The 10 Games Like Undertale in 2021

Games Like Undertale

If you’re looking for games like Undertale, you’ve come to the right place.  Undertale has many features that set it apart from most other games out there.

The atmosphere, graphics, music, dialogues – Undertale is one of the best examples of an indie game making it big while banking on the one thing that few games have – originality.

We have listed 10 games similar to Undertale with different features for you.

Hope you like ‘em!

Top 10 Games Like Undertale

10. Rakuen

  • Release Date – May 10, 2017
  • Developer – Laura Shigihara
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

Rakuen is one of the first games that comes to mind when talking about Undertale. The first similarity between the two games is that they are developed by one person from start to finish, in this case, by Laura Shigihara, who also provided support for different games on this list as a composer.

You experience different mechanics in the game, whose name means paradise in Japanese. Sometimes you learn text-based mysteries, sometimes solve puzzles in dungeons.

Although Rakuen does not have Undertale’s combat mechanics, it has a story that is as warm as Undertale’s making it a one-of-a-kind experience.

9. Heartbound

  • Release Date – December 25, 2018
  • Developer – Pirate Software
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

Developed in 2018, Heartbound is one of the newest games on this list. Aside from the combat mechanics similar to Undertale, what makes it so special is the story it tells and the world it creates.

Heartbound is a heart-warming game that we play as a child who lost his dog. While trying to cope with the negative emotions of the human spirit, you will encounter different enemies and try to defeat them in mini games.

As your journey continues, the world around you will change. Make sure to play it till the end for the memorable finale.

8. To the Moon

To the Moon
  • Release Date – November 1, 2011
  • Developer – Freebird Games
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android

When we think of games similar to Undertale, To the Moon should be right up there. It’s not the largest game around, but it does have a good li’l story to tell.

To the Moon is about fulfiling the last wishes of a dying old man. While doing this, we explore the atmosphere of the game and indulge in a barrage of emotions driven by well-written scenes.

By the time you finish To the Moon, chances are you will sit back and ponder. And you’ll be surprised at what it feels like to listen to the story of an old man made of pixels!

7. Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise
  • Release Date – December 14, 2017
  • Developer – Freebird Games
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Linux, MacOS

Finding Paradise, the sequel to To the Moon, tells a story at least as impressive as the original game. Just like in To the Moon, we’re helping two doctors named Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts.

Finding Paradise isn’t trying to explore everything from scratch. Instead, it just keeps up with the idea that worked flawlessly in the original game.

This time we are trying to fulfill the dreams of a bedridden patient by delving into his memories.

This is one of those few games like Undertale that will leave an impression, make you ask questions, relive regrets, such is its powerful storytelling.

6. Pony Island

Pony Island
  • Release Date – January 4, 2016
  • Developer – Daniel Mullins Games
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

Pony Island was always considered an Undertale like game in the indie genre. You fight against an evil arcade game that speaks directly to the player and demands the player’s trapped spirit.

Like Undertale, there are dozens of mini-games, combat mechanics, and seemingly endless challenges.

While playing the game, you are helped by a character defeated by the arcade machine and whose soul was imprisoned. With its help, you must defeat the devil in the game.

5. Deltarune

  • Release Date – October 31, 2018
  • Developer – Toby Fox
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, macOS

If you like even the smallest detail Undertale has to offer, Deltarune should be the next game you should play right away. The reason for this is obvious.

Just like Undertale, Deltarune was developed by Toby Fox from the ground up. The game uses Toby’s brilliant ideas and offers everything we love about Undertale.

Deltarune completely stands out from many games on the market, with its graphics, mini-games, story and music.

And, if you can’t play Undertale because you don’t have a PC, there’s no reason not to play Deltarune, it’s on Switch and PS4.

4. OFF

  • Release Date – June 5, 2008
  • Developer – Unproductive Fun Time
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, macOS

Let’s come to the oldest and most interesting example of the games like Undertale list.

OFF was developed in French by a Belgian team in 2008. The game actually has powerful mechanics. OFF, which stands out with its atmosphere and characters in general, has an interesting story that must be experienced.

You will be playing a character named The Batter. With this name, you are trying to fulfill your sacred duty to purify the world.

Although it visually reveals its age, it has a few surprises that will make Undertale fans feel right at home.

3. Lisa: The Painful

Lisa The Painful
  • Release Date – December 15, 2014
  • Developer – Dingaling
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

Lisa the Painful was written, designed, and composed by Austin Jorgensen. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the RPG game is about Brad Armstrong, trying to survive in a violent, pain-filled world of daft masochism.

Brad chances upon an orphaned girl, Buddy, the only woman in the world. We’ll cut the story short here, just that the rest of the game is about Brad trying to rescue Buddy.

Lisa the Painful is a two-dimensional exploration game in which you can move sideways. In addition, it uses turn-based combat mechanics like many games in this genre.

It adds perma-death mechanics to role-playing features. Few games like Undertale are darker, this is.

2. OneShot

  • Release Date – December 8, 2016
  • Developer – Future Cat, Team OneShot
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

OneShot is a puzzle and adventure indie game that breaks the fourth wall. It has pixel graphics and a unique “metafictional” narrative, where players experience different gameplay mechanics.

There is an extra character you should spend time with throughout the game, a cat-like boy named Niko.

As you follow Niko on the one hand and listen to what the game tells you on the other, you find yourself in a land of robotic waste, perfectly picturing the fragmentation of modern society.

The game will constantly force you to get out of the 2D game area. Instead, you will use OneShot’s in-game screens to navigate through your own computer.

1. The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable
  • Release Date – July 31, 2011
  • Developer – Davey Wreden, Galactic Cafe
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

Number one on our list is The Stanley Parable, which we think might surprise many of you. The game, which defines itself as an interactive drama and walking simulation, has a lot of features to be here and is our best game like Undertale.

The Stanley Parable’s greatest strength is its ability to manipulate the player.

Thanks to the narrator who speaks directly to the player, the game can comment on all the decisions made. For example, it tells you to use the one on the left of the two doors.

If you listen to the voice and use the left side, or if you don’t listen and move from the right, you may just embark on a different story.

It deserves to be on this list with a total of 19 different endings, a wonderful voice written over the pages, and a must-experience game – the perfect example of an indie game that’s worth sharing. 

To Conclude

Undertale is more than just another indie game, it is an experiential way forward for video games that make you think and rethink or simply put that mirror upfront that we don’t want. These are the best games like Undertale that do almost the same thing, but just a tad bit differently. If you have some other game that should have made it here, feel free to comment.