The 17 Best Games Like Roblox In 2021

games like roblox

If you don’t know it already – Roblox is an online gaming platform that empowers users to develop their games or enjoy games created by other users. These games are commonly called sandbox games.

Roblox or rather sandbox games is an open-world concept that allows players a greater degree of freedom when it comes down to gameplay and in-game aesthetics.

Sandbox games are mostly aimed at the younger audience, allowing gamers to explore intuitive innovative virtual environments and use their creativity for a personalized gaming experience.

Did You Know?

Did you know that a lot of developers earn more than $100,000 by developing video games on Roblox? People have the wrong notion that Roblox directly pays the game developers to create games.

The surprise begins when a player virtually purchases anything within the games created by these developers [through the in-game currency, Robux.]

The surging popularity of Roblox has changed the sandbox gaming completely. More users are flocking to these games for the open-ended gameplay, storylines and expansive game opportunities.

Here are the best games like Roblox you should play!

List Of The Best Games Like Roblox



Minecraft needs no introduction; it is among the best-selling games ever. Players even call it the shining beacon of sandbox gaming. This sandbox genre game shares a close rivalry with Roblox.  

Although Minecraft was launched 5 years after Roblox, it quickly climbed the ladder as a successful franchise with the latest installment Minecraft: Dungeons getting rave reviews. This voxel-based gaming experience in a procedurally generated world.

Storyline– The game allows players to use unlimited resources to create and build beautiful structures. Minecraft also offers exploration, crafting, and combat gameplay.

Players must maintain their health while conducting these activities to survive. The gameplay also features a multiplayer mode to provide a more cohesive gaming experience.

Supported Platforms: Windows Phone, Android, IOS, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS PS4, PS3, Wii U, Playstation Vita, Fire OS, Windows 10, Linux

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With better graphics, this game is about an outer space adventure where you are dropped onto an alien planet.

Players have to build and survive on the planet with just a handful of tools but the twist here is that they don’t just scrape rocks and trees to make a living. 

This game is spread over 30 virtual square kilometers, providing a huge area to create your world. Players are tasked to create fully functioning automated machines by harvesting the natural resources of the alien planet.

Storyline- Player is an engineer who has crash-landed on an alien planet via an escape pod. The game offers four locations to choose from – Grasslands, Rocky Desert, Dune Desert, and Northern Forest.

Each of these locations has an adverse impact on the resource availability which players can harvest. The game starts with the task of constructing a hub using the escape-pod.

Once the hub is completed, it is expanded into the next tier, allowing players more construction options and new goals.

Currently, it is available only on windows and has sold over 1.3 million copies by July 2020 [in just 17 months of its launch].

Platforms Supported- Windows PC



There are a lot of similarities between Terraria and other sandbox games such as the day-night cycle, building gameplay, and monsters.

Though the game is quite challenging, it is a must-try for sandbox lovers who enjoy creativity and a constant sense of discovery.

This 2D sandbox game allows players to explore, build, combat, and mine resources. Originally launched for Microsoft Windows in 2011, it has been released for other OSs including both Mac and Linux, Gaming consoles, and mobile platforms. It has sold over 30 million copies cumulatively by April 2020.

Platforms Supported- Windows Phone, Android, IOS, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS PS4, PS3, Wii U, Playstation Vita, Fire OS, Windows 10 OS X, Linux



Staxel is a relaxing village simulation game. It is a multiplayer- moddable sandbox and farming game developed by Plukit.

The striking feature of this game is where all the other open-world games require collecting resources to build, Staxel provides with pre-constructed basic buildings. The gameplay is full of lovely colorful cuboids.

The game itself provides a vivid farming experience. Players can load the saved files to look at their farm proceedings. Staxel also has a multiplayer option that enables players to go on quests with their friends.

Storyline- It has unique gameplay that starts with a run-down old farm. Players can rebuild the farm of their dreams by collecting resources. The entire Island can be reconstructed as players’ imagination.

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, StreamOS, Xbox One, PlayStation4



The game was initially released Microsoft Windows in 2016 with new releases for Mac, Linux, PS4 Xbox One, Nintendo, PlayStation Vita, IOS, and Android.

The game follows a strict life cycle for each product as in reality and emphasizes on minute details like growing enough grass for hay, which is to be fed to the chickens.

The attention to detail required is what makes this game one of the best sandbox games similar to Roblox.

Storyline- The players take the role of a character who inherited their grandfather’s farm in a place called the Stardew Valley.

It is an open-ended game that allows players to take on farming, animal husbandry, collecting goods, mining ores, selling the produce, and socializing with the townsfolk. The game allows three or more players to play online together.

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Playstation Vita, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

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In concept, the Lego world seems like a great game allowing players to explore the procedurally generated world. It allows complete freedom to build, color, copy/paste, and destroy.

The player explores the potentially infinite game world to collect golden bricks. These golden bricks allow you to level up and develop more abilities.

If you are a big Lego fan and have always wanted an unlimited supply of blocks to make your Lego dream world, the Lego world is the perfect choice for you. 

Storyline- Players are rewarded for collecting objects spread across the map with in-game currency called “studs”. The players can build using the items they encounter by using predefined LEGO structures or using the brick-by-brick editor tool.

Gameplay includes a variety of vehicles and creatures along with a multiplayer option for world-sharing.

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, Xbox one, Playstation 4, Nintendo

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This is an action-adventure survival game played from both first and third-person perspectives with four principal activities including exploration, survival, combat, and trading.

The survival mode of this game feels challenging as every planet has its own difficulties which make the gameplay more interesting.

These challenges allow players to create ideal intergalactic outposts and manage resources across planets.

The latest updates include 3rd person cam for walking, jetpacking and other tasks. Now, you can build bases anywhere on a planet and also participate in a joint base building.

Storyline- Player takes the role of an alien humanoid planetary Explorer known as Traveller. The game starts on a random planet where the spacecraft crash lands.

The player is equipped with just a survival suit with a Jetpack and a multi-tool to scan, mine, collect resources. The multi-tool can also be used to defend or attack themselves from hostile forces.

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One.



Subnautica has all the other features and challenges offered in the above-mentioned games along with the added danger of loneliness and huge sea monsters.

The survival action-adventure game is played from a first-person perspective in an open-world environment. The player is the lone survivor of Aurora, a deep-space vessel stranded on the oceanic planet 4546B.

The game revolves around exploring the ocean and survival while advancing through in-game tasks and continuing through a surprise-filled plot.

Storyline- Subnautica takes place in the 22nd century when humanity begins colonizing other solar systems. The Aurora was dispatched by Alterra Corporation as an exploration spacecraft towards the edges of the mapped cosmos.

The game objective is to develop a space travel infrastructure – the Phasegate. However, there is a secondary mission to search and rescue the crew of a ship called Degasi which crash-landed on the planet before.

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One, macOS



Time to leave the story of the unknown ocean behind and aim for the stars. Astroneer takes survival and creative gaming to outer space, venturing out into unknown planets.

Astroneer offers a sandbox experience played from a third-person perspective. The most enjoyable parts include a mesmerizing view of outer space as well as multiple creative tasks with a varied scope of enhanced gameplay.

The main attraction of this game is that it has no set goal or storyline as each planet has a different challenge.

Storyline- The player controls a space explorer, called an Astroneer, who explores planets by walking, or by rover or spacecraft. Astroneer needs an oxygenator to provide an extended range and has two other tools, a terrain tool, and a backup tool.

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One



Forager is a top-down view sandbox game with typical open-world adventure and exploration. You start as a small white pixel character on a tiny green island where you mine and forge certain items to craft, build, gather XP levels.

The core purpose of the game is simple enough, gather stuff, craft, gain XP, and repeat. The simplicity of this game makes it quite addictive. The health bar at the top reminds players to eat before it drains, or they die.

Forager was originally launched by Microsoft Windows and Linux with later upgrades for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and even smartphones.

Storyline- Forager is an open-world adventure that combines the mechanics of both exploration and adventure. The primary highlight of this game is the fast respawning of resources providing enormous amounts of harvest.

The player can simulate a variety of tasks related to a wide range of actions. Buying lands from the money generated by these tasks makes this game far more enticing and realistic.

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch



Portal Knights is a one-of-a-kind independent survival action game with a vivid experience that can be said to a better graphics Minecraft.

Portal Knights are amazingly like Minecraft but with different gameplay and action RPG elements. You can choose a character and one of the three available classes, increasing the scope of the game.

It focuses on providing sandbox-type islands and creates portals to travel to different islands with higher-level enemies, dungeons, and various other crafting materials.

Even though the islands are randomly generated they feature common landmarks such as towers, houses, and non-playing characters.

The player can explore, fight off monsters, build and craft weapons. The art style of this game is inspired by the Legend of Zelda.

It can be played both single and multiplayer with up to 4 players concurrently in the same world.

Storyline- The game takes place in a world which is torn apart by a devil called the Hollow King. Players take the role of warrior, ranger or mage and travel to randomly generated worlds. The graphics experienced is outstanding which makes resource collection, exploration and creating new buildings.

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, iOS, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android



With more than 350 million active players as of May 2020, Fortnite continues to be one of the most popular games today. Among games similar to Roblox, Fortnite offers multiple characters, simple battle royale action, an inexhaustible range of customizations, and above all, multiplayer support.

Play Fortnite across different gameplay formats –

  • Fortnite: Save the World
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale
  • Fortnite: Creative

Each model offers a different thrill allowing you to enjoy different experiences. Save the World is a multiplayer game that can be played by 4 players at a time. They fight off creatures and defend by creating whatever fortifications they can make.

Battle Royale is just as the word suggests allows up to 100 players to fight a battle for a single winner. The features are similar except players are fighting off each other instead of monsters.

The creative mode of Fortnite provides players with access to a private island on which they can create and manipulate things as per their desire.

After completing the construction players can invite their friends on the island to delve into different competitions.

Download Fortnite for free and start playing!

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, Classic macOS, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android



Creativerse is a ready-to-play survival multiplayer game where you mine, kill, build, and die. Sounds similar? It also has a paid pro feature with in-game currency which you are constantly reminded about!

The game has no creative or offline mode, it is only available online. The game feels truly awesome with great models and outstanding animations.

It has a simplistic tool and inventory system which makes it easier for even new players.

While the basic content of this game is free, the creative pro version is an in-game feature that allows premium costumes and recipes like mining cells and extractors, etc.

Storyline- It arms players with a gauntlet that can manipulate matter much like Thanos using the reality stone. After customizing the appearance, players are released into systematically generated worlds.

Players can create, participate in public worlds, and even make their world by using in-game admin tools. After collecting the resources from various biomes, they can utilize these to craft weapons, tools, and building materials.

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, macOS



Rising World is one of the most popular games like Roblox but with more defined graphics than the common voxel-based graphics.

The key feature of this game is the endless possibilities for the creative players which allow building over 200 items that are relatively easier with the endless supply of resources.

Start with fundamental tools, gather resources to survive, and create your dream world.

The game was launched in 2014 for both single and multiplayer modes. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. The best part is that the developers keep on adding new updates.

Storyline- The game begins with players being armed with a pickaxe and an ax with no instruction guiding them to any goal or task.

It prompts creative thinking and allows the user to create their world with the resources they gather. Rising World is arguably rated as one of the most popular open-world Roblox-like games around.

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Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux



This is one of the best first-person shooter explorer games around. CasteMiner Z allows you to build and shoot with 12 different weapons and 54 different variants of each weapon. But the user has to craft ammo for each of the weapons.

The game has different kinds of enemies including zombies, dragons, and demons. Online mode accommodates 2-8 different co-operative gameplay.

It even awards the user for completing achievements. It is only available on Xbox 360 but also has a different version named CastleMiner Warfare for Microsoft Windows.

Storyline- After the game starts, players must choose among the six different worlds available including lagoon, coastal, desert, flatland, classic, and arctic.

The game provides over 200 blocks through a customized user interface. It also enables players to teleport to the surface or any prior location.

Players have the option to create their worlds which they can turn private or public. During online gaming, players have the choice to decide to allow other players to build in their world.

They also have an option to kick or ban other players from their servers.

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360



It was initially released as a mobile sandbox MMO providing players with basic features like chat, farm, add friend, trade, build, work, etc. It has now been released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Growing new items is based on combining and mixing different types of seeds which in turn grows into a new kind of tree. It seems like a combination of Roblox and Minecraft.

Everything players need to grow, harvest or build is available on the trees meaning you will have to wait to collect the resources.

The highlight of this game is that it doesn’t have a difficulty scale or any enemies. Although it is free to download, players need to have a UbiSoft account to play, the game is only available to play online.

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4



This is again a completely different sandbox game or rather a space flight simulation game. Success in Kerbal Space Program can be hard-earned, but that’s what makes the game better.

The game neither has any endings nor victories as there is an entire solar system to be explored. The levels are never-ending, there is always the next level that tests the capacity of players to reach their limits.

Storyline- The player administers a space program by green humanoids, Kerbals. These Kerbals have a fully functional spaceport called the Kerbal Space Center.

Players must create spacecraft from a provided set of components. Once the spacecraft is ready, it is launched to achieve predetermined goals set in-game all while trying to avoid catastrophic failure.

Platforms Supported- Microsoft Windows, Classic macOS, Linux, Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox one


All these games are like Roblox, especially considering the open-world gameplay features. These sandbox adventure, survival, and exploration games allow unique freedom to players.
You can not only enjoy the pre-developed worlds but even create and share your world with other players. The endless possibilities to create your very own world from a single block are quite intriguing.
All these games feature different gameplay, giving you a much larger room of possibilities. Enjoy the endless creativity with the games like Roblox!