Fallout 5: Release Date, Rumors, Locations, and More

fallout 5

Fallout 4 was launched 5 years back, and it still rated as one of the best games today. Developers Bethesda Game Studios is one of the greatest wizards of open-world RPG with games like Elder Scrolls on their resume.

They released Fallout 76 just two years before, and it became infamous for removing the game’s best features. The backlash was so bad that the makers resorted to damage control tactics and elevate its ratings on popular websites like Metacritic.

On the other hand, gamers chose to return to Fallout 4 and happily waited for DLCs instead!  

There is a lot of misinformation and clickbait websites detailing on Fallout 5. We have demystified all the rumors, news, leaks related to the game for you. This blog is your ultimate guide for everything on Fallout 5.

Will There Be A Fallout 5?

fallout 3 lone wanderer and dogmeat

Unfortunately, there is no official information regarding the release date or announcement of the new version. If you observe the pattern behind the launch dates of Fallout, you will get a fair idea about its release date.

There is at least half a decade’s gap between the launch of Fallout sequels. However, we also got a spin-off game, Fallout 76, 2 years ago. Since it did not pan out well, Bethesda might look to redeem themselves by launching a newer improved version as soon as possible.

Although Fallout has a strong fanbase, Elder Scrolls is way ahead in terms of popularity and revenues. Therefore, the makers will prefer to launch ahead of Fallout 5. We might have gotten a glimpse of Elder Scrolls 6 if the pandemic hadn’t thrown a wrench into its development. But it is difficult to predict anything now.

However, we are more likely to get an update to Elder Scrolls 6 than Fallout 5. On the other hand, Bethesda may instead prefer working on Starfield first before rolling out anything on its other games. 

Considering all these factors and adjusting the time lost due to the Covid-19, you can expect a new Fallout announcement as early as 2022, if that’s early enough!

Where Will Be The Next Fallout 5 Location?

fallout 76 background

Fallout 4 was set in Boston and some parts of the Massachusetts region known as “The Commonwealth’. The game also integrates several places from the real world, such as Bunker Hill, Fort Independence (Massachusetts), etc. in its maps. The previous installments of the game featured classic American locations such as Utah, Texas, etc. There is no dearth of places for the future iterations of the game as it goes global.

As we don’t have any official news regarding the next locations, we have listed down a few possible Fallout 5 locations for you.



Florida’s notorious reputation precedes its serenity. For the unversed, Florida is a city where the craziest things happen every day. If you don’t believe us, just Google Florida Man, you are guaranteed to find a hilarious news story. We can talk about Florida all day but let us not digress.

Florida is so much closer to the game than other locations, as it was already developed for the famous canceled game, Fallout: Tactics 2. The story of the game revolved around the fight between the Brotherhood of Steel and the irradiated Garden of Eden machine. Florida is renowned for its unpredictability and coupled with visually stunning urban locations, it might just be the perfect location for Fallout 5.

New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the few places that did a tremendous job in handling the pandemic situation. Therefore, it would be fascinating to see the country in a post-apocalyptic game. Another fantastic thing about NZ is its breathtaking scenery. So, to turn all that into a dystopian world would make your blood run cold.



Paris, the city of love, gave birth to many love stories that captivated everyone, from millennials to boomers. The city is one of the top ten memorable places in most couple’s minds. Therefore, an end of the world touch to the most romantic city can prove to be a game-changer. Paris might just make it to the Fallout 5 locations list.

Fallout 5 Latest News

fallout 4 sole survivor

Sadly, there are no exciting tidbits or leaks pertaining to Fallout 5. So, that means one of two things. Either the makers are prudent to not spill any details in any events/interviews, or it is not in development yet. However, as there is not much information regarding the game, it opens the door to astronomical expectations. 

Recap of Fallout 4 Story

Fallout 4 came out in 2015, and even though you can finish the game in under 60 hours. The game brings out the gaming beast inside you.

Let us briefly explain the story of Fallout 4 in case there is an announcement.

Fallout 4 is based 10 years after Fallout 3 and 210 years after the nuclear holocaust caused by the “The Great War.” Although the game starts off from 2287, the story actually begins from the D-day (when nuclear bombs were dropped.) The setting is a post-apocalyptic retrofuture where the location is based on Boston and some parts of New England that are collectively known as The Commonwealth.

The game blends the future with the technology available during the 1950s resulting in us getting a retro-futuristic world. In other words, you get all the groundbreaking theories, inventions, and discoveries such as Laser weapons with the advantage of modern technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, the advertisements, architecture, and living styles are devoid of any changes since the 1950s.

You can choose from 4 factions –

Brotherhood of Steel

An anti-synth group that believes in securing the technology in The Commonwealth.

The Institute

A place that is responsible for creating the synth.

The Minutemen

A group that aims to weed out the threats surrounding The Commonwealth.

The Railroad

A group of rebels whose sole aim is to rescue synths from the institute.

Here is a link to the complete story of the Fallout series if you love watching videos.

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Gossips and Rumors: Is Fallout 5 Confirmed?

Project Paradise event for Fallout 76

Let’s go through the basic features that you can expect from the game.

Multiplayer System: It was the main feature in Fallout 76, but it was so poorly designed and ridden with bugs. Even the most dedicated players lost interest in the franchise. However, the idea was exceptional, so makers should improve the system by going through the player’s feedback on its forums.

Graphics: Come on, you can’t have horrible graphics and glitches at the same time. We can understand if it’s a hardware issue and can upgrade our system, but glitches? That is just a buzzkill for any game, no matter how epic its gameplay is. We expect the makers to buckle up and provide bug-free visuals for the next iteration of the game.

Fix the Plot holes: After the catastrophic nuclear devastation, most places started to recover soon except the East Coast. They had to wait until the arrival of the sole survivor who helps them rebuild their lands and strengthens their defenses. Didn’t this guy just wake up from slumber? How did he do that without any prior experience?

We still don’t know the exact reason for the delayed awakening from the cryogenic sleep. The sole survivor could have woken up much earlier. Shaun took 60 years to make that decision. Was it really that hard?

And finally, who are we fighting against (existential crisis?). Unlike its predecessors, we don’t have a confirmed or designated villain/boss/antagonist!

Missing Conversations: Well, this one won’t bother the introverts, but is still a significant drawback. Fallout 4 failed miserably when it came to story-telling, but that could have been fixed with excellent dialogues. It is not like makers don’t know how to do that as their games like Skyrim had smooth dialogues.

Karma Section: We still don’t really understand the reason for removing this feature, just like most smartphone companies removing the headphone jack from their phones.

The best headphones/earphones are wired. Why would anyone use a Bluetooth headset when there is a much better and economical wired one available?

Anyways, it is similar to what Fallout 4 did with their game. The Karma Section is loved by all the fans as it guides them to make a proper decision. What is the point of playing the game if your world remains unchanged even if you change your decision?

Now, let us delve into the most exciting part, Fallout 5 rumors.

VR Support: As most gaming giants are adapting their games into VR; it was rumored that even Fallout would follow suit. It was a spectacular experience when the makers introduced it in Fallout 4. Unless there are no significant problems with the virtual reality, it is a guaranteed feature of Fallout 5.

Return of Chris: As the story-telling standards started to go down, there were rumors that Chris Avellone will helm the project and fix the story. Sadly, the New Vegas writer denied those rumors.

A Non-human Protagonist: Well, a mutant or humanoid would be a fantastic addition to the game. However, there is no official confirmation regarding this, therefore it is just a rumor that can go either way.


The makers of Fallout are in a fix as their last venture didn’t perform up to their expectations. However, despite its shortcomings, Fallout 4 was financially successful. So, we might get a well-developed game from the makers, but it will take time. As Elder Scrolls is more successful, the makers might give more prominence to it instead, not to mention Starfield. Hence, we can only expect anything on Fallout 5 after the launch of Elder Scrolls 6.