The 15 Best Minecraft Skins That You Can Try Today

Best Minecraft Skins

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Minecraft’s popularity is still unchallenged even after years of its official release. The reasons for its popularity vary from person to person.

While some like the open-world sandbox theme, others find their interest in its aspects taken from reality like newly added day-night cycles, rains, and creatures in the dark.

Now you can create and change the skins of your Minecraft avatar too. Donning a cape and becoming a pickaxe wielding batman sounds quite interesting. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Featuring the costumes of superheroes to get some serious hurrahs on the game server has its fair share of fame. Before you log into your Minecraft account again, be sure to get the most outstanding skins for your avatar.

There is a ton of skin modifying mods and mod packs for a great stash of Minecraft skin.

Here, we have scoured through the internet to find some of the most intriguing Minecraft skins. These avatar skins feature some of the most popular live-action and anime characters that will take your excitement quotient to the next levels.

How to Download Minecraft skins?

Downloading Minecraft skins is actually easier than finding the right one. But the process of installing them differs for Pocket and Bedrock editions. Check out all about the differences between Pocket and Bedrock editions.

Minecraft’s community is already into creating countless skins that you can install easily on your Windows or Mac PC. Before downloading skins, know that these are just images in PNG or JPG format.

Before you start downloading a stash of Minecraft skins, make sure you have the latest version of Minecraft edition installed. If your device has an older version, we recommend updating your software. Learn about how to update your Minecraft

  • Log into Minecraft with your Mojang account and keep the PNG file in a handy location
  • After logging in, click on the Profile section
  • You will have the option to change your skins from the default skin. You can either go ahead with select a file to upload it or drag and drop the PNG file.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the download to complete, and you are good to go. You will be able to see your Minecraft avatar in the uploaded skin!

Note that this process for downloading and installing skins is similar for Linux PCs as well.

To get your hands over the latest skins, keep visiting websites such as or

Are Minecraft skins free?

Are Minecraft skins free

Minecraft Skins are available for free if you intend to upload PNG files to and transform your avatar. You can download Minecraft skins in PNG format from a host of websites for free.

Alternatively, you have the option of purchasing skin packs available in the Marketplace section of Minecraft’s Bedrock edition.

15 Best Minecraft Skins as Per Popularity

Under this article, we have carefully selected characters that will remind you of childhood passion or a movie interest.

Some of these Minecraft Skins are real action figures, while others found inspiration from popular characters. Let us take a look at a few good Minecraft Skins available to date.

15. Ezio


Done the legendary master assassin, Ezio Auditore’s robe on Minecraft. It is a tough job to transform such complicated personalities into pixel-based art for Minecraft. While this skin wouldn’t turn your skills as a master assassin, it will surely make you stand out. 

Every detail, from hood to the clothing, has been made crafted as similarly as possible to perhaps one of the most popular video game characters yet. Just upload this skin to your Mojang account and enjoy roaming around your castle as Ezio.

14. Mario


A popular game character in the early 21st century, Mario was a remarkable character. Who can forget Mario’s ability to grow bigger and stronger into a younger version of himself after a couple of mushrooms? While there are no queens to protect from the dragon here, we do have an ender dragon that you can defeat and take pride in your role as the defender of your world.

There is a nostalgia associated with Mario that most older generation players can associate. This Mario skin is never far away from roaming around and undertaking adventurous tasks to battle out zombies in dark places. Definitely, a good Minecraft skin to put on anytime!

13. Agent Chicken

Agent Chicken

Donning a superhero costume and roaming the world is cool but becoming a chicken in a Men In Black styled suit has a charm of its own. A truly professional-looking chicken is out on some adventure with perfectly worn red tile and sunglasses.

This skin reminds us of Will Smith in the Men in Black series (No pun intended!). Aliens can be replaced with weird zombies and mobs that can swarm and kill your avatar. Be prepared to fight them off though!

12. Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald

The clown mascot of McDonald’s, Mr. Ronald McDonald, first appeared around 60 years ago and is one of the most recognizable mascots in the 21st Century. Surely you won’t get any burger treats, you can still roam around in that fancy skin and turn some heads.

An entertaining and engaging skin with a global presence, McDonald’s will surely keep you pop on any game server.

11. Master Chief

Master Chief

Being the futuristic intergalactic soldier, Master Chief took on some astonishing challenges in the Halo series. We now have the future soldier in the pixel world of Minecraft. From wielding automatic guns in hands to a wooden pickaxe, this is a big switch for the character.

The overall design of the master chief skin is decent, considering Minecraft’s pixel-format. This is good Minecraft skin to battle it out. 

10. Shark


One of the first few animal-based skins on Minecraft, note that this is just a skin and there are no sharks yet. Playing in multiplayer using a shark skin can provide a unique experience. Easily one of the top unique Minecraft skins around.

09. Lava


While lava is an ever-flowing resource in Minecraft, it has the capability to create a Nether Portal and what not. But this amazing out of the blue skin provides an ultimate cool avatar to don. Call it Lava man or Lava Monster, you don’t have much choice over its outstanding impact. This is one of the most popular Minecraft skins as well! 

08. Deadpool


Deadpool’s everywhere and now you can get your own Deadpool skin on Minecraft as well. This is one of the coolest Minecraft skins you can think of having and now you can!

07. Evil Panda

Evil Panda

A furry ball of cuteness. While their original counterparts in Minecraft are mostly engaged in bamboo eating, these human-sized modified skins enable you to take the mantle of an Evil Panda. Try this unique animal skinned Minecraft Skin on Evil Panda to give yourself animalistic instincts.

06. Zombie


Creepers and Zombies can surely act as a shock troop but when you don the skin of a Zombie, you won’t be spared by other Gamers. A zombie skin does provide users with a unique adventure instead of running away.

What better way is there to tackle the challenges posed by mobs. The Zombie skin can be a wonder in the experimental training.

05. Stormtrooper


The fictional elite shock troopers in the Star War Franchise series is a welcome addition. The skin looks remarkably similar to the original stormtrooper. Just the name Stormtrooper is enough to get things done! While this skin doesn’t feature its traditional weaponry from the movie series, it will surely add a spark to your achievements in Minecraft.

04. Spiderman


Grab this skin if you love the web-shooting, crime-fighting neighborhood Spiderman. From being the smartest person in the class to being the protegee of Ironman, Spiderman is one of the most important members of the Marvel Universe, but will he be able to take over the mantle of Ironman? We’ll see.

But as far as this Minecraft skin is concerned, it is fans’ favorite without a shadow of a doubt.

03. Herobrine


Herobrine – a ghost or a super-powerful being? You wouldn’t be getting any of those mysterious capabilities, but you will surely be getting some serious recognition. As things perceive, with this Herobrine skin, you will be able to scare other participants to their core! Not the zombies though! 

Of course, the story behind Herobrine is nothing more than a hippy one, but it remains the most mysterious being inside Minecraft with super ultra-powers and capabilities. It does sound creepy but is far more fun in multiplayer modes.

02. Pikachu


Pikachu has returned to the world of sandbox gaming and how. This time he is all alone, without Ash, his Pokémon friends, and his electric shock powers. Whether Pikachu will build a new world for Pokémons without their masters is one worth waiting. But this is one of the coolest Minecraft skins to don.

01. Batman


Billionaire crime-fighting vigilante Batman’s parents were all killed during a childhood outing. After returning from training with Raas’ al Ghul, the heir to Wayne Industries is looking for ways to improve his city, Gotham. Batman is an iconic figure and now you can play as Batman on Minecraft. 

Try this skin and build a better Gotham city than Thomas Wayne could. One, where Batman fights off dark mobs to protect himself and his prized city. Is this the best Minecraft skin yet? We’ll leave that to you.


Minecraft skins are a great way to explore the game in a new light, especially in multiplayer. We have shared the best places to get the best Minecraft skins up top. Go ahead and deck up!

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What Is The Most Popular Minecraft Skin?

The Batman skin may just be the most popular Minecraft skin around although there is no specific data to back the claim. Most skins can be downloaded from multiple websites, offering different versions of each Minecraft skin. There is a severe lack of consensus to vote one out of a long list of the characters. But, after going through several websites, we found that Batman is quite popular among Minecraft players.

What Is The Best Minecraft Skin Editor?

The Nova editor website allows users to change clothes for their Minecraft skins in different poses, backgrounds, mirrors, 2D, filters, and a lot of features. We found Nova editor to be the best Minecraft skin editor. The website features a ton of items that would help in drafting a Minecraft skin.

It provides complete control to the user to create and edit skins. Nova allows coloring each pixel on the body parts, actions to focus on only one part before beginning to color the pixels. You also get the option to save each modification on your Nova account.

What are some cool Minecraft Skins?

The best part about Minecraft is the flexibility to create not only structures and details but also focus on creating some of the best skins for Minecraft avatars. The coolest creations are probably the comic book realizations from DC and Marvel superheroes, including supervillains. You can potentially roam around the Minecraft world as Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, or even Thanos!