The 5 Best Foldable Gaming Chairs in 2021

Best Foldable Gaming Chairs

Every gamer longs for a sturdy gaming chair with ample back support and memory foam cushioning. A chair that facilitates proper posture and assists arduous gaming marathons.

But there’s a trade-off.

Such ergonomic gaming chairs are generally bulky and require quite a lot of real estate. For this reason, here are a few foldable gaming chairs that can be easily moved around and even shelved, without gobbling up a ton of storage space. 

In this post, we will look at the top 5 folding gaming chairs, their prominent features, to help you decide if you need one and if you do, which would be the best one for you.

Buyers’ Guide for Foldable Gaming Chairs

Before we list out some of the best foldable floor gaming chairs, let’s talk about the criteria that you should keep in mind while buying one

High-tech chairs have their own hurdles

High-tech gaming chairs with speakers and tactical feedback capabilities are always in the limelight. But is it worth spending all that moolah? You must remember that such high-tech chairs have their own set of limitations.

For example, to enable your chair’s Bluetooth speakers you must connect a power adaptor to your chair. Also, all the gizmos and gadgets in such high-tech chairs strip away its malleability and add to the weight.

Armrests are crucial for PC/ laptop gaming

Armrests are another pivotal criterion while selecting a gaming floor chair. If you are a PC or laptop gamer, armrests are very much essential for those long hours.

Without armrests, you are most likely to get fatigued within a short span of time. While many console gamers might find armrests to be redundant, they are helpful even when playing Console games with a joystick.

If you are a console gamer check out this article on console gaming chairs.

Durable cushions are the best

You should lookout for a floor gaming chair that has comfortable cushioning. The ideal option would be to go for memory foam because they don’t retain their shape and go back to the original shape once you get off the chair.

Regular maintenance and cleaning

If you are looking to buy a gaming floor chair for the long haul you must invest some time into cleaning and maintaining it.

That’s why you should look out for chairs whose covers are changeable and washable. You should also lubricate the metal reclining locks to prevent any rusting or corrosion. Such timely maintenance would keep the fabric and cushion clean, and the frame rigid for a longer time.

Top 5 Folding Gaming Chairs

5. Giantex

Best in Comfort

Giantex Adjustable Floor Gaming Sofa Chair


  • Value for money
  • Comfortable
  • Light-weight and easy to store
  • Different color options available


  • Not suitable for prolonged gaming
  • Lacks armrest and neck/ head support

Dimension (L x W x H) – 19 x 21 x 22 inches

Weight – 9.5 lbs

The Giantex sofa chair derives its rigidity from its iron frame while the breathable cotton and linen fabric provide the desirable cushioning and texture.

  • Its back can be adjusted up to 84°. You can lay it flat on the ground or adjust it at an angle for upright usage. Depending on your comfort you can set this chair at 14 different adjustable positions.
  • Adding to the aesthetics the surface of this chair has 18 lattices and comes in different coloring options.
  • It doesn’t have any complicated moving parts and can be easily stored or transported.
  • This foldable chair is best suited for playing video games, leisure activities, and for studying.

Pricing – Around $70

4. Best Choice Products Gaming Floor Chair

Multipurpose 360-Degree Swivel Gaming Floor Chair


  • 360-degree swivel
  • Adjustable recline
  • Value for money
  • The cover can be detached and is washable


  • Cushion might sink in after prolonged use

Dimension (L x W x H) – 22.5 x 22 x 30 inches

Weight – 19.76 lbs

This multipurpose gaming chair by Best Choice Products is a perfect blend of ergonomics and minimalist safekeeping. You can use this chair for playing video games, watching TV, and also for working. Here are some of its prominent features

  • This chair supports 6 different positions. This way you can sit upright during a boss fight and also relax, sit back and enjoy storyline narratives.
  • It has a sturdy steel frame underneath and is wrapped with soft polyester covers and padded armrests. The polyester covers are removable and can be washed in a regular washing machine.
Multipurpose 360-Degree Swivel Floor Chair Foldable Design
  • It also features a 360 degrees swivel that ensures mobility around your position.

Pricing – Less than $100

3. Adjustable NNEWVANTE Foldable Chair

Adjustable NNEWVANTE Foldable Chair


  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Washable with a waterproof base
  • One of the cheapest foldable gaming chairs


  • Lacks armrest and neck/ head support
  • Not suited for long gaming hours

Dimension (L x W x H) – 29.9 x 18.9 x 3 inches

Weight – 5.5 lbs

So you have a gaming night planned and you don’t want rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to sit on the couch?

Just bring along the lightweight NNEWVANTE Foldable Chair. It provides the basic lumbar support of a chair and can be carried around with ease.

You can use this on a weekend trip, studies, gaming, and even for leisure reading. Here’s what you can expect from the cheapest foldable gaming chair

  • Its backrest has 5 different adjustable angles from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.
  • The flexible padding provides decent cushioning without contributing much to the weight quotient.
  • The seat covers can be easily removed and are washable.
  • It has a strong steel frame and its base is waterproof. So you need not worry about the frustration-fueled drink spills.
  • When folder it can be easily slid and stored beneath any of your furniture.

Pricing – Around $65

2. Harper & Bright

Harper & Bright Foldable gaming chair


  • 360-degree swivel
  • Easily removable covers
  • Armrest and neck support for non-stop gaming
  • Decently priced


  • The quality of the mesh covering isn’t top-notch

Dimension (L x W x H) – 19.7 x 18.5 x 29.1 inch

Weight – 16.97 lbs

This foldable chair by Harper and Bright designs has an alloy steel frame and is padded with a soft sponge and polyester fiber to make you feel comfortable. The mesh fabric ensures ample airflow perfect for gaming marathons.

  • Its special design allows you to adjust and lock it at 7 different angles.
  • The 360-degree swivel will let you turn around with ease.
  • The fabric is attached to the body with a zipper and the armrest with velcro. So you can easily remove the cover of this chair and wash it whenever required.
  • The chair can be folded inwards and stored with ease.

Pricing – Around $95.

1. X Rocker Pro Series H3


X Rocker Pro Series H3


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Immersive gaming experience
  • Armrest for heavy-duty gaming


  • Exorbitantly priced
  • Setup can be a bit complicated
  • No color options

Dimension (L x W x H) – 29.13 x 22.05 x 20.87 inches

Weight – 17.3 lbs

The X Rocker Pro is an all-purpose gaming chair. You can use it for playing video games, binging over TV, and also for relaxing.

  • It is equipped with 4 forward-facing speakers with ported power subwoofers for a fully immersive gaming experience.
  • The H3 Pro series comes with additional vibration motors which mimic your audio’s bass tones and give tactical feedback.
  • Its robust control panel comes with separate volume and bass controls and provides input and output jacks to connect other audio sources or X Rockers. This feature will allow you to connect your gaming console with multiple chairs creating a perfect multiplayer gaming experience.
  • It supports wireless connectivity and its control panel is positioned on the side for ease of use.
X Rocker Pro Series H3 Space-saving
  • It is equipped with foldable gunstock arms while the backrest can be folded enabling easy storage.

Pricing – Around $240


Now that you have ventured through our top picks, here’s a gist of what we have seen so far

  • Bluetooth-enabled hi-tech chairs can be more expensive than their simpleton counterparts.
  • NNEWVANTE Foldable Chair is the lightest of the lot but doesn’t have great back support.
  • The 360-degree swivel of the Harper & Bright Foldable gaming chair adds to its mobility while its removable covers ensure its longevity.


Q. Are foldable gaming chairs bad for posture?

As long as your foldable gaming chair has decent lumbar support, you don’t need to worry about a bad posture. But you must make sure that you do not slouch and stay upright throughout the back while gaming. It is also advised that you take frequent breaks and avoid playing lengthy sessions. Having neck or head support would be a plus.

Q. Are foldable gaming chairs worth it?

Yes, foldable gaming chairs are definitely worth it. It can save you a lot of space and can be tucked into storage with ease when you are not playing. Some of the lightweight foldable floor chairs can even be carried around in a car and can be used for outdoor leisure too. They are relatively cheaper (if you set aside the high-tech ones) than regular gaming chairs. Before opting for a foldable gaming chair just make sure it has decent lumbar support and can be reclined at different angles.

Q. What is the best foldable gaming chair?

If you ask us, we would recommend the Harper & Bright Foldable gaming chair. It has 7 different recline angles and comes with a 360-degree swivel for easy mobility. It can also be folded and stored with ease. The washable cover is a big plus and is available in different colors too.

If you don’t mind the extra bucks, we must recommend the X Rocker Pro series as well for its comfort, gaming-centric features, and futuristic utilitarian design.360-degree