8 Best Console Gaming Chair: For Console Gamers Only!

Best Console Gaming Chair

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Let’s get to the bottom of it right from the start. Console gaming chairs are not your regular gaming chairs. Console gaming does not involve a desk, generally. It is mostly for us casual gamers, who savor the competition but don’t necessarily live for it.

What’s the point?

What you want in a console gaming chair is what matters. A chair that meets your thrill and fits your bill is your best choice and investment.

Just so, we have sorted through the limited number of gaming chairs for consoles (or so they say,) checking out user-end reviews and what not to bring you the best console gaming chairs in 2021.

What’s more:

We have not only listed the 8 best console gaming chairs you can buy now but also how to make a proper choice at it.

Read on!

What is a Console Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair that provides just the type of comfort you want while playing the Last of Us 2 on your console. No, your ordinary office chair will not cut it.

You’re not looking for a grand posture.

Instead, you want comfort and ease. Gaming chairs are a bit different from ordinary office chairs although the basic design formulae remain the same. Gaming chairs for consoles only take them further.

Unlike gaming desktops or laptops, you can enjoy a much more laid-back experience with a console.

Firstly, given that you do set it upright, a gaming console can offer a lot more space for you to enjoy.

Generally, consoles are set up with a wall-mounted display so there’s a lot of space for you to make proper use of. Gaming chairs for consoles are meant to provide the luxury within this space as you want it.

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Best Gaming Chairs for Consoles: Buyer’s Guide

Gaming Chairs Buyer’s Guide
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Check out these simplest of pointers to help you segregate and choose the best console gaming chair in 2021 for you!

Seating Position

There are 2 seating positions, or rather, types of gaming chairs you can choose from. Firstly, there’s the on-the-floor setup. Stretch your legs and lay back while playing through a lazy day on Red Dead Redemption 2.

Then, there’re pedestal or wheeled, i.e., elevated gaming chairs. This is for those who prefer the seating upright ergonomics and find it comfortable just that way. Consider your console setup and choose a gaming chair accordingly.


Too common a word today, ergonomics can be nearly anything. From adjustable lumbar supports, contoured seating pillows, reclinable backrests – the best console gaming chairs come with a bevy of features to offer comfort without undermining physical health.

However, more ergonomics will push the price tag higher. Try to find out exactly what you want right within your budget.


Comfort can mean a lot of things as well. Whether you prefer leather or the general meshed fabric will do. If you want added leg-rests with your gaming chair or if you even want a cup holder attached to it. These are very general specifics that some console gaming chairs will offer, not all though.

Tech Add-Ons

Gaming chairs today often come with multiple technological features, extending the IoT and gaming experience. You can get your hands-on high-end audio devices installed with the design.

There are chairs with separate charging docks for Bluetooth headsets and more. Just make sure not to overlook the utilitarian basics for some tech add-ons. 

Now that you have the basics covered, let’s dig right in.

Here are the best gaming chairs for console you can buy today. Enjoy!

8 Best Console Gaming Chair in 2021: Expert Reviewed

08. Downix Gaming Chair

Best Multi-Utility

Downix Gaming Chair

Check it out here!

Key Features

  • Ultimate comfort
  • Leather upholstery
  • Sturdy footrest
  • Full reclinable
  • Vibrating lumbar support

First things first, this is not for console gamers who are into FIA GT Racing or the likes. Competitive esports especially requires a much more specific setup, although, not this.

However, Downix is a popular gaming and office chair brand offering what few other manufacturers properly deliver on – Quality.

This Downix Gaming Chair is all about ergonomics and providing a close to perfect upright sitting position. Forget waist fatigue. You get lumbar support and a vibrating one at that too. The footrest is substantially sturdy, and you can recline all the way for a short nap.

Enjoy the high-end leather and mature color palettes.

This is the ultimate gaming chair that can fit into your workspace without shouting out with vibrant color notes and whatnot. For around $230, it’s good value as well.

07. Homall Gaming Recliner

Ultimate Comfort

Homall Gaming Recliner

Check it out Here!

Key Features

  • Super Comfort
  • Cozy Seating
  • Vibrating Lumbar Support
  • Fully Reclinable
  • Padded Footrest

This is a gamer’s couch without a doubt. Sit in and win your first Warzone in this Homall Gaming Recliner. It is the wholesome addition to the gaming setup that everyone wants unless they are looking for something a bit more quirky or serious.

This recliner is where you may end up spending a bit too many hours on, just a point of caution!

The Homall Gaming Recliner spells comfort. It’s a tad a small though, not recommended for the heathiest or the tallest. But if you fit, it’s the best fit you can want.

Definitely one of the best console gaming chairs in 2021 for the casual gamer, you get all the basics – a fully reclinable backrest, a vibrating lumbar pillow, padded footrest, and an oh-so-comfortable seat. Melt right into it.

A perfect addition to the casual gamer’s repertoire for lazy evenings or weekends, this is well and truly the ultimate console gaming couch.

A bit expensive though, at around $270, but more than worth it.

06. OpenWheeler Advanced Gaming Seat

Ultimate Console Racing Setup

OpenWheeler Advanced Gaming Seat

Check it out Here!

Key Features

  • Top Reviewed
  • Durable Design
  • Excellent Utility
  • Minimal Back Fatigue
  • Gear and Paddle Mount
  • Adjustable Seating Length

We had to, we simply had to. There are some games that deserve a special mention almost everywhere, like RDR2. Just so, there are some gaming chairs that deserve a special mention, and this is it.

If you have an OpenWheeler Gaming Recliner Seat, we know you are serious about your lap times. We know you want to win the next GT.

And we know exactly why you opted for OpenWheeler. If reviews are anything to go by, this is one of the best gaming chairs for consoles.

However, it’s not the gaming chair you want to play God of War III. With a durable but comfy seater, a gear shifter, and a paddle mount, you’re better off playing only racing games, Forza Horizon 4 upwards.

Perfectly compatible with the Logitech G series, Thrustmaster steering wheels, and others, this is the ultimate console gaming chair and one of the best driving simulators money can buy.

Almost anyone can fit in it unless they are not meant to thanks to smart work with adjustable lengths. At under $400, you will see that it’s a great deal a year or two down the line!

05. X Rocker Surge

Ultimate Audio Experience

X Rocker Surge

Check it out Here!

Key Features

  • All-Round Comfort
  • Audio Bonanza
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Comfy Seating
  • Value for money

We are halfway through and things get serious. Sadly, there’s not much competition here.

As far as console gaming chairs are concerned, there are only a few worth mentioning – you will mostly get regular gaming chairs, meant for PC gaming.

This is just what brought X Rocker into the market for us console gamers. Now, they are the ones with the best gaming chairs for PS4 ( or Xbox too!)

The X Rocker Surge, a true-blue console gaming chair, a floor-seating rocker. Lay back, nestle in, and enjoy Assassins Creed: Odyssey in all its splendor.

Perfectly comfortable and stable in case you’re wondering if you need to balance your weight and the game. Not necessary at all.

But where this X Rocker Surge hits the home run is with its in-built audio outputs and controls. Enjoy wireless Bluetooth audio via 2 speakers and ‘feel’ the game. There’s a nifty control panel on the right for almost all audio controls you may want.

At under $190, this can be your Nintendo switch gaming chair as well, that’s the beauty of it. Just connect to in-built audio for the gaming experience you always wanted.

04. X Rocker Dash 2.1

Cheapest Console Gaming Chair Worth Buying!

X Rocker Dash 2.1

Check it out Here!

Key Features

  • Entry-Level Pricing
  • Full Foam Padded Seating
  • In-built Wireless Bluetooth Audio Setup
  • Foldable and Space-Saving

Simple, utilitarian, and cheap – the X Rocker Dash is your entry-level console gaming chair, the only one worth buying, if you’re somewhat short on the budget. Or if you’re iffy about a rocker console gaming chair!

The X Rocker Dash delivers on the basics in full. You get a minimalist no-frills design. Unless you mind missing out on the body-hugging padding, posture and comfort is top-notch, in tune with what X Rocker consistently offers.

To add on, you also get their signature wireless in-built audio setup via Bluetooth. Connect to your PS5 or Xbox or Switch, plug in your headphones and enjoy.

The control panel follows suit from higher-end X Rocker models with everything available a knob or a button away.

All this at under $140 seems a steal and it is.

You get a comfortable rocker console gaming chair that will last a few years with proper and you get it with in-built wireless audio.

For this price alone, this may the best console gaming chair out there!

03. VON Racer Gaming Chair

Best Budget Console Gaming Chair

VON Racer Gaming Chair

Check it out Here!

Key Features

  • Ultra-Comfortable
  • Pedestal Height
  • Full Rotational Swivel
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Powerful Audio Setup

This is the only other pedestal console gaming chair on this list and the only one not from X Rocker. A big shout out to VON for being the only manufacturer out there to bring something that can better the X Rockers juggernaut!

So, let’s put things straight. This VON Racer Gaming Chair is the best budget console gaming chair you can buy.

The first thing you should notice is the slight tilt backward. This is designed as a lounging chair meant to rest your whole body backward, just what adds to its comfort quotient.

The height’s a big bonus too – it’s high enough for regular chair gamers as well. There’s sufficient back and side padding, a removable headrest, and ergonomic back support as well.

Plus, it comes with in-built audio setup including 2 ‘loud’ speakers and a beefy subwoofer!

For under $200, this is a bargain and a perfect first-time console gaming chair as well. We wholeheartedly recommend it!

02. X Rocker Pro Series H3

Best Gaming Chair for Consoles in 2021

X Rocker Pro Series H3

Check it out Here!

Key Features

  • Top-End Ergonomics
  • Best-in-Class Audio Setup
  • Custom Comfort
  • Audio-Synced Vibrations
  • Excellent Build Quality

If it comes down to simply choosing the best console gaming chair, we’d stop right here. This is the best there is that you can buy, a gaming chair manufactured only for console gamers by X Rocker.

The X Rocker Pro H3 is the ultimate console gaming chair. This is the epitome of comfort with an excess of nearly everything – more padding, better back support, and plush upholstery. Then there’s enough audio oomph to host a party – 2 speakers on either side of the headrest plus 4 more front-facing speakers.

The X Rocker control panel follows through as well just as in other models.

There’s more:

What separates this from most other top-end gaming chairs is the audio force modulation tech. Simply, this gaming chair will translate in-game audio into vibes, unmistakable ones, just like the X Rocker Surge but only better. A lot better.

In short, the X Rocker Pro H3 has everything to be the top dog.

Yet, there’s just one reason why it’s not. This is a floor gaming chair rocker, may not everyone’s cup of tea. Other than that, for around $250, this is perhaps the best on-floor console gaming chair in 2021.

01. X Rocker Pro 2.1

Best Console Gaming Chair Overall

X Rocker Pro 2.1

Check it out Here!

Key Features

  • Full Swivel Pedestal
  • Best-in-Class Ergonomics & Comfort
  • Radio Wireless Setup with RCA Support
  • In-Built Bluetooth Audio Setup
  • Top-End Upholstery
  • Value for Money

We had to list a pedestal gaming chair as the best. Why? Because we can’t expect a tall chair gamer to enjoy rockers any time soon.

Pedestals bring the best of both worlds together. And no other console gaming chair does it better than this.

The X Rocker Pro 2.1 is the overall best console gaming chair now. This is the Pro H3 placed on pedestal, plus quite a few additions.

There’s the same comfort and ergonomics, adjustable and foldable armrests, additional seat padding, quality upholstery, removable headrests, and the whole shebang.

You miss out on the front-facing speakers because this is a pedestal gaming chair but not the audio force tech to ‘feel’ the game.

What’s added?

Firstly, there’s the in-built radio wireless receiver setup. This is a highly intuitive add-on, useful for multiplayer aficionados to game and chat without using the same transmissions mediums and avoid disruptions.

So, enjoy the RCA stereo outputs and the bundled in RCA cables! Secondly, you get a built-in sub-woofer for entertainingly beefed-up bass.

At around $270, this is $20 more than the X Rocker Pro H3. But it comes with a pedestal and some useful add-ons to tech up your gaming hub.

Reasons enough for us to rate this as the best console gaming chair in 2021!


Console gaming chairs are not regular gaming chairs just as gaming consoles are not gaming desktops. Unless you are into esports, gaming consoles can provide the necessary performance you desire to get the competitive best out of a game, provided you have a sharp enough display plugged in.

Gaming chairs for consoles are essentially lounge chairs customized for gamers. Now that you know this secret little detail and the best console gaming chairs out there, make a choice. We recommend avoiding cut off deals and a proper look into the seller before placing the order. Other than that, we are sure you have your console gaming chair chosen already!


What is the best console gaming chair for Xbox X?

It must be the X Rocker Pro Series unless budget is a concern. Xbox X can handle games that will push you to 2 hours+ average in average gaming sessions. So, you’re better off with the added cushioning if you want to stay away from waist fatigue. Also, the X Rocker Pro comes with vibration mechanics that tune with the in-game audio and translates them onto you for a more immersive gaming experience!

What is the best console gaming chair for PS5?

It’s either the X Rocker Pro H3 or the Homall Gaming Recliner, depending on your preferences. With a PS5, you surely can enjoy the most demanding game titles like Last of Us Part II or Gears of War. You’ll be wanting a uber comfortable console gaming chair with additional lumbar support, a feature both these chairs have. Now, you can either go for the X Rocker Pro to enjoy an immersive audio experience as well or just keep it snug and simple with the Homall Recliner!

Are floor gaming chairs any good?

Floor gaming chairs can be the perfect choice for gamers who prefer the flexibility to enjoy gaming for long hours without being limited to a regular upright chair. With a floor gaming chair, you can maintain multiple postures, allowing more movement. The best floor gaming chairs come with design ergonomics you will find in most other top gaming chairs, from lumbar support to headrest and even footrests. E.g. – X Rocker Pro H3.

Is lumbar support important for a console gaming chair?

Lumbar support is crucial if you don’t want an aching back after a gaming sesh. When you sit upright, on the floor or on a sofa, your back and neck muscles are constantly working to maintain the desired or required posture. Backaches, especially in the lower back, are common for gamers using a console gaming chair without lumbar support. With it, however, you are amply supported at the lower back by a padded pillow designed to relieve your back muscles and helping you maintain an upright healthy body posture easily.