The 23 Best Fallout 4 Mods You Must Try Today

Fallout 4 Mods

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Fallout 4 is an installment in Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic series. Released in 2015 on all major platforms, the game has gathered a great following. Both critics and gamers alike praised the world depth, craft, soundtrack, and player freedom of the game.

The main issues with the game radiated from the game’s visuals and some technical issues. Of course, fans took it on their hands to correct this, aiming to make the best possible version of Fallout 4. Mods are truly a blessing amidst the gaming community.

How to install Fallout 4 mods?

The process of installing a mod might vary from mod to mod. Mod authors will always explicitly state the instructions as to how to install a particular mod.

However, most processes follow the same formula. You can either choose to manually install mods (which is a bit riskier, since tampering with game files can always lead to compromising the integrity of the game), or use a third-party application, such as The Nexus Mod Manager, which offers an easy experience, especially for newcomers.

Official Bethesda Mods are easier to install, as they can be done directly through the game. In the Fallout 4 Main Menu, there is a section called Mods. This will lead to a prompt where you must search for the mod you wish to install.

Alternatively, you can add mods from the library and directly add it to your own. After selecting the mod you wish to play with, click “Download”. This will trigger the installation process and soon enough, you will be able to enjoy your brand new, modified game.

Is it safe to download and use Fallout 4 mods?

The existence of Fallout 4 mods has even been acknowledged by Bethesda themselves, approving of fans joining the team of developers behind the game in order to offer the best gaming experience. Bethesda, however, does warn players that downloading and using mods must be done under their own discretion and at their own risks. But why?

As with any other internet download, one must always be careful when choosing what source to use. The threat of accidentally downloading malware or any kind of virus is always present—but not something that should scare you away from trying mods. Just make sure your sources are reputable.

Any other issues you might run while using mods might be due to load order and incompatibility—but these are easily fixed. Nothing that reading through the mod’s description and documentation or a quick google search can’t fix. even offers their own selection of mods for Fallout 4.

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The Best Fallout 4 Mods

With a mod library as extensive as the one for Fallout 4, it might be hard to choose which mod to install. If you have a goal in mind, it is easier to find mods tailored to your specific needs.

But if you’re a curious player simply aching for something more, the search might become overwhelming. But fret not—we are here to help you! Take a look at our compilation of the best fallout mods out there, ranging from overhaul mods to settlement mods and everything in between.

The mods listed below are guaranteed to make your gaming experience simply the best. Play Fallout 4 as it was always intended to be played.

It is worth mentioning that these mods are in no particular order.

1. Manufacturing Extended Mod 

Manufacturing Extended Mod

The manufacturing mechanics introduced in Contraptions Workshop are a great addition, in theory. Unfortunately, while playing, the manufacturing mechanics fall noticeably short. Between requiring way too much manual intervention and their often-random procedures, many players found this addition a nuisance.

Luckily for everyone, NexusMods developed a mod that fixes all these issues and enhances the experience. The Manufacturing Extended Mod includes a variety of new and, frankly, life-saving devices, including the Component Extractor, the Recycler, the Melee Weapon Forge, and the Distillery, among others.

The Manufacturing Extended Mod also offers enhancements on existing devices, making the gameplay experience overall more enjoyable. It almost feels as if this add-on shouldn’t be a mod, but a native implementation of the game, all along. Fans are such avid fans of this mod, that a Manufacturing Extended Expanded Mod has even been released!

Click here to download the mod.

2. True Storms

True Storms

As we previously mentioned, a huge part of Fallout 4’s appeal is the freedom of exploration and in-world depth. Fans of Fallout 4 often enjoy aimlessly exploring the wastelands in search for a new treasure. The True Storms mod enhances this experience by adding a selection of new weather types, with new textures, visual effects and enhance audio.

The True Storm mods is a favorite for fans who enjoy virtual sightseeing and for those looking for relaxed gameplay. This mod includes thunder, lightning, rain, dust and many more weather alterations! It is truly an artistic addition to the original game.

Click here to download the mod.

3. Looks Mirror

Looks Mirror

A plastic surgeon might not be easy to find in the post-apocalyptic world, but fear not! The Looks Mirror offers players the chance of modifying the looks of their characters by simply adding a mirror to the workshop. This mirror can be snapped to walls and used as décor as well.

Click here to download the mod.

4. Craftable Ammo

Craftable Ammo

One of Fallout: New Vegas best attributes was its ability to craft ammunition. Players were expecting to see this new feature in Fallout 4, but disappointment dawned upon them when it was made clear craftable ammo wouldn’t be present.

If Fallout 4 features craftable armor and weapons—why did they have to stop at ammunition? Some in-game experts claim that the ability to craft ammunition would lower the game’s difficulty levels immensely. Less ammo means the player must either rely more on melee weapons or rightfully manage the limited resources available.

However, gamers from the Fallout community took it upon themselves to correct this wrong and created the Craftable Ammo mod.

Click here to download the mod.

5. Better Settlers

Better Settlers

One of Fallout 4 most liked features is the settlement building abilities. The thought of having your own post-apocalyptic community is just irresistible to some. The thing about settlement building is that, after a while, faces seem to repeat themselves, extracting the realism essence of what could be a varied community.

The Better Settlers mod spices things up by importing over 270 new settlers into the game. This is guaranteed to offer your settlement a wider variety of characters to add. The Better Settlers mod can be used as it is or be customized along with the lore guidelines. Among the options that can be modified, we have the equipment to gender ratio, mortality, and general stats.

Click here to download the mod.

6. Workshop Synth Production

Workshop Synth Production

In a world where you can craft almost anything—why stop? Radio beacons can be awfully slow in recruiting settlers and sometimes your settlement needs a personnel boost. The Workshop Synth Production allows you to create your very own synth settlers.

Became the “parent” of your settlement by creating your new, obedient habitants, sculpted to look however you want them to. This brand-new homemade synth can fulfill all your settlement needs, while you focus on other, more important, issues (i.e saving the Commonwealth maybe?)

Click here to download the mod.

7. Sim Settlements Mod Collection

Sim Settlements Mod Collection

Are you a fan of SimCity? If so, this series of mods is definitely for you. Working in unison to provide you a very SimCity-like experience, the Sim Settlements mod improve the game and overhauls some factors in order to give you further power in your settlement.

Settlers build their own homes, farms, shops, etc. making your settlement flourish while you focus on exploring the Commonwealth. The Sim Settlements Collection includes a progression system, a far more interesting settler’s needs system, and rewards to make your settlement worth more.

With this mod, micromanaging is now gone—and instead, you’re left to manage your settlement as a hold. Become the leader of a budding city with the Sim Settlements Mod Collections!

Click here to download the mod.

8. Carryweight Modifications

Carryweight Modifications

If there is something that is truly a nuisance for the in-game experience of Fallout 4, is the inventory restrictions. They are annoying, intolerable, and make the game harder than it should be. However, an unlimited inventory would instead make the game too easy.

A perfect balance between the weight restrictions can be found in the Carryweight Modifications. The Carryweight Modifications mod also allows for the player to tweak the restrictions based on the character stats—adding more realism to the game. Without the need to use console commands, the Carryweight Modifications mod is a great addition to the gameplay experience.

Click here to download the mod.

9. Salvage Beacons

Salvage Beacons

Put your settlers to good use with the Salvage Beacons mod. The wastelands can be full of great loot, but your inventory might fill up fast. The Salvage beacon mods allow you to place a beacon in a container and calls for a group of settlers to come and pick it up.

They lug it all back inside a workbench for you. Now you can focus on exploring the Commonwealth without carrying heavy bags!

Click here to download the mod.

10. Intimidation Overhaul

Intimidation Overhaul

Shooting or attacking enemies might not always be the proper solution. Everyone gets a little kick out of the intimidation perk in order to pacify enemies. However, the “raise your hands and stop shooting” animation can get dull and repetitive after a while.

With the Intimidation Overhaul, more actions are made available to further explore this perk. Whether you decide to rob your enemies, put them in handcuffs, or making them flee, the Intimidation Overhaul expands all your bullying possibilities. Enhance the roleplaying aspects of the game by downloading this mod now!

Click here to download the mod.

11. Everyone’s Best Friend

Everyone’s Best Friend

If you, like us, are an avid lover of loyal companions and enjoy your adventures more in a pack than as a lone wolf, this mod is for you. Everyone’s Best Friend mod allows for Dogmeat to tag along with your adventures, as well as any other companion.

The times of having to decide between your loyal furry friend and a human companion are long gone with this mod. A feature well-loved in past installments is now available, thanks to this mod.

Click here to download the mod.

12. K9 Harness

K9 Harness

Yes, Fallout might be considered an action game and be full of violent scenes, but if there’s something we will never get over is the possibility of Dogmeat being harmed while trying his best to aid us in our mission is simply heartbreaking.

With the K9 Harness mod, Dogmeat is supplied with—you guessed it, a K9 inspired harness that offers tactical body armor and backpack. The harness can be upgraded to have side pouches, ballistic weave, faction patches, and different colors and patterns. Make Dogmeat look his absolute best while enhancing his skills with this mod.

Click here to download the mod.

13. Beast Master

Beast Master

While Dogmeat is everything we could ask for in a companion, sometimes a change is in order. Human companions can become rather monotonous as well, but that is all Bethesda offers in their native game.

The Beast Master mod brings a whole new layer to the companions, introducing companions that do way more than just aimlessly following you around. The best part? These companions are wasteland beasts. Your new companions can be customized, to an extent, by adding a painting or dressing them in armor once they have been tamed.

You can also track your beasts, in order to find them anytime. Your new beastly companions can also be fed treats and taught tricks. Franky, this mod is so much fun to play with.

Click here to download the mod.

14. Infinite Ammo For Your Companion

Infinite Ammo For Your Companion

There is no in-depth explanation for this mod. It does exactly what its name suggests—infinite ammo for all the weapons your companions (or settlers) own. As long as they have, at least one round in inventory, they can go berserk and shoot infinitely.

Click here to download the mod.

15. Homemaker Expanded Settlements

Homemaker Expanded Settlements

One way to truly exploit Fallout 4’s simulation nature, role-playing abilities, and design features is through the Homemaker Expanded Settlement. Customize the Commonwealth into your own personal style with the addition of seven new pre-built sets, prefab building units, and hundreds of new decorative, lighting, and household furniture that are not included in the initial workshop.

Crop planters, new farmable crops, barriers, and fences are also added in this mod. The perfect merge between Fallout 4 and The Sims 4 can be obtained through this mod. Who said the post-apocalypse has to look dull?

Click here to download the mod.

16. Basement Living

Basement Living

The pressure of saving the Commonwealth and sustaining a settlement can sometimes be too much. Offer your Sole Survivor a place to unwind and relax away from the busy scenario the settlement might be. With the Basement Living mod, add 10 standalone basement and bunker homes (with their own craftable doors and workshops).

These can be placed and entered from any settlement without affecting it or requiring any workarounds. The basement rooms are fully customizable. Give your character their much-needed privacy by downloading this mod now!

Click here to download the mod.

17. Faction Housing Overhaul

Faction Housing Overhaul

A full revamp on how the rooms on Vault 81 look. The Faction Housing Overhaul adds new rooms such as a gym, a shower area, a laundry room, and a series of different workbenches, including cooking, armor, weapon, chem, and power armor. Overall, this is a pretty neat overhaul to the housing factions. Other housing overhauls are also available, so make sure to check them all out and see which one you like best!

Click here to download the mod.

18. More Where That Came From Radio

More Where That Came From Radio

We are strong believers that the music and auditive effects can either make or break a scene. In a strong story-driven game such as Fallout 4, where the developers are trying with all their might to transport you to the Commonwealth, music is extremely important.

Besides, it adds fun to the open-world exploration and game depth in general. The More Where That Came From Radio mod adds 111 new songs to your Pip-Boy, all thematically appropriate. Among the featured songs, you can find “Atomic Cocktail” performed by The Slim Gaillard Quarter or “I’m Gonna Dig Myself a Hole” by Arthur Crudup.

Click here to download the mod.

19. Lowered Weapons

Lowered Weapons

Who would’ve thought such a small animation edit would enhance the immersive shooting experience in Fallout 4. Characters on Fallout 4 are always pointing their gun forward, which disrupts the gameplay experience.

Implementing this mod will make your character lower the gun when they are not firing, allowing for a clearer visual space when not engaged in battle. A simple animation sweep to make your experience way better. Sometimes success is found in the simplest of gestures.

Click here to download the mod.

20. Alternative Start

Alternative Start

Taking the role-playing experience to the max, the Alternative Start mod offers the player the opportunity to decide which role to play, allowing you to choose among 36 different occupations. Occupations include arsonist, brawler, courier, doctor, soprano, wastelander, and many more.

Each occupation has its own specific starting gear, weapon, location, and perk. Your chosen occupation also defines your faction allies. The story then proceeds as normal, but these factors guarantee a different approach to it. As if this wasn’t interesting enough, the mod is set to be updated, including starting quests based on your occupation.

Click here to download the mod.

21. Fallout 4 Wheel Menu

Fallout 4 Wheel Menu

The Wheel Menu is such a helpful and great addition that it is crazy to think that Bethesda did not come up with it in the first place. Through the Fallout 3 Wheel Menu Mod, you obtain a radial menu where you can easily equip and unequip different items and use consumables.

This echoes a feature found in Fallout 76, but it has been modified to enhance the Fallout 4 gameplay instead. Many fans consider this a “must-have” addition as well. It is not a drastic change, but one that definitely comes in handy in critical parts of the game.

Click here to download the mod.

22. Fallout 4 Seasons Project

Fallout 4 Seasons Project

Scenario changes and visual alterations seem to be a favorite among the Fallout 4 community. Similar to the True Storms mod, the Fallout 4 Seasons Project adds the expansion of seasons to the Commonwealth. Summer, Sprint, Winter, and Fall are all present in this mod, making the in-game experience more enticing.

Packed with new colors, textures, and patterns, the Seasons Project is perfect for screenshot junkies or anyone that wishes to exploit the role-playing experience behind Fallout 4. Many fans have compared it to The Sims 2: Seasons expansion, creating a fun sense of remembrance to the game.

Click here to download the mod.

BONUS – 23. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

There is no better QA Agent than the users that will play the game during many, many hours once it is released. Thus, while Bethesda might not be able to foresee any issues, fans can. This is where the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch comes into play. This fan-made patch fixes most of the technical issues gamers have discovered while playing the game.

Most people agree that this is the first mod that should be installed, as it definitely enhances the gameplay experience. While it does not add any extra features, it does finish polishing the rough edges of an otherwise incredible game. This patch has been optimized to work with most, if not all, mods, and thus it is a great addition.

Click here to download the mod.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! Everything there is to know about Fallout 4 mods. Bethesda has already stuffed the game with a ton of content right from the start, yet they’ve been supportive of the modding community which has kept the game fresh and pristine even years after its original launch. Has the game become too dull for you? What are you waiting to install some neat new mods!