7 Most Popular Custom PS5 Controller of 2021

Custom PS5 Controllers

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We all have our favorite console controller. Some gamers love the feel of the Xbox controller. Some gamers hail the switch pro controller.

To me, the Dualsense for PS5 is a great controller.

I’m a huge fan of the Haptic feedback and Adaptive triggers which make gaming much more immersive than anything I’ve experienced before.

So Why Buy a Custom PS5 Controller?

The stock PS5 controller has two big problems: 

  • The looks. You either love the look of the DualSense or you hate it. Even worse the white finish shows up sweaty gamer grease and Cheeto dust like no tomorrow. 
  • Those fancy features I just mentioned are no good for competitive FPS play. That rumble is going to throw you off your game and the adaptive triggers will only slow you down.

This is why we’re giving you the lowdown and reviews of the top custom PS5 controllers your money can buy!

Each PS5 custom controller is built from the ground up. (Spoiler alert: you’re going to need a lot of money)

7 Best Custom PS5 Controllers

1. Colorware Custom PS5 Controller: Best for classy cosmetics

Colorware Custom PS5 Controller

We start with the Colorware custom controller. This customized PS5 controller is perfect for the gamer on a budget who wants a pretty controller.

This is a custom PS5 controller for the adults in the room. You can customize the body, center, buttons, and trackpad from a range of solid and metallic options. 

There are no wild skins here and the end result is an understated custom controller. A controller that is distinctly un-gamery, seriously your significant other won’t be complaining when you leave this baby out. 

However- this is a custom paint job only offering. This controller won’t improve your game. Underneath the shiny new surface, this customized PS5 controller is all stock.

If you don’t want the PS5’s stock features getting in the way of your 360 no scopes you’ll be going into the game settings, same as always.

Full custom price: Around $169


  • Cheapest option
  • Great colour schemes
  • Classy customisation options
  • 24-month warranty


  • Cosmetic only
  • Limited options
  • Barebones design UI

Get it here on Colorware

2. Aimcontrollers Custom PS5 Controller: The One with paddles!

Aimcontrollers Custom PS5 Controller

Next up we have a custom PS5 controller from Aimcontrollers. This controller is aimed much more at the kind of gamer who wants a PS5 pro controller with all the bells and whistles. 

First up, the cosmetics of the controller are fully customizable. Color options are limited but there’s a tonne of skins to choose from.

Compared to the classy colors of Colorware offering this baby is going full gamer! (You can even have RGB illuminated sticks!)

On the performance front, this is the only custom PS5 controller with paddles on the list. Paddles vs extra buttons are really up to personal preference.

The paddles are pretty big (so easy to find) but they’re not pretty. However, the paddles do mean you can keep the rumble option if you wish.

Besides being a controller with paddles the Aimcontroller also has options for smart triggers, smart bumpers, AND custom thumbsticks.

You can also pay a few more bucks and have a programmable version of the paddles. The only downside? The builder doesn’t explain what any of these things do….

Luckily I’ve got your back. The smart bumpers are quicker to actuate ( quicker/ more sensitive button presses). The smart bumpers do the same, getting rid of the stock adaptive triggers.

Overall the Aimcontroller is a great option for wannabe pro gamers. It has a great range of skin options for a gamer look and decent performance options.

A fully decked-out version will hit you for about $350.

Full custom price: Around $350


  • Good number of cosmetic options
  • A large degree of customisation 
  • Paddles (if that’s your thing)
  • Easy to use designer UI
  • Option of quick dispatch (but it’s expensive)


  • No explanations for performance upgrades
  • Tricky matching cosmetics


Check it out at Aimcontrollers

3. Controllerchaos Custom Controller: One to Watch

Controllerchaos Custom Controller

The next offering is the custom PS5 controller from Controllerchaos. This option finds itself somewhere between our first two offerings. Let me explain.

As of right now, the chaos controller is cosmetic only. It has a range of options (more than Colorware) but to be honest quite a few are pretty cheap looking.

Making things worse is the fact the design process itself can be pretty confusing! Why are “premium” options cheaper than “normal” color options WHY?!?

A purely cosmetic build here will cost you around $175. This is less than the Colorware. But if you add some tags it’ll come out at $265. 265 seems like a lot for a purely cosmetic custom controller. 

However, they do have “Rapid Fire Mods” coming soon. The list: rapid-fire, akimbo rapid fire, drop shot, jump shot, fast reload, jitter, auto burst, quick scope, auto spot, and more.

These basically sound like cheats/ hacks built right into the chip on the controller. 

I in no way endorse cheating but if you suck at FPS games and want to ruin it for everyone else then the custom PS5 controller from ControllerChaos might be one to watch. 

Full custom price: about $265


  • Decent range of cosmetic options
  • Simple design/ fair price, 
  • Builder is reasonably easy to use


  • Currently no performance mods 
  • no clear eta on performance mods
  • Fully customised controller is expensive

Want one? Get one at ControllerChaos

4. Evil Custom Controller: All the Options 

Evil Custom Controller

Fourth in line is the Evil custom PS5 controller. This choice is for the serious gamer with cash to burn. If you’re looking to be a streamer or want to look like a pro this could be the controller for you. 

The Evil controller comes with a decent range of faceplate and trim cosmetic options. Not as many as some on this list but probably enough. 

The Evil controller comes with “Pro” and “Mod” options. These are what you’ll be spending the big bucks on. 

The first Pro option is the shift buttons. Shift buttons are buttons that are added to the back of the controller (imagine a built-in paddle).

You can have up to four that are mapped to different buttons. Or, for an extra charge, you can have them be completely remappable.  

The second option is to get rid of the actuated triggers and replace them with tactile triggers. These boast Instant actuation and low travel distance. 

You can also have the thumbsticks tension changed to improve fine control and avoid overcorrection in aiming. 

Just remember that these pro features will cost you your rumble motors and actuated triggers. Furthermore, these mods mean your controller will only really work with FPS games. 

The “Mod” options are similar to Controllerchaos’ future offerings. There’s a standard rapid-fire mod (for cheaters). 

A mastermod which includes macros (Adjustable/Akimbo/Tactical), Drop Shot, Fast Reload, Auto Scope, Auto Run, Auto Spot, Auto Aim (Zombies Only). 

Finally, there’s a Fortnite mod that adds macros for weapon hot swapping and faster building. It is pretty cool that there’s a specific loadout just for Fortnite.

A fully decked-out controller here will cost you roughly  $460. Add a gold tier warranty and you’re looking at nearer $550.

For a controller that will only work on certain games.  Or in other words, you could buy another PS5 at this price point.

If you want a controller with all the mods this is probably the option for you, just get your wallet ready.

Full custom price: about $464


  • Extensive performance mod options
  • Very easy to use builder
  • Thorough explanations of each mod


  • Potentially very expensive
  • Limited cosmetic options
  • You can get more for less elsewhere

Check it out at Evilcontrollers

5. Controllermodz Custom Controller: Cheaper Performance

Controllermodz Custom Controller

Fifth we have the custom PS5 controller from Controllermods. This is an offering that comes from the UK and features both customizable cosmetics and performance mods. 

A fully modified controller here will set you back roughly £265 ($370). For this, you get a decent but not stellar choice of customizations.

Much like the Evil controller the cosmetic options are a little limited, especially if you’re after a more simple color swap. 

On the performance side, we have options for “Razorback Maxfire Mods”, two “dominator” buttons, and smart triggers.

If you ignore the obnoxious gamer lingo the Razorback mods are more macro cheats. The dominator buttons are two extra buttons that go on the back (like shift buttons).

The smart triggers lower the actuation to make them more like mouse buttons. 

At this price point, the Controllermods option is a good middleman. It won’t set you back as much as some of the more customizable options BUT you don’t get as much choice.

Total custom price: Around £265/ $366


  • Competitively priced
  • Fair range of options


  • Limited customizability
  • Design tool on site is glitchy

Get one at Controllermodz

6. Hexgaming HEX  RIVAL 2  PS5 Controller: Easiest Design

Hexgaming HEX  RIVAL 2  PS5 Controller

If you want a custom-looking controller but find designing your own intimidating I have a wild card entry for you. 

On the cosmetic side, the Rival 2 looks like any other custom controller. Amazon has nearly 20 different styles to choose from.

These range from simple color swaps to more gamery style skins you might be used to.

But it isn’t all cosmetic. The Rival 2 features several performance upgrades too. Firstly it’s another PS5 controller with paddles.

On this model, they’re fully reprogrammable too, which is handy if you have different needs for different games.

It also features Hex’s “hair triggers”. These act like smart triggers/ bumpers on other custom controllers. This means a nice clicky feel and rapid actuation for quick shots. 

Finally, the Rival 2 has ergonomics covered. This model comes with 6 interchangeable thumbsticks to match your personal needs.

On top of this, the custom skins are designed to improve grip for you sweaty gamers out there.

Total custom price: around $290


  • Good value for money
  • Great first-time custom controller
  • Performance upgrades included


  • Very limited personal customizability

Treat yourself to one on Amazon

7. Battlebeaver Custom: Experts Top Pick

Battlebeaver Custom

Finally, we come to my personal favorite. The Battlebeaver custom PS5 controller. Compared to every other option on this list this thing takes customizability to the next level. 

Let’s start with the performance mods. You can have up to four, fully remappable back buttons. The awesome thing here is you get to individually choose their location.

Want all four buttons on the bottom of the right side? Sure thing! Want them nicely spread out? No problem. For a gamer with big chunky hands like me, this is a godsend.

This is our most ergonomic pick for sure. 

These back buttons also come with a Quiet/Soft option at an extra cost that is perfect for streamers. On top of this, we have fully customizable triggers/ bumpers and thumbsticks. You can even keep the rumble motors if you so wish.

 If you like retro games or indie platformers you can even swap out the d-pad for individual clicky buttons that feel great. 

The cosmetic options are more limited but still fine. As a bonus, this is the only option here to include KontrolFreek grips for if you have sweaty hands like me. Don’t wanna drop that posh new controller!

The Battlebeaver is the most customizable option here by far. So, of course, it’s the most expensive. Right? No.

Even with an extended 24-month warranty and every mod I could throw at it, it comes in at around $365. At this price point, it blows the competition out of the water. 

Total custom price: around $350


  • Great value for money
  • Best design UI of the bunch
  • Insane level of customizability
  • Price break down during design. 


  • Standard warranty only 30 days
  • Cosmetic customisation is not as good as some
  • Doesn’t feature macro mod support. 
  • Limited availability

Check it out at Battlebeaver


So that’s it. For my money, the Battlebeaver is currently the best custom PS5 controller. It offers the highest level of customizability at the most competitive price.

The design UI is also a dream to use. However, if the design process is a little intimidating, you can’t go wrong with the Hexgaming custom RIVAL 2. It features pretty much anything you could want from a  custom controller and is headache-free. 

At the end of the day though if all you care about is dominating in COD or Apex legends you should probably consider ditching the controller altogether.

A fully customized controller still can’t beat a mouse and keyboard. Put those 300 – 500 dollars towards a decent gaming rig.  But console vs PC is an article for another day….. 

Anyway, if you have your heart set on a custom PS5 controller, the Battlebeaver custom is where it’s at. 


Will a PS5 custom controller improve my gaming performance?

Maybe? If you struggle at FPS games some of these controllers will give you a helping hand. Smart triggers can help cancel out lag and a poor reaction time. The macros- especially the hackier ones will help. BUT they also feel A LOT like cheating.

I want to be a pro gamer. Will a custom PS5 controller help?

No. They’ll probably do the opposite. There’s a reason ESports don’t allow modded controllers. If you’re relying on these mods you’re using a crutch.  Your gameplay might look more impressive but it won’t help you in a real tournament setting. 

Relying on hacks and macros will probably make you actively worse. Plus most pros use a mouse and keyboard anyway. 

Should I buy a custom PS5 controller then?

If you just want a controller that looks good. Go ahead! Some of these look pretty sick.

If you want to be a streamer go ahead! They look good and the mods might help your gameplay look better. No one wants to watch a streamer who sucks.

If you want to go pro? Avoid the performance mods. They’re crutches that won’t help you improve and you can’t rely on them in an actual tournament setting. No one likes a cheat!