The 8 Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers In 2021

Gaming Chairs with Speakers

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Gaming chairs have evolved into a separate niche, straying away from office chairs and massage chairs.

While you will find gaming chairs doubling up as proper workspace additions and, sometimes, with massage or vibration functions, the onus remains the same.

The best gaming chair for you is one that offers the comfort you want to be delivered in full.

Think beyond just comfort though. We have reviewed gaming chairs, seriously meant for gaming, that can play in-game audio or the background score of a movie – loud and beautiful.

But before diving right into the best gaming chairs with speakers that you can buy now, let’s plunge in a bit deeper.

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Gaming Chairs with Speakers: Are They Worth it?

Gaming Chairs with Speakers: Are They Worth it

As a gamer, casual or, pro, your preferences for in-game audio will be divided between speakers and headsets. Now, speaker setups are best suited in case you’re not the only one gaming on the same display. Or you might prefer the whole in-the-game audio experience with the sound echoing through the room.

If you already have a Bluetooth gaming headset, spending that bit extra for a gaming chair with speakers does not make much sense. So, you’re choosing between either a gaming chair with speakers or a soundbar, or some other similar Bluetooth-enabled audio device.

Without a doubt, gaming chairs with speakers built-in can offer a more immersive audio experience, unless you have a Bose SoundLink Revolve or the likes. Almost all in-built speakers are primarily placed around or close to the chair headrests.

A surround audio experience is only natural although audio quality will not be as good as a Bose or even an Edifier G2000, a good bargain alternative.

Bottom line:

Gaming chairs with Bluetooth speakers in-built offer better price-to-performance over gaming chairs with external speakers.

Now let’s move on and check out the best of them!

8 Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers: Based on User Reviews

8. Healgen Gaming Chair

Best Adult Gaming Chair with Speakers

Healgen Gaming Chair


  • Dual Bluetooth Enabled Speakers
  • Metal Pedestal
  • Ergonomic Comfort
  • Larger Dimensions
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Lumbar Pillow

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Healgen Gaming Chair is a well-known brand in the modern furniture market. They do have a couple of gaming and office chairs available in their product line up, popularly reviewed ones as well. This is the only gaming chair with speakers from Healgen Gaming and it does have some seriously positive user reviews.

The first thing you’ll notice about this adult gaming chair is its utilitarian design basics. The rectangular back is padded all along, so this chair is suitable for 6 feet plus individuals. It will recline till 60°. You get a lumbar pillow added in as well, although there’s no vibrating function to enjoy.

Armrests are handsomely padded as well, tilt-able but non-removable unless you follow through on disassembly. The pedestal is 360° swivel and all-metal, built to last just like the seating upholstery.

Coming to the audio setup, it is basic but very utilitarian. It is a 2-speaker setup with ample volume for gaming although you are better off using a gaming headset. The thing is, this chair is Bluetooth enabled, so you can buy a corded headset and use it with the chair. The audio panel is slotted in on the right. Placement is great for plugging in the headset cord but it’s not the easiest to use.


Overall, priced at around $200, this Blue Whale gaming chair is worth buying. If you need a big gaming chair with speakers, this should be your first choice.

7. FANTASYLAB VON Racer Rocker

Best Pedestal Rocker



  • 2+1 Bluetooth Audio Setup
  • Tiltable Metal Pedestal
  • Full Tiltable Armrest
  • Thick Cushioning
  • Lounging Chair Design

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FANTASYLAB is one of the biggest gaming chair brands out there, with a substantial chunk of the annual sales in their kitty. This VON Racer video gaming chair with speakers is one of the most popular products in their lineup and one of the best gaming chairs with Bluetooth speakers around.

Designed as a lounge gaming chair, this may not be suited for 6 feet plus individuals. The all-metal pedestal supports a 360° swivel. This chair is rated as extra comfortable thanks to somewhat excess cushioning added to the seat and the backrest, along with side paddings. Armrests are fully tiltable, and you can retract them if need be.

Worth adding on, this VON Racer is a foldable gaming chair. The backrest can completely retract over the seat. Remove the pedestal, and you can slot the chair away as well.

The audio setup is substantially better than on the Blue Whale gaming chair. You get a Bluetooth enabled 2 + 1 speaker setup. 2 speakers placed on either side of the headrest, there’s a subwoofer placed at the rear of the seat.

Audio outputs are immersive with plenty of pitch and bass. You will get a telltale rumble from the subwoofer emanating throughout the structure, enjoyable to say the least. The audio panel is intuitively placed on the left with the seat.


Priced at the $200 mark, the VON Racer gaming chair sells big and is reviewed positively. Unless you need a big and tall gaming chair with speakers, the VON Racer offers a powerful audio setup and umpteen lounge-style comfort.

6. X Rocker Pro 2.1

Best Budget Audio

X Rocker Pro 2.1


  • 2+1 Bluetooth Enabled Audio
  • Upright Pedestal Design
  • Ergonomic Comfort
  • Lumbar Support
  • Full Tilt and Swivel
  • RCA Compatible

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You will find more than a couple of gaming chairs with speakers from X Rocker on this list. That’s because they are perhaps the only manufacturer specifically manufacturing for this highly niche product segment.

First up is this X Rocker 2.1 from their Pro Series of products, and it’s brilliant but with a few hiccups.

This gaming chair does have multiple ergonomic comfort features. Supple but compact cushioning does deliver on comfort and help maintain correct body posture. The metal pedestal will swivel 360°, and the back does offer sufficient recline.

Again, this is a lounge gaming chair best suited for consoles like Xbox or PS4, so don’t expect much seating height from it, not suitable for 6 foot plus users. Armrests are fully retractable. You get additional headrests and seat pads bundled in too.

The audio setup is powerful although there are better ones from the same manufacturer. This is a Bluetooth enabled 2.1 speaker setup with 2 speakers on either side of the headrest and one at the rear. This chair has something craftily branded as Audio Force Modulation.

Simply, the subwoofer placed at the rear will produce vibrations to enhance the audio experience. Bass-heavy or loud sounds will translate into subtle vibes throughout the chair and enhance your gaming experience.

You will find this feature in most other gaming chairs on this list as well. A full-fledged control panel is set on the left, common in all X Rockers.

There’s RCA compatibility as well. You can use the RCA cables bundled in and connect it via HDMI and RCA ports for direct audio inputs from Xbox, PS, and your PC for better audio clarity and depth.


This is a Bluetooth gaming chair with speakers that has excellent audio outputs and comfort. It does sit low and may need some getting used to at first. Priced at around $250, it’s worth buying if you don’t mind the cons.

5. X Rocker Surge

Best Small Floor Gaming Chair with Speakers

X Rocker Surge


  • 2.1 Bluetooth Audio Setup
  • Foldable Space-Saver
  • Floor Rocker Design
  • Budget Buy

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This is the X Rocker 2.1 Pro reviewed minus the pedestal and designed purposely as a floor gaming chair with speakers. If you’re not looking for a floor gaming chair in the first place, you can simply skip to the next review.

However, despite its design limitations, this is rated as one of the best value-for-money gaming chairs in the market.

Pros of the X Rocker Surge ironically start with its design. This is among the better gaming chairs around when it comes to sheer comfort. There’s ample padding holistically shaped to the contours of the frame.

Cushioning is soft but supportive, vital for any floor gaming chair to deliver on comfort. This is not suited for gamers above 6’2”, but for those under it, it’s excellent and user reviews echo just the same.

No armrests as well so you are free to find your most comfortable posture for the gaming sesh. And it’s foldable too!

The X Rocker Surge comes with the same 2.1 Bluetooth enabled audio setup as the 2.1 Pro. You get 2 speakers on either side of the headrest and a sub-woofer placed within the seat towards the rear.

Unlike the 2.1 Pro, though, you will not get as many vibes from the subwoofer, i.e., there’s no Audio Force Modulation. That said, the audio is powerful, vibrant, and well-detailed, perfect for the elevated gaming experience you want.


Priced at around $180, this is one of the best budget gaming chairs with speakers you can buy right now. Unless you don’t have a floor setup!

4. GTRacing Gaming Chair

Best Desktop Gaming Chair with Speakers

GTRacing Gaming Chair


  • Dual Bluetooth Enabled Speakers
  • Full-Sized Adult Gaming Chair
  • Ergonomic Design Elements
  • 90° – 170° Reclining
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Footrest and Lumbar Support Pillow

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This is the first gaming chair on this list that looks the part. From renowned brand GTRacing, best known for their racing simulators, this is the only range of gaming chairs with speakers in their product line up.

This is a full-sized upright adult gaming chair, perfectly suited for gaming 1v1 on a monitor or TV. You will enjoy a great seating posture and ultimate comfort. The added lumbar pillow will provide the necessary back support.

Armrests are fully retractable. The chair itself can recline up to 170°. Along with the footrest, it is perfectly designed for individuals with varying heights to easily find the most suitable seating position, suitable for users above 6’2” and below. There’s a removable headrest added in as well.

This GTRacing gaming chair comes with 2 Bluetooth speakers placed at shoulder height on each rear wing. Audio outputs are utilitarian at best, below-par in comparison to the other gaming chairs with Bluetooth speakers on this list.


Priced above the $180 mark, this should be your first-choice gaming chair with speakers if you are a desktop gamer or if you don’t have an on-floor gaming setup.

3. Ace Bayou X Rocker Vibe

Best Pedestal Gaming Chair with Speakers

Ace Bayou X Rocker Vibe


  • 2.1 Bluetooth Enabled Audio
  • Breathable Mesh Seating Material
  • Foldable and Portable
  • Floor Rocker Design
  • Audio Force Modulation
  • Ergonomic Comfort

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Another X Rocker, but this one is co-manufactured by Ace Bayou, a major brand in the home furnishings niche. This is a floor gaming chair with speakers, and it does come with a few nifty add-ons.

First up, unlike in most other gaming chairs in this niche, you get a breathable mesh fabric. Gaming for long hours on the chair just got better minus the discomfort of it. This is designed like the X Rocker Surge as a floor gaming chair with speakers, but you do get a set of armrests.

It also has a higher back compared to Rocker Surge. This is one of the few floor gaming chairs that is suited for individuals around or above 6’ height.

This Ace Bayou X Rocker Vibe comes with a 2.1 Bluetooth enabled audio setup just like the X Rocker Surge and Pro 2.1. It’s the same setup as well although you do get Audio Force Modulation from a subwoofer located at the rear of the chair and dual speakers on either side of the headrest.


Priced a bit higher, above $225, the most notable extra you get for the price is the larger seating room. This is an adult gaming chair suitable for floor setups surely worth buying.

2. Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair

Best Bluetooth Gaming Chair with Massage

Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair


  • Dual Bluetooth Enabled Speakers
  • Multi-Functional Massage Chair
  • Upright Couch Design
  • Utilitarian Add-ons
  • Ultra-Comfortable

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In case you are looking for a gaming chair with massage functions, this is it. Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese massage technique. This Shiatsu massage chair is miles away from the gaming chairs we have reviewed so far but it covers the basics quite well.

Ultimate comfort is the most important takeaway from this chair. Design-wise, it is meant for a comfortable snug fit and there’s enough back support as well as cushioning to make sure you feel right at home.

The massaging features function through multiple airbags fit under the foam padding. You get 3 massage modes, each with separate functions and distinct results. This chair can deliver a full-body massage while you are gaming.

This Shiatsu massage chair includes a 2 speaker Bluetooth-enabled audio setup, quite basic compared to the other chairs we have reviewed so far. Speakers are placed squarely at shoulder height. You will get sufficient volume from them although the audio quality is reviewed as sub-par.

There are a couple of add-ons to the design as well. The control panel is intuitively inserted as a part of the armrest. It serves as the single control hub for both massage and audio functions. There’s a nifty gap above the armrest to put your phone in and it includes a charging dock too.


This is the only gaming chair with speakers that truly delivers on massage functions. If you are looking for a massage chair that you can use for gaming, this is it. Priced at around $350, there is nothing like this Shiatsu massage chair.

1. X Rocker Pro H3

Overall Best Gaming Chair with Speakers

X Rocker Pro H3


  • 4.1 Bluetooth Enabled Audio Setup
  • Ergonomic Comfort
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Wood and Metal Frame
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Best Audio Setup

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We rate this as the gaming chair with speakers you can buy today. True, this is a floor gaming chair and may not be what you are looking for in the first place. But this X Rocker Pro H3 is the best at being a gaming chair delivering excellent audio outputs.

This is a floor gaming chair, so it does sit low just like the X Rocker Surge. It’s a bit taller than the Surge and somewhat similar to the Ace Bayou X Rocker Vibe in seat height.

However, unlike all other gaming chairs on this list, this comes with a wood and metal frame. It’s lighter and foldable, arguably the only chair on this list truly delivering on portability.

The leather upholstery adds premium vibes to this chair. Retractable armrest included, this X Rocker Pro H3 scores the highest on comfort and utility.

But what makes this the best gaming chair with Bluetooth speakers is the 4.1 audio setup. With this, you get 4 speakers placed on either side of the headrest and the lower end as well as the subwoofer with Audio Force Modulation.

This is the best audio setup on any gaming chair you can buy today. It delivers on volume and audio quality for the ultimate gaming experience.


Priced at under $250, you cannot get a better gaming chair with speakers than this unless X Rocker comes up with one with a better seating height. That is the only thing we have against this X Rocker Pro H3. Otherwise, it’s perfect for the audio experience you want from your gaming chair.


Gaming chairs with speakers is a new product niche targeted specifically towards the casual gamers who would rather enjoy the game than try to perfect every single skill on it. They do deliver a better audio experience unless compared to a gaming headset or a high-end audio device. Yet, these chairs with audio capabilities do make sense as they can offer a more holistic surround sound experience on a budget. If you are looking for such a chair, these are the 8 best gaming chairs with speakers in 2020.

Game on!


1. Are gaming chairs with speakers truly wireless?

Gaming chairs with speakers and Bluetooth capabilities can play music wirelessly from a Bluetooth enabled device. For that, the will aux power from a separate cable, thus not truly wireless. The chairs do not come with a power storage unit to work as a battery and provide the necessary juice to the gaming chairs.

2. Which is the best gaming chair with speakers?

Top gaming chairs with speakers come in different design types. For PC and console gamers with a desktop monitor or wall-mounted TV as displays, the GTRacing gaming chair with Bluetooth speakers can be the best possible solution. In case you have an on-floor setup, you can consider top chairs from X Rocker and even from Blue Whale. If you want massage functions as well as audio, check out the Shiatsu gaming chair with massage functions and audio.

3. Do gaming chairs have speakers?

Gaming chairs are now available with speakers in-built. They are generally placed on either side of the headrest or at shoulder height behind the backrest. Some chairs also come with a sub-woofer and AFM features that transmit audio bass as vibrations through the chair for a more immersive audio experience.