11 Best Risk Of Rain 2 Mods You Should Try Right Now

Risk Of Rain 2 Mods

Now, Risk of Rain 2 is a fantastic game in its own right, with the various Survivors offering multiple styles, archetypes, strengths, and abilities to play around with, along with a secret one that throws an element of pleasant surprise into the mix.

However, if you are currently tired of the base game and want to explore other avenues without having to let go of your favorite title, there are a few ways we can think of.

And the best among them is the various community mods available on the internet.

Here, not only are we going to discuss the best Risk of Rain 2 mods available to enhance and spice up your gameplay, we will be going in-depth about each of them, and explaining what each can do and how they dynamically change each one of your runs.

First of all, let’s see how modding works.

How To Install Risk of Rain 2 Mods?

The simplest and safest way of installing Risk of Rain 2 mods is obviously the popular program r2modman, a mod manager which does the heavy lifting and tedious process behind installing various mods and allows you to monitor all of them.

You can head over to thunderstorm and download r2modman.

After that, manually download r2modman and run the .exe file.  Note that this manager can be installed anywhere except where the actual files for your game are.

Once it is running, you can see various options including Select Profile, Rename, Create New, Import, and Delete.

The best part?

r2modman lets you directly download and import mods into the Profile that you’re playing in directly in-game.

After you download the mod that you want, and after the download is finished, that’s it, your mod is installed. No manual, no sweat.

The final step requires you to hit the ‘’Start Modded” option to go into the game with your mods loaded.

And there you go. You’ll now be able to play with your favorite thunderstore mods in game.

You can even share the mods that you are using with your friends by exporting your Profile. Yes, it is that easy.

So now that we have got introductions out of the way, let us take a look at some of the best Risk of Rain 2 mods that the massive community has to offer.

Keep in mind that these mods are still being tested, updated, and perfected, so your experience may vary from ours.

Best RoR2 Mods You Should Play

11. Goku

Risk of Rain Goku

Yeah, you heard that right. We’re starting off with a bang, as the fan-favorite anime character, DragonBall protagonist and the man who can bench press a planet makes his unofficial roguelite debut.

Now, you might be thinking that this isn’t a full display or recreation of all his abilities, and you could not be more wrong.

Modder kinggrinyov has made sure that your power fantasies are sufficiently sated when playing as Goku in an RoR 2 run.

To start off, the biggest difference and buff that Goku gets straight off the bat is that he has no cooldowns.

Nothing, nada.

All Goku’s skills and powers remain the same, but the flip is that all of them, just like the manga and anime, use Ki energy.

His internal Ki based resource system is unique to just him and his Primary, Melee Strike, deals 280% damage, and generates 5% Ki, while his Passive, Saiyan Blood, allows him to use said Ki resource and transform into all his various Super Saiyan iterations, including the SSG, SSBlue AND Ultra Instinct transformations.

If that wasn’t enough to make you a believer, Goku can use all of his Special attacks, including the fans-favorite Kamehameha, the Super Dragon Fist, and his explosive Spirit Bomb.

Along with that, Goku can also charge his Ki as per usual and has an augmented Angry Kamehameha which deals a whopping 1550% damage.

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10. Sniper


You ever wanted to convert your regular, drab RoR 2 runs into actual running-and-gunning?

More importantly, have you ever wanted to explore an option inside your run that allowed you to simulate the quickscoping, guns blazing action of Call of Duty?

Sounds salesy, but this one actually has weight.

The Risk of Rain 2 Sniper, a mod by Rein, is an extremely agile, mobile, and high burst damage modded character, which makes it one of the best at any kind of difficulty.

Carried over from Risk 1 and completely overhauled, the amount of detail that went into this mod is completely bonkers.

The Primary, simply named Snipe, allows you to shoot enemies for 600% to 900% damage, and timing the reload to increase your DPS to unimaginable levels.

Once you get into the rhythm of serving high damage with fast reloads, you will never want to look back and go to using your old main.

The Quickscope ability sees you doing an extra 0.75x damage for up to 4 shots, and the Backflip stuns enemies and reloads your weapon at the same time, dealing 100% damage in the process as well.

Finally, the Blink Knife ability allows you to throw a knife for 100% damage and gives you the option to teleport to the knife in mid-air and deal another 100% damage!

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09. Aatrox

Risk of Rain - Aatrox

Inspired by the League of Legends character of the same name, think of Aatrox as a love child between the archetypes of Rex and Mercenary, with all the benefits and only some of the drawbacks.

Just like Rex, you deal damage by hurting yourself, but combined with the staggering melee damage similar to what is provided by the Mercenary, Aatrox is a lightning-quick melee-based Survivor who can use his health to casually buff his attacks multiple times.

The Hellbent ability gives you better movement speed as your health declines, allowing you to escape mobs pretty easily, and the Blood Price works with this ability in tandem, giving you a charged shot to boost your primary damage at the cost of 25% of your health.

And that’s just for starters.

The Blood Thirst ability allows you to swing your sword for 150% damage, with every third hit giving you 350%, along with healing 5% of your health.

The healing stacks according to how low health you are.

Finally, the Massacre ability lets you go all out, with bonus damage and armor while draining your HP.

These buffs also stack depending on the duration that Massacre is active.

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08. Tristana

Risk of Rain Tristana

Another character inspired by LoL, Tristana is a high range, high damage Survivor in Risk of Rain 2, brought in by Zerodomai.

Her aesthetic is that of a small creature with a big, big gun and her moveset uses that to full effect.

Her abilities include the Explosive Shot, which states that killing enemies while they are burning causes them to explode for 100% damage.

Cannon Shot, which fires a chargeable cannonball for 300% damage.

Explosive Charge, which sticks an enemy with explosives, dealing 100% damage on contact and 200% on detonation.

Charge Jump, which sees Tristana launch herself into the air dealing 200% damage and gaining a 110% buff to her attack speed on landing, and

Buster Shot, which fires a giant cannonball dealing 1200% damage and adding the knockback effect to most if not all enemies. 

Tristana is an incredibly fun character to play, much like her League of Legends version, and this goes into our list as a definite must-try.

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07. Twtich

Risk of Rain Twtich

The final entry from our League of Legends series of mods is the popular Twtich, by rob.

Another poison-heavy character, exactly like Acrid, Twtich has one of the best-modded movesets in the game.

Starting off, Twtich’s Deadly Venom passive states that all abilities will grant a stack of venom, lowering attack speed and armor and adding damage over time.

Synergising with this is the Crossbow, which deals 225% damage, and reduces cooldown for the ability Ambush, which turns you invisible for 6 seconds, and allows you increased attack speed and shots that can even pierce through concrete.

Additionally, Twtich gets the abilities like Venom Cask, which hurls a casket of venom for 300% damage and leaves a pool of damage over time venom, and Expunge, which allows you to throw an Infected knife that deals 400% damage and an additional 70% per Venom stack. 

Twtich is a fast-moving, deadly character with a lot of crowd control potential and fun gameplay design.

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06. Rogue Wisp

Risk of Rain Rogue Wisp

A Survivor that truly cannot be compared to any other, the Rogue Wisp is a damage-focused character with a brilliant design, a flaming purple aura around a shadowy, ethereal body, and even better mechanics.

Rogue Wisp plays completely different from the entire cast of the game, despite the limited mobility and defense options.

Rogue requires you to draw all your abilities from its Flame Charges, which empower your abilities for a set period.

Additionally, you gain a Barrier relative to your maximum health whenever you regain a Flame Charge.

The Heatwave ability allows you to fire a shockwave for 165% damage and restore your Flame Charge if it connects.

Legendary Spark allows you to create a barrier of flames that explodes to deal 250% damage, consuming your Flame Charge. Burning Gaze has you create an inferno that sets all enemies on fire for 80% DoT and allows you to move faster and gain a Flame Charge while you are inside said inferno.

Finally, Incineration is a beam of channeled energy that does 500% damage over time and continues to give you that damage and armor on top of it, at the cost of your movement.

And not only that, the creator of the mod, Rein, also added in a new late game boss. So have fun with that, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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05. Enforcer

Risk of Rain - Enforcer

As is obvious, the Enforcer mod allows you to play as the eponymous character from the first Risk of Rain, fully kitted for the second installment.

The Enforcer is a slow-moving, high damage character who relies mostly on his Riot Shield.

All of the Enforcers abilities from the first game have seen return, from the Riot Shotgun that deals 160% damage at a short-range distance, the Shield Slam ability that knocks enemies back for 210% damage, the Protect and Serves ability which blocks all damage from all sources, and Crowd Control, an ability which allows you to launch a Stun grenade, stunning enemies in a large radius and dealing 250% damage.

Now, due to his low mobility, players will face the same amount of challenge that they did in the first iteration of the characters, but with a new swappable kit of skills, the Enforcer can deal damage in a new variety of ways.

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04. Vegeta

Risk of Rain - Vegeta

Okay, we might be cheating a little bit, as Goku is not the only Saiyan to grace the roguelike battlefield.

The Prince of All Saiyans also makes his debut as a Risk of Rain 2 mod, with his full arsenal of devastating attacks added with a level of recreation very faithful to the original.

Similar to Goku, Vegeta does not have cooldowns but instead charges his Ki to unleash all of his attacks.

The Ki resource is not only used to charge and perform his attacks but all his transformations as well, which have been brought to the game in the same vein as Goku’s.

Abilities include the Melee Strike, dealing 280% damage with each instance and netting you 5% XP, the Rising Sledgehammer, a melee attack that launches enemies upwards for 400% damage, with a follow up netting 1100% damage, the Galick Gun, which unleashes his signature beam of death to deal 1500% damage along with an additional 800% the longer it is active, and the Big Bang Attack, which deals 1600% damage on a single hit.

Along with that, there are interesting additions such as the passive Zenkai Boost which permanently increases your base health, regen, and armor, and the Mark of Majin, which buffs the same elements at the cost of a stun every 20-40 seconds at random.

Nonetheless, this makes Vegeta one of the most fun additions to the mod cast of characters.

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03. Trunks

Risk of Rain Trunks

Our final addition from the massive cast of Dragon Ball, Trunks is a half-breed Saiyan from the future who has somehow found his way to Petrichor V, following his father and his father’s rival.

Similar to other mods by kinggrinyov, Trunks has no cooldowns and instead uses a Ki resource to fuel his moves, as well as all of his Main Transformation, which includes all of the major ones shown in the series.

His abilities include the Sword Strike, which gives you 5% Ki per hit as well as 320% damage, the Shining Sword Attack, which sees you dash forward for a series of sword slashes dealing 240% damage for each, the Burning Attack, which deals 1700% damage, and the usual Saiyan kit of Zenkai Boost and power charge mechanics. 

Although Trunks plays largely the same as the other members of the DB cast, he brings a certain amount of lithe freshness to all your runs.

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02. Clay Templar

Risk of Rain Clay Templar

The Clay Templar Survivor version is exactly what you expect; a fully playable, fully decked out playable version of the Clay Templar enemy archetype.

But the difference between the stock enemy and rob’s modded Survivor is that the Clay Templar gets access to a myriad of weapons including a flamethrower, shotgun, and a bazooka.

For starters, the Volatile Tier passive covers the enemy in tar, applying a movement speed debuff. The tar, upon ignition, applies the Scorch debuff, reducing their armor.

Thereon, the Minigun ability allows you to rev up your Minigun and deal 30% damage per bullet.

Along with that, abilities such as Clay Bomb, wherein you can store and throw 2 clay bombs for 400% damage each, Tar Overdrive, which knocks enemies back, applies tar and gives you bonus attack speed and health regen for 3 seconds make up the rest of the loadout.

Finally, the Bazooka ability has you fire a rocket for 800% damage.

A well-rounded kit with excellent damage potential, this is one of the most underrated RoR2 mods around.

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01. Paladin

Risk of Rain - Paladin

Another completely custom-made Survivor for Risk of Rain 2, Paladin is just like the Enforcer, albeit with a sword and maybe just a bit faster.

The primary damage that you deal comes from said sword, with the Divine Blade ability giving you 350% damage and an additional 300% via Bulwark’s Blessing, which allows you a stack of armor and Blessing if above 90% health.

Spinning Slash is a stun attack that has you deal 800% damage, and you get an augmented version of it if Blessed.

For movement, the Quickstep ability sees you dash a short distance and gain a 10% barrier.

You can store up to two dashes, and each hit from Divine Blade diminishes the cooldown by a second.

Finally, Sacred Sunlight is a buff that you can channel for 1.5 seconds, then release to apply blessing on an area for 12 seconds, restoring your health and barrier stats.

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Although there are a host of mods for Risk of Rain 2 on the internet, these are the 11 best that we found, exclusively for changing existing ones and/or adding new ones.

Apart from that, bazaar and ror2 item share mods also exist, which can dynamically change the runs that you have. But for the meantime, check these out!