Discord Go Live Not Appearing? Here’s How to Fix It

Discord Go Live not appearing

Discord is a popular social platform for the digital distribution of content with an emphasis on creating a strong community of dedicated gamers, both buyers and consumers.

There are several features offered by Discord including text messaging, video calling, voice calling, private chats, other than varied personalization options.

But the most scaling and popular feature of Discord is live screen sharing.

It’s the Go Live button that’s at the center of a progressively growing gaming content industry. This feature allows you to share any one of the opened screens on your display.

The only catch here is that you need the Discord app. While other users can view your stream through the Discord web app, the streamer needs to have Discord installed.

As Discord Go Live features depend on different settings, many individuals often complain about Discord go live not appearing on their screen.

This issue can be resolved using indirect troubleshooting methods related to the error.

Note that there is no diagnosis system available with Discord.

Troubleshoot Discord Go Live not appearing

Discord has increased the limit of Go Live members to 50 people at a time.

Just so, you will need to fine-tune some settings before you create a channel to stream your content directly to your community. And all that is through the Go Live button which may not show in specific situations.

If you are new to Discord, know how to use Discord, the best practices come first. Once you have the best practices covered, we’ll help you get your Go Live button back.

Just read on!

1. Add a Game from Game Activity

Add a Game from Game Activity

First and foremost, without adding a game in the activity section, your gameplay cannot be streamed through Discord.

For that to happen, either Discord should recognize your game, or it should be added manually.

Manually add your game using these steps

  • Click on the settings icon at the bottom left corner.
  • Scroll down to the Game settings and click on Game Activity.
  • Choose the game you wish to stream. If it’s not detected, click on add it! 
  • Select the game from the drop-down menu.

Adding the game should enable you to share your screen.

Check the Discord live option if it’s available now.

2. Changing Settings

Changing Settings

For the second troubleshooting method, you need to ensure that the Discord application is allowed to use screen capture. To enable this feature –

  • Click on User settings and open App settings.
  • Navigate to Video Diagnostics.
  • Turn on the Use our latest technology to capture your screen.

3. Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration

Dropping frame rates is common while playing GPU-intensive games. It mostly occurs when you have screen grabbing or recording software.

Unless you have the best gaming PCs, there will always be some frame drops, either in your game or at least in the stream.

Turning on hardware acceleration can resolve this issue to a certain extent. It will allow the Discord application to take advantage of your computer hardware.

This setting is available under the appearance section of user settings. Once done you should restart to check if the Discord Go Live button appears or not.

Note: Changing this setting will require you to restart your Discord application.

4. Run as Administrator

Run as Administrator

If all else fails, the issue might be related to your computer permissions and accessibility. Allowing Administrator access to Discord and you might just find the Discord Go Live button right there where it belongs!

5. Deleting the app data

Deleting the app data

In some cases, the issue might be related to the corrupted application data. If you find that you’re Discord Go Live is not working and similar issues with other apps on your system, follow these steps –

  • Press Windows + R and type %appdata% in the box and press enter
  • Select the Discord folder, and press Shift & delete to remove the application data from your system.
  • All Discord data will be deleted. In case some files still remain, retry by selecting the items inside the Discord folder.

Recheck your Discord software if the Go live feature has been enabled or not.

6. Re-install the Discord Application

Re-install the Discord Application

If Discord Go Live is not showing even after trying the above-mentioned troubleshooting, there is only one option you are left with: updating your Windows Operating system and reinstalling the Discord software.

After your OS has been updated, uninstall the Discord application and remove all the app data by following the steps mentioned in the previous troubleshooting method.

Download Discord software from here and check.


Software issues are nothing new. When we talk about software issues, those dependent on the internet face far more problems than standalone applications. The reason behind such cases can be challenging to find as these software apps are beyond the usual DOS prompts and rarely open-ended.

On top of the security patches in operating systems, developers are continually attempting to improve software interface, ease of use, and common issues.

In case if the Discord Go Live is not appearing even after going through all the methods mentioned above, we recommend a full disk format, if you’re up for it, that is.