The 7 Best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X can support 4K gaming at sufficient frame rates. So, if you want to get the best out of either, you should have a 4K display setup with your gaming console.

Now, you obviously won’t get a display monitor, i.e., a desktop monitor to run with your gaming console. That would put you somewhere between a PC and a console gamer, definitely not a comfortable zone to be in.

So, here we are, listing the best TVs for PS5 and Xbox X. Before you start thinking about the budget, let’s get it sorted out. You can get a 4K TV for much less than a $1000.

Size matters too. Know that 4K TVs from almost all leading manufacturers are available in multiple sizes. Often, specs vary as per the size. But we have covered that in our reviews as well to give you a proper shot at buying the best TV for Xbox Series X and PS5.

Worth mentioning, any 4K gaming TV that works with Xbox X will follow suit with PS5 as well, and vice versa. There are some TVs officially manufactured for either Xbox or PS. And they are compatible with either console too.

But wait:

Before going straight into the reviews, get a proper idea of the features and other tiny details you need to consider before buying the best TV for Xbox series X or PS5.

Best TV for PS5 and Xbox X Series: Buyer’s Guide

Refresh rates

The basic formula is simple – refresh rates = fps. This does depend on the processing power of the gaming console or desktop. However, if it can churn 60 frames per second on a certain game at ultra-settings, you need a display module delivering refresh rates of 60 Hz as native refresh rates. Both the Xbox X and PS5 can run top games at 4K @ 60 fps. Since release, few gamers have come up with complaints on the performance front (although some say the PS5 outperforms Xbox X.)

While buying a 4K monitor, make sure to get one that delivers 60 Hz as native refresh rates at least. You will find cheaper options rated at 60 Hz but check out if it is labeled as ‘Maximum’ or ‘Native.’ Better still if you can push up to 120 Hz native refresh rates.

Know this though:

The gaming market is big but still expanding. New brands and names are making their way into it. Just why disproportioned configuration charts are somewhat commonplace. To help, we have rated 7 4K TVs below after making sure of the features on them, especially refresh rates!

Display Size

There are two things you need to understand about display sizes. Firstly, bigger the size, higher the price tag. Not only that, you may end up buying additional features with a larger sized model from the same series. Manufacturers do this to add a bit more value to the deal. We’ve covered on this with a couple of TVs reviewed below. Matter of fact, we have reviewed the best TVs as per their size based on the features you get on them.

Secondly, don’t just go for a larger display size for the sake of it. If you’re going to be the only one gaming, an 85-inch won’t do you any better than a 65-inch, instead, it will just strain your eyes more. On the other hand, if you’re all about sharing and caring with your buds, the bigger the better!

PS5 tv display size

Gaming Performance

Other than display quality, graphics performance does play a huge part in the case of 4K TVs. With 4K, you are getting a display resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, which is huge. But resolutions alone is not enough for the gaming performance you want.

For proper gaming performance, the TV needs to have low response rates, fast response times, and true HDR, not software emulated HDR (Know more about that here.)

Response times can play a key role in enjoying the game or buying a new controller every few days. At above 20ms, you can end up losing out on boss fights at higher difficulty on Ghosts of Tsushima or missing combo moves on Assassins Creed Valhalla, (which is one of the best games we’ve played btw!)

You are looking for response times around 15ms, enough for anything from FIFA 21 to League of Legends. Faster response times are necessary if you want to play the likes of COD: Warzone or Fortnite.

Display Quality

No two 4K TVs from different manufacturers will have the same display quality. Display quality and related features are another important price pointer you need to consider. So, what display features are we talking about?

Firstly, there’s the type of display ranging from LED, OLED to QLED. Prices will vary in this series and so will the picture quality on-screen. If you want the best 4K display, you can go for a QLED TV, but they are heftily expensive.

Secondly, 4K TVs come with an additional processor inside. That’s necessary considering the extreme display resolutions churned out. Top brands do offer better graphics processing chipsets and software inside. Yet, it’s a different story at the lower end of the price range. 

Smart Features

What if you can get more from a 4K TV than just gaming?

Most 4K TVs for console gaming, almost all of them, are Smart TVs. So, you can get to watch Netflix and other streaming apps. You may also get Google Assistant and/or Alexa in-built and take the first steps towards making your home a smart home. If you want to buy into these smart features, just check if they are available. 

Note: We have reviewed the best 4K for PS5 and Xbox X and ranked them based on their value for money above all. So, our no.1 may not yours if you can go for the more expensive 4K TVs on this list! 

7 Best TV for PS5 and Xbox X Series in 2021

7. Vizio M Series

Best Versatile 4K TV

7. Vizio M Series


  • Value-for-Money Picture Quality
  • Great Contrast Ratios
  • Brilliant 4K Outputs
  • Fast Response Times
  • Low Input Lag
  • Native 60 Hz Refresh Rates

Available Screen Sizes – 55 inches, 65 inches

Check it Out Here!

First on this list and perfectly suited for first-time buyers as well, this Vizio M Series ticks almost all the checkpoints while providing a very handsome value-for-money deal.

Picture quality will not keep you wanting for any better. Unless you are an expert at 4K displays, you will find it hard to rate this display any worse than other much pricier and high-end products. That’s big considering this is still a budget 4K TV for gaming.

Excellent color reproduction, perfectly balanced blacks for indoor entertainment – you do get a complete package.

Gaming performance is more than commendable. With excellent response times under 12ms and input lag around 20ms in Game Mode, you will enjoy playing through even the most demanding AAA titles.

The display comes with native 60 Hz refresh rates, sufficient for most games, not for competitive gaming though. There’s a minimal stutter in fast-paced frames so you’ll enjoy video content to the fullest as well.

The display is HDR10 and HDR10+ capable. The SmartCast OS is easy to use although it may take some getting used to at first. You will get a good selection of apps, but sadly you cannot install additional apps to it, worth considering.

Priced at around $750 for the 55-inch model and just under $1200 for the 65-inch model, we recommend the 55-inch wholeheartedly. This is one of best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X on a budget.

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6. LG UN7300 Series

Best TV for Xbox Series X Under $500

LG UN7300 Series


  • Best-Value 4K Display
  • Great Reflection Handling
  • Excellent Color Reproduction (After Calibration)
  • Very Low Input Lag and Stutter
  • Native 60 Hz Refresh Rates

Available Screen Sizes – 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches

Check it Out Here!

Few leading brands venture into affordable product segments, and that too, with the best product in it. True that you can get your hands on several entry-level 4K TVs. But, and without a doubt, this LG UN7300 series easily outshines the competition, definitely the best budget TV for PS5 or Xbox.

For the price, you get a 4K compatible display. Suitably manufactured for indoor usage, the first thumbs up you will notice is excellent anti-reflection. Common in some high-end display, reflections in bright indoor settings can be a big turn off.

Not in this case though as LG amps it up with enough brightness to handle open spaces with lots of natural light.

You get a native 60 Hz display across all screen sizes with this range. Gaming performance is above par as well, considering that the price tag that is. 4K input lag in Game Mode is under 10ms, and response times hover around 17ms, not the best but far from the worst. Gaming and video content will be fun without leaving much room for complaint.

This LG UN7300 series is HDR and HDR10+ compliant. Inside, it comes with LG’s WebOS, rated as one of the best Smart TV OSs around. There are many apps pre-loaded and a ton available for download as well.

It’s the price tag that does the trick. You can buy a 55-inch 4K Smart TV, perfectly capable of handling casual gaming, for around $480. The 65-inch is priced at just under $650 and it does come with even better response times and HDR capabilities.

But it’s the 55-inch LG UN7300 that we recommend, easily one of the best budget TVs for console gaming under $500.

5. TCL R635 4K QLED Roku Smart TV

Best Budget QLED TV

TCL R635 4K QLED Roku Smart TV


  • Excellent Contrast Ratios
  • Powerful Brightness
  • Wide Color Gamut Coverage
  • Great HDR Outputs
  • Roku TV
  • Alexa in-Built

Available Screen Sizes – 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches

Check it Out Here!

Samsung and LG are the first names that come to mind when it’s about display quality. But there’s one more brand that we should include in that list and that’s TCL. This 6-series range of Roku TVs forms the basis of a strong product lineup with perhaps the best value-for-money deal of features you can get in 4K Smart TV market.

We have cherrypicked the RN635 as the best of the lot. Note that this is a QLED screen, unlike the OLEDs reviewed above. The display will immediately win you over with its rich and vivid colors. Brightness is arguably best-in-class– this is one of the few Smart TVs that can work well in open spaces with natural light.

Gaming performance is best suited for casual gamers. This TCL display series will deliver under 18ms input lag in Game Mode and the 11ms gtg response times. So, you will enjoy gaming on it especially coupled with the wide color range and depth. This is true for video entertainment as well.

This Roku TV supports only HDR and not HDR10+. Along with that, you obviously get the popular Roku TV interface, which is easy to use but runs advertisements. This is somewhat of a letdown, not if you’re gaming though. You also get Alexa in-built which can be quite helpful if you have smart gadgets around.

The 55-inch TCL R635 is priced at around $850. Although pricier than the previous models, it does deliver more in display quality along with ample gaming performance. Plus, this is a Roku TV so there’s plenty of entertainment available on demand.

This is one of the best TVs for PS5 under $1000, also compatible with Xbox Series X.

4. Samsung Q80T Series

Best Mid-Range 4K Gaming TV

Samsung Q80T Series


  • Best QLED Display under $1500
  • 120 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Low Input Lag
  • Class-Leading Response Time
  • Free-Sync Enabled and G Sync Compatible

Available Sizes – 49 inches, 50 Inches, 55 Inches, 65 Inches, 75 inches, 85 inches

Check it Out Here!

We are now entering the higher range of 4K TVs, displays that are tweaked to be faster and more responsive. Price tags will start going beyond the $1000 mark, but you get a lot of noticeably better performance for it. First up is this Samsung Q80T series 4K TV.

We are reviewing the latest 2020 model and it’s a QLED screen. Just so, display outputs are nothing short of brilliant with excellent hue depth and sharp details. Samsung still one of the best display manufacturers around and you will agree to it as do we based on this Q80T 4K TV.

As for performance, firstly you are upgrading to 120 Hz refresh rates. Complementing the higher frame rates, Samsung has maintained input lag at under 10ms and blisteringly fast response times of below 3ms. Along with the hardware, you get Variable Refresh Rate tech. It comes with FreeSync and it’s G-Sync compatible as well. Not useful for console gamers, but worth more than gold for PC gamers.

These are excellent stats, and this is one of the very few 4K TVs under $2000 that can manage the rigors of competitive gaming.

This Q80T series can work out both HDR and HDR10+. We did expect better from Samsung’s Tizen OS which is replete with advertisements even though it’s user-friendly and comes with access to the Samsung app store.

Overall, this is one of the best TVs for consoles hands down. However, the price tag of around $1250 (55-inch) does include FreeSync and G-Sync compatible tech, bringing down the value-for-money quotient for console gamers.

You can also go for the 65-inch model priced at around $1500, a better bargain if you ask us!

3. Sony X800H Series

Best Budget TV for PS5

Sony X800H Series


  • Excellent Content Upscaling
  • Android TV
  • Native 60Hz Refresh Rates
  • Low Input Lag and Response Times

Available Sizes – 43 inches, 49 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches

Check it Out Here!

Just like LG, Sony too has played a good hand in the affordable 4K TV market. A brand well-known for its consistent quality, Sony has smartly outfitted this X800H range of TVs with just the right features to make it a great value for money deal.

Right from the start, you are welcomed by the beautiful color depth and brightness. For a 4K TV under $800, a common choice for first-time buyers delving into the 4K experience, this is excellent value for money. With great viewing angles, this is a perfect display for multiple viewers or users.

It scores well above its category in specific performance specs as well. Input lag is rated around 10ms in Game Mode. Response times are even better, at under 5ms, easily the best TV for gaming under $800.

Worth mentioning though, the display does not do well showing the darks due to its low contrast ratios. So, if you want to play games with dark settings, e.g. – Half Life: Alyx, we recommend otherwise.

For the price, it’s no surprise you get only HDR and not HDR10+. But you do get Android TV 9.0, a big bonus if you use Google Play Store apps over everything else. This is also one of the best Smart TV interfaces you will find anywhere, worth considering.

The 55-inch Sony X800H is priced at around $700 and we think this is the best price-to-performance ratio in the series. If you are a single-user or if you want to save up, there’s a 43-inch model priced at well under $500 as well!

2. Hisense H9 Series

Best Budget TV for PS5 and Xbox X

Hisense H9 Series


  • Excellent Contrast ratios
  • Outstanding Reflection Handling
  • Best-in-Class Black Reproduction
  • Gaming-ready Response Times
  • Native 120 Hz Refresh Rates
  • Android TV

Available Sizes – 55 inches, 65 inches

Check it Out Here!

After TCL, here’s another Chinese brand that’s turning the competition on its head. Hisense, despite the questionable brand name, is manufacturing great displays and pricing them even more competitively.

This H9 series of 4K TVs is a master of all trades. It ticks more boxes than almost all other 4K TVs on this list – it does come down to simple mathematics and of course, value-for-money.

Firstly, forget high-priced budget OLEDs. Hisense managed to make VA panels deliver just as much contrast ratio as an OLED. Plus, they somehow conjured up perhaps the best blacks on any VA panel yet.

Bottom line?

Excellent colors and even better blacks.

It handles reflection outstandingly too. To sum it up, this H9 series of TVs are perhaps the only ones available under the $1000 mark that can handle both dark indoor and bright natural light settings. So, you game on this TV just as easily you can watch a sports match with the lights on.

As for gaming performance, it’s up there with the best again. Input lag is under 15ms in Game Mode. Couple that with response times under 3ms and you already know you will love gaming on it.

All H9 TVs are HDR and HDR10+ compatible. And just like the Sony, you get Android TV 9.0 running inside. There’s Alexa in-built as well.

But there’s a catch:

The reason we did not mention the 120 Hz refresh rates is simply because it’s not literally 120. Although rated as native 120 Hz, there’s no 120 Hz signal to the display. You can enjoy 1080p at the higher refresh rates, but the TV will skip frames. This is a big letdown, just what kept it from the top spot!

All said, the Hisense H9 55-inch is priced at just above $750. Barring the refresh rate debacle, you do get a lot of features for the price.

This is one of the best TVs for Xbox Series X and PS5 still with a great display and more than sufficient performance.

1. LG OLEDCX Series

Best TV for Consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X)



  • Best Picture Quality
  • Excellent Black Reproduction
  • Native 120 Hz Refresh Rates
  • Best-in-Class Response Times
  • Low Input Lag
  • FreeSync and G-Sync Compatible

Available Sizes – 48 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 77 inches

Check It Out Here!

LG is a step ahead of the competition when it comes to delivering 4K TVs that truly deliver. This CX series is popularly rated by experts and consumers alike as the best 4K Smart TVs available in the market. Not just that, this is our best TV for Xbox Series and PS5 as well, perfect for a top-notch console gaming experience.

Simply put, the CX series has probably the best display outputs on any 4K TV that you can buy today. Unreal color saturation and excellent blacks, if you have an LG CX, you know you cannot do better on display quality alone. It also does surprisingly well in managing reflections as well, matching and exceeding the benchmark set by the Hisense H9.

So, this is another 4K OLED TV that can work in both dark and bright environments.

Coming to performance, the LG CX has the fastest response times at under 1ms. That’s blisteringly fast, even for the best gaming monitors. Input lag is under 15ms, not the best figures but more than sufficient.

Along with this, you get native 120 Hz refresh rates, true 120 Hz unlike what you get with Hisense. In short, this is the best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X based on sheer gaming performance.

You will miss out on HDR 10+ as the LG CX only comes with HDR. As for software, LG’s WebOS does offer an easy and intuitive interface as well as a huge selection of apps.

Now, the 48-inch LG CX is priced at just under $1500. It is expensive but when it comes down to the best, this is it, a beautiful display that performs better than most other TVs around. 


Without a 4K TV, you are missing out on the best that an Xbox Series X or a PS5 can churn out. True, this is will require an investment of at least $500, but it is more than worth it. Modern OLEDs and even IPS panels can last at least 5 years, by when 4K resolutions will be the norm for display manufacturing. And maybe we may even end up with a PS6 and another new Xbox!

If you truly want to enjoy gaming on the latest consoles, this is a worthy investment. In case you do not have the budget for it, we recommend at least a budget 4K TV. Just why we have reviewed the best TVs for Xbox Series X and PS5 primarily based on the value-for-money on offer. Go for 4K today!