The 7 Best Full-Tower Case In 2021

Best Full-Tower Case

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If you’re looking for a future proof PC case then buying a full-tower case makes a lot of sense. These E-ATX cases might cost you a fortune but they have many excellent advantages of having these gigantic beasts. If you’re thinking about overclocking everything under the hood or have graphics cards in SLI then you’ll find that a full-tower case will do the trick for you.

There are hundreds of full-tower cases out there but after hours of research, thankfully, we found some pretty excellent PC cases and narrowed down the top 7 E-ATX cases that will meet all your requirements.

Some of them are high-end while others are more cost-efficient options. Read on and you’ll find the 7 Best Full-Tower Case In 2021 that you could get your hands on. 

What Is A Full Tower PC Case?

PC cases come in different sizes and shapes. Mainly, there are about 4 different sizes available in the market that includes Small Form Factor (SFF), Mini Tower, Mid-Tower, and Full-Tower (E-ATX). A full-tower PC case is somewhere between 22’’- 27’’ and it also includes many additional trays for removable devices and fans mounts. 

One of the main reasons why people buy a full-tower PC is to make their build look attractive and futureproof.

For example, if you’ve your eyes set on the new Nvidia’s 3000 series then you will need a pretty huge PC case to fit all the components but a mid-tower case will not be able to fit all of those components and that is where these E-ATX cases come in. 

You can read more about motherboard form factors here

Full Tower Computer Case Dimensions 

Small Form Factor (SFF)Mini-TowerMid-TowerFull-Tower 
Motherboard – Mini-ITX Motherboard – Mini-ITX & Micro-ITXMotherboard – Mini-ITX, Micro-ITX &ATXMotherboard – Mini-ITX, Micro-ITX,ATX & E-ATX
Dimensions (Expected) – 14 x 3 x 10 inches
Dimensions (Expected)- 17.5 x 7.9 x 14.9 inches

Dimensions (Expected)- 16.2 x 7.8 x 18 inchesDimensions (Expected)- 27.3 x 12.1 x 27.4 inches
Expansion Slots – 2Expansion Slots – 4Expansion Slots – 6+
Expansion Slots – 10+
Fan Mounts – 1Fan Mounts – 2-3Fan Mounts – 4+Fan Mounts – 6+

Best Full Tower Cases

1. Thermaltake AH T600 Snow Helicopter

Best Airflow

Thermaltake AH T600 Snow Helicopter

Looking for a futuristic PC case with the best airflow? Thermaltake Snow Helicopter got you covered. 

Thermaltake T600 Snow Helicopter is a full-tower PC case that features a dual-layout tempered glass with a matte-white exterior and see-through glass at the top. It is not only the most sophisticated looking PC case, but it also offers a lot of flexibility when you’re building your PC from scratch. 

You can take apart the whole case piece by piece and even choose the orientation of the graphics card as well. If you feel like displaying your GPU vertically you can do sot with this case. Thermaltake snow helicopter case also comes with a fancy I/O panel that features 2xUSB 3.0, 1xUSB 2.0, and a USB-C port to make it future proof for the next few years. 

There’s plenty of space inside to install all kinds of external devices and RGB fans along with some additional space for cable management as well. The airflow inside the case is also pretty impressive and even without additional fans, your PC won’t be heating up after hours of gaming.

However, you’ll have to clean your PC case very often because there’s a lot of room for the dust to get inside the internals. 

The solid metallic chassis ensures that this case will last for a very long time but when you’re spending nearly $250 for a PC case, you can expect some solid performance and longevity.

2. Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D

Best Full-Tower Case for Liquid Cooling

Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D

Corsair is known far and wide for its truly exceptional products, and Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D is also one of the best Corsair’s offerings in the market. Obsidian Series 1000D is an example of a modern full-tower PC case that features nearly 18 fans slots and enough space to hold two separate motherboards and power supplies.

Looking to build 2 different systems in one case, Obsidian Series 1000D is the only one that you’re going to find in the market with that capability.

Four smoked tempered glass coupled with RGB fans makes the case look very attractive but if you’re thinking about setting up liquid cooling for your system then Obsidian 1000D has more than enough space inside of it for you to install any kind of piping that you want. 

Integrated fan and RGB light controls are an added bonus but when you’re spending $500 on a PC case, you can expect some outstanding features. A case of this caliber offers a lot of flexibility to tweak the hardware and also there’s a lot of free space behind the closed chambers for cable management if you’re a cable modder geek. 

With Obsidian series 1000D, you will be getting 2xUSB 3.1 ports, 1xUSB3.0 ports, and a type-c port. This full-tower PC case can hold up to six 2.5’’ SSDs and five 3.5’’ HDDs. But, we’re living in modern times and M.2 drives are the future so this additional drive space wouldn’t come in handy. 

Overall, the Obsidian series 1000D is a top-of-the-line full-tower case with solid chassis that will hold their end of the bargain for a seriously long time and smokey tempered glass that gives a minimalistic look to the setup won’t be fading away anytime soon.

However, the price is way too much but if you have a desire to set up a liquid cooling system then Obsidian Series 1000D is truly a very good choice. On the contrary, if you’re planning to install 18 fans then I should warn you that the fan noise will drive you crazy.

3. Cooler Master Cosmos C700M 

Best Curved Glass Full-Tower Case

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M is another excellent choice if you’re looking for a full-tower PC case for your build. Its RGB-lit metallic front will give you some alieny vibes and the curved tempered glass on the side will make the build look very appealing. The strong chassis of this case speaks for itself and those glowing LEDs really add to the beauty of this thing. 

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M has a pretty effective airflow and it is mostly designed to have a liquid cooling layout but it will also work effectively with simple 120mm fans. This full-sized PC case is pretty spacious and if you’re planning to get your hands on the Nvidia’s 3000 series then there’s a solid chance that you can get two of them in SLI. 

The design and build of Cosmos C700M are very impressive and the rich exterior with RGB led panel on the front would look really cool if you’re aiming for a silvery minimalistic look. It also features an advanced I/O panel that holds USB3.1, USB3.0, Type-C, and headphone ports. PWM fan speed button and RGB light control button are also found on the I/O panel in case you’re looking to tweak the settings from time to time. 

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a Cosmos C700M then you’ll need to spend a large sum of about $450. It is pretty expensive but one thing is for certain that Cosmos C700M is worth every single penny but availability is an issue sometimes. 

4. Corsair Graphite Series 780T

Best Case for Transformers Fans 

Corsair Graphite Series 780T

Corsair Graphite series turned some heads when they were launched back in the day but Graphite Series 780T holds a very special place in our hearts. Graphite Series 780T is another fully-loaded E-ATX tower case that features a mesh grill at the front with a sophisticated-looking metallic chassis that will give you some transformers vibes.

However, the additional space at the front for CD-ROM is disturbing the overall beauty of PC but hey, if you’re still using CDs in the modern era then 780T would come really handy. 

Corsair Graphite Series 780T also features tempered glass on one side to make the internals look good and pre-mounted 3x140mm fans to keep the temps on the down-low. PWM fan control is also found on the I/O panel along with 2xUSB3.0 and 2xUSB2.0. Unfortunately, Graphite Series 780T doesn’t support USB3.1 or Type-C

The airflow inside the case with 120/140mm fans is also quite effective but if you want to take things to a whole new level then buying a radiator to go through with the case would be a very wise choice. There’s plenty of space inside the case to fit all the components with ease and you will also get more than 6 bays for removable devices. 

Lastly, the design is quite unique but it would look awkward if you’re building a simple setup and the large bezels around the tempered glass make it quite difficult for the led lights to glow properly. However, if you’re looking for a full-tower case with good airflow regardless of its design then Graphite Series 780T is a pretty good option. 

5. be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900

Most Silent Full-Tower Case 

be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900

Dark Base Pro 900 might not be as quiet as Silent Base 601 but the silent 120mm fans featured inside the Dark Base Pro 900 will reduce the noise level. Noisy fans and radiators can make it very hard to concentrate and ruin the whole gaming experience but be silent! Dark Base Pro 900 with its sound damping insulations will make things very easier for you. 

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 is a full-tower PC case with an excellent orange and black exterior with a side tempered glass surrounded by mesh grill around the corners. The quality of the case speaks for itself but we’re not sure about the airflow inside the case. 

You can mount up to 7 120mm fans inside this monster case but there’s not much room for the air to flow out of the case properly. Furthermore, Dark Base Pro features a very advanced I/O panel with connectors for USB3.1, Type-C and it is also integrated with wireless charging with Qi-enabled devices. 

The interior of this case is also quite sophisticated as it features a relocatable motherboard tray and modular bays for removable devices. Dark Base Pro 900 is very future proof but it is also quite expensive and if you’re thinking about getting your hands on this bad boy then you will have to spend a large sum of $260. 

6. Thermaltake View 71 

Best Minimalistic Look 

Thermaltake View 71

If you’re in the market looking for the most futureproof full-tower PC case in the market then Thermaltake View 71 got your back.

It is a beautiful looking E-ATX case with 4-sides 5mm tempered glass and metallic chassis to increase the longevity. Although, 4-sides tempered glass means that airflow inside the case wouldn’t be very impressive if you’re going for a minimalistic look then setting up liquid cooling inside this case would be a smart choice. 

The GPU support bracket is an added bonus because GPU sagging could damage the motherboard and the GPU itself. Aside from the support bracket, another deal-breaker is the number of bays inside the spacious case that could hold up to 10 2.5’’ SSDs.

If you’re thinking about turning your battle station into a server then you’re in for a treat. 2xUSB3.0 and 2xUSB2.0 are also found on the I/O panel but it’s a pity that there’s no support for Type-C or USB3.1 but for this price, we are not complaining. 

For those minimalistic geeks, there are brackets inside the case to hold vertical radiators and horizontal GPU orientation which gives an awesome look to the whole presentation.

Aside from an average airflow, we don’t really see any other downside of buying Thermaltake View 71. For just $200, which is a very reasonable price for a full-tower case, you can easily get your hands on this beast. 

7. Phanteks Eclipse P350X 

Budget Option

Phanteks Eclipse P350X

Phanteks Eclipse P350X is the most budget-friendly E-ATX case that you can get your hands on and it also offers the best bang for the buck. Phanteks Eclipse P350X is an E-ATX full-tower case with tempered glass on the side surrounded with RGB led strips that gives a very clean look to the setup.

The matte-black exterior backed with RGB led strips on the front and around the tempered glass makes the case look very attractive and the small grills on the front maximize the airflow inside the case. 

At the top I/O panel, you’ll find 2x ports for USB3.0 along with headphone jacks. RGB LED SW is also featured on the panel if you ever want to do some customizations with the RGB strips surrounding the case.

Although there’s a lot of room inside the case to mount large graphics cards and E-ATX motherboards, there’s not much room for cable management and additional removable devices. You will only find 2 bays to mount 3.5’’ HDDs and 3 bays for 2.5’’ SSDs. In other words, Phanteks Eclipse P350X is a full-tower case but there’s very limited space inside the case. 

At the top lid, there’s a mesh grill where you could easily fit an RGB-lit radiator to give a professional look to the case and keep the temperatures on the down-low.

We’re really impressed with the airflow inside this case and the magnetic dust filters are also an added bonus. For just $90, Phanteks Eclipse P350X is the best and the cheapest full-tower PC case that you’re going to find. 


These were our picks for the best full-tower case that you can find in 2021. All of these full-tower cases are from respected brands and they will last for years to come. If you’re buying a full-tower case then make sure to read out guide on Motherboard Form Factor to understand which mobo will suit you the best.  

With the RTX 3000 series coming out, everyone will be eyeing to get their hands on a full-tower PC case because those bad boys won’t fit in a mid-tower case. If you’re also looking to future proof your PC then we’d recommend buying a full-tower PC case for your battle stations.