Cards Against Humanity Online: A Card Game Where Jerks Win!

Cards Against Humanity Online

After a party or during outings playing Uno or Monopoly amongst our friends was almost like a ritual. But recently I found out about Cards Against Humanity online, and I wish I had discovered it sooner.

It is a raunchy, NSFW, mischievous card game, not everyone’s cup of tea. If you tend to get offended easily, better to stay away from this. “A party game for horrible people”, is how the creators are describing the game on their website.

Over the years many celebrities and talk show hosts can be seen playing Cards Against Humanity with their friends.

On YouTube, you can also watch compilations and players’ reactions to the Cards Against Humanity online game.

Now, if you are ready to let loose, let us brief you about the card game and how Cards Against Humanity play online.

What is Cards Against Humanity all about?

Cards Against Humanity Website

Cards Against Humanity is a card game where your chances of winning are decided by how witty, or dirty, your answer can be.

The original deck consists of 600 cards. Out of these, there are 100 black cards that contain random questions and incomplete sentences. The remaining 500 cards are white which contain responses.

The purpose of the game is to find the wittiest and cheekiest reply to the question asked. Whoever has the best reply to that question or the incomplete sentence, wins the round.

You can use physical cards or play the Cards Against Humanity online game. You can also set up a zoom call among your friends, join Cards Against Humanity online multiplayer, and see who comes out as the winner.

Personally, I’d suggest you keep the video cameras on to check out your friends’ reactions.

Can I play Cards Against Humanity Online with friends?

Yes, you can play Cards Against Humanity online free with your friends.

Here are some sites where you can play online Cards Against Humanity or at least, a close resemblance of it.

1. All Bad Cards

All Bad Cards

Participants Allowed – Up to 50

Start a new game as a host or join the game as a participant. Easy to access and you need not sign in anywhere.

As long as you have the “Game Name”, you can join from the desktop/ mobile browser.

All Bad Cards also provide packs where the questions or statements are relatable to a theme. Like the “Backer” pack with super-hero-related material.

However, unlike the main game, such packs are chargeable.

All Bad Cards Backer

With a fresh UI, easy game setup, and capability to add up to 50 participants, it is a great online platform for Cards Against Humanity.

2. Pretend You’re Xyzzy

Pretend You're Xyzzy

Participants Allowed – 3 to 20

If you want to enjoy the Cards Against Humanity online game with all packs included, then you should check out Pretend You’re Xyzzy.

Thanks to its simple and straightforward user interface, you can create a new game or enter an existing one, by setting your nickname. Then you can create your own game, choose to enter or spectate another game. 

Another perk of this site is the number of customizations it supports while launching a game. You can choose the type of packs and extensions you want in your game.

However, you cannot start your game unless it has at least 3 participants in it.

Pretend You're Xyzzy joining specification

Even though the UI of “Pretend You’re Xyzzy” is quite basic (read medieval), the supported packs add a lot of variety and allow you to set the tone of the game with custom pack selection. 

Go for this site if you are an advanced player and used to playing with Cards Against Humanity online custom cards.

3. Cards Against Humanity Lab

Cards Against Humanity Lab

Participants Allowed – 1

Cards Against Humanity Lab is the official page where you can try out online Cards Against Humanity. 

Sad thing is, this site is just to give you an introduction to the game and is not meant for multiplayer gaming.

But you can specify your age, gender, and a few other details, and get a first-hand experience of the game.

Cards Against Humanity Lab interface

In case you are feeling alone and care for a smile, do visit the website and play with the bot. 

4. Cards Against Humanity Online

Cards Against Humanity Online

This is the original Cards Against Humanity online multiplayer game room. First, you need to confirm you are 18+ years of age, and then create a game lobby for yourself.

Then gather over a video conference call (Skype/ Zoom/ Teams or any other) and share the lobby link for participants to join. The game bot will note individual points and show who is leading the leaderboard.

Now that you know where you can play Cards Against Humanity online, let’s get you acquainted with the game rules.

How to play Cards Against Humanity? What are the rules?

You can play Cards Against humanity online or play with physical cards. However, the rules stay the same.

To play the game you need at least 4 players. There is no upper limit to the number of participants but it’s most fun when played within 6 to 8 players.

Cards Against Humanity card dack

According to the official rules, every game will have one “Card Czar”, who will hold on to the black cards. While the remaining participants will receive 10 white cards each.

Each black card will have a question or an incomplete sentence. Each white card will have possible replies.

The motive of the game is when the “Card Czar” picks a black card, participants have to respond with a witty or scandalous reply from their stack of white cards.

motive of the game

Every participant will hide their white reply cards and keep them in a stack. The Card Czar will shuffle the white response cards and go through the replies one by one.

The goal is to pick the funniest answer to the question card.

Here’s a classic example of what kind of questions and replies you can expect.

example of questions and replies

After shuffling, the Card Czar will read the black card along with all submitted answers. Then the Card Czar will choose their favorite answer to the question. The person who has the best answer wins the round.

The winner can be awarded points or can get to keep the black question card that won him the round.

In the end when all the black cards have been called out or after a finite number of rounds a participant with the most points for the most number of black cards wins the game.

A similar rule is applicable in Cards Against Humanity online game.

After the end of a round, the participant sitting next to the current “Card Czar” will enact the rules for the next round. You can even let the winner of a round be the “Card Czar”.

Apart from the core intent of battling with your wit, the other rules are flexible and can be altered to make the game even more challenging.

You can find the original game rules here.

Can I Download the Cards Against Humanity app?

No, there is no official app for Cards Against Humanity. You may find card games with similar gameplay in the Google or iOS app store, but their official website clearly mentioned that they don’t have any intention of sprouting a mobile app anytime soon.

Can I Download the Cards

You can play Cards Against Humanity online with your friends on the sites mentioned above. Or you can buy the physical cards from a retail store near you or online.

Can I print cards and play Cards Against Humanity?

Yes, you can print the main pack & family pack of Cards Against Humanity from their website. You can download different editions in PDF and then print and convert them into cards.

Details regarding making the card are also mentioned in the PDF.

Can I print cards and play

You can only print the main pack. You have to buy other extensions and theme packs.

Cards Against Humanity expansion and Theme Packs

“Cards Against Humanity: A party game for horrible people”. That is the name of the main pack, and that’s the main game that you should buy first. You can get it here.

Once you get used to the rhythm of the game, you can buy various theme packs and add on to the main game.

Cards Against Humanity Main Game Pack

Themed packs are a stack of cards that have black and white cards adhering to that specific theme.

Not all themes will pique your interest but the Picture pack, and The Theatre pack are a great addition for anyone.

A themed Cards Against Humanity pack will cost you roughly $5 and has around 30 cards in them.

Cards Against Humanity Themed Card

While Theme packs add specific variety to the main game, expansion packs are for bulk. If you are having a large party and want to play with many friends, add any Big expansion pack and you are good.

Everything Box and Absurd Box are some of their best Big Expansion packs.

Cards Against Humanity Expansions Pack

Each Big Expansion pack has around 300 cards in them and will cost you roughly $20.

Apart from themed and Big Expansion packs, if you want to dial things down a notch and want to play Cards Against Humanity with your family, or during online office break-out sessions, you can buy the Family Edition.

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

With all vulgarity channeled towards the toilet, the tone of the Family edition is messy but never obscene.

The Cards Against Humanity Family Edition has 600 cards in it and will cost you around $25.

Where can I buy Cards Against Humanity packs from?

Whether you are playing Cards Against Humanity online or with a physical deck, here’s how you can buy or subscribe to different packs.

  • Online – While playing at All Bad Cards, you can subscribe to various themed packs starting as low as $1 per month.

At Pretend you’re Xyzzy, even though the UI is primitive and allows fewer players compared to All Bad Cards, you can choose from various themed and extension packs, and that too for free.

  • Physical Packs – You can buy physical cards from various retail stores or order them online. You can order the cards from their website, or get them on Amazon.

Search for your address and look up your nearest retail store that sells Cards Against Humanity.

Our Verdict

Playing Cards Against Humanity online with friends is a blast. But this 17+, NSFW card game isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The game itself follows an “in your face” kind of narrative and makes your wit do the talking. So it’s not advised you play it with your family or elders.

However, you can go for the Family edition and replace the sexual innuendo with farts and poop. I know that works.

If your feathers aren’t ruffled by the game, you are in for a joyride. With different themes and expansion packs to choose from you can create a monster of a deck.

All in all, aces in my book!


Q. Can I play Cards Against Humanity online?

Yes, you can play Cards Against Humanity online. You can check out sites like All Bad Cards, where you can play similar card games like Cards Against Humanity.

At Pretend You’re Xyzzy, you can play Cards Against Humanity online with your friends. You can even customize and choose from different themed and expansion packs.

Q. Where can I play Cards Against Humanity online free?

Both All Bad Cards, and Pretend You’re Xyzzy lets you play Cards Against Humanity online free. However, at All Bad Cards, you have to subscribe to theme packs to use them in your game.

At Pretend You’re Xyzzy, you can use almost every theme and expansion packs in your game for free.

Q. What are the best packs for Cards Against Humanity game?

You should buy the Cards Against Humanity base pack before adding any theme or expansion pack. Being said that here are a handful of packs that can be a great addition to your original set.

– Period Pack
– Geek Pack
– Green Box
– College Pack
– Design Pack
– Weed Pack
– World Wide Web Pack
– ’90s Nostalgia Pack
– Fantasy Pack
– Food Pack
– Absurd Pack
– Theater Pack
– Pride Pack
– Saves America Pack

You can have your own theme preferences. So we advise you to check out the above packs and select the best Cards Against Humanity deck for yourself.

Q. What is the Sandbox mode in Cards Against Humanity?

While playing Cards Against Humanity online there is a sandbox mode that allows you to ask your own question. That means with the sandbox mode on, you can insert your own black card and let the participants answer.

This way you can create Cards Against Humanity online custom cards that only your friends can relate to.

Q. What is Pretend You’re Xyzzy?

Pretend You’re Xyzzy is a clone of Cards Against Humanity. Here you can create your own multiplayer lobby and choose the packs and extensions you want to include in your game. Even though its user interface is quite basic here you will be able to play with all the latest themes and expansion packs.

Q. Which version of Cards Against Humanity is the best?

It depends on your sense of humor and other preferences. However, you will never go wrong with the Absurd and the Everything box.

Make sure you own the Base Pack before purchasing the expansion and theme packs.