The 25 Best Free Twitch Overlays for 2021

Twitch Overlays

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  • Twitch overlays are a great way of establishing yourself as a more serious streamer.
  • Your Twitch overlay is considered as a tool that signifies your persona.
  • Show rich content like donations, top followers/follower count, or game alerts to your target audience.
  • Streamlabs OBS or SLOBS is the most commonly used streaming application.

The easiest way to check out if a streamer on Twitch is serious about the streaming is whether he/she is using an overlay. While content is the king in streaming, using the best Twitch overlays does have an impact.

Beginners at streaming are offered an average unimpressive screen, which fails to attract viewers at the early stages. Overlays are the most popular tools for expanding your outreach on the streaming platform.

But you need to be careful about the design as it’s vital to cast a firm first impression of your persona. Overlays offer the opportunity to spike viewer’s interests and present professional-looking content.

Choosing a Twitch overlay is a matter of personal choice and taste. Overlays used by top streamers quickly ignite a new trend.

There are several Twitch overlay providers in 2021 from where you can buy Twitch overlays ranging from premium to basic.

But unique banner images have a deeper impact on the viewer.

What are Twitch Overlays?

What are Twitch Overlays

Overlays are simply graphic animations that cover your stream. They come with unique designer borders and animations. Each overlay is designed to work with specific designs and inlaid functions, clearly mentioned in the descriptions.

Animated alerts for new subscribers, donations, cheer, hosts, excites the audience whereas the default skin available with Twitch is quite dull.

All the new streamers have the same default overlay, which ultimately fails to have a lasting impact on the viewers. One must use overlays to stand out in the crowd!

Free overlays version may come with one or two banner images, but a premium and designer version comes with animations that can attract more viewers to your streaming page. 

For starters, getting Free Twitch overlays is a cheaper and better option to engage more viewers, as they can upgrade at any time. Once your channel/s gets frequent viewers, you can even remunerate a designer to create a custom and unique overlay!

What Makes a Good Twitch Overlay?

What Makes a Good Twitch Overlay

Uniqueness is what increases the impact of a Twitch overlay. You might have witnessed multiple streamers using the same overlay, and doing the same mistake can kill your viewer’s interest. Such instances can be depicted as piracy and potentially damage your online repute.

This is the reason some users go ahead with customized designs, with something different to offer than other streamers. Unique overlays can be key to successfully increase your subscribers. For a serious streamer, the right Twitch overlay is a strategic part of the overall content they are offering to the viewer.

How to get Twitch Overlays?

All streamers, including pros, amateurs, and newcomers are always looking for the coolest new Twitch overlays. Numerous websites offer complimentary overlays for free, but you are free to purchase customized overlays for a better impact. 

Additionally, you can hire an overlay designer and get custom-built Twitch templates. Using freelancing websites to hire highly-rated professionals is among the most expensive ways of developing custom overlays. 

You can get some of the best Twitch overlays in different sections from these websites. Each of them is visited by thousands of Twitch users every day. 

Free and Premium

  1. Nerd or Die
  2. Own3d
  3. Stremx
  4. Streamlabs Prime 
  5. Twitch Overlay


  1. Fiverr
  2. Visual by Impulse

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How Do You Use Overlays on Twitch?

How Do You Use Overlays on Twitch

For users who already have sufficient experience in installing the overlay packs, it’s a smooth transition. The difficulty is only faced by new users who are unaware of the installation process.

An overlay pack generally consists of many images from starting stream page to the ending page, and all the transition screens shown during gameplay such as breaks, banner, profile, webcam, intro, donations, etc. To make the process easier you should name each image with the location it is to be used for.  

Once you have opened your Twitch account, you need to open banners on your profile and upload the banner file and repeat the processes for all your images.

If the images have a customized option allowing written text, use editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or the PIXLR editor to give them a personal touch.

Click here to learn some of the most amazing editing tricks in Pixlr editor.

Let’s now take a look at the best Twitch overlays in 2021!

25 Best Twitch Overlays


OWN3D is a fan favorite of over 100,000 Twitch users. Owned is among the most used overlay developing website simply because of their Streamlabs and Twitch Studio optimized overlays. They have an excellent user rating of 4.8/5.

1. Vintage Series by OWN3D

Vintage Series by OWN3D

One of the most downloaded overlays of 2021 is Vintage Series by OWN3D. It offers a complete animated stream design package with character emotes, sub badges, and an individual avatar maker. You also get several badges allowing you to reward your viewers with expensive professional badges.

You can custom-develop the outlook of your avatar. Access and download just after a few minutes of processing the payment. The number of customizable stickers and animations makes this overlay perhaps the best Twitch overlay around, now available for an offered price tag of $115.

What You Get

  • Completely animated overlay package
  • All animations and banner images are of four different colors
  • 8-piece streamer emotes
  • One individual avatar for free
  • 3 social media banners of each color
  • 6 game-specific overlays of each color
  • 12 twitch panels of each color
  • 5 animated alerts of each color

Check it Out Here!

2. Gamerz Series by OWN3D

Gamerz Series by OWN3D

Featuring a blue theme, Gamerz Series is rated as the best Twitch overlay template around. With varied animation and screen transitions, the overall package is full of aesthetic additions bound to increase user engagement and reduce bounces.

The blue transition lines greatly enhance the overall vibe of this overlay.

This Twitch stream overlay is compatible across 5 different languages. It is priced at $40 for the premium version, the basic version is priced at $25.

The basic version is sufficient enough for new users but comes with lesser animations. You get 10 screens and 7 notification banners for different on-screen actions.

Check it Out Here!

3. Military Series packages by OWN3D

Military Series packages by OWN3D

For 2021, Military Series is a great Twitch stream overlay pack with camo patterned themes and colors. It offers you a unique design element not covered by any other overlay developer. With the new year offer, this pack is available at a premium at $40 and $25 for the basics.

Check it Out Here!

4. Cardstone by OWN3D

Cardstone by OWN3D

If you’re into mystic cards and tarot (or Hearthstone!) you can get a custom animated Twitch template for it.

Cardstone is the best mystic Twitch overlay template you always wanted. You get a blue theme with historical banner-styled designs and flying cards.

Purchase the premium version for $40 or the basic pack for around $25 although you will miss out on the Twitch, YouTube banners, and a bit more available with the premium subscription..

Check it Out Here!

5. Celtic Series by OWN3D

Celtic Series by OWN3D

The Celtic Series overlay offers multiple mythological animations and excellent hue combinations.

The theme and designs are like the Vikings series adding a mystical aspect to the overlay. Its engulfing fire adds more persona and draws attention. 

You get more than five animated alerts with an engulfing fire through the Twitch layout template.

Pricing is like other Twitch overlays shared by OWN3D. You can purchase the premium version for $40 and the basic version for $25.

Check it Out Here!

Premium Add-Ons

  • Animated Twitch talking banner
  • Twitch profile banner
  • YouTube Banner
  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • 17 Animation images



NERD or DIE offers a wide range of overlay collections for multiple streaming applications and websites. You can create your own Twitch panels, Alerts, Stream Icons using their free resources. It also offers several Overlays making tools for free that you can use to create custom overlays.   

6. Glitch 2 by Nerd or Die

Glitch 2 by Nerd or Die

You must have faced a glitchy event while playing a graphic intensive or multiplayer game.

Glitch 2 uses that irritating glitch experience and transforms it into wonderful art with each transition image and frame featuring different designs.

It certainly attracts a user, and there is no doubt you will get a large number of subscribers after using the overlay.

This overlays pack from nerd or die works with all major streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, OBSlabs, and others.

Glitch 2 offers you four color themes to choose from along with language and font customization.

Each on-screen event brings a different animation, bound to enthrall your subscribers.

You can purchase the full stream package with the source file for $30 and just the overlays for $15. Even alerts are available separately for $10.

Check it Out Here!

7. Stealth by Nerd or Die

Stealth by Nerd or Die

The exceptionally large collection of overlays makes Nerd or Die to stand out from others. Stealth overlay offers a dark-themed black border and grey boxes with a number customization option like that of Glitch 2.

This Stealth overlay pack is available for just $22. It offers customization for shape, color, and layers for giving the overlays a personal touch.

Check it Out Here!

8. Terminal by Nerd or Die

Terminal by Nerd or Die

The terminal is one of the sleekest Twitch overlays around with honeycomb-shaped animations. It comes with 3 color options – white, red, and blue, somewhat like Cyborg from the Justice League.

This overlay comes with several terminal widgets, which are compatible with Streamlabs, OBSstudio, and StreamElements.

You can get the complete package for $30, only the overlay package for $15, and $10 for Twitch notifications only.

Check it Out Here!

Overall Features

Alert package

  • Customizable animated alerts
  • Quick Install links for Streamlabs and StreamElements
  • Color, Opacity, Language, and Font customization
  • Enable/disable glitch and floating effects

Overlay package

  • Animated overlays
  • Four color variations
  • Webcam frames 
  • Stinger transitions
  • Countdown timer
  • Supporter bar designs
  • Chat and Goal widgets
  • Event list widget
  • Social media icons

Full Package

  • Combination of Overlays and Alert Package including after effect project files



Twitch Overlay is among the top websites offering overlays in both free and paid bundles. Even though the website is not the most appealing in its competitors, it offers multiple animations for a cheap price making it a bargain deal. 

9. Gothic by Twitch Overlay

Gothic by Twitch Overlay

The gothic font has been a favorite for individuals interested in calligraphy and arts. This Gothic theme by Twitch Overlay offers the entire dark theme overlays in gothic font and customizable color and size options. This pack is an overhaul of the earlier released model in 2016.

It brings out the dark medieval look and aesthetics, that does have a certain niche crowd. This overlay offers 3 different purchase options, professional customization for $32, instant download for $20.

They are also offering professional customization with color change options for $50.

Overlay Features

  • Two animated cam overlays
  • Four stream screens
  • Five stream alerts
  • 14 Profile graphics
  • Profile banner and avatar
  • PSD files

Check it Out Here!

10. Carbon Dark theme by Twitch Overlay 

Carbon Dark theme by Twitch Overlay

For dark theme lovers, Carbon is among the cheapest overlays with graphite color fonts. You get animated alerts for donations, new subscriptions, and other events including.

Even the profile graphics and avatar templates in carbon black Twitch themes offer a very intuitive feel.

With 16 profile graphics and 3 animated MP4 videos, you can get a professionally customized overlay pack for $32, and an instant download for $20.

You will need a photoshop editor to customize the cheaper version. Professional customization is for users with no experience in image editing software.

Overlay Features

  • Professional customization available
  • 6 animated stream alerts
  • 6 animated social icons
  • Available in both GIF and PSD formats

Check it Out Here!

11. Chroma – RGB by Twitch Overlay

Chroma - RGB by Twitch Overlay

While some like dark themes, others prefer RGB colors just like the Razer Chroma RGB (You know what this is if you have Razer products.)

The Chroma overlay has an RGB transition effect throughout the animation, which offers an interesting visual appeal to subscribers waiting for the stream to begin. 

The background also features a subtle green rainfall and the trademark chroma design. You can get this Twitch theme for around $22.

Overlay Features

  • 3 animated stream screens
  • An RGB banner
  • Profile section along 
  • 16 different profile RGBs

Check it Out Here!

12. VX Pro Purple by Twitch Overlay

VX Pro Purple by Twitch Overlay

VX Pro Purple is among one of the best purple-themed animated Twitch overlays. You get subtle purple rains in the background and 3 animated alerts in GIF format.

While it is not available for free, the price is subsequently lower at just $22.

Overlay Features

  • 3 animated stream screens
  • 16 individual profile banners
  • Compatible with Xsplit and OBS
  • Instant download

Check it Out Here!

13. Neon Titan by Twitch Overlay 

Neon Titan by Twitch Overlay

Neon Titan offers a powerful combination of neon green with matte black filling up the rest. Unlike previous overlays, this one does not come with a Streamlabs OBS setup file.

But this is one of the best free Twitch overlays you can lay your hands to move over from the default template. There’s a premium version available as well with quite a few additions, Streamlabs compatibility, and a price tag of around $29.

Check it Out Here!

14. Razor Purple by Twitch Overlay

Razor Purple by Twitch Overlay

A plain and simple overlay, Razor Purple offers 5 alert animations with a dark purple theme. This free overlay comes with animated metallic designs with .PNG for static and .GIF for animated versions.  

Check it Out Here!

15. Diamonds High by Twitch Overlay

Diamonds High by Twitch Overlay

Diamonds High offers a blood-red theme with completely animated alerts. Combine this with the default Twitch theme and you can get a professional but funky overall. This is among the best free overlays for Twitch for new users.

Check it Out Here!

16. Carbon Stream by Twitch Overlays

Carbon Stream by Twitch Overlays

Carbon stream is another free Twitch layout template perfect for new users. Streamers can always upgrade to a complete carbon black theme instead of just buttons and alerts. You can download it for free!

Check it Out Here!



Visual by impulse is among the cheapest overlay developer with both static and animated graphics. Their overlays are created specifically for Gamers and content creators making them popular among Twitch users. Impulse has a collection of both free and paid overlays, with new designs added every week.

17. System Override by Impulse

System Override by Impulse

The override icon is used as a system warning sign, but on Twitch, the System Override overlay is more than welcome.

This is one of the coolest Twitch templates around, featuring a monochromatic design with glitch-enabled animations. It is compatible with SLOBS, Streamlabs, OBS Studio, and other streaming platforms.

You can purchase this pack from the Visual by Impulse website for just $30, the static version is available for half the price at $15.

Overlay Features

  • Dark and Light overlays
  • 7 colorful stream transitions in animation modes
  • 79 shades of dark and light panels
  • Soundtrack and SFX in animated modes
  • Alerts
  • Profile Art

Check it Out Here!

18. Hallowstream by Impulse

Hallowstream by Impulse

The time is ripe for some horror actions with spooky and haunted themes. You can purchase the Hallowstream Twitch overlay for quite cheap.

It will offer you static and animation modes for $5 and $10, respectively. At this price point, you even get animated webcam overlays, right up your alley if you’re into it!

Overlay Features

  • Bat stringer transitions
  • Webs in actual gameplay
  • Animated Webcam overlays

Check it Out Here!

19. Libra by Impulse

Libra by Impulse

This overlay features some of the best-crafted animations around – vine-wrapped webcam display borders and supernatural forest elements.

All the designs are 100% modular, allowing you to rearrange the items in different locations. This Libra overlay is available as static and animated overlays.

Given its strong forte in animation and transitions, go for the animated version available for $30 while the static overlay is priced at $15.

Overlay Features

  • Customizable alert effects
  • Detailed and animated webcam overlay
  • Projectile screen transition
  • Larger looping stream screens
  • Starting, Pausing, and Ending static designs

Check it Out Here!

20. Stormy by Impulse

Stormy by Impulse

Stormy is a free stream overlay with a sleek set of ready-to-edit files. You get 3 animated stream screens, 4 static alert modes, all of which can further be customized using an editor.

True that this is one of the most popular overlays around, but it’s free and a great way to move over from default.

Overlay Features

  • Animated fog effect
  • 70 stream panels
  • 4 static stream screens
  • 5 alert popups
  • 3 animated stream screens
  • 14 different overlay combinations

Check it Out Here!



Sellfy is professionally built by a designer named Mattovsky, who offers really unique overlay packs literally for the cheapest possible price among all the developers.

All the images are provided in .PSD format which makes them easier to edit in photoshop

21. Pink and Blue Overlay by Sellfy

Pink and Blue Overlay by Sellfy

Available on Sellfy, this Pink and Blue themed overlay is custom-made by Mattovsky designs. It comes with a FaceCam border, description panels, and two-stream images, and, most importantly, currently available at a bargain price of $4.95.

Overlay Feature

  • Offline Screen
  • Intermission Screen
  • Rules, Donate, and Contact tabs

Check it Out Here!

22. Flame stream by Sellfy

Flame stream by Sellfy

Perfect for a new user, this Flame overlay offers you 4 PSD files that you can further edit yourself.

You will get a document explaining how to best edit the available graphics. If you like the basic skin, and there’s not much ‘not’ to like, get this Twitch overlay for under $10 to fire up your subscriber count!

Overlay Features

  • Offline, Ending, and Starting screen in .PSD format
  • Social Panels
  • About me, and Donate panels

Check it Out Here!


23. Red Dream by Streamlabs

Red Dream by Streamlabs

This custom-made Twitch overlay template is available on Streamlabs for free. It offers complete red-black honeycomb-shaped designs with several transition images offering some animations although mostly statics. Worth a shot.

Check it Out Here!

24. Legacy by Streamlabs

Legacy by Streamlabs

You can directly install this overlay on your Streamlabs application without having to download it. This Twitch template offers 4 stream images and animation alerts, including a really cool spacesuit helmet opening animation!

Check it Out Here!

25. Pixel Lo-Fi by Streamlabs

Pixel Lo-Fi by Streamlabs

Pixl Lo-Fl is a free-to-use animated overlay available on the Streamlabs library. As evident from the images, it features a strong color combination with pixelated looks, a bit Avant-Garde, but a hidden gem.

Check it Out Here!

Wrapping It Up

With multiple free obs overlays, premium, or custom-designed, Overlays alone won’t be enough to increase your subscribers. Under no circumstances though can overlays decide your subscriber count, especially if your content creation skills are not up to the mark. Consider these overlays vital for proper first impressions.

While Twitch overlays don’t act like a magic wand, it certainly isn’t useless. You can easily upscale your channels by attracting subscribers and viewers, create engaging content while honing your gaming skills. Either way, these best Twitch overlays can help set you apart from the rest.