The 10 Best Gaming Setups That We Liked In 2021

Best Gaming Setups

Piecing together the best gaming setup isn’t just about spending as much money as you can and putting together a powerful PC. 

You see, the best gaming setup is the one that blends functionality and aesthetics well, in addition to being a reflection of the builder’s taste and personality, which are the very criteria that we considered in our list. 

From fully decked-out RGB set-ups to water-cooled PCs, one-of-a-kind builders with fully customized designs, and sleeper set-ups that hide some of the most powerful components inside their unassuming housing, we’ve rounded up some of the best gaming setups that we liked to help serve as an inspiration for you. 

The 10 Best Gaming Setups 

10. jamesleomorris’ “NO RGB Needed” Setup

jamesleomorris’ “NO RGB Needed” Setup

Posted by the user u/jamesleomorris on the social news aggregation and discussion site, Reddit, via an aptly titled thread, “NO RGB Needed, this build is as straightforward as it is self-explanatory. 

What’s amazing about this build is that it’s an ITX form factor with fairly powerful components. Yet as the user explains in one of his replies to comments, the temperatures aren’t that high, both in idle and when under load. 

It’s hard to put a price on a build that looks like it’s been heavily customized to fit exactly what the user wants.

You can use this as an inspiration if you want a simple and clean RGB-free build. 

Hardware Used:

Peripherals Used:


  • Fan Controller: Deepcool (Unspecified Mode – We recommend this )

Estimated Setup Cost: $1500-$2000

Thoughts and Suggestions

If there’s one thing we’d change with the build is that we’d probably try to fix up the cables a bit. 

With this kind of build, it’s impossible to hide the cables anymore, so it’s useless to even try. Still, there’s some room for improvement as to how he showed them off. Using cable combs, for example, can help tidy the cables up a bit so it doesn’t look like the case is as cramped for space even though it is. 

9. Linus Tech Tips’ “Ted”

Linus Tech Tips’ “Ted”

Are you looking to build the perfect gaming setup to troll your friends? Well, worry no more. Linus Tech Tips has got you covered. 

Uploaded on Linus Sebastian’s YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, the “Incognito Gaming PC”, who they have since named “Ted”, is a powerhouse of a build that comes with top-of-the-line hardware components sans the matching look. 

What amazes me is how good the thermal performance is of this sleeper build. 

The case wasn’t exactly built with modern components in mind and it’s been modified a bit, but the thing is, a case like this should not be able to house such powerful hardware and still maintain proper airflow and thermals without taking it off piece by piece and making it look drastically different.

Hardware Used:

Peripherals Used:

  • CPU Case: Mid 90’s OEM Micron


Estimated Setup Cost: $3000

Thoughts and Suggestions

Yeah, personally, we wouldn’t even attempt this. Older computer cases were built at a different time than now.

Even though the dimensions are relatively the same as that of today, you’re giving up a lot, especially in terms of ventilation, unless, of course, you’re willing to mod it. But, sleeper PC builds are fun to have and make for great projects.

Besides, the look on your friend’s faces when they find out just how powerful that old-looking PC of yours really is priceless.

8. Julian Bright’s Gaming Set-Up

Teenagers are capable of some pretty amazing things, and Julian Bright is living proof of that. 

Having had his set-up gone rounds over the internet for the better part of the past decade already, thanks mostly to being featured on TechSource, Julian Bright, who now owns his very own photography and video productions company, Bright Productions, has a neat and fairly simple set-up. 

What makes Julian Bright’s set-up so unique is that it is clean and organized. 

To be honest, the set-up doesn’t look like it’s a traditional powerhouse. Although he didn’t exactly reveal the specifications of his set-up, we highly doubt that it’s as powerful as the others on our list. 

Then again, when you’ve got this kind of set-up with an even more amazing view and roll-down blinds that double as a projection screen, powerful hardware is no longer necessary for your set-up to be appreciated. 

Hardware Used:

  • Nothing specified

Peripherals Used:


Estimated Setup Cost: ???

Thoughts and Suggestions

Seeing that it’s been years since Julian Bright updated anyone on the status of his set-up, we don’t really know how it looks right now. However, it would’ve been nice to know what his PC specs were. At the very least, it would have been awesome if he built a PC to match the aesthetics of his entire set-up. 

All the videos featuring his set-up shows his PC being placed near the floor, with no specifications to boot. Although we’re not exactly surprised since he probably prefers to use his Mac for his photography and videography work. 

Still, that doesn’t detract from the fact that this is an awesome gaming setup that most would kill to have. 

7. Wipspeed DIY & Tech’s “Furious PC Gaming Rig”

Wipspeed DIY & Tech’s “Furious PC Gaming Rig”

Mikkel “wipspeed” Olsen is not as well-known outside of PC enthusiast circles, but his set-up over the years has gone viral more than a couple of times. However, the latest iteration might just be the best yet. 

Composed of not one, not two, but three gaming builds with a handful of accessories, this is an amazing gaming setup that’s perfect for people who have friends who come over a lot. 

Hardware Used:

Peripherals Used:


Estimated Setup Cost: $3000

Thoughts and Suggestions

That MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X was a beast for its time, but it’s definitely itching for an upgrade. 

Although stocks of the latest RTX 3080 are scarce right now and the RTX 3080Ti hasn’t arrived yet, an upgrade to the RTX 2080Ti would result in a substantial leap in performance, especially if it’s paired with a triple-monitor set-up with a 240Hz refresh rate. 

6. TechSource’s “Ultimate Desk Setup | Wolverine Edition”

TechSource’s “Ultimate Desk Setup - Wolverine Edition”

As arguably every PC enthusiast’s main source of gaming setup ideas and one of the most trusted names in PC gaming, TechSource has built itself a couple of head-turning set-ups. They’ve done an “Ultimate Cell Desk Setup” and an “Ultimate Venom Gaming Setup” before, among many others. 

Of the many setups that TechSource had done for themselves though, one of our favorites has to be their Wolverine-themed Ultimate Desk Setup. 

It’s a sleek-looking gaming set-up that’s been heavily customized to follow Wolverine’s traditional yellow-and-black theme, complete with 3D-printed accessories to complete the look. The set-up even has a re-skinned gray-colored PlayStation 4 Slim that contrasts nicely to everything else. 

Hardware Used:

Peripherals Used:


Estimated Setup Cost: $7000++

Thoughts and Suggestions

Because this probably isn’t a productivity set-up, there’s a lot that could be improved in terms of the hardware components. The lack of storage for the PC is something to take note of and the RAM is nowhere near enough for gaming today. At least, relative to what you’d expect to pay when you’ve got a GTX 1080 in SLI for your setup.

With that said, one thing that we would’ve really improved on was the backplates used for the Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics cards.

While they still fit the overall theme of the set-up as they’re colored in black and yellow, it would’ve been better had it had wolverine stickers on it instead of the Nvidia logo, especially since TechSource had already gone out of their way to customize pretty much every aspect of the set-up already. 

5. Yudho’s “Styro”

Yudho’s “Styro”

We feel like a lot of people have this notion that you’d have to spend a lot of money to have a good gaming set-up. However, as Indonesia’s Yudho proves in his “Styro” build, all you need is a lot of creativity.

Featuring a more pedestrian set-up compared to the others on our list, Styro stands out for its clever use of, well, Styrofoam that he carved, painted, and made lit at night using a glow-in-the-dark marker. 

The best part? This is a true budget gaming set-up. It’s not powered by a gaming PC. It’s powered by a laptop mounted against the wall just right behind the monitors. 

Hardware (Asus A450CC):

Peripherals Used:


Estimated Setup Cost: $1000

Thoughts and Suggestions:

The allure of the Styro set-up is that it doesn’t cost much to set it up, nor do you need a lot of room for a great-looking set-up. It serves as proof that you can do so much if you’re willing to put in the effort, so we’re not going to add anything to it as we feel like that would defeat the overall purpose of why we appreciate this gaming PC setup so much.

4. Ricardo’s Gaming Room

Ricardo’s Gaming Room

Ricardo, who works as a pilot living in Florida, has a pretty good gaming set-up that he uses for video editing, and of course, playing video games. 

Despite having just a single display unlike most of the others on this list, Ricardo’s entire set-up is just pure eye-candy and is arguably the coolest gaming setup on our list.

The main highlight of the setup is his desk. Instead of what’s usually done where people just place tabletops n top of two drawers that act as legs, he sandwiches a smaller tabletop on top of two larger tabletops with some RGB lighting placed underneath to help make it look like the desk is floating. 

Speaking of floating, Ricardo makes good use of floating options to hang his guitars and his gaming PC, which is conveniently placed and hung on the wall on the far right. 

Hardware Used:

Peripherals Used:


Estimated Setup Cost: $3,000

Thoughts and Suggestions

Ricardo’s set-up is one of the most reasonably priced on our list, even if you consider the brand new price of the older components. This is probably because it wasn’t built to be the ultimate performer. Even so, the performance of these aged components compared to today’s hardware shouldn’t be half-bad.

If it were up to us though, we’d try to bring the set-up to be more up to date, especially if we’re talking about playing racing sims with it. 

An RTX 2060 would be a good fit here without bottlenecking the processor and costing too much.

3. Loc’s “ROG Man Cave”

Loc’s “ROG Man Cave”

Vinh Loc has been working on his set-up for the better part of the past three years and his latest update is nothing short of breathtaking. 

A true fan of ASUS’ gaming-centric product-line, Republic of Gamers or ROG, you can see Loc’s passion oozing through every nook and corner of his set-up. He didn’t just set-up his PC to use ROG products, but his entire room is decorated according to the famous product line’s aggressive red and gray color theme. 

Another testament to just how big of a Loc is of ROG is how he’s named his room the “ROG Man Cave”. 

Just in case that’s not enough to prove his loyalty, he’s proud to showcase all of the ROG products he has on hand. This includes everything from their backpacks to their travel luggage, phone, and so much more.

His room is literally like a museum filled with ROG products, along with some of his favorite action figures, all of which are proudly shown off on their own display cabinets. 

Hardware Used:

Peripherals Used:


Estimated Setup Cost: $5,000+++

Thoughts and Suggestions

To be honest, we don’t really see any way that we can improve this set-up. The “ROG Man Cave” has everything that any man could ever wish for in their ideal gaming set-up, including an entire room dedicated just for gaming with consoles for when friends come over and a sizable couch to boot.

We just don’t look how it looks a lot less like a reflection of himself or his personality and more like a sponsored room. 

2. Epystech’s “Setup of the Gods”

Epystech’s “Setup of the Gods”

Epystech is a YouTube channel centered around tech reviews, so naturally, they’d have a pretty sick PC setup for gaming for themselves. However, what nobody really expected is just how good their entire set-up really is. 

The “Setup of the Gods”, as they call it, features a roll-down projection screen with user-controlled ambient lighting options. There are also 4 different displays mounted, as well as other bits and accessories that reflect the owner’s personality, such as a guitar mounted on the wall. 

It’s definitely the ultimate gaming setup for someone who reviews tech hardware for a living. 

Hardware Used:

Peripherals Used:


Estimated Setup Cost: $5,000+++

Thoughts and Suggestions

One thing that we would have loved to do to this setup is to use a custom water cooling kit, both for functional and aesthetic reasons. 

We can only imagine the temperatures rising on the overall setup when they’re maxed out, so water cooling them would have helped lower temperatures by a bit. In addition to this, those dual 1080Tis and 128GB DDR4 RAM, as well as the 1950X, all look like they’re just begging to be water-cooled with red coolant for a more aggressive look. 

1. Bruno’s “Modular Hybrid Game Basket”

Bruno’s “Modular Hybrid Game Basket”

Bruno, who is from Germany, refers to his latest featured build as the “Modular Hybrid Game Desk”, and it’s quite obvious to anyone who’s been gaming for a long time that the set-up takes heavy inspiration from the hit action-horror franchise, Resident Evil. 

The entire set-up is composed of a custom-made desk with a custom water-cooled gaming PC on one half and a custom water-cooled PS4 Pro on the other. But, that’s not all. Bruno even made custom keycards that you can scan over the built-in ID scanner on the desk and use to turn the entire set-up on. 

Bruno also has a separate Cyberpunk 2077-themed PC (the one wall-mounted to the left) that’s hooked up to the even larger TV display on top of his desk set-up, as well as a bunch of other stuff going on around his room. 

Seriously. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe what Bruno/ODOC2410 has done. 

This is the kind of setup that you absolutely have to see to believe, which is why we think that it’s the best gaming setup in the world right now.

Hardware Used:

Peripherals Used:


Estimated Setup Cost: $5000++

Thoughts and Suggestions

This is the kind of set-up that best exemplifies the phrase “labor of love”, which is exactly why it is the best gaming setup for us. 

What Bruno has done is he’s created a one-of-a-kind gaming set-up that’s unique only to himself and will be nearly impossible to replicate anywhere else. The desk is custom-made according to his own needs, preferences, as well as specifications. He also made sure that it’s convenient to upgrade or replace parts when needed as well. 

As such, we don’t really have anything else to say about Bruno’s gaming set-up except that we’re excited to see what he’s going to do next.

What to Consider When Building Your Own Gaming Setup 

If it’s your first time building your own gaming set-up, we highly recommend avoiding doing anything drastic to your room if you have. Instead, focus first on learning how to build a proper PC, which includes having the right tools for it.

Here is a checklist of tools that you’ll want to have on-hand before building your own gaming set-up.

  • A magnetic tip screwdriver
  • Anti-static mat and wrist wrap
  • Sufficient lighting (we recommend having a hands-free flashlight)
  • Zip or twist ties
  • Long-nose pliers
  • Thermal paste
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton

Having antistatic equipment is incredibly important. Their function is to dissipate any excess electricity from your body that could end up damaging your motherboard and/or processor if you’re not too careful. 

Another good way to discharge any built-up static electricity from your body is to touch any unpainted metal surface around you or on the case of your computer. Do it every couple of minutes if you can, just to be safe. 

Reading the Instruction Manuals

A lot of people believe that building PCs is akin to rocket science, which could not be any farther from the truth. Any experienced PC builder will tell you that most of the knowledge they have from building PCs comes from experience AND reading instruction manuals. 

Every component you’ll use to build your PC will come with an instruction manual. The two most important ones are for the chassis and that of the motherboard. The latter, especially, is something that you should read so that you know which cables to plug in and where to make everything work as it should. 

Overkill is Overrated

So long as you don’t get bit by the “upgrade bug”, you should try spending as much money as you can afford to when building your PC right now. This is especially true when we’re talking about your power supply, motherboard, and processor.

These three components are the last ones you’ll want to replace with your build and the ones you don’t want breaking down anytime soon. Your power supply, in particular, should come from a reputable manufacturer with an extensive warranty and a history for providing exemplary customer service. 

Also, unless you really need it for your job or line of work, you can afford to spend less on your graphics card, RAM, and storage, as you can easily upgrade those three components as your need grows, especially if it means allocating more of your budget towards getting the best power supply, processor, or motherboard.

What Do You Need to Build a PC Gaming Setup? 



The processor or CPU is considered the heart of a PC. It processes the tasks that you want your computer to perform. 

Processor performance is generally determined by architecture, the number of cores, and clock speed. In gaming, the ideal processor uses newer architecture with at least 4 cores running at around 3 to 4GHz. However, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X housing processors with 8 cores, it might be prudent to invest in an 8-core processor if you’re building a new PC gaming setup. 

To keep your processor cool even under load, we suggest investing in a high-quality aftermarket CPU cooler (stick to air unless you know what you’re doing) and thermal paste for improved conductivity. 



The motherboard is essentially the central hub where all of your hardware components are connected to and it decides just how capable your system ultimately is.

Unless you’re into heavy overclocking, a PC gaming set-up doesn’t need an expensive motherboard. Ideally, you’ll want to choose your processor first before you choose the motherboard and then go from there. 

Graphics Card 

Graphics Card

Graphics cards are basically what draws everything you see on the screen, taking instruction from your computer after it’s processed by the processor. Although many processors today are equipped with capable built-in graphics cards, they are nowhere near as powerful as having a dedicated graphics card. 

When choosing graphics cards, it’s important to always choose newer architecture. This is because the architecture pretty much determines the performance. This is why older graphics cards with better specifications perform worse compared to newer graphics cards based on more modern architecture. 



Random-Access Memory (RAM) is basically a stop-gap for data that goes from the storage drive to the processor. It’s a place where data that’s too fast to read and write from are stored in the meantime to maintain optimal performance. 

At the very minimum, your gaming setup should have at least 8GB of RAM, with 16GB the ideal amount. 

Storage Device 

We’ve reached a point where faster storage devices such as the SSD are no longer as expensive based on their storage-to-price ratio. This is why we recommend spending more money on a sizable SSD instead if you can afford it. 

A good alternative is to get at least a 256GB SSD to have enough space for your favorite game and your operating system and pair it with a 1TB HDD for storage purposes

Power Supply 

Power Supply

The power supply is the one component that you should never cheap out on with any PC setup. It should be capable of powering more than just your current components and come from a reputable manufacturer with an extensive warranty for peace of mind. 

Be sure to use a wattage calculator to know more about your PC’s power draw and what the recommended wattage is for your set-up. 



The ideal case should be able to do three things: fit all of your chosen components, have proper airflow, and support future upgrades if possible. 

In general, the more expensive CPU cases are usually the ones that are better designed with ventilation and cable management in mind. 



At the minimum, you want your gaming monitor to have a refresh rate of at least 75Hz with a 3ms response time and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at around 24” to 27”. However, if you place fast-paced games, we recommend getting a gaming monitor with a 1ms response time and a refresh rate of 144Hz. 

Just keep in mind that the higher the refresh rates (and lower the response time), the more expensive a gaming monitor becomes. The price also goes up along with the size, display panel quality (IPS > VA > TN), resolution, and more. 

How To Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better 

There are numerous ways to make your gaming setup look better, but it’s important that you focus on function first. However, once you’re content with the current functionality and upgrade potential of your set-up, you can start making it look better by investing in high-quality accessories. 

In terms of functionality, the best accessories to invest in are additional case fans, a liquid CPU cooler, a mouse, keyboard, and headset set-up that has the set of features you need for your gamings with proper ergonomics. 

Speaking of ergonomics, gaming chairs and desks are good investments too. They’re functional and help improve how your gaming set-up looks at the same time. 

Other ways to make a gaming set-up look better is by learning how to do proper cable management on your PC to hide the majority of those ugly cables. You can also decide to feature the said cables by making them look better. The most common way of doing this is by sleeving the cables or wires or buying extension cable sleeves. 


Building a PC gaming setup isn’t rocket science. It’s not a walk in the park either. It’s something that you’ll have to invest a good amount of time, hard work, and money in so that you can get the best gaming setup for you. 

With that said, seeing these gaming setups can serve as an inspiration, which is exactly why we made our list. 

These are the best gaming setups that we liked, and you can use them as references for your current and future builds.

Just keep in mind that building a PC is about expressing yourself too, so don’t be afraid to deviate from what these builders did with their set-ups and add your own unique twist to make the set-up truly your own.