Best WiFi Extender For Gaming In 2021

Best WiFi Extender For Gaming

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When talking about the best WiFi extender for gaming, one should look at a lot of factors before making a purchase. The extender should be able to afford a quick and relatively easier solution to eliminating dead zone spots.

They are referred by many names like Wi-FI repeater, signal booster, and more, however, all of them are supposed to do the same thing that is provide stronger Wi-Fi connectivity wherever required.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best Wi-Fi extenders that are specifically aimed at gamers.

We’ve researched a lot to narrow down it to 9 devices that range from wall plug units to desktop units, simple designs to extravagant, and much more.

All the devices on this list are based on design, range, speed, and setup process with any other features it may offer.

Before we go on reviewing some of the best Wi-Fi extenders for gaming, we would like to clear some confusion by answering two most frequently asked questions.

Should You Get a Wifi Extender For Gaming?

If you have a console or gaming hardware that cannot have access to internet via Lan cable, then your best option is to invest in a good Wi-Fi extender or signal booster.

It is always recommended to game over Lan connectivity since it is more stable without any interruption.

However, Wi-Fi technology has come a long way, narrowing the performance gap between the two connectivity options.

Wi-Fi extenders can help eliminate dead zones allowing gamers to play their games in any corner of the house. It is a cheaper solution for those that cannot bring a Lan cable to their devices.

Does Wifi Extender Reduce Lag In Gaming?

Gaming requires stable and consistent connectivity or signals for it to perform well and many Wi-Fi extenders on the market are able to reduce the lag with high signal qualities.

The compromise comes at the cost of signal strength therefore the extender has a limited range when comparing to the main Wi-Fi unit which is more powerful.

However, signal strength does not have an impact on lag since gaming requires small amounts of data transferred and received thus only relying on stable connectivity.

Now that we have answered some of the pressing questions, without further ado, let’s get into the best Wi-Fi extenders for gaming available on the market.

List of the Best WiFi Extender For Gaming

1. Linksys AC3000 Max-Stream Tri-Band

Linksys AC3000 Max-Stream

Linksys AC3000 looks like something out of a star trek movie. It looks bold and bulky with a black finish and 4 antennas. The Wi-Fi range extender is a competitor to NETGEAR EX8000 but comes at a lower cost.

The Wi-Fi extender has a tri-band and is able to deliver three times the speed of an average dual-band range extenders with its second 5GHz band.

It is able to cover a range of 10,000 sq ft with four powerful antennas and you can even determine the perfect spot to place the router using the Spot Finder.

The Linksys AC3000 is compatible with all other Wi-Fi routers available on the market and assists in eliminating dead zones in the house allowing gamers to take their gaming to any part of the living arrangement.

Gamers can also pair the extender with a max stream router allowing to have a single SSID or network name to connect to just like a mesh router. It is a great product for gamers who have connectivity issues or cannot connect their gaming hardware via Lan cable.

This is a perfect buy for them since it doesn’t get any better at this price point than the Linksys AC3000 and is the best Wi-Fi extender for gaming on this list.

Highlighted Features

  • Firmware upgrade done automatically
  • Tri Band with 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Compatible with all Wi-Fi routers
  • Pairing capabilities with max stream router


  • Relatively cheaper than its competitors
  • Four port gigabit switch
  • Compact device can fit anywhere


  • Backhaul disappointing since doesn’t use 2.4Ghz

2. TP-Link AC2600

TP-Link AC2600

TP Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Extender is another one of TP-Link’s unique creations. These are completely portable devices that do not require any connections.

They are simply plug and play networking hardware and looks great with the signature TP link plain white looks and blue LED lights.

The Wi-Fi Extender comes with 4 antennas that promise enough power and range for any gamer to have a seamless experience in any part of their house.

It is a dual-band extender with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, and comes with an MU-MIMO Wave 2 technology that helps the device communicate with other devices around the house efficiently reducing any sort of network lag.

The indicators on the extender, guides gamers on the optimal placement position to enjoy strong connections and fast speeds.

Gamers can also activate the AP mode or wireless bridge if they require. It is easy to install and can be used with Alexa, Echo, and other voice control devices.

This is great innovation seen from one of the pioneers of networking devices making it a solid buy for gamers experiencing poor Wi-Fi connections around the house.

Features Overview

  • Dual-band with quad antenna
  • Mu-MIMO Wave 2 technology for stronger connectivity
  • Smart indicator lights
  • Ethernet port for Lan connectivity
  • Compatible with voice control devices
  • 2 years warranty with 24/7 technical support


  • Great app
  • Amazing performance
  • Dual band and Quad antennas
  • Superb interface


  • Bulky design can block outlets
  • Expensive

3. NETGEAR AC1200  


The NETGEAR AC1200 Wi-Fi extender is a sleek black router with two antennas for maximum range. It has red accents which go very well with the complete aesthetics of the device.

The AC1200 is a dual band Wi-Fi delivering up to 1200Mbps. It is one of the few high-power designs on the market that provides great range through its 700mW power capabilities.

The router comes equipped with a dual-core A9 processor and has beamforming+ technology that allows it to completely focus its signals on the connected devices.

It has 5 ethernet ports and 5dbi antennas for maximum range and connectivity options. The router is perfect for gamers who have Wi-Fi dead zones in their house or are looking towards replacing their old routers.

This one does the job perfectly and also allows gamers to access their storage drives online by connecting it to the Wi-Fi extender, a feature that is seen in very few networking devices. NETGEAR has done it once again with this superb networking solution.

Features Overview

  • Dual-band up to 1200 Mbps
  • 5dbi antennas with a dual-core ARM A9 processor
  • File sharing through USB connectivity
  • 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • 700mW high power design


  • Easy to install
  • Great coverage
  • Five-gigabit ports
  • Can share a file by connecting USB through USB 3.0 port


  • Software issues after updates
  • Cannot wall mount


NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender EX3700

The NETGEAR EX3700 has a cube like design, all white and dual antennas sticking out from the sides.

The front is silver and there are air vents at the bottom to cool down temperatures in case the device gets too hot.

Some may have an issue with the bulky design of the device and might even feel that the antennas are not placed properly, however, it is the performance that matters.

The device is a plug and play, comes with a software that lets you change the settings according to your needs.

The setup is easy to complete and the hardware comes with instructions guide to help gamers set this thing up within a couple of minutes.

The extender has 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz capabilities and can project up to 433Mbps but the extender can hit speeds of around 750Mbps if your ISP allows such speeds.

The router covers a lot of ground around 1000 sq ft considering that it is only dual-band and small in size.

It is also capable of connecting to 15 devices at a time which is more than enough for a single household and a gamer to have their gadgets connected.

The compact extender also provides Ethernet connectivity for Lan cable connections while being universally compatible with any Wi-Fi device on the market. This is great.

Features Overview

  • Plug and play setup
  • 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz band
  • Speeds up to 750 Mbps
  • Coverage of up to 1000 sq ft
  • Connect up to 15 devices at the same time
  • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity


  • Good connectivity for its price
  • Smaller compact device saves wall outlet space
  • Easy set up


  • Connectivity issues at longer distances
  • Design not suitable for outlets


NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX2800

This is the third device from NETGEAR that made it to the list. You can say that the company is really the true experts of networking equipment and the EX2800 is no different. It is a compact, stylish, white wall outlet Wi-Fi range extender.

The NETGEAR EX2800 has no exterior antenna making it more compact that other solutions on the market and is an 802.11ac Dual Band Wi-Fi extender.

It is perfect for placing in any outlet since it won’t block power connections. The EX2800 covers up to 1200 sq ft of living space and can transmit speeds up to 750Mbps connecting with 20 devices.

It is compatible with other routers on the market and has a simple easy to install feature allowing it to be almost plug and play like.

The router supports WEP and WPA/WPA2 security protocols allowing users to have a peace of mind when using it.

It is perfect for gamers on the go, or those with restricted power outlets. It is also a great device for gamers who are looking towards replacing their old bulky Wi-Fi extenders for a new and modern solution.

A perfect buy that is why it belongs on our top 9 best Wi-Fi extender list.

Features Overview

  • Coverage up to 1200 Sq ft
  • Connect up to 20 devices
  • Speed up to 750Mbps
  • Universal compatibility


  • Strong coverage with good performance
  • More compact than other solutions
  • Easy interface and installation/set-up


  • No exterior antennas, might bother some users

6. Prescitech AC1200 Dual Band Mini WiFi Repeater

Prescitech Wi-Fi Range Extender, AC1200 Dual Band

Prescitech must be an unfamiliar brand for some, however, it made it to our list for a reason. The Wi-Fi extender has a neat design for its four antennas that allow for multiple socket use, unlike many other extenders on the market.

It is black with ridges and sharp cuts making it look modern and well suited to a power outlet.

Prescitech Wi-Fi range extender is a dual-band mini repeater that projects Wi-Fi signals at 900Mbps speeds and comes with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz power allowing for uninterrupted connections.

The device is powerful and covers a small to medium-sized homes with multiple stories. It has a quick and easy set up with compatibility with other Wi-Fi routers.

It is also compatible with Alexa allowing users to connect voice-controlled devices through the repeater.

The 802.11 AC wireless technology is able to cover any dead zones in the house allowing gamers to play wherever they find it convenient.

You can even extend public Wi-Fi if you do not have access to the internet at your place.

This is a great buy considering the price and is a tough competitor for all the known network hardware brands out there however set-up instructions might make the installation complicated for some.

Features Overview

  • Quad antenna set-up
  • Upto 900+Mbps speed performance
  • 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz


  • Great performance
  • Solid range and speed
  • Good price point proposition


  • Poor set up instructions
  • Connectivity issues at times

7. Superboost WiFi Extender Signal Booster

Superboost WiFi Extender Signal Booster

Superboost Wi-Fi extender is a new product from a relatively new company and it makes it to this list for a couple of reasons.

The device is considerably big for a wall socket extender and has dual external antennas. It has a gigabit ethernet port for wired connectivity which is a plus for gamers with a bunch of gaming equipment.

The Superboost 802.11a has a 2.4Ghz processor that can deliver up to 300 Mbps of speed.

It has the ability to connect with up to 15 different devices at one time making it more versatile than some of the cheapest extenders on the market.

The Superboost stands up to its name as it covers up to 2100 sq ft of living space over multiple stories making it one of the strongest in terms of range when sizing it up against some of the best mini extenders.

However, it can block power outlets due to its bulky design.

It comes with 5 different modes, security options, and is a plug and play device which is perfect for gamers who are looking for the best cheap Wi-Fi extender for gaming that is also powerful.

Features Overview

  • Dual band 2.4Ghz antenna and processor
  • 2100 sq ft coverage with no dead zones
  • Up to 15 devices simultaneously connected


  • Powerful performance
  • Low cost


  • Bulky design blocking power outlet access

8. Rockspace WiFi Range Extender

Rockspace WiFi Range Extender

Rockspace Wifi range extender is a black and edgy entry from a new company. It has dual band exterior antennas and plugs in your home socket.

The Wi-Fi extender blends in with the furniture due to its modern design, however, it can be bulky for some gamers.

The Rockspace Wi-Fi extender offers 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz connectivity delivering around 1200Mbps of speed.

Its performance is strong covering around 1292 sq living space 360 degrees expanding your Wi-Fi connection around your house eliminating all the existing dead zone spaces.

The extender is compatible with 99% of the routers on the market, and is quick and easy to set-up.

It takes only 8 seconds for this extender to connect and project existing Wi-Fi signals.

Gamers that are looking for a cheaper alternative to a powerful Wi-Fi extender can have a look at this, it suits all their requirements but falls back in the design aspect of it.

However, the design shouldn’t be a major concern since the performance of this unit is absolutely powerful.

Features Overview

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Dual-band 1200 Mbps
  • Coverage of 1292 sq ft 360 degrees
  • Compatible with 99% of the routers on the market.


  • Strong performance
  • Fast setup


  • Weak coverage
  • Bulky design

9. TP-Link AC750

TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender

The list would be incomplete if we didn’t mention another one of TP Link products. The brand is a strong manufacturer of networking equipment and has many products that are worthy competitors.

The AC750 is a great Wi-Fi extender that has the same signature TP-Link curved design but this one has patterns all over it making it attractive.

If you have wallpaper in the area where you plan to install this device, it’s going to look great.

The device, TP Link AC750 is a dual band Wi-Fi range extender that covers around 1200 sq ft of living space.

It offers a 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band focusing on maximizing performance wherever possible for a seamless gaming experience.

The intelligent signal indicator lets gamers know of the perfect spot to place the Wi-Fi to ensure the best connectivity and speed at all times.

The WPS button connects the device with just a single push of it with most of the routers on the market.

The design is sleek and does not block any power outlets which is also perfect for gamers who have a lack of outlets nearby.

You can also control the Wi-Fi through the smart app allowing users to change settings, restart Wi-Fi, look at the data flow, child protection, and more.

This is one of the few Wi-Fi extenders that go above and beyond by focusing on everything, the performance, coverage, and design.

It’s one of those blind buy options and the best cheap Wi-Fi extender for gaming on this list.

It is also compatible with voice-control devices like Alexa and more which is a plus point

Features Overview

  • Dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz performance
  • Coverage of 1200 Sq ft
  • Intelligent indicators
  • Smart App


  • Cheap price
  • Great design
  • Solid 2.4Ghz performance


  • Not a superb 5Ghz performance
  • Lan port is considerably slower


We have mentioned 9 devices in this list for readers to choose from. All of these are top quality and good performing devices without any doubt. However, the issue lies between users buying the wrong device. Let us conclude this article by helping you on how to decide which device is best for you.

First of all, you need to look at your budget. There are extenders that cost expensive and also cheap, but that doesn’t mean the cheap ones do not perform well. Most of the ones in this list are cheap and have a solid performance.

Having a set budget in mind would narrow your options further more. Then you need to decide whether you want a plug-in device or a desktop placement extender.

Larger devices often have a better performance than a plug-in and that is why the first one on this list is a larger device. Plug-ins are convenient and easy to place around the house requiring less space.

You also need to look at the new standard 802.11ac for your extender since the 802.11n is a slower and unreliable standard.

If you’re unsure where you can place the extender, it is always better to get one with the smart intelligent signals that lets the user know the optimum placement spot around the living space.

It is always better to make sure your router is up to date. If your router is old it will not offer you great performance and signal range.

If that is the case then consider replacing the router first before buying a Wi-Fi extender since you might still suffer from low speeds if you get the Wi-Fi extender to pair with your old router.