List Of All Dog Pokémon, Ranked (Puppies, Canines, Legendary)

Dog Pokémon

122 Pokémon games released till now and still we Gotta Catch Em All. The Pokémon franchise has been instrumental in creating characters that are known to strike a chord with animal lovers.

As dog lovers, we love everything that resembles or reminds us of our most loyal friend. Pokémon invokes the little child in us that wants to battle the whole world and become the greatest Pokémon Master.

And the franchise has given us many dog Pokémon with each one having a distinct design and ability.

Here, we have ranked dog-based Pokémon from lowest to highest based on their style, resemblance, and power. For a better understanding of their powers, we have divided the list into 2 categories, puppies and adult dogs.

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1. Yamper

Yamper, an electric type dog Pokémon was introduced in the Generation VIII of Pokémon games. It resembles a corgi and is known to chase after fast-moving objects. Yamper is still a puppy and can’t control its powers yet so we can see sparks of electricity while it runs. It is usually found in the Galar region.

Yamper has a total base stat of 270 and can learn new moves quickly. Typically, it can learn a new move in the 5th or 6th level. Yamper’s hidden ability is “Rattled” which is advantageous against Pokémon that have “intimidate” ability.

Yamper evolves into Boltund at level 25!

2. Lillipup

Lillipup  - dog pokemon

Lillipup was introduced in Generation V as a Normal dog-type Pokémon. Lillipup resembles a Yorkshire Terrier with some of its characteristics borrowed from other Terriers.

It is gifted with an abundance of facial fur which is used as a radar to collect information about the surrounding areas.

Lillipup has a total base stat of 275 and is smarter than average Pokémon. It is a friendly Pokémon known for its smartness and courage.

Lillipup’s hidden ability is “Run Away” which is helpful in battles against stronger Pokémon. Lillipup never forgets the way it is treated and reacts accordingly as it ages.

Lillipup has 2 evolution stages, evolves into Herdier at the 16th level that further evolves into Stoutland at the 32nd level!

3. Rockruff


Next, we have Rockruff. As the name suggests, it is a Rock-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VII. It is based on a spitz-type dog.

Rockruff is considered extremely friendly and is suggested as a suitable Pokémon for beginners. Although it bonds easily with trainers, it is difficult to raise and some trainers end up abandoning it.

Rockruff has a powerful sense of smell and never forgets the odor smelt once. Hence, it can easily reunite with the owner by following the scent traces.

Rockruff has a total base stat of 280 and gets wilder as it ages and trains. It is renowned for its persistent nature and can prove to be a formidable foe even against powerful opponents.

Rockruff evolves into Lycancroc at level 25 and there are different types of Lycancroc based on the time of evolution!

Rockruff evolves into Midday-form during the day and Midnight Form Lycancroc during nighttime. An Owl Tempo integrated Rockruff evolving between 7 to 7:59 pm in real-time will get us a Dusk Form Lycancroc!

4. Growlithe


It is one of the earliest puppies to exist in the Pokémon world. Growlithe was introduced in Generation I as a Fire dog type Pokémon. When the anime aired on TV, we got a glimpse of this amazing Pokémon as the police dog with Officer Jenny.

Several believed it to be a tiger if you are still wondering about it, head to our FAQ section in the end, for answers!

Growlithe has a total base stat of 350, which is on par with Pokémon like Mienfoo. This is one of the most obedient puppies in the Pokémon world.

Growlithe is also known to be fearless and defends its owner even against a stronger Pokémon.

It is known to have territorial fights with Rockruff. Growlithe’s hidden ability is “Justified” which is beneficial against Dark-type Pokémon.

Growlithe evolves into Arcanine when exposed to a Fire Stone!

Now that we have ranked puppies, let us move on to adults.

Adult Dogs or Canine Pokémon

5. Smeargle


Smeargle, a Normal-type Pokémon was introduced in Generation II. Smeargle is based on a beagle and painter, hence its tail looks like a paintbrush.

It uses the tail to mark its territory. The paintbrush part on the tail oozes with a special fluid that changes color based on its emotions. Smeargle is usually found loitering around in urban areas.

Smeargle has a total base stat of 250 and draws symbols from its tail to express its feelings. Smeargle’s signature move is Sketch, where it permanently copies the last move used by its opponents.

However, it can’t copy Chatter, Struggle, and Shadow moves. Smeargle’s hidden ability is “Moody” which helps to raise stats quickly in battles.

Unfortunately, Smeargle doesn’t evolve further!

6. Manectric


Manectric was introduced in Generation III as an Electric-type Pokémon. It has a total base stat of over 450 and can create thunderclouds. Manectrics are found in grasslands and savannas.

We can also breed them and hatch the egg to possibly get a level 1 Manectric, that can learn Fire-type moves.

This can only happen at level 1, even without that, it is still an Electric-type Pokémon with moves like Wild Charge and Thunder. The hidden ability of Manectric is “Minus” which is effective in Double Battles.

Electrike, an Electric-type Pokémon, evolves into Manectric at level 26. Manectric can Mega Evolve into Mega Manectric with the help of Manectite. Mega Manectric has 2 STAB attacks, Volt Switch and Thunderbolt, which gain momentum quickly in battle.

7. Granbull


Granbull was introduced in Generation II as a Fairy-type dog Pokémon. It is a fierce-looking Pokémon that is timid.

In the anime, Granbull was shown as a grumpy dog that bites people when provoked. As the name suggests, it is based on a bulldog having a heavy jaw with fang-like growths.

Snubbull, a Fairy-type dog Pokémon, evolves into Granbull at level 23. Granbull has a total base stat of 450 and scares away Pokémon by opening its enormous jaw.

It is a quick learner and learns Roar, a Normal-type move at level 27. The reason behind placing Granbull higher than Manectric is that, at level 67, it learns Outrage, a Dragon-type move that can cause major damage to its opponents.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t evolve any further!

8. Furfrou


Furfrou was introduced in Generation VI as a Normal-type dog Pokémon. It bears resemblance to a poodle. Furfrou has beautiful hair and only the people it trusts are allowed to cut its fur.

Cutting its fur increases its speed but it reverts to its natural form if the hair isn’t deposited in the game.

Furfrous are renowned for their loyalty and were the designated guardians of kings during ancient times.

Furfrou has a total base stat of 472 and is the darling of aristocrats. Unfortunately, Furfrou can’t evolve further.

However, we can still change its appearance by cutting its fur. Furfrou is a powerful canine Pokémon that can learn moves quickly.

They can even learn a Dark-type move, Sucker Punch that causes heavy damage.

9. Boltund


Boltund, the evolved form of Yamper, is a Generation VIII Electric-type dog Pokémon. Boltund is based on 2 hounds, a greyhound, and a foxhound.

It is the nemesis of Thievul, a Dark-type Pokémon. Boltunds easily reach speeds of 50 mph and have the capacity to run nonstop for 3 full days.

Boltund has a total base stat of 490 and uses the electricity generated to boost the strength in its legs.

Although an Electric-type Pokémon, Boltund can learn Charm at level 25 and immobilize its opponents easily.

Sadly, It can’t evolve further!

10. Stoutland


Stoutland was introduced in Generation V as a Normal-type dog Pokémon. It is based on Shih Tzu and Maltese breed with characteristics borrowed from Yorkshire and Scottish Terriers.

Stoutland is good at heart and is known for rescuing people lost at sea and mountains. It is a little difficult to find in the game.

The easiest way to do it is by catching a Herdier and making it reach level 32 so that it evolves into Stoutland.

Stoutland has a total base stat of 490 and is an extremely wise dog Pokémon. It loves spending time with humans and forms strong bonds.

Its fur is so thick and long that it can protect people even in freezing temperatures. Stoutland learns Play Rough at level 63 which is a Fairy-type move and coupled with Retaliate, it’s a powerful dog Pokémon.

Stoutland is the final evolution stage of Lillipup.

11. Houndoom


If we decided to rank dogs purely based on appearance the Houndoom family line would occupy the first place. It was one of the first dog Pokémon families to gain Mega Evolve and have dual type nature.

Houndoom is a Dark/Fire-type Pokémon introduced in the early stages of Generation II. Houndoom clearly looks like a Doberman but is based on the hellhound, Cerberus of Greek and Roman mythology. Hence, we get a dog with a dark nature.

Houndour, a Dark/Fire-type evolves into Houndoom at level 24. Houndour’s total base stat is 330 and is an intelligent Pokémon that forms packs and hunts its prey.

Whereas, the base stat gets a major boost and goes up to 500 when it evolves into Houndoom. Its gut contains toxins that mix with fire and causes wounds that are difficult to heal.

This scared people so much that they started calling it the Grim Reaper.

Houndoom Mega Evolves into Mega Houndoom with the help of Houndoominite.

12. Lycanroc


Lycanroc is a Generation VII Rock-type white dog Pokémon. The Midday Form Lycanroc is a calm and collected personality and has a cautious approach.

Whereas the Midnight version is the polar opposite dog Pokémon, who loves battling, especially against stronger opponents. The Dusk Form, which is a combination of both and is extremely dangerous in battles.

Although Lycanroc has a total base stat of 490, it increases exponentially during battles. The full force headbutt can reduce big boulders into pebbles.

Lycanroc in any form will start trusting the trainer if they can unlock its true battling potential. On the other hand, it despises trainers unable to bring out its raw power or force it to fight.

It is also an extremely stylish canine and fiercely loyal to its trainers.

13. Lucario


After Houndoom we have our second dual nature Pokémon. Lucario was introduced in Generation IV as a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon.

Unfortunately, its predecessor Riolu doesn’t share the dual nature traits. Unlike other Pokémon, Riolu evolves into Lucario when it is leveled up with high friendship during the day.

Lucario is a cross between dog, wolf, jackal, and borrows a few characteristics from kangaroo and raccoon.

Lucario has a total base stat of 525 and a justice Pokémon. They can understand human speech and there are reports of it communicating with humans telepathically. Lucario reads and manipulates aura, a special energy, which it can offensively manipulate as well.

It can predict the movements of its opponents and trace them. Lucario is also prideful which makes him vulnerable in certain situations. It is extremely rare to find and that makes it even more interesting.

Lucario Mega Evolves into Mega Lucario, which is a merciless battling beast.

14. Arcanine


No, surprises here, right? Arcanine is truly a beast when compared to other canine Pokémon. Arcanine, like Growlithe, is a 1st generation Pokémon.

Arcanine is based on the mythical creature Ryukyuan, which is itself inspired by dogs, tigers, and lions.

It is so powerful that it is considered close to Legendary Pokémon such as Entei. Arcanine is a ferocious and brave Pokémon capable of running 6,200 miles in just 24 hours. Its agility is so majestic that people think it’s on wings.

Arcanine has a total base stat of whopping 555 points and is the epitome of loyalty. Arcanine’s bark sends a chill down the spine and causes everyone to grovel.

Growlithe evolves to Arcanine only after exposing it to Fire Stone. Therefore, it is not easy to find. There are reports of Arcanine sightings near active volcanoes.

Arcanine contains an arsenal of moves that can be used to overpower most opponents.

When we Google Arcanine, we get results showing that it is a Legendary Pokémon. We would like to clear the air around it. Arcanine is not a Legendary Pokémon.

However, it is the only Pokémon species to be popularly included in a special category known as ‘Legendary Pokémon.’

Now, that we have let the cat out of the bag, we will explain about the legendary creatures. We have also ranked them according to their base stats but these beasts are powerful depending upon the situation.

Legendary Pokémon

Just like we have myths in our world, Pokémon has it too. A legendary Pokémon is a group of extremely rare and powerful Pokémon mentioned in Pokémon mythologies.

All the 4 Legendary Pokémon in the list are canines that wield destructive powers and are known to maintain balance in the Pokémon world.

15. Entei


Entei is one of the 3 Legendary Beasts resurrected by Ho-oH after the burning of the brass tower. The 3 beasts represent 3 elements involved in burning the tower, Entei represents the flames, Suicune represents the rains that quenched the flames, and Raikou represents the lightning that caused the flames.

Entei is a huge Pokémon with characteristics borrowed from Mastiffs and lions.

Entei has a total base stat of 580 and is born whenever a new volcano appears. Its roar has the power to make the volcano erupt.

Entei deals in heavy damage, it can set off volcanic Fire Spin and cause life-threatening wounds to people trapped in it.

It can also heal any injury and is capable of melting away almost everything, even structures that can rapidly heal themselves.

16. Suicune

Next on the list is Suicune, Water-type Pokémon introduced in 2nd Generation with Entei and Raikou. Suicune is based on numerous creatures, it borrows traits from Chinese dragons, unicorns, deers, and other beasts.

It can walk on water and is a powerful creature. Suicune is also a peaceful Pokémon and it purifies contaminated water wherever it finds.

Suicune has a total base stat of 580, similar to Entei. Northern winds are friendly to Suicune and blow stronger in its presence. Suicune has a powerful Blizzard attack that can cause high levels of damage.

It has the ability to reduce an opponent’s attack power and can freeze Pokémon easily with its Aurora Beam.

17. Zamazenta

Zamzenta is a Generation VIII Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon. It resembles a magenta wolf and the face looks like a shield. Zamzenta’s shield is rumored to be based on King Arthur’s Shield, Wynebgwrthucher, or Pridwen.

Zamzenta is one of the official mascots of the Pokémon Sword and Shield game with the other one being Zacian. It has a total base stat of 670 and it increases to 720 when the Pokémon activates its second form. It is one of the most feared and respected Pokémon.

Zamzenta can absorb elements through its shield and activate the Crowned Shield Form that can heal any scars and wounds.

The shield is so powerful that even Dragon-type Pokémon fail to make a dent on its shield. It can tower through mountains and cause shockwaves by causing cracks in the land to obliterate its enemies.

18. Zacian

The last Pokémon on our list is the Zacian, the most powerful dog Pokémon. Zacian is a Generation VIII Fairy-type Pokémon with a sword in its jaw as the 2nd form. It is the other official mascot for Pokémon Swords and Shields.

According to legends, Zacian is either the sister or nemesis of Zamzenta. Zacian’s design is similar to that of a Cyan’s wolf.

Similar to Zamzenta, the total base stat of Zacian ranges from 670 to 720, with 720 belonging to the 2nd form.

Zacian can activate the crowned form when it holds a rusted sword in its jaw. Its signature move is so powerful that it can even cut the ocean into two.

Zamzenta and Zacian together can easily overpower Ethernatus, even if it is at max power.


Is Absol a Dog?

Absol is a Pokémon that has a feline face but looks like a dog. Absol is based on the mythical Chinese beast, Bai Ze, and Barghest, a legendary monstrous dog.
ai Ze is a dog-like beast that can predict disasters and Barghest is a black monstrous dog that serves as an omen of death. As the design and development are based on two mythical dog-like creatures it seems likely that Absol is a dog Pokémon, but we can’t say for sure.

Is Eevee a Dog Or A Cat?

Eevee, an evolutionary Pokémon has always puzzled people when they tried to understand its species. 3 of its evolutions, Espeon Umbreon, and Flareon look similar to a cat but Jolteon and Vaporeon look like a dog. Eevee was designed as a Pokémon that could undergo evolutions easily and it was inspired by a lot of animals. Eevee’s traits are extremely similar to fennec foxes, so maybe it’s a fox!

Is Growlithe a Dog or Tiger?

Growlithe, a puppy that looks like a tiger cub has always confused people. The design of Growlithe is inspired by Asian lions, therefore it has round ears and a mane. It is based on Japanese guardian dog statues, Komainu, and Okinawan shisa. The Pokédex describes Growlithe as a puppy and it shares most of its traits with dogs, we can assume that Growlithe is a dog Pokémon.


Dog Pokémon are among the most common types of Pokémon around. They are also the most popular ones as well! Whether you are playing the best Pokémon games today or bingeing through the anime series, the world of Pokémon is here to stay and it is only set to get bigger and better!