All Cat Pokémon Ranked & Reviewed!

Cat Pokémon

Meowth, that’s right! The line that scintillates every cat lover as it was the first-time felines got the gift of gab. Although Meowth was affiliated with the notorious Team Rocket, it made us fall in head over heels with its antics. Unlike the real world, where it is a stigma to own multiple cats as it is typecast to loneliness.

In the Pokémon world, however, these furries are incredibly strong and help trainers to pulverize their opponents. However, the franchise is guilty of reusing cat designs for other Pokémon(Snorlax!)

We have assembled all cat Pokémon based on their resemblance, abilities and ranked them accordingly. This is the most comprehensive listing you will find out there so don’t forget to bookmark!

Top Cat Pokémon Ranked and Reviewed!

08. Liepard


Liepard is a Generation V Dark-type purple cat Pokémon with a base stat of over 446. It evolves from Purrloin (base stat 281) at level 20. Purrloin is also a purple cat Pokémon, inspired by the common household Tuxedo cat.

It is a mischievous feline that amuses itself by stealing things and escapes with its cute face! The Pokémon’s hidden ability, Prankster, increases the priority of its status moves in battles.

The Liepard is a vicious Pokémon that is renowned for its mood swings. Its design is a combination of house cats and leopards. Liepard has full-fledged muscles that help it to move stealthily and attack opponents from behind. The Pokémon charms people with its persona and moody loyalty!

07. Incineroar


And its name is Incineroar! If we were ranking Pokémon on its badass level, Incineroar would undoubtedly occupy the top spot. It is a Generation VII Dark/Fire-type cat Pokémon having a base stat of over 530.

The Pokémon is clearly an amalgamation of a feline and a professional wrestler. It evolves from Litten (base stat 320) at level 34. Litten is devoid of emotions and hates when people are affectionate towards them. It is based on mackerel tabbies and black cats.

Incineroar has a waist belt formed by the flames generating from its body, and its intensity is directly proportional to its fighting spirit.

Due to its wrestler-inspired body, it can launch a barrage of fierce punches and kicks to immobilize opponents. Unlike its predecessor, Incineroar loves being admired by young Pokémon and people. It is the only Pokémon that can access the Z-move Malicious Moonsault, which doubles its critical damage level.

06. Purugly


Contrary to its name, Purugly is definitely not ugly. It is just a plump cat Pokémon. The feline is a Generation IV Normal-type Pokémon having a base stat of over 452. It evolves from Glameow (base stat 310) at level 38.

Glameow is capricious and attacks its trainer when it is not fed well. However, when it is happy, the Pokémon wiggles its tail like a dancing ribbon. Although it is a Normal-type Pokémon, it can learn to use hypnotic attacks.

Purugly deceives trainers and its opponents by making them think that it can’t run fast. The Pokémon can reach impressive speeds and intimidate small Pokémon with its big body. It reduces the Fire and Ice-type moves by almost 50% using Thick Fat. The hidden ability of Purugly, Defiant, helps to increase its attack by two stages when its stat is lowered

05. Meowstic


Meowstic is a Generation VI Psychic-type Pokémon having a base stat of over 466. This fantastic blue cat Pokémon evolves from Espurr (base stat 355) at level 25. Espurr is based on a Scottish fold kitten. Unlike other psychic Pokémon, it can’t control its psychic powers. Fortunately, its ears block the excessive energy blast, which otherwise can even knock out a well-built wrestler!

In contrast to its predecessor, Meowstic can keep its psychic power under control. The psychic energy level increases astronomically after it evolves from Espurr, making it powerful enough to easily decimate a 10-ton truck! The Pokémon lives peacefully but releases a tremendous amount of psychic energy when it feels threatened.

The male Pokémon are usually defensive and strive hard to protect their partners. However, females are selfish and start tormenting people if anyone tries to restrict them from getting what they want.

04. The Eevee Family

The Eevee Family

Eevee has many Eeveelutions, depending on the situation. We have selected three forms that are based on cats. Eevee itself has a base stat of 325, and its evolved forms have a base stat of 525. Here are best of them –


Eevee evolves into Espeon the former is leveled up with high friendship in diurnal hours. It is a Psychic-type Pokémon based on Bakeneko and Nekomata, an intelligent, mysterious, and fork-tailed goblin cat. The Pokémon can predict the weather with its body and opponent’s moves with its forked tail. It has a gem on its forehead (just like Vision) that accelerates its psychic powers.


Eevee evolves into Glaceon when it leveled up adjacent to an Ice Rock. It is an Ice-type Pokémon based on a combination of cats, foxes, and dogs . It can regulate its body temperature to convert the moisture in the air to ice crystals and use it for attacks. Glaceon can generate snowfall to mesmerize and freeze people. Glaceon, along with Espeon, has the highest base special attack among other Eeveelutions.


Eevee evolves into Vaporeon when the former is near a Water Stone. A Water-type blue cat Pokémon, Vaporeon is a combination of aquatic creatures and felines. Due to its striking features, it is often confused as a mermaid. It prefers freshwater lakes and can predict rain by using its fins. The Pokémon’s cell decomposition allows it to become one with the water, which helps it ambush its opponents/prey. 

03. Delcatty


Delcatty is a Generation III Normal-type Pokémon having a base stat of over 380. It is the cutest cat Pokémon that evolves from Skitty (base stat 260) when exposed to a Moon Stone. Skitty is a pink cat Pokémon that is based on a kitten. Taking its inspiration from the real world, Skitty loves chasing moving objects. The Pokémon doesn’t trust people easily but is extremely loyal once it accepts them.

Delcatty’s neck is covered by a purple fur that resembles a neck pillow. It is a cheerful Pokémon that hates getting into fights and prefers to escape such situations. The Pokémon is based on a domestic cat with some features borrowed from lynxes. Delcatty is a nocturnal Pokémon that is difficult to find as it evolved from an evolution stone. Its hidden ability, Wonder Skin, reduces the accuracy of any status moves by almost 50%.

02. Meowth


Meowth is the most fabulous cat Pokémon of all time with 5 Meowloutions. We were offered a watered-down version of the Pokémon in the anime. Meowth is a Generation I Normal-type Pokémon having a base stat of over 290. The Pokémon also has a Gigantamax form where its body grows up to 108 ft. In this form, the Meowth is capable of emitting a golden beam that causes incredible damage. It is also the only Pokémon that can use the exclusive G-Max Move G-Max Gold Rush. It has a pretty fascinating evolution scale that is on par with the Eevee.


Persian evolves from Meowth at level 28 and has a base stat of over 440. Unlike Espeon, the red jewel on its forehead does not enhance its abilities. It is often caught by wealthy people for its elegant appearance. The Pokémon loves its whiskers and becomes docile when someone tries to yank it.

Alolan Meowth

The Meowth in Alola was considered as a gift to royalty. It lived a lavish lifestyle, which gradually caused Meowth to forget its roots. The cat became more selfish, pridefully, and finally, a cunning feline. This extreme shift in its character caused changes in its nature and fur color. The Alolan Meowth goes insane when the coin on its head gets damaged. 

Alolan Persian

In Alola, the Persian has a Dark-type form. It evolves from Alolan Meowth when it is leveled up using high friendship. The structure is similar to the usual Persian but has a blue-gray fur. Despite being regarded as an intelligent Pokémon, it is haughty and thinks highly of itself. Unfortunately, it uses clandestine moves to win battles against its opponents. 

Galar Meowth

The Galarian Meowth is a shaggy cat having a greyish-brown coat that looks like a beard. The Pokémon has spent most of its life with ruthless seafarers. This challenging lifestyle resulted in making its body partially iron and making it a Steel-type Pokémon. The Galarian Meowth loathes the regular one due to its simple and carefree life.


Perrserker evolves from the Galarian Meowth at level 28. As the name suggests, the Pokémon goes berserk during battles. It enjoys battling and obliterating its opponents. Its signature ability, Steely Spirit, gives it access to use Steel-type moves and enhances its allies’ abilities.

01. Mew


The Pokémon that was more popular than the Pikachu for its cuteness, is Mew. It is a Generation I Psychic-type Mythical purple cat Pokémon having a base stat of over 600. It was a fan favorite due to its minimalistic design and rarity. The Pokémon was one of the main protagonists of the first and eighth movies. It can easily travel in air or underwater and can adapt itself to any condition. Mew doesn’t evolve into anything. However, there exists a genetically modified version of Mew, known as Mewtwo.

Mew is extremely rare to find, as it can turn invisible at its own resolve. According to mythology, Mew only shows itself to people having a pure heart. Therefore, many scientists believe that it has gone extinct. Mew is the only Pokémon that can use Z-Move Genesis Supernova, where the terrain gets flooded with psychic energy.

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Now, let us delve into Legendary Pokémon that are based on cats.



Zeraora is a Generation VII Electrical-type Mythical yellow cat Pokémon having a base stat of over 600. It is based on a combination of cats and tigers. Unfortunately, the Pokémon doesn’t have any Gigantamax form, nor does it have any evolution forms. Zeraora is capable of generating lightning flashes and thunderclaps when it runs.

The feline doesn’t have any electricity-generating organ. However, it can absorb and store electricity from its surroundings. Zeraora emits electrical currents from its paws that, in turn, create powerful magnetic fields. These fields help it to levitate and move at insane speeds when it is in aerial mode. The Pokémon can rip apart its opponents using its high-voltage claws. It is the only Pokémon that can use Plasma Fists, which converts all Normal-type moves into electrical.



Solgaleo is a Generation VII Electrical/Steel-type Pokémon having a base stat of over 680. It is based on the Širo Xoršid and is the official mascot of the Pokémon Sun game. It evolves from Cosmoem at level 53 and is a member of the Light trio. Solgaleo can fuse itself with another Light trio member, Necrozma, to become Dusk Mane Necrozma. In the Dusk Mane form, the Pokémon learns Sunsteel Strike to inflict heavy damages on its opponents. Solgaleo is also honored as the Emissary of the Sun.

The Pokémon can activate its third eye during its radiant sun phase, which amplifies its power. It can also create Ultra Wormholes to travel forth and back from Ultra Space! The Pokémon can emit intense light from its body that makes nightfall look like midday. Solgaleo is the only Pokémon that can use Z-Move Searing Sunraze Smash.


There you have it. These are all the existing cat Pokémons you can find. There are many felines in this world, but we have selected only those based on cats. Let’s hope the franchise keeps introducing more cat Pokémon. Be sure to come back here and check out any new additions!