The 13 Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods In 2021

Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods

Mount and Blade Warband is one of the few games where the modded community is hyperactive even after a decade since the game first hit the scene.

Mods released are spread across various genres from the Game of Thrones to the American revolution in 1776.

Unfortunately, the game limits you from using more than one mod at a time. Unlike other games, mods here change the outlook of the game to make it more exciting.

We have assembled a list of 13 best Mount and Blade Warband Mods that will elevate your dopamine levels.

How To Install Mount and Blade Warband Mods?

Before we get into the mods, we will explain the process of installing them for the unversed. It is not difficult and is very similar to installing mods on other games.

Find the desired mod from popular mods sites such as Moddb or Nexusmods and download it.

  • Locate the downloaded mod and extract it using compression software.
  • Copy or drag and drop these files into the Modules folder. Usually, it’s in C:/Program Files/Mount and Blade Warband/Modules.
  • Start the game and select the mod from the drop-down menu of modules, and you are good to go!
  • Some mods may require additional steps, but they usually come with instructions.

Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods List

1. Last Days Of The Third Age

Last Days Of The Third Age

Last Days Of The Third Age is set in the center of the Middle Earth during the ending times of the Third Age. You have two options to choose from, Dawn of a New Age (good side) or the Twilight of Man (evil side), the war starts after you reach level 8 irrespective of the chosen side.

The intriguing part is that both sides have a peaceful start making you believe that you belong to the good team.

The goal of the mod is to gather companions for the war and triumph over the other side. The peaceful start deceives you that everything is just fine, but in reality, the world map is crawling with enemies of various kinds. The raiders will stealthily attack your territory with the help of information received from their scouts, kill your commanders, and take over the capital. Once the capital is besieged, you can only continue the war as an ally.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of features offered by the mod. It provides justice to the mechanics of the game by using every available resource – just why the game still continues to hold on to its cult following.

From oaths of vengeance to night-fighting, this mod completely overhauls the game to the point that even the smallest person can change the outcome. If you are a hardcore fan of Lord of the Rings, then you can’t afford to miss this mod.

Download It Here

2. Prophesy Of Pendor

Prophesy Of Pendor

The Prophesy of Pendor is one of the few mods to have an in-depth and intriguing backstory. You can find it in the manual. You can choose from 5 major factions and knighthood orders. There are a few minor factions too, but you can only have relations with them. The goal of the mod is to help Lord Pendor to become the emperor by uniting all the lands.

The Pendor mod is not based on any show/book/movie, and that is like a breath of fresh air. You never stop growing as a character in the mod as new adventures test your skills and limits. The smaller factions frequently make changes in their army to become a formidable foe. Although it is not based on any universe, it does take some inspiration from elves in the J.R.R Tolkien books.

It is worth checking out if you don’t want to be part of something new with a cool backstory.

Donwload it Here



If you are one of the purists who hate mods that completely override the original gameplay, then Blood and Steel is the one for you. Unlike other mods, this one tries to change little things that start a chain of events resulting in exciting gameplay. One of the major changes is that you get new stunning graphics that invoke your gaming spirit.

The new items in the game enhance your killing abilities and greatly uplift the game.  If you thought sci-fi battle mechs are the OG, then you are in for a huge disappointment. There is also a possibility of ending up as a prisoner if you are not careful.

Even though the mod is an old one, you get regular updates to the mod that make it more riveting. The previous update made tons of changes to the game including the tactical AI.

Donwload it Here

4. Warsword Conquest

Warsword conquest

The Warsword conquest is set in the Warhammer world. You can choose to fight for or against the empire with 13 factions. Every faction has a plethora of armors, items, and mounts to purchase from merchants. There are also faction merchants who sell items related to every race.

There are 33 towns, 58 castles, and much more for you to destroy/takeover, or just to experience the scenery. The mod introduces a variety of monsters such as trolls, Kroxigores, etc. to assist you in the war. There are also bandits, goblins, etc. to help you out in various missions in the game. It keeps you hooked with multiple game enhancements and restrictions to make it a challenge.

Donwload it Here

5. A World of Ice and Fire

A World of Ice and Fire

As you might have guessed, it is mod based on Game of Thrones. Before we delve deep into the mod, can we talk about the infuriating season 8? GOT gave us 5 epic seasons and then faded away till season 8 just for Arya to kill the Night King. Fortunately, this mod does just the opposite and keeps you on your toes with its gameplay.

There is no shortage of unique items and units. You can explore and conquer new worlds, and that includes the popular Essos. You have the freedom to design your own house with no restrictions. The goal is to rise through the ranks by manipulating others (or just politics), cause, and win wars to become the sole ruler of seven kingdoms.

Donwload it Here

6. A Clash of Kings

A Clash of Kings

The Clash of Kings is another mod inspired by GOT (2nd book). There are more than 20 factions to choose and fight against the Targaryens. You have the chance of equipping your characters with lots of armor that are modeled from the TV show.  The goal is to explore and survive different places and make your way to the iron throne.

Unlike the book, here you get to control your destiny. It contains dozens of story quests that quench your thirst for adventures. It is one of the few mods to have authentic character detailing and have ship battles. The UI looks fresh and the companions increase with each update. You can also relive your favorite GOT moments as lords such as Tyrwin Lannister get custom dialogues.

Donwload it Here

7. Nova Aetas

Nova Aetas

The Nova Aetas is kind of a prequel to Bannerlord. It marks the beginning of a new era where the Calradian Empire is reborn with you as the lord. You have to take care of the villages, towns and protect them from your rivals. You have 2 choices, either tame other lords by influence or start the war to become the Emperor of Calradia.

You get to manage kingdoms, control everything from the economy to scarcity simulation. The mod still has a lot of stuff even after you become the king. The graphics are a treat and players get new abilities such as taunt, inspire, etc. The game tries to stay close to the original gameplay with just a few changes.

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8. A New Dawn

A New Dawn

The new dawn gives you many minor factions that don’t have their own lands. You can either talk them into joining your faction or join theirs. The scenery gets an aesthetic makeover with the added bonus of exotic animals to ride.

There are huge armies to fight against and the specialized armor makes it an exciting battle. Another great thing about this mod is that you have enhanced health enabling you to last longer to get rid of your enemies.

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9. Perisno


The Perisno is another mod that is heavily inspired by the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is tailor-made for beginners to enjoy the game to its best without changing much about the gameplay. Recently, a major update was released and made the game complex enough to attract veterans too.

The Perisno is considered an important land and many countries fight against each other to conquer it. The goal is to join any of the factions to help them conquer it or you can have it all to yourself by fighting against them. The swift and easier gameplay makes it fascinating enough for everyone, and who doesn’t love giant companions.

Donwload it Here

10. 1776 American Revolution

1776 American Revolution

The name is self-explanatory, the mod teleports you to the 1700s. You can either join the rebels, Brits, or native Americans in this war. The weapons, armor, and everything else has an accurate resemblance to the real world back in 1770. It is well renowned for its closeness to the real world.

The mod has exceptionally good music that makes it even more endearing. However, it is a little glitchy, it won’t stop you from playing but is a buzzkill. The game has one of the biggest maps and is so much better than the official expansion pack Napoleon Wars.

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11. Floris Mod Pack

Floris Mod Pack

The Floris mod pack contains numerous mods that change only a few aspects of the game. It has better graphics than others that enhance the gameplay experience.

The mod consists of 3 levels: basic, gameplay, and advanced. The gameplay and graphics change according to the level you choose.

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12. Phantasy 2018

Phantasy 2018

The Phantasy 2018 is a sequel to Phantasy Calradia with extensive changes to its gameplay. This mod is an open alpha so you can expect changes frequently. You can choose from 13 factions to fight for or against the enemy. You can also talk to prisoners and convince them to join you in your conquest.

All the lords have armies of 800+ and are ridiculously powerful. It is fun to wage war against them in this phantasy world.

Donwload it Here

13. Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth

Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth

The mod is as difficult as pronouncing its name without breaking the flow. It is the only Asian mod on the list and is set in the 16th century. You can choose from 12 factions and each of them has a unique item based on their history.

The SuvarnaBhumi Mahayuth mod has a large-scale map that will keep you occupied in the game for a long period. If you ever wondered about the Asians in the 16th century then this is your chance to explore their world.

Donwload it Here

Can You Get Mount and Blade Warband Mods PS4?

Unfortunately, no, PS4 doesn’t support Mount and Blade Warband mods.You just have to adjust with the vanilla version of the game which is still exciting without the mods but hopefully, PS4 will give access to install mods.


There you have it! These are the best 13 mods for Mount and Blade Warband. Feel free to suggest other mods and we will make sure to add them up!