Discord Update Failed Error – Top 9 Fixes

Discord Update Failed

Discord is to gamers what Zoom is to businesses and corporations.

As the #1 VOIP service for gamers, Discord constantly dishes out updates to meet the ever-demanding nature of the gaming world.

Updates generally don’t only improve the interface but fix bugs and optimize a product to make use of different available system properties, but due to often unforeseen circumstances, Discord won’t update.

So, if your Discord update failed or you’re just stuck in a Discord update loop, this guide is for you.

How to Update Discord the usual way

1. Update on launch

By default, your device should search for and install the latest Discord update whenever you launch it.

What hinders this is that most users seldom close Discord or don’t properly shut down their computers.

To get a new Discord update by launching it, follow the steps below.

  • Properly close the Discord application or completely shut down your computer. Open the Start menu and click the Shut Down command. Ensure you close all open programs and save every progress.
  • Locate and open your Discord app.
  • Give Discord time to check for updates. If there are new updates, Discord would download and automatically install them.
  • If Discord successfully downloaded and installed an update, a changelog/new features report would pop up. It would be best to skim through it then close it by pressing the X at the top.
  • When done, enter Discord and enjoy.

2. Update Discord while Running 

Discord checking for updates is possible even while running, but you need to trigger this feature. Although restarting Discord is the best way to find and install updates, you can still get updates even while using it.

  • While Discord is running, click the rectangular box at the top right to maximize it.
  • Press the Ctrl + R shortcut keys to refresh Discord. You should see the interface refresh and reload.
  • Discord then searches for updates and automatically starts downloading them.
  • Now, close and restart Discord to install it.

This is how to refresh Discord; it could come in handy when Discord freezes or seems to be malfunctioning.

The difference between this method and the one above is, here Discord downloads the update in the background and installs it only when you restart it, thereby saving time.

In the previous method, you’ll have to wait for Discord to download and then install the update. Read our guide on Discord update and know more about the updates and possible issues might face.

Discord Update Failed | Sure-shot Best Fixes

If your aim to update Discord failed, especially after trying the usual methods in the section above, try the solutions here. At least one will work out!

1. Check for Downtime and Change Device

Check for Discord Downtime

When Discord is not updating, the first remedy is to check for downtime. No doubt, Discord is quite formidable and seldom experiences downtime, but even Discord had server issues.

So, the first Discord fix would be to check if there’s downtime. Then, visit Discord’s social media handles to see if there’s a report of some sort.

You could also reach out to friends who use Discord to see if they have a similar experience.

Also, sites like this report when there’s a break in transmission. Discord also has a downtime report site you can check too.

Another remedy is to switch devices; if Discord is working on a different device, then the former device is the only victim, there are other solutions to consider.

2. Allow for a While

Discord Interface

Most times, your internet connection might be the culprit. However, you can exercise a little patience and wait it out.

While at it, check to see if you aren’t restricting background data.

You could also move closer to your internet source, router, or Wi-Fi device. 

Try checking your internet speed rate by using a tool like this

Disconnect and reconnect your internet connection, then try any of the methods above to see if Discord updates go through.

While waiting, you can read a book, get coffee, or do something else. If, after waiting for over 30 minutes, nothing changes, go to the next solution below.

3. Launch Discord as an Admin

It doesn’t require much to do this. Attempting to access a program with Admin privileges is a type of nudge that often sees programs responding meticulously. 

  • Restart your computer, locate the Discord icon, right-click over it and select the Run as Administrator option. 
Launch Discord as an Admin
  • When the User Account Control window pops up, click on Yes
User Account Control window
  • When in, allow Discord to check for updates. If there are any, it would automatically download and install them.
  • When done, a changelog/new features window would pop up, go through it, then click X at the top right and close it. 

4. Move Discord Folder

If Discord won’t stop updating, you can try moving the Discord folder to a different location. 

  • Using Win + R, open your Run window or search for it from the Start menu. 
  • Type %localappdata% in the text box and hit Enter. Windows then open your Local App Data
Open Local App Data by Run
  • While there, create a New Folder, then click on the Discord folder and drag it into the New Folder
Drag Discord folder into the New Folder
  • Try updating Discord with the exe file, and when prompted to choose a location, navigate your Windows Explorer, and select the New Folder (new location.)

5. Rename the Update.exe File

If Discord is failing to update when using the update.exe file, you should consider renaming the file.

Many users whose Discord won’t update have recommended this fix. Viz. –

  • Open the Run windows with Win + R shortcut keys, or go to your Start menu and type Run, and then select the app. 
  • Type in C:\Users\Username\AppData then hit Enter; Username in this context is your local account username. Alternatively, open Windows Explorer then go to This PC > C: > Users > Username > AppData
Open AppData from Run window
  • Open the Local folder, then locate and select the Discord folder. 
select the Discord folder
  • Right-click on the Update.exe file, then select Rename
Rename Update exe file
  • Rename it to UpdateX.exe (case sensitive). 
Rename Update exe file to UnpadeX
  • When done, right-click over the update file, then select Run as administrator.

6. Disable Windows Defender

Typically, Windows Defender helps protect your system from malicious files and programs. It is Windows #1 security feature.

However, it sometimes gets overzealous and blocks the resources needed to update Discord. Follow these steps to disable Windows Defender. 

  • Click the Windows icon to open your Start menu or strike the Windows key. Next, select the Settings option; it is usually above the Power option. 
select the Settings option from start button
  • Locate and select the Update & Security option 
Seclect Update & Security option
  • Select Windows Security from the left pane, then click on Virus & threat protection
Select Virus & threat protection
  • Click on Manage Settings below Virus & threat protection settings
Select Virus & threat protection settings
  • Toggle off the Real-time protection by clicking the green switch. 
Toggle off the Real-time protection
  • Now, launch Discord and allow it to search for and install a new update.

7. Disable your Firewall

Windows Firewall is somewhat similar to Windows Defender. Unfortunately, this security feature could also interfere, causing a Discord update failed loop.

Follow the steps below to disable Firewall. 

  • Open your Start menu, then type in Firewall to the search field, then select the resulting app. 
Open Firewall Settings
  • Select the Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or Off from the left pane. 
Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or Off
  • Go through the options there, then uncheck Block all incoming connections, including those in the list of allowed applications box. These boxes are under Windows Defender Firewall and Public network settings
Block all incoming connections
  • Now try updating the Discord program by launching the Update.exe or with any of the methods in the section above. 
  • If it doesn’t work, disable the firewall entirely by following steps one down to three; however, you’ll click the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) instead of Block all incoming connection….. 
  • Then click on Ok and proceed to install the update.

8. Disable your Antivirus 

Disable your Antivirus

Besides Windows Defender and Windows Firewall, most of us install other antivirus to help boost our security.

How to disable antivirus is often unique to the software in concern. However, you can disable the program from launching when you start up your computer by following these steps.

But it isn’t advisable to disable your security program, be it Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, or your third-party antivirus.

For the time being, we must. 

  • Right-click on your taskbar and select the Task Manager option; alternatively, use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcut keys to open it. 
  • If in compact mode, click on More Details to expand and consider maximizing the window. 
  • Select the Start-up tab, then locate your antivirus, right-click over it and select the Disable button. This action would stop it from auto-launching on startup. 
  • Restart your computer, then check if the Discord update loop still shows up.

9. Uninstall and Reinstall Discord

If running as an admin and other solutions here doesn’t work, then you’ll have to uninstall and reinstall Discord after deleting all its files.

  • Close Discord, to do this, right-click on its icon in the taskbar and select the Quit Discord option. 
  • Open the Task Manager by right clicking your taskbar and select its option or use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcut keys. 
Open Task Manager
  • Go through the Process tab, then ensure you end all Discord processes. Locate any you see, right-click over it, and select End Task.
select End Task
  • Open the Run window by using the Windows + R keys.
  • In the text field, type in appwiz.cpl and hit Enter to access all your applications or open your Start menu, type in applications, and select the Add or Remove programs option.
Type appwiz.cpl at Run window
  • From the application list, search and select Discord, then right-click and select the Uninstall button.
select the Uninstall button
  • When done, open another Run command with the Win + R shortcut, then type in %appdata% and hit Enter.
Type appdata at Run window
  • Go through the folders there, then select the Discord folder, right-click and click on Delete. If any prompt pops up, click on Yes
Delete Discord folder

Now, we’ve entirely removed every Discord file on your computer. Also, you can make use of computer cleaners to remove any residue. Now,

  • Open Discord’s official site and download the latest version. 
  • Double click on the setup file and run installations. Follow all on screen instructions.
  • The setup file would install the latest version. Sign in with your Discord account and enjoy. 


If your Discord update failed, this guide has shown you how to fix discord.

Note that your internet network connection may also be responsible for this; nevertheless, you could try checking if only you are experiencing the problem.

You can also launch Discord as an admin, disable your Firewall/antivirus/Windows Defender, or rename the update.exe file.

At least one of the solutions here should work; share with us which one did for you.


Q. Why does Discord fail to update?

A poor internet connection, in general, or while installation, is often the culprit. If you are convinced this isn’t the case, then it’s possible that a security program on your device, Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, or your antivirus program, must have interfered with the connection between Discord and its servers.

Q. How do I force Discord to update?

You can try renaming the Discord update.exe file then launching it with admin privileges. Also, while Discord is running, use the CTRL + R shortcut keys to refresh Discord, restart your computer, and update it again. Also, this guide contains over five other ways to force Discord to update.

Q. How to fix the Discord update loop?

If your internet is okay and none of your security software is active, then know a corrupt Discord file is responsible. Your best resolve is to remove these files. Follow the instructions in this guide and completely uninstall Discord plus files, then visit the Discord site and install a new recent version.