Best Gaming Chair Black Friday Deals In 2021

Gaming Chair Black Friday Deals

Regarding gaming, almost everything matters, your table, mouse, keyboard, sound system, surrounding, gaming chair, etc.

Usually, gaming chair sales are pretty expensive when you go for them at any random part of the year; however, gaming chair black Friday deals are often way affordable, and you’ll have many brands competing with themselves to offer buyers the best deals ever.

So, if you are looking for awesome black Friday gaming chair deals, this guide has you covered.

What you Should Know About Gaming Chair Black Friday Sales

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday gaming chair deals have seen exponential growth in the past years, so rest assured that you won’t run out of options this Black Friday in 2021.

You can count on merchants like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart to be at the helm of affairs; however, computer desk manufacturers on Black Friday offer juicier deals directly from their sites.

SecretLabs arguably had the best gaming chairs for sales last Black Friday; with prices slashed by an average of 20%. We’re sure to get even better deals this year.

Watch out for this space.

Best Gaming Chair Black Friday Deals In 2021

9. Alienware S5000 Gaming chair

Best Compact Gaming Chair

Alienware S5000 Gaming chair

Features Highlights 

  • Heavy-duty alloy
  • PVC leather 
  • Penta casters
  • Gas lift
  • 4D armrest 


The Alienware S5000 is one of many gaming chairs available for sale this Black Friday. It has an adjustable seat that functions with a gas lift. The adjustable backseat can reach 140 degrees.

In addition, the S5000 also features an additional memory foam neck and lumbar support. Other high resilience foams are about 2.5LBS per cubic foot, but S5000 has 4LBS per cubic foot. 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • High-quality material 
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Luxury feel
  • Comfortable 


  • Tilt is a bit stiff
  • Narrow seat

Price: $390 at Amazon | $400 at Dell

 8. AKRacing Core Series

Best Fold Back Gaming Chair

AKRacing Core Series

Features Highlights

  • Covered in mesh-like polyester 
  • 3D adjustable armrest
  • Dense foam padding
  • Two removable pillows
  • 180 degrees fold back
  • 180 degrees reclining angle


The AKRacing core series has a Black Friday desk deal which is not too pricey and worth every dime.

Although its PU leather isn’t as high-end as many other chairs, it allows adequate spacing for airing, making it better suited for gaming in warm weather. 

It features a 3D armrest which is a step back from the 4D armrest other chairs on this list but it still gets the job done. Other features include 2.5 casters and a class 4 gas lift. 


  • Comfortable 
  • Different adjustable features
  • Amazing support
  • Easy to assemble


  • Mixed reviews

Price: $400 at BestBuy | $350 at HP | $273 at Scan | $300 at Amazon | $302 at Walmart

7. Polar Aurora

Best Cheap Gaming Chair for 100

Polar Aurora

Features Highlights 

  • PU leather wrapped
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • 160 degrees recline function 
  • Highly adjustable 
  • Knee tilt


This multifunctional racing-type seat is an ergonomic gaming chair for sale. It allows an adjustable height and can be reclined to 160 degrees, therefore, giving comfort.

It can carry up to 300lbs and still allow you to move over your carpet, tile, wood, and much more. 

This is one ergonomically designed seat with a comfortable backrest, headrest combination, and lumbar pillow, which fully wraps your body curve, thereby reducing backpressure. 


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Adjustable heights
  • Easy to set-up 
  • Great design


  • Immovable arms
  • Fragile

Price: $160 at Newegg | $110 at Walmart | $125 at Amazon

6. Razer Iskur

Best Budget Razer Gaming Chair 

Razer Iskur

Features Highlights

  • High-density foam cushions
  • Memory foam head cushion
  • Lumbar support system
  • 4D armrest
  • Multi-layered synthetic leather
  • Adjustable depth, height, width, pivot. 
  • Tilt tension and lock


This happens to be the first gaming chair on sale from Razer, and they didn’t mess around.

It features a 4D armrest while its whole body is wrapped in multi-layered synthetic leather. Its insides are made with high-density foam cushions. 

Getting this Razer on a Cyber Monday gaming chair deal can end up as money well spent. Razer Iskur gives you room to adjust the chair’s depth, width, and height for ergonomic sake and pivot it at will.

In addition, tilt tension and tilt locks boost comfort and durability. 


  • Support 300lbs
  • Multiple adjustments 
  • Great back support
  • Promotes good sitting posture
  • Awesome design


  • Takes a long to assemble
  • Pricey
  • Limited colors variants 

Price: $400 at Amazon | $500 at Walmart | $750 at Razer | $400 at Best buy | $400 at Currys 

5. OFM ESS Collection

Affordable Gaming Chair

OFM ESS Collection

Features Highlights 

  • Extendable footrest
  • Adjustable ergonomic
  • Pneumatic height-adjustment
  • Steel tube frame for stable positioning 
  • 180- degrees reclining
  • Adjustable armrest and lumbar support


OFM ESS has a vast collection to choose from although all of them deliver big on price to performance.

Their ergonomic features include height adjustments, center-tilt control, 360 degrees’ swivel, flip-up arms. The manufacturer behind this series offers a lifetime warranty.

Every chair in the OFM ESS collection offers comfort for not just gaming but working for long hours.


  • Quite comfortable for long hours’ use
  • Easy assemble process
  • Casters are durable
  • High-grade materials


  • Most collection doesn’t give lumbar or pillow rest
  • Basic design

Price: $167 at Amazon | $174 at Walmart | $73+ at EBay | $136 at Newegg

4. Respawn 200 Racing Style

Best Gaming Chair for Build Quality 

Respawn 200 Racing Style

Features Highlights 

  • Race Car-style gaming chair
  • 4D adjustability 
  • Steel tube frame
  • 90 – 130 degrees
  • Additional heat control 
  • Adjustable headrest


Respawn 200 racing style is one of those juicy Black Friday gaming chairs to check out this year. With over 20 years of ergonomic furniture, Respawn’s 200 racing-style gaming chair assures comfort and durability.

It allows a 130 degrees recline window and adjustable lumbar support. Its armrest is adjustable to comfortable heights of your liking; the seat can hold up to 275 lb. 


  • Mesh backrest
  • Innovative lumbar rest
  • Maintains cool temperature 
  • Vast number of support functions 


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Recline angle is limited
  • 2D armrest

Price: $194 at Amazon | $171 at Walmart | $290 at Respawn (free delivery) 

3. Emerge Vartan

Best High-Quality Gaming Chair

Emerge Vartan

Features Highlights 

  • Seat height adjustment 
  • Detachable head pillow and lumbar pillow
  • 135 degrees reclining seat
  • Adjustable arms
  • Tilt lock 


One of our top Cyber Monday gaming chair deals is the Emerge Vartan. This computer chair black Friday deal should go online with at least a 30% discount.

The chair comes with height adjustment with a detachable lumbar and neck support pillow as well as tilt tension and tilt lock. Getting it directly from Stables would earn you a 7-year guarantee. 


  • Extra lumbar and head pillows
  • 7 years warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in blue, white, and purple


  • Weighs 300 pounds

Price: $205 at Walmart | $160 at Staples | $247 at Quill

2. Corsair T3 Rush

Best Budget Gaming Chair

Corsair T3 Rush

Features Highlights 

  • Adjustable padded neck cushion 
  • 4D armrest
  • Material: Polyurethane 
  • Memory foam
  • Lumbar support


This gaming chairs for sale list is incomplete without including one from Corsair. The Corsair T3 Rush is ergonomic, offering you integrated lumbar support, comfortable headrest pillows, and more. 

Equipped with its 4D armrest, you can game with style or listen to your favorite podcast while relaxed. In addition, its recline can go from 90 to 180 degrees allowing premium relaxation.


  • Affordable 
  • Easy to assemble
  • 4D armrest


  • Plastic wheels may cause markings on the floor. 
  • No many color options. 

Price: $300 at Amazon | $379 at Walmart | $300 on Corsair 

 1. Secretlab Omega

Best Gaming Chair Black Friday Deal (So Far!)

Secretlab Omega

Features Highlights 

  • Height: < 180
  • Relaxation pillow
  • Full-length Backrest recline
  • Class 4 Hydraulics 


Secretlab Omega is renowned for producing awesome gaming chairs. The Omega gaming chair currently on sale is pretty ergonomic, giving you quality gaming time.

It features full backrest recline seats for more comfort. The manufacturers also include extreme cushioning in essential parts of the chair and a relaxation pillow; you can listen to podcasts for hours and even take nabs on this desk chair.


  • Comfortable pillows
  • Over 20% off during black friday
  • 5 years warranty (from official SecretLab site) 
  • Full-metal 4D armrest
  • Memory foam
  • Different color schemes


  • No lumbar support
  • Poor return policy 

Price: $350 at SecretLab | $300+ at Amazon 


This guide has shown the best gaming chairs Black Friday deals; every seat listed here is ergonomic and contains all the features needed to have a great time while gaming. Besides Black Friday, the seats here also cut across to Cyber Monday gaming chair deals.

Watch this space for more gaming chair Black Friday deals to be added on later.


Will gaming chairs go on sale for Black Friday?

Last year, gaming chairs were on sale a few weeks before Black Friday; retailers offered their products as early as October. We expect quite a few gaming chair Black Friday deals to be available soon.

What are the best Black Friday deals for gaming chairs?

No retailer or e-commerce shop can offer you every aspect you’ll need for a Black Friday gaming chair deal; different retailers and manufacturers offer other discounts or offers.
Regarding gaming chairs for sale, below are sites to look out for and what to expect. 

  • Amazon: Best for those on a budget, generic chairs too. Their Prime day delivery is something to consider. 
  • Dell: Get a discount on Alienware game chairs 
  • SecretLabs: Discounts on all SecretLabs chairs (Titan and Omega) 
  • Newegg: Contains a vast amount of affordable models. 
  • eBay: Get second-hand chairs at affordable rates. 
  • Walmart: A good number of brands with reasonable rates/discounts.