The 7 Best Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard In 2021

Best Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard

No matter how many gamers prefer controllers or gaming cockpits, the keyboard will remain at the center of most gaming setups. And they are evolving.

Today’s gaming keyboards are nothing like the age-old rectangular mechanical boards. With the best ergonomic gaming keyboards, you get programmable keys, backlighting, reduced input lag, and several other features with the single aim to propel you towards gaming fandom!

If this is your first time out looking for an ergonomic gaming keyboard, it is important to know the necessary concept of the kinds of keyboards and how they can benefit your gaming endeavors.

Your gaming keyboard can be either of these basic build types –

Membrane Keyboards

These membrane keyboards make less noise and are available for a lower price. The keys are installed on a single circuit and pressure on the silicon membrane decides an impression. Their downside includes a short life span and inability to allow key rollover

Mechanical Keyboards

They have spring-loaded switches instead of silicon membrane which makes them sturdy. The keys make a unique clicking sound. The downside is the noise they generate but they are quicker and support n-key rollover.

However, ergonomic gaming keyboards have one more thing added to them – ergonomic design for optimal comfort and utility.

Are Ergonomic Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Your gaming posture is the single most pointer you need to consider if you want to continue enjoying long gaming sessions for years without the health issues like wrist pain, neck pain, headache, sore back, etc.

Using an ergonomic gaming keyboard enables you to play longer while reducing the physical strain. Additionally, there are a ton of advantages in using an ergonomic keyboard over normal keyboards.

Gaming keyboards with ergonomic design features will necessarily offer the same gaming-specific features as those without. What you get as extra is the comfort of usage and utility.

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7 Best Ergonomic Gaming Keyboards

1. Delux T9 46-Key

Delux T9 46-Key

This one-handed gaming keyboard from Delux has a unique design and comes laden with features. The T9 sports a membrane-type keyboard that generates little or no noise. It comes with dual space keys making it unbiased for both left-handed and right-handed gamers.

WASD keys on this keyboard are colored in red to help you play with the lights dimmed down. These WASD keys can be converted to arrow keys with just a click of the mode key located near the right space key. It also sports a unique LED backlit feature with three different brightness controls.

The prime attraction of this keyboard is the wrist support pad. It provides sufficient cushioning to both palm and wrist, a vital ergonomic design feature to ensure comfort. Volume controls and multimedia keys further provide players with more control in one hand, thus reducing unnecessary hand movement while playing. 

Apart from the blue backlit feature, this keyboard has just blacks and whites with no RGB lighting controls. But the lack of software support forbids any possible programming on this keyboard.

Aesthetics, ergonomic, gaming dedicated, better controls can be attributed to this stylish yet compact one-hand gaming keyboard by Delux. It is a functional and inexpensive device perfect for beginners. For advanced users, it lacks many features. Given the price of just above $30, one cannot complain about this keyboard.

Technical Specifications

  • Model No – T9
  • Keyboard Dimensions – 224.73 mm x 170.79 mm x 35.67 mm (LWH)
  • Light – LED
  • Version Arrangement – Gamepad 41 keys
  • Connection – Wired
  • Interface – USB
  • Cable length – 1.5 meters


  • Low price
  • Backlit keys
  • Compact shape
  • Great ergonomic design
  • Concave recessed buttons


  • Lacks RGB feature
  • Not programmable

2. VicTsing

VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This ergonomic mechanical keyboard features 104 keys. These keys are designed with colored switches offering a crisp clicking sound.

Being a mechanical keyboard, it extends the life of each key by up to 50 million keystrokes. Each of these keys is controlled by separate switches, thus drastically reducing the chances of overall damage.

As a further safety add-on, this keyboard is spill-resistant as well.

No matter the number of keys pressed at a single time frame, the N-KEY rollover technology guarantees the execution of all commands. OUTEMU blue switch enables the keyboard to provide a low response time of 1ms.

Metal panel and unfading keycaps give a premium feel. VicTsing even features 9 mind-blowing backlit modes. It further allows control over brightness and light changing speed.

VicTsing mechanical keyboard is designed to provide maximum comfort to the user. The top keys are backward leaning while the bottom keys are forward-leaning.

This arrangement will provide more comfort to you while long gaming sessions. It comes with a 7-degree tilt angle and 7mm height adjustment hinges. The non-slipping honeycomb wrist rest adds on to the overall ergonomics of this keyboard.

With this mechanical gaming keyboard, you will get the impression of using an expensive keyboard on a budget. Priced at around $36, this RGB gaming keyboard guarantees great value and one of the best ergonomic mechanical keyboards on this list.

Technical Specifications

  • Model No – VK134755US
  • Keyboard Dimensions – 449 mm x 196 mm x 50 mm (LWH)
  • Light – RGB
  • Version Arrangement – Gamepad 104 keys
  • Connection – Wired
  • Interface – USB
  • Cable length – 1.5 meters


  • OUTEMU blue switches
  • RGB light control
  • Metal panel


  • Too heavy
  • Loud

3. Redragon S101

Redragon S101

Redragon’s S101 keyboard and mouse combo is perfect for beginners looking for a budget gaming experience. S101 is a fine ergonomic keyboard for gaming. It sports 25 conflict-free keys powered by N-Key Rollover technology and comes with 10 dedicated Multimedia keys along with 12 additional controls on the Functions key.

Being a membrane keyword, it offers a quiet gaming experience. S101 is designed to provide you with a precise tactile feel. These keys have a bump in response to every keystroke.

You get a total of 7 RGB settings and 4 backlight brightness adjustment levels. Redragon’s S101 is a spill-resistant device and comes with an integrated wrist support for ergonomics.

The lack of braided USB cable is compensated by gold plating on the connector pins. Thus, providing a reliable connection and superior gaming experience. The overall weight of this device is around 2 pounds making it lightweight and portable.

Considering the combination of gaming mouse and keyboard for around $40, this is a great deal.

Technical Specifications

  • Model No – S101
  • Keyboard Dimensions – 460 mm x 190 mm x 20 mm (LWH)
  • Light – RGB
  • Version Arrangement – Gamepad 114 keys
  • Connection – Wired
  • Interface – USB
  • Cable length – 2 meters


  • RGB backlit keys
  • Includes a mouse
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money


  • Stiff Keys
  • Small wrist support
  • Unbraided USB Cable

4. Fellowes Microban Split Design

Fellowes Microban Split Design

Fellowes Microban is a combination of a split keyboard design and an anti-microbial surface. Multimedia and control keys on the top of this keyboard are a nifty add-on. They include volume controls along with keys to open the default browser, search, and email app.

The USP of this keyboard is the split design. It sports a 16-character buffer to promote healthy usage without wrist pain and more utilitarian usage. The angular split further reduces excessive strain on the wrist joint during long typing and gaming sessions.

The num, scroll, and caps lock buttons are at the center of the device. This alignment allows easy access to these settings rather than having to look left and right. It is highly compatible with the Windows and takes no time to configure. Just plug-in and play.

Though it lacks padding in wrist support and comes without any RGB lighting or backlit features, this is still one of the best ergonomic split keyboards you can buy for gaming.

Getting acquainted with this keyboard may take time but the ergonomic comfort offered is unparalleled. Overall, the product is unique, and given the price tag of around $50, this is a good buy into the probable future of keyboard designs.

Technical Specifications

  • Model No – FEL9891503
  • Keyboard Dimensions – 520 mm x 270 mm x 66 mm
  • Light – None
  • Version Arrangement – 16-character split
  • Connection – USB
  • Interface – wired
  • Cable length – 1.5 meters


  • Split ergonomic design
  • Multimedia key placements
  • Customization software 


  • Lacks RGB backlit features
  • No wrist pad

5. Razer BlackWidow Elite

Razer BlackWidow Elite

Of all the ergonomic keyboards on this list, Razer Blackwidow Elite is perhaps the best ergonomic gaming keyboard based on sheer performance.

This keyboard is available in three distinct mechanical switch designs including green, orange, and yellow keys. The RGB lighting allows ultimate customization and integration with Razer Chroma for the ultimate personalization. It supports 16.8 million colors and completely syncs with popular games and Razer hardware devices.

Blackwidow Elite sports a USB 2.0 port for easy cabling and a 3.5 mm audio port as well. It provides multi-functional digital dials for complete audio and extended media controls.

A highlight of this keyboard is the huge magnetic wrist support pad. It is made of plush leatherette for extreme comfort. Elite further sports programmable macro keys that can be customized using hyper shift mode. It activates all macro and secondary functions while keeping the basic function of the keys intact. With this keyboard, you can pre-assign separate macro functions to the keys for specific apps (read games)!

Priced at just under $130, this is the ultimate gaming keyboard for those who want to stay ahead of the competition!

Technical Specifications

  • Model No – RZ03-02620200-R3U1
  • Keyboard Dimensions – 448 mm x 232 mm x 42.5 mm
  • Light – Chroma RGB
  • Version Arrangement – 107 keys with 3 multimedia control keys
  • Connection – USB
  • Interface – wired
  • Cable length – 1.5 meters


  • Solid build quality
  • Detachable magnetic wrist pad
  • Comes with 3 different switches


  • Sport USB 2.0 in times of USB 3.0/3.1
  • Hypershift notification is difficult to read

6. KINESIS Gaming Freestyle

KINESIS Gaming Freestyle

KINESIS Gaming freestyle stands true to its description of being a split keyboard. This keyboard is two different modules connected by a cable. Control features on this device surpass even the Razer Blackwidow. These modules can be kept up to 20 inches apart from each other allowing you to keep microphones or recording devices at the center.

Unlike other split keyboards, Kinesis can be kept at shoulder width. Complemented with the lift kit accessory, this keyboard will reduce the chances of shoulder or wrist strain. It further sports full-size palm rest which for optimum support and comfort. The keys are original Cherry MX mechanical switches for consistent lag-free performance and great feedback.

RGB lights on this keyboard can be controlled and tuned to 10 distinct effects. It can further be completed by using Lighting Expansion Pack 1 to add dual-layer lighting and a two-tone effect. Even the keys are programmable, allowing users to save up to 9 different profiles.

KINESIS Gaming freestyle Edge RGB keyboard has a low response time of 1ms. It is further backed by 4MB of onboard memory for storing all profiles and settings. It needs no external drivers for Windows, MAC, or Linux PCs. But users will have to download the RGB SmartSet app for Windows and MacBook.

This keyboard is available in three distinct color options- brown, red and blue. Priced at around $230 for red color and under $200 for blue and brown, this ergonomic keyboard for gaming is right up there with the best and definitely worth a buy! 

Technical Specifications

  • Model No – KB975-RED
  • Keyboard Dimensions – 395 mm x 261 mm x 33 mm (LWH)
  • Light – RGB
  • Version Arrangement – 95 keys
  • Connection – USB
  • Interface – wired
  • Cable length – 1.5 meters


  • Highly customizable RGB
  • Comfortable split design and palm rest
  • Completely programmable keys


  • Lift-kit costs extra
  • No external USB or Audio ports

7. SteelSeries Merc Stealth

SteelSeries Merc Stealth

The SteelSeries Merc is regarded as one of the best gaming keyboards in the market, a step ahead of nearly every other keyboard available today. It offers a combination of a traditional keyboard with a complete set of gaming keys – 34 gaming terrain keys.

These keys are tilted at 11 degrees and placed separately in a unique ergonomic design. The result is extreme utility and optimum comfort. It features 3 different illumination colors including blue, red and purple. It also features hotkeys for multimedia and one-click controls.

SteelSeries Merc is a beast in connectivity and improvisation. It sports 2 USB 2.0 ports along with gold plated headphone and microphone jacks. All the keys of Merc are programmable with the help of SteelSeries Z Engine software. The anti-ghosting capability of this keyboard can read up to 7 simultaneous keystrokes. You can save up to 150 pre-defined game profiles.

Technical Specifications

  • Model No – 64049
  • Keyboard Dimensions – 535 mm x 200 mm x 28 mm
  • Light – Illuminated
  • Version Arrangement – 34 gaming keys with separate keyboard controls
  • Connection – USB
  • Interface – wired
  • Cable length – 1.8 meters


  • Separate gamepad area
  • Programmable keys
  • Stores up to 150 game profiles
  • Ergonomic design


  • Delete, End, etc. keys merged with numpad


Purchasing the right gaming keyboard can be trouble. It was even more so to compile this list of the best ergonomic gaming keyboards in 2021. There were a few which barely missed out. So, first things first, consider your preferences. Whether you are a lefty or a righty, whether you prefer the WASD or the arrow keys if a one-handed keyboard is all you need, etc.

To give you a perspective, playing fast-paced esports is all about extreme response times, which should be your first concern. For RPGs with multiple macro functions, you need programmable keys. Keep these basics in mind choose wisely. Get any one of these 10 and you will be buying the best you can!