with a super-fast gaming engine, a powerful mouse, and an attractive mousepad for a perfect starter game setup.

Keyboard and Mouse Tech Specifications

Weight: 770 grams | Mouse DPI: 800 – 3200 | Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility: Windows, Raspberry Pi, iMac | Color: Rainbow Backlit, Black


  • Enlarged WASD keys
  • Brilliant keyboard, mouse design
  • Smooth mousepad


  • Mouse backlit may not turn off
  • No keyboard wrist rest



The PICTEK rainbow LED gaming keyboard and mouse combo comes with vibrant colors and can be a fantastic addition to your gaming setup.

The keyboard has adjustable backlit modes, Logo leak light, and side light strips. Durability is above-par with an independent crater structure that allows quiet key clicks. The key life is almost twice as compared to a typical wired keyboard.

Oil-jet laser engraved design of the keys is long-lasting characters that do not fade out. For a fierce gamer, the keyboard provides 19 anti-ghosting keys and are not bound by speed.

The PICTEK gaming mouse includes an advanced optical sensor and four DPI levels ranging from 800 to 2400. With the 7 programmable mouse buttons, you can style the mouse according to your choice. The surface of the mouse is quite soft and comfortable to grip.

In short, you can enjoy accurate gaming inputs with this anti-slip and anti-spill PICTEK package. Get this cheap gaming keyboard and mouse combo for around $30.

Keyboard and Mouse Tech Specifications

Weight: 1.17 kg | Mouse DPI: 800 – 2400 | Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, iMac OS | Color: Rainbow Backlit, Black


  • Extremely durable
  • Great tactile feedback
  • Spill-resistant with 8 drain holes


  • Logo light glow bright
  • Some keys are quiet  

6. MFTEK RGB Rainbow


The MFTEK gaming keyboard and mouse combo is a great value kit that includes 87 RGB rainbow keys, 4-color LED-backlit mouse, and a large high-end mouse pad.

The ergonomic design of the keyboard offers vivid rainbow LED-backlit and breathing modes. You can save space on your gaming station with the compact 87 keys keyboard with up to 19 keys operable simultaneously.

Coming to the glowing MFTEK gaming mouse, it has 4 LED colors (blue, purple, rose, red). DPI is available across four levels ranging from 1200 to 2400 with each DPI level separately color-coded. Mouse grip is quite soft, with the natural curves, for the most comfortable gaming experience.

Worth mentioning, the all-in-one MFTEK gaming keyboard and mouse also includes a strong noise-cancellation gaming headset with a built-in microphone. The HD mic provides retractable headband design with comfortable ear-cushion.

You can buy this cheap gaming keyboard and mouse along with a gaming headset added in for under $50.

Keyboard and Mouse Tech Specifications

Weight: 1.8 kg | Mouse DPI: 1200 – 2400 | Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility: Windows10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, PS4, Xbox, Mac OS | Color: Rainbow Backlit, Black


  • Value for money
  • Effective “breathing” setting
  • Great keyboard feedback


  • Colors are not in sync
  • Small range (1200-2400) mouse DPI

7. Havit Rainbow

Havit Rainbow

Havit has introduced another gaming combo but this time with 7 vibrant rainbow breathable backlit effects. This USB wired keyboard and mouse require no additional firmware or software. Simply plug in with a USB wire and play.

The Havit keyboard can register 19 keys simultaneously without conflict and it offers 11 multimedia keys (FN+F1~F, F12). You can customize the WASD keys and also disable the WIN key while you are gaming.

Moving on to the gaming mouse, the spider-web design on the exterior radiates a vibrant blue color. This is quite eye-catching, especially in the dark.

The user-friendly mouse comes with 4 levels of DPI ranging from 800 to 3200 with a flashing indicator. The mouse has 6 buttons on it for superior efficiency and productivity.

This is one of the best cheap gaming keyboard and mouse combos available, priced at under $35.

Keyboard and Mouse Tech Specifications

Weight: 907 grams | Mouse DPI: 800 – 3200 | Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility:  Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10, Mac OS | Color: Rainbow Backlit, Black


  • Quiet keys
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality assembly


  • No mute button
  • Sticky keys

8. BlueFinger

BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard and Mouse combo

The BlueFinger gaming keyboard and mouse combo looks inspiring and ready to go for an extreme gaming marathon. The excellent build ensures smooth gaming and comes with an exclusive design. It is a combination of performance and great looks with 3 breathing light effects.

The BlueFinger keyboard has ergonomically-designed keycaps with two adjustable feet and two anti-slip rubber pads.

The anti-ghosting technology allows you to freely operate 19 keys without conflict and the 10 multimedia keys allow you to access quickly to other functions like media, volume, etc. The powerful SN and FN keys allow easy adjustment of colors from red to blue to purple.

Furthermore, the BlueFinger gaming mouse is made of ABS plastic which makes it durable and comfortable for gamers. Unlike the keyboard, the mouse comes with 4 different breathing lights that change automatically.

However, the mouse has a low range of DPI from 800 to 2000 and you can control the mouse backlight with the DPI button.

In short, this is another cheap gaming keyboard and mouse combo priced at around $30 best-suited for amateurs who are looking to upgrade their gaming experience.

Keyboard and Mouse Tech Specifications

Weight: 1 kg | Mouse DPI: 800 – 2000 | Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility:  Win XP, VISTA, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Mac OS, PS4, Xbox One, Linux | Color: Blue Backlit, Black


  • Durable keyboard
  • Quiet mouse buttons
  • Ergonomic and attractive design


  • Mouse backlight may not turn off
  • High sensitivity
  • Keys are too dark

9. Rii Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Rii Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

If you are looking for a cheap keyboard and mouse combo, this Rii gaming keyboard and mouse pack can be your first choice. The RBG backlight of the keyboard can easily be controlled with the control key. You can customize the look of your keyboard with 7 different colors for a personalized gaming experience.

The anti-spill keyboard is ideal for a gaming atmosphere with 104 mechanical keys. Ergonomically designed keycaps are durable and come with excellent tactile feedback.

With the comfortable wrist rest on the keyboard, you can play for long hours without fatigue.

The mouse fits comfortably in your hand and provides support to your wrist. Additionally, DPI settings come with a 3-level adjustment from 1000 to 2000 for better adjustable control.

In short, the price-to-performance quality is what makes this combo a good buy for gamers. You can buy this combo for under $30 and this is one of the highest-selling mouse and keyboard combos around.

Keyboard and Mouse Tech Specifications

Weight: 1.13 kg | Mouse DPI: 1000 – 2000 | Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility:  Windows Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10, Mac, Linux | Color: Rainbow Backlit, Black


  • Firm key presses
  • Highly responsive mouse
  • Rubbery keycaps


  • Inconsistent keyboard and mouse backlit
  • Below-par quality

10. Cooler Master MS110

Cooler Master MS110

The Cooler Master MS110 is a fully-featured keyboard and mouse combo engineered for your gaming success. The combo has the signature features of the Cooler Master with linear mem-chanical keys for improved responsiveness compared to a typical membrane keyboard.

Equipped with hybrid switches, the keyboard boosts your in-game performance. The anti-ghosting technology allows you to operate 26 keys simultaneously to gain a competitive edge.

What makes the keyboard design so unique is the floating keys that add to the keyboard’s sleek appearance and RGB backlighting illuminates with 6-level color effects.

This pro-grade keyboard comes with a powerful gaming mouse optimized for right-handed users. The optical sensor can be adjusted up to 3200 DPI to adjust with your playstyle. The soft material on the mouse provides comfort, durability, and ruggedness.

So, if you want a gaming keyboard and mouse combo that has classic good looks and elevates your gaming experience to the next level, you can get the Cooler Master MS110 for under $60.

Keyboard and Mouse Tech Specifications

Weight: 1.07 kg | Mouse DPI: 400 – 3200 | Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility: Windows and Mac | Color: RGB Backlit, Black


  • Solid, sturdy keyboard
  • Brilliant RGB lighting
  • Aggressive design and shape
  • Long cables


  • Very expensive
  • Unattractive mouse keys
  • Mem-chanical slows down in fast-speed games

Which Is The Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo?

Going for a gaming keyboard and mouse combo is the best way to save up. Combos are also a prime choice for gamers with specific user loyalty to certain brands. But choosing from any one of these gaming keyboard and mouse packs should be based on your gaming needs first.

For a beginner, if you are looking for the best combo deal under $45, choose between CHONCHOW combo or Havit Mechanical combo, both of which feature super-fast performance and a wide range of mouse DPI levels.

But, in case you are into professional gaming, choose either the Cooler Master MS110 that has Mem-chanical keyboard or the high-end Razer Turret combo for a substantial jump in performance and design.

Make sure to check keyboard and mouse compatibility before buying. Also, consider whether you need on-the-go gaming and choose a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse accordingly.

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