BNext VR Headset Review: Is It Worth Buying?

B NEXT VR Headset Review
Virtual Reality experience on a budget
Great user experience
Larger lenses for a wider view
No external power requirement
Not powerful enough to compete with premium products
Does not offer a counter-balance design
No interactive controls

Virtual reality is the latest in line with immersive entertainment that has completely engulfed multiple industries including gaming, videos, and movies.

The surround effect of VR has only evolved in recent days, making these devices the obvious next step forward for entertainment.

Primarily you have two different kinds of VR headsets. One is the standalone VR headset, devices that relay the game or video data directly on the HUD.

The other variant of VR headsets is cheaper and uses your smartphone as the HUD. These devices convert regular videos into virtual reality using a basic body to strap it around your head.

While PC-connected headsets limit your mobility with the length of your connection cable, smartphone VR devices have practically no such limitations.

We are quite sure that this BNEXT VR Headset review is just what you were looking for, not just as a review, but as a budget VR headset.

We’ve discussed the features, interface, user-friendliness, and benefits of this device to determine its worth.

What is the BNEXT VR Headset?

BNEXT VR Headset Review

B NEXT VR headset is the latest in the budget virtual reality device and it has garnered some serious reviews on Amazon. It was only a matter of time before we had to check it out and here we are!

Like any budget VR headset, the B Next VR headset cuts down on a lot of features you will find on premium VR headsets.

But it does not require cable connection, optimization settings, and other applications for VR engagement.

This device makes Virtual Reality much more accessible for individuals who do not have the budget to go for something like the Oculus Quest 2 although this is the VR headset we would recommend.

Let’s dive deeper into the features and specifications of this beautiful VR headset with button controls.

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BNext VR Headset Review


B NEXT VR Headset Features

This is a budget VR headset for starters although it does have a couple of standout features that make it worth a review.

But is it worth it? Let’s find out why we think it’s worth the money that you are paying.

Large-sized lenses: Lenses on the BNEXT virtual reality headset are about 30% larger than what other VR headsets in its price range offer. It allows easier brightness management and covers a wider area of the image with more depth.

Adjustable settings: You can adjust the lenses for a better viewing angle using the adjustment knob placed on the top of the device. Worth adding though, multiple user reviews have mentioned external light seeping into the headset. So, make sure to adjust for the best fit.

ABS built quality: The entire body is made up of high-quality plastic with no sharp edges. Every corner has been perfectly molded together. It’s not that heavy or bulky either, definitely children-friendly.

Adjustable Straps: You get a two-way strap that allows a snug fit over your head. The strap needs to be tightened to counterbalance the weight of the device, as most of the weight of this headset is at the front end.


BNEXT VR headset does not require any expertise, and hence it is extremely user-friendly. Users of any age who can use a smartphone on their own can use this device without assistance or hindrances.

All they need is to adjust the straps and lenses using the control knobs available on the top. The larger lens size helps does work nicely to bring up the VR environment.

However, there are some issues related to removing the smartphone while it’s strapped in. You will have to loosen up all the straps before attempting to do it, using force is strictly not recommended.

Another issue related to this device was its holding clamps. Unlike premium devices, this VR headset offers a tray to insert your smartphone. You would do well to lean make sure it’s a proper fit before putting the headset on.

Another factor to consider is the accommodation available for the tray. The tray is quite smaller when considering devices above 6.5 inches of screen size.

These issues can push you to the edge, but it doesn’t feel that difficult once you learn the insertion and adjustment settings.

This BNext VR headset is user-friendly but may take some for getting used to!


BNEXT 3D VR headset is meant to work as a standalone device with only your head movement. There are no controllers to play different games, but then again, this VR headset wasn’t made for immersive 3D gaming.

Rather, this device was designed to be a standalone 3D headset that could convert VR content on your smartphone into an immersive experience.

The performance of such devices is measured on two critical metrics, light leakage, and comfort, and it does score modestly well on both counts.

Its rigid shape can however create distraction because of light leakage from the temples and nose area, but these issues are witnessed only by a handful of users.

Repeated usage causes the protective foam to shrink in size. Its wide field of view offers a similar image size as the more prominent brands such as Gear VR.

Other than these aspects, the visualizations and quality of videos and image files depending on your smartphone’s pixel density.


When considering VR devices, your entire head is under the headset which is meant to completely disconnect your interaction with reality. Hence, convenience is an essential aspect of judging the suitability of a VR headset.

Since this device is a smartphone-driven VR headset, it needs to be carefully fit over your cranium. You get two straps two do just that.

Furthermore, these devices are incredibly light-sensitive. Hence the contoured foam serves a dual purpose. Primarily, it prevents light from entering the headset.

Secondly, it takes off the discomfort of the hard structural material on your head and nose area.

Since the contours are well covered with a protective foam layer, it adds to the overall comfort. Wear will reduce the foam over time and may cause discomfort.

We recommend saving up for a better VR headset a few years from now!

BNext VR Headset Price

B Next VR Headset Price

This B Next Headset was released in 2017 with a $50 price tag, already a budget VR headset back then.

Now, you can purchase this device from sellers like Amazon and Banggood for a steep discount.

You can get it here from Amazon for just above $20, a 54% discount!

This BNEXT VR 3D headset is available in 3 color combinations – Black and Grey, Blue and Black, and Red and Black.

How to Set Up the B Next VR Headset?

How to Set Up the B Next VR Headset

The setup process for this VR headset is quite simple and easy. The best thing, there are no wires to attach to settings to change manually.

The setup requires you to proactively remove the mobile cover or case for easy access while using VR. After you are ready with your VR device, smartphone, and a stable surface, follow these steps.

  • Take the cover off the VR headset.
  • A little pull from fingers will remove the entire tray shaped part from the headset
  • Place your smartphone in the VR headset, which is held on to the tray using a clip to hold the device horizontally
  • After inserting your smartphone in the tray, adjust the center line on your smartphone screen with the center mark on the tray. This step is most important for an immersive experience as a misalignment will severely affect your field of view
  • Once your device has been appropriately aligned, insert the tray into the headset
  • Wear the headset on to your head. Adjust the straps to loosely fit on your head, wear the headset and adjust the lenses for the perfect field of view

Best Games for BNext VR Headset

We have you covered with some basic experience games, but you can find more VR games on the respective app stores.

Ensure your device has a gyroscope sensor to capture your head movements!

1. Dinotrek


Dinotrek is specially designed for mobile VR headset devices. As the name suggests, this game takes you to the time of dinosaurs to provide you an experience of how it would have been to live with these extinct creatures.

This game offers a complete 360-degree field of view by tracking your head movement in virtual reality. It is currently available only on iOS devices and is meant to be played on iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Click here to download Dinotrek on your iOS device.

2. Rollercoaster


Rollercoaster is among the most popular games for mobile-based VR headsets. The latest version is now equipped with a roller coaster building feature that allows you to control the experience. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices. Download here – Android | iOS

BNext VR Headset Alternatives

When it comes to mobile-based VR headsets, B NEXT is not the only one. Several devices are available offering similar and sometimes better features. Some are premium, while others are just as budget.

Here the best budget VR headsets in 2021- alternatives you should consider for the B Next VR headset!




  • Controller Remote
  • Budget Buy
  • Easy-to-adjust Straps


  • VR Quality
  • Comfort

DESTEK VR headset is the closest competitor of the B NEXT VR headset. This VR offers a 110-degree field of view capable of accommodating smartphones with screen sizes of up to 6.8 inches. You even get a controller to interact with the VR environment, a desperately needed addition if you want to enjoy most VR games and apps.


Priced at just under $40, it comes with anti-blue HD lights for better eye-protection and a Bluetooth remote controller.


Just a bit more expensive than the B Next headset, you do get a remote controller bundled in, allowing a whole different dimension of VR interaction.

We wholeheartedly recommend this although there are far better VR headsets with controllers available in the market, priced much higher as well.

2. VR Shinecon

VR Shinecon


  • Highly Adjustable
  • Better Comfort
  • Budget Buy
  • Bundled-in Remote Controller


  • Poor Build Quality
  • Cannot accommodate large phones

VR Shinecon does come across various models, but we recommend this headset and 3D remote controller bundle. It’s quite easily adjustable – few VR headsets in this price range are available with pupillary distance adjustment. It can only accommodate smartphones up to 6.53 inches in length though.


At just around $35, you do get anti-Blue light coating and most other features also available with the DESTEK VR headset.


We only recommend this VR Shinecon headset for users who have not-so-large smartphones, e.g., iPhone 12 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.


VR headsets have largely evolved these days with added features and premium built quality. But all these cosmetic changes have a huge impact on the device’s prices, ultimately making them more expensive.

When a new user wants to try their hands at a VR device, the price certainly affects their plan. Considering the accessibility of mobile VR headset devices, the B NEXT VR headset is quite affordable. It’s among the most affordable mobile-compatible VR headsets you can purchase to date.  


1. How to charge this VR headset?

B NEXT is a standalone device that doesn’t have any electronic components. It works directly with the supported applications on your smartphone. Hence there is no need to charge this device. Use it anywhere, anytime.

2. Does the B NEXT VR support Bluetooth?

This VR headset doesn’t support Bluetooth or any other electronic interface. If you are interested in more immersive sound effects, you can pair your smartphone with Bluetooth earphones. B NEXT VR headset doesn’t cover your ears, and with a small investment, you can make the most out of it.